OLTL Update Friday 11/5/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/5/04


By Suzanne
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Natalie is at Rodi's playing looking at her pool stick, which is engraved with her name.  She has a fantasy about Cristian rushing in, alive.  They hug.  She starts to tell him about mistakes she's made, and Paul, but he cuts her off and tells her that everything will be okay now.  Rex comes in and interrupts her reverie to ask about whether she's seen Paul Cramer or knows what happened to him.  She tells him to stop asking her about him and then she realizes that he is only thinking about Jen.  They bicker.  Rex has a flashback to finding the gun Halloween night; he denies that he is concerned about Jen, saying she wouldn't hurt anyone.  Natalie gets very angry at him. 

Meanwhile, Jen and Riley are also at Rodi's at a separate table.  She is concerned about her mom because she's been acting weird.  He wonders if she's worried about Paul, but she says that's not a problem.  Shannon comes in so they tell her that they are going to the Love Center to write their names in the final slab of concrete; they invite her to go, too.  She says she will join them down there later.  Shannon overhears Natalie and Rex talking about Jen.  She asks Rex if he wants to go put his name in the cement down at the Love Center.  At first he starts to say he's not interested, but then quickly changes his mind and rushes out, saying he has to do something first.  Outside, he takes out the gun he found.  Natalie asks Shannon if she's gotten the point yet that Rex only cares about Jen.  Shannon wonders if that's really true.

At the Love Center, Jen and Riley write their names together with a heart.  They kiss.  She is still worried about her mom and tells him what it was like growing up.  She says she and her brother were always concerned about Lindsay because even though she was beautiful, she was insecure.  (We can tell that Riley is thinking, like mother, like daughter...)  She says part of it was because her father always had a thing about Nora, but that wasn't all it was.  She says Lindsay never felt like anything would last.  Jen concludes that she was right.  Riley is sure that they will last, just like the cement.  He promises it to her and says that he will just need time to prove it to her.  They leave to go check on Lindsay.  Rex arrives after they leave, with his gun.  He messes up their signatures (or the heart, not sure).  Shannon sees him kneeling down with the gun, burying it in the cement block next to Jen and Riley's.  He says to himself, "No one will ever know, Jen".  Shannon comes up and asks him what he means.  He gives her an excuse that has nothing to do with the gun, trying to cover what he did.  He tells her that he is thankful to have her in his life so he can be the person he wants to be.  She suggests they sign their names together and goes to write it in the same square as the gun, but he stops her and they move to another area.  He wonders why she seems a little chilly, but she doesn't really answer.  He brings out the gift she gave him and finally opens it.  It's a gold key ring with her number engraved on it.  He thanks her for it and suggests they go to Ultraviolet, which is closed.  She agrees, but as they leave, she looks back at the square with the buried gun.

At the Palace, Lindsay meets Jen and Riley.  They tell her about putting their names in cement and how there will be a ceremony later.  She says she is proud of them both.  R.J. comes up, with champagne.  Jen is surprised to see him there.  Lindsay says she invited him because he has been an amazing friend lately.  Lindsay makes a toast to them finishing the Love Center and also being graduates.  R.J. toasts to Paul being gone, but Jen doesn't want to talk about him.  Lindsay seems confident that Paul will stay dead and buried.  They discuss the Center some.  When Jen is away from the table, Lindsay asks Riley how Jen is doing since Paul's disappearance.  He says she is tense but that he loves her and will get her through it.  Lindsay thanks him.  Jen returns and at the mention of Paul's name, says he is gone.  She and Lindsay hug; Jen and Riley leave.  Lindsay tells R.J. that she thinks Jen is hiding something.  She is concerned because there has no mention of Paul anywhere in the newspapers.  She says it's like he disappeared, just like her gun.  R.J. tells her that he took her gun, and she is surprised that he didn't tell her before.  He says that the less she knew about it, the better.  He hints that he had to clean the gun because it had been fired.  Lindsay protests that she was at the firing range, but he doesn't believe it.  She maintains that she didn't shoot Paul.  She muses that nothing has been the same since she shot Sam.  She suddenly says to R.J. that she thinks Jen might have made Paul disappear.

Kevin gives Bo some pictures of Ace to use in their hunt for him.  Bo tells Kevin that he doesn't think this was a spontaneous kidnapping.  He figures it was planned.  They wonder why there has been no ransom.  Bo tells Kevin that they will have to deal with the media, so Kevin sighs that he will have to tell Kelly now.

Tico meets with his buddy Gerhardt at Lion's Heart.  They talk about how they will be getting rid of the governor to make room for Kevin.  Tico smirks that the governor is coming to his house for dinner and has no clue that he won't be governor very long.  Gerhardt worries that Jessica will be a problem, especially now that she's working for the Sun.  He also worries about Antonio.  Tico assures him that both will do what they have to do.

