OLTL Update Wednesday 11/3/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/3/04


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Babe and Jamie are in Llanview at The Palace. The nanny has passed out from the pills Jamie put in her Champagne. Babe holds Ace and talks to him. Jamie tells her they need to leave right away before the nanny comes to.

Kevin and his family are in the ballroom at The Palace celebrating his victory. Bo gets a phone call and hands it to Kevin. It is his father and he congratulates him

Tico looks on at Kevin and Governor Brooks. He says for Brooks to enjoy it while he can because Kevin will be taking his place really soon.

At La Boule, Dorian asks David if he knew about Kelly planning to move out. Kelly comes in the study and asks them if they’ve heard the bad news. David says he really won. Says and he voted against him more than once. Dorian asks her about moving and asks her what good reason she has for wanting to move out.

Blair comes to the campaign. Asa ask her when is she going to learn that the Buchanan always come out on the top. He talks about how her and Todd tried to take his mansion. She tells him that they sold it back to him. He complains about the price Blair tells him that he probably doesn’t even notice the money.

Back in the hotel room, Jamie tells Babe that they need to put a move on it. Renee knocks at the door and says that she has Ace elephant and wants to give it to her.

Bo goes over to Nora who’s just come into the ballroom and gives her a glass of Champagne. They talk about how they can’t believe that Asa tried to get them hitched. Daniel walks up and asks him if he can be let in on the joke. Nora tells him that they were just talking about there wedding yesterday. Daniel looks confused and they let him in on the joke, only he doesn’t find it to funny. Daniel asks how many heart attacks have Asa had. Nora tells him that it was only a joke and that he would have had to be there. He says sorry he missed it and walks away.

Kelly tells Dorian it would be best if she moved. David brings them champagne and spills it on Kelly. He apologizes; she tells him that it is okay. Kelly tells Dorian that she feels like a third wheel and that she in their way. Dorian says that she gets it now and asks David how could he do it.

Asa asks Blair if she sure she wants to be with Todd. Todd says he not Todd remembers.

Viki leaves a message for Natalie to call her. Gov. Brooks comes over to her. He asks her if she even voted for him. She asks him what he thinks. He asks her if she can ever forgive him for how he acted during Kevin’s first Lieutenant Governor term.

Jessica congratulates Kevin. He tells her that he will give her the first interview. Kevin asks her if she’s seen her husband. She tells him no. He tells her to thank him for him when she sees him. He tells her that he is going to visit Ace in the room and leaves.

Renee is at the door of the hotel room. She asks if everything is okay in the room. She hears Ace cry. Jamie tells Babe to act like she’s the nanny. Babe tells Renee that everything is okay and that Ace is just a little fussy. She tells Renee that she can leave the elephant by the door. Renee doesn’t buy it and takes her master key out to open the door.

Daniel is still at the campaign celebrations and receives a phone call on his cell phone. It’s Nora and she tells him that she sees him. Daniel goes over with her and Bo. She asks him if she remembers what the two of them were doing this time last year and that they were going up against each other for the DA position. She tells him that they have come a long way. Daniel tells him that he is not angry. He tells Bo that he needed to talk to him anyway. Tells Bo that he gave John a search warrant for Paul’s room and he keeps coming back for more. He says he isn’t doing it any more because he doesn’t have substantial evidence. He says that John is getting on his nerve. Bo tells Daniel that Nora did nothing wrong and leaves. Daniel says John isn’t the only one getting on his nerve. Nora asks is it her.

Asa leaves Blair and talking after calling Kelly a home wrecker. Blair asks Todd when is it going to stop. She says they cannot have people to continue to believe he’s Ace father.

Tico tells Kevin he needs to talk to him. Kevin tells him not right now because he is going to see his son.

A worker comes up to Renee in the hallway and tells her that it is a flood on another floor. Renee leaves before going into the room to check on Ace.

Gov. Brooks asks Viki out on a date. Viki turns him down cold and leaves him sitting at the table.

Bo walks over to Viki and tells her way to tell him. Bo says that he is hoping that Todd’s paper will keep Brooks in order. Viki says that hopes Kevin will. Tico tells Kevin that they need to talk to him about an issue. Kevin tells him to talk to Gov. Brooks because he is going to see his son.

Blair asks Todd why he hasn’t said anything about not being Ace’s father. He tells her because this woman he loves wouldn’t like it. Todd tells her that he would have it would have blown over by now. Blair says no people still think Ace the bastard son and Kelly the home wrecker. Todd says he should start looking for Paul.

