OLTL Update Monday 11/8/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/8/04


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Todd is at The Sun and he is looking for Ms. Bigelow.

At the Palace, Adriana asks Tico if he and Jessica are doing okay. Tico asks her what would make her feel that way. Adriana has a flash back of Antonio kissing Jessica at Lion’s Heart.

At the police station in Bo’s office, Bo asks Jessica where she got the money. Jessica asks Bo what do you do when the person you love is pushing you away.

At Rodi’s, Nora talks to her nanny on the phone and tells her to make sure that Mathew does his homework. Evangeline walks up after Nora hangs up. They talk about Kevin and Kelly’s son Ace being kidnapped. Nora voices her concern about ever having to deal with something like that. Says her and Daniel are supposed to be going on a trip. Nora asks Evangeline if she thinks Mathew will cramp Bo’s style with Page. Nora says it seems like Page makes Bo happy and that he deserves it.

John takes Natalie into his office to ask her question about Paul. John tells Natalie that he is on her side, but he needs to investigate because a lot of evidence is pointing at her. He tells her to let him help her. Natalie tells him that his kind of help gets people killed.

Cristian is on the ship carving something on the wall.

Back at Bo’s office, Bo tells Jessica that the two of them haven’t talked since she’s been married to Tico. Jessica says that she has been the one to give people the benefit of the doubt. Bo tells her that she has a big heart. Jessica says that she is so naïve. Bo tells her that he always have had a tough time of forgiving. He says people that love you lie to you even if they believe it’s for a good reason. Bo tells her he will look into the money for her. Bo asks her if he can help her with anything else. Jessica has a flash of finding the picture of Flynn in Tico’s drawer. Jessica tells Bo that she will let him know.

Back at Rodi’s, Evangeline asks Nora what’s going on with her. Nora says she having trouble with how she destroyed her marriage with Bo. She tells Evangeline about Bo’s son being shot on duty and Bo not being able to deal with the lost. She tells her that she told Bo that she was pregnant in order to get him to return home, but when he came home she found out that he wasn’t able to have kids, but that turned out to be false. She tells her that she turned to Sam for help and became pregnant and Bo eventually found out about her and Sam. When Sam died she then found out that Bo was really Mathews father. She says if she hadn’t gone to Sam, Mathew, Bo, and her life would be completely different. Nora says that Bo can never completely trust her. Evangeline says that she understands that she wanted to take Bo’s pain away.

Back in John’s office at the police station, John tells Natalie that he has taken responsibility for Cristian and has made all the apologies that he is going to make. Natalie apologizes to John. John tells Natalie that he got an analysis of the clothing she burned in back of Rodi’s. Natalie asks him if he were following her. He tells her it doesn’t matter how he got it. Natalie tells John that nothing happen with Paul and that she fell. John asks her how she got Paul’s blood on her.

Back at The Sun, Blair asks Todd if he thinks Paul has something to do with the disappearance with Ace. Todd tells her that he thinks Tico and Art may have something to do with it to let Kevin know that they will be playing hardball. Blair tells Todd that she was going to see her mother. Her and Todd are about to kiss, but Jessica comes in. Blair tells her that she isn’t interrupting and that she was just on her way out. Todd gives Jessica her first assignment. He wants her to prove him right about Tico’s bad business dealings.

Back at The Palace, Tico continue to question Adriana about what she knows regarding Jessica feelings. Adriana has another flash of Jessica who s telling her that she and Antonio only have a past and that nothing happened between the two of them. She tells Adriana not to tell Tico because he will only get upset. Tico call Adriana out of her daze. Adriana tells him that she seen how it was at the wedding and is just surprised how Jessica was able to marry him so soon. Tico tells Adriana that he and Jessica are both deeply committed to their wedding. Adriana tells Tico that she just wants him to be happy. She leaves The Palace.

Natalie tells John that he has nothing on her. She tells him that Paul is probably out somewhere using and abusing people. John asks her if that’s what Paul did to her. John asks Natalie if she knows where Paul’s gun is. Natalie has a flash of holding Paul at gunpoint at his motel room. Natalie says that she can tell him where Paul’s gun is.

Evangeline asks if Nora knows why she’s so focused on her pass with Bo. Nora tells her that it has to do with her and Daniel. She says that her and Daniel are supposed to go on a trip and she is sure that Daniel wants to go to the next level. Nora says after her and Bo’s pretend marriage she started to think of how much she hurt Bo. Evangeline tries to convince Nora to be easy on her self. Evangeline tells Nora that she is beginning to see a pattern. She tells Nora that every time they start a conversation about her and John, it always turns into her and Bo.

Blair is visiting her mother Adie and runs into Bo there. She asks him if there have been any leads on Ace. Bo says know. Blair tells Bo that Todd isn’t the baby’s father. Bo tells Blair that she has been understanding of Kelly and Todd. Blair tells him that she has moved on form that and wish everyone else would s well. Margaret is brought out to see Bo and tells Blair hi.

Blair goes to see her mother. She shares with her pictures of Jack on Halloween. Adie tells Blair that she looks happy and asks her if she’s happy because of being with Todd. Tells her that she has always told her that know on loved her more than Todd. Blair tells her mother that she is going to have a big beautiful wedding and that she will be there in the front role to witness it. Adie asks her if Dorian will be there. Blair tells her that she and Dorian have made up and that she is not as made at her anymore and that Dorian will be there.