At the police station, John speaks to another detective about the investigation into Paul's disappearance.  David comes up and hears part of their conversation.  He wonders if they think that the Santi's got rid of Paul.  John wonders why he cares, so David reminds him that he is Dorian's nephew.  John suggests that they all get their alibis together for Halloween night.  David says they were all home together, handing out candy.  John wonders if the others will corroborate his story.  Kevin comes out of Bo's office, looking for Kelly.  David gets annoyed when Kevin wants to tell her about Ace being taken, but Kevin tells him that it's better she hear it from him than from the news.  The press asks Kevin what he's doing there, but he just says he's visiting his uncle.  Later, John gets the lab report on Natalie's clothes and finds that the blood is both hers and Paul's.

Jessica and Kelly have a chat at La Boulee about Kelly moving into the carriage house at Llanfair.  They are surprised that Dorian suddenly changed her mind about wanting her to move there.  Jessica observes that Kelly seems happy.  Kelly makes a comment about Ace being with his rightful mother.  After Jessica leaves, Kelly says that she needs to find Paul so she can find Ace's mother.  Later, she is about to take her luggage out when she is stopped by reporters.  They ask her if the rumor is true about Ace being kidnapped.  She freaks out, not knowing what they are talking about but suddenly very concerned.  Kevin comes up just then and goes inside with her.  He explains what happened.  She is very upset and cries on his chest.  He thinks maybe the kidnappers might want Ace as a bargaining chip of some kind.  He hugs her as they agree to give the kidnappers anything they want.  The press prepares them to go on TV.  Kelly is frantic and wonders if Paul did this.  Kevin assures her that Paul is gone for good.  They go on air and plead with the kidnappers not to hurt their little boy.  After they speak, there is a picture of Ace and a phone number to call.

Adriana and Jessica meet at the Palace for an early lunch.  Jessica wants to talk about the near-kiss Adriana saw yesterday with Antonio; she wants to clear things up.  Adriana is upset because both Antonio and Tico are her brothers and she loves them.  Jessica talks about her history with Antonio and how he freaked out when he learned he was a Santi.  She says that Tico was there for her during that time.  She points out to Adriana that this will only hurt Tico.  Adriana agrees to keep her mouth shut, for now.  She phones Duke a lot, trying to get his advice on the situation, but she only gets his voice mail.

Jessica goes home and takes out the money she found behind the drawer.  She also finds a folder, which has a picture of Flynn.  She wonders how and why Tico would have that.  She hears Tico calling, so she puts everything back except for some of the money and rushes out.  He comes in with Gerhardt, surprised that she's not home because he thought he heard her.

David finds Adriana at the Palace and tells her that he needs her help for Dorian and Kelly.  He explains about Ace's kidnapping and about Paul, and how the police might suspect them.  He asks her to tell the police that they were all home Halloween night.  She is reluctant to lie, but he pressures her, telling her it's for the family, so she agrees.  Tico comes by so Adriana asks him if he and Jessica are happy.  He is suspicious about why she wants to know and says she can trust him.  He says their marriage is wonderful.

Jessica goes to the police station to talk to Bo.  She asks him if he can do a favor for her but not ask any questions.  He doesn't think he can do that.  She notices the photos of Ace on his desk and asks him why they are there.  He explains about the kidnapping.  She is concerned.  Jessica gives him half of the cash she found and asks him to check out the serial numbers to see if they have been used in a crime.

Back at Rodi's, Natalie hears Cristian's voice as she plays pool.  Roxy comes in and wonders what Natalie has been up to since she hasn't heard from her since Halloween.  Natalie tells her that she spent that night in the graveyard at Cris' grave.  Roxy notices her pool stick and notes that she hasn't used it much lately.   Natalie admits that she's been thinking a lot about Cristian.  Roxy advises her to forget about it asks her about Paul.  Natalie tells Roxy that she hurt herself that night with a fall but doesn't want to talk about Paul.  Roxy advises her to stick with John and forget about Paul, even though that's the opposite of the advice she gave before.  John comes in just then.  Roxy watches them while she drinks at the bar.  John tells Natalie that he's there to shoot pool.  He wonders if there's something she wants to talk about with regard to Paul and Halloween. 

David and Roxy watch Kevin and Kelly on TV at Rodi's.  Roxy cries into a handkerchief. Natalie asks John why he's really there.  He would like her to answer some questions for him down at his office.  She asks if she's under arrest, but he asks if she wants to be.  She sighs, very angry at him, and tells Roxy to send her stuff down to the Love Shack.  Roxy gets Natalie's stick and stuff together, saying that it's too bad Cristian is not there because Natalie really needs him.

Meanwhile, in a foreign prison, a guard gives a guy on a cot some food and speaks to him in a foreign language.  After he leaves, the man rolls over and we can see it's Cristian.

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