Margaret is in the hall with Bo. Bo’s asking her a question but she is busy listening to Blair tell her mother about her and Todd’s wedding.

Bo finally gets Margaret’s attention asks her Ace. She tells him that she knows where the baby is.

Todd tells Jessica that he believes Tico is involved wit some very powerful people and they maybe getting ready to use Kevin to their advantage. Jessica says that she maybe getting ready to bring down her husband and her brother. Todd tells her that she could walk away if she wanted to. Jessica tells him that she can’t now and shows him a picture of Flynn that she found in Tico’s drawer. Todd tells her to be carefully because Viki would be mad if she even got a little scratch on her. Ms. Bigelow enters the room while Jessica is on her way out. Ms. Bigelow says hi Mrs. Santi. Jessica tells her to call her Jessica. Todd tells Ms Bigelow to get in there. He tells her that he’s been looking for her. She tells him that she just got back in from Las Vegas and that she found out that the Santi’s owned the casino that Flynn was operating in and they probably owned him to.

Cristian sits in the locked room on the boat and he continues to sketch on the wall with a spoon.

Back in John’s office, Natalie tells John that of course Paul’s gun isn’t in his room because he probably has it with him using it to threaten people. John asks her if that is what he did to her. Natalie gets hysterical and tells John that she doesn’t know where Paul is and if he doesn’t love her to let her go.

Evangeline tells Nora that she helped her realize the trouble she was having with John and Natalie and want to help her with Bo. Nora tells Evangeline that she knows what she want and that is for Bo to forgive her. Evangeline asks her if she’s ever asked Bo. She says that she’s told Bo, but he told her she needs to forgive herself. Evangeline tells her that the guilt is eating her up and that she should go to Bo and ask him again. Nora says it would hurt her if she was rejected again. She would have to continue to see him at work and with Mathew.

Margaret tells Bo that Ace is with Todd. Bo then asks the Nun that has approached them if Margaret has left St. Ann’s. The nun tells him that she has been there the whole time. Bo tells Margaret that he may look into Todd.

In the other room, Adie asks Blair why Margaret would say something like that about Todd. Blair says that Margaret is crazy and shows her Jack’s pictures. Adriana comes in to visit Adie. They all look at the picture. Blair tells Adriana that they came by La Boule on Halloween, but David said she was upstairs. Adriana says that she was up talking with her mother. Adie that Dorian was with her the whole night on Halloween. She then says that’s what she is suppose to say.

Ms. Bigelow tells Todd that she tried to go see Rack’em Ross who is now in jail. Said she went and said that she was his mother, but it turns out that his mother passed away. Todd says to her that she didn’t check her sources. She tells him that she is a little distracted because her cat is ill. She says she will go back to see him, but Todd tells her that he will pay him a visit.

Tico questions his butler at Lion’s Heart. Tells him that he doesn’t want to have to look at the surveillance to check on who’s been there. The butler then tells him that Mrs. Santi insisted it was okay for him to be there. Tico asks him who and he tell him that Antonio was there. Tico smirks when Jessica comes into the door.

Bo talks to Mathew and tells him that they are doing al they can to find Ace. Mathews sees money and asks if it is the ransom money. Bo tells him know and explains to him what the money is.

Back at Lion’s Heart, Tico tells Jessica that he ran into Adriana. Jessica is a little worried and asks him did her get a chance to talk to her. He tells her that Adriana worries that you may be unhappy. He tells her to tell him if something is wrong.

At the prison. Rack’em Ross calls Todd Walker and then says; oh you’re the other guy. Todd asks him for information on his boss. He tells him that the Sanit’s owned the Casino and that Flynn had a deal with Sanit’s son Tico.

Cristian has a flashback of he and Natalie’s wedding. He continues to sketch pictures of Natalie on the wall.

Back in John’s office, Natalie asks John ho much longer it will take. John tells her that they are done because she’s only going to continue to lie to him. He tells her that she should probably get herself a lawyer. She then says that she guess she shouldn’t expect help form him anymore. He tells her that they are done there and she leaves.

Adie tells Blair that Dorian came for a visit, but she isn’t suppose to tell. Blair asks her if Dorian told her to say that. Adie says that Dorian couldn’t have been there because she was with Adriana.

Rack’em Ross asks Todd if he’s FBI like John now. Todd tells him no. Rack’em Ross tells him that he appreciates the magazine Todd gave him, but they never had the conversation. Todd asks him if he ever heard Flynn and Tico talk about anything. He tells him that they use to talk about profit and lose. He tells him that he was interested in Cristian Vega. He says that Cristian didn’t die from an accident, but that Tico caused it.

A detective comes to John’s office and tells him that they found gun residue on Natalie’s coat.

Evangeline sees Natalie at the police station and asks her if everything is alright. She tells her that John told her she may need a lawyer. Evangeline tells her that she can refer her to someone. Natalie tells her if she needs a lawyer she wants her.

Back on the boat, a guard come in the room and tells Cristian that he will stay in there while they are docked. He says that there will six more months of him being locked up. The guard looks at the pictures Cristian has drawn on the wall of Natalie and says that maybe he will meet someone that looks like her tonight.

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