Kelly tells Dorian she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Dorian says that David has taken advantage of Kelly. They both look shocked. Dorian tells him not to deny it. Dorian says that David wants her and the house all to himself. She tells Kelly not to feel like a third wheel and that she are welcome forever. Kelly tells her she needs to do this for herself and that it is important. Dorian tells David to tell Kelly that it isn’t a good idea. David tells her that he will miss her, but if it is what she really wants. Dorian asks her why she would want to live in some little apartment. Kelly tells her that there is another place she was offered. Dorian asks her where and she tells her with Viki.

Asa and Bo are at the mansion. Asa asks Bo to fix him a drink, but Bo tells him he doesn’t need it. Asa tells him that everyone knows he and Nora belong together. Bo tells him if he mentions Nora name one more time he will put him back in the hospital. Bo leaves to go get Asa’s medicine. Asa calls Nora and tells her that Mathew caught a cab over there and she needs to come get him. Nora says she wonders where he got that. Asa says that he probably got it from Starr.

Dorian is upset when she hear that Viki has offered Kelly to live with her at the carriage house. Kelly tells her that she only said she would think about it and hasn’t made up her mind yet. Dorian tells David that it is his entire fault. Dorian says she doesn’t know why she thought her and Viki could be friends. Dorian tells Kelly that she forbid her to move with Viki.

Viki see Kevin and asks him if he is leaving his party. He tells her that he is going to see his son. Kevin is leaving but is approached by one of Dawes old right hand men. Kevin gets snappy with him and tells him that he is going to see his son. Blair and Todd walk up and Blair asks him what son the real one or the fake one. Kevin tells her to go to hell. Todd asks Kevin if it’s a quote. She and Todd laughs.

Nora tells Daniel that she has an emergency and has to leave. He says that he will go with her, but she says that’s okay and wants to go alone. Daniel grabs her and kisses her. She asks him what it was for? He tells her that she was right and he was wrong again about her and Bo.

Todd and Blair stop by to talk to Viki who is with Jessica. Todd tells her that Kevin is working with criminals. Viki says that doesn’t mean that he is one. Todd tells her that he is having his people look into some of their crimes. Tells her that Jessica will be there to help him. Viki asks Jessica if she decided to go and work for The Sun. Jessica says she wanted to be the one to tell her and she gives Todd an evil eye. Viki tells her that it’s okay and that she hopes she won’t be digging up dirt on her brother.

Tico tells Dawes right hand man that he need only be worrying about when Kevin becomes Governor.

Renee tells Kevin that something is going on in the room with Ace and the nanny.

Babe and Jamie leave the hotel room with Ace.

Kelly thinks Dorian is crazy to forbid her to do something. She tells Dorian that Viki is only trying to help her. Kelly tells Dorian not to take it personal and that it just came up when she was with her. Dorian says you mean when you were working with her instead of with me. Dorian says that Viki always tries to take away the people she loves. David says don’t worry she not his type. Dorian leaves. David get close to Kelly she tells him to watch out and that they need to stop that because that is the whole problem with them now. Kelly says could the night get any worst. David asks her if she found anything out bout Ace’s mother. Kelly says if she had she would have told him. Says she can’t find Paul anywhere. David says with there luck she never will. Kelly suspects David of knowing something about Paul.

Asa tells Bo not to stand over him trying to make him take the pills. He says the pills make him drowsy. Bo tells Asa good night and that he is going home. Asa tries to stall him telling him that he wants to apologize. Bo tells him that he never apologizes. Nora comes in and says where is he. Bo asks her what she doing there. She says that she is there to pick up Mathew.

Tico and Jessica enter Lion Heart. He asks her what’s wrong with her because she didn‘t say a word on their way home. He tells her that he thought she would be happy for her brother. Jessica says she is happy for him, but she saw him talking to Dawes old right hand man and that he is a criminal. Tico tells her that he was talking to him about Kevin’s victory and had no idea of whom the guy was. Tico tells Jessica that it’s a night to celebrate. He kisses her on the neck and turns her around. He says that he wants to celebrate.

Renee tells Kevin about her visit to his room to take Ace elephant to him. She tells him that the nanny wouldn’t let her in. Kevin goes to check it out and Renee goes with him.

Viki goes home and when she enters she call Natalie name. She then picks up the phone and calls her, but she get the voice mail again. She tells Natalie to call her when she gets message so she can know that she is all right. There is a knock at her door. She answers it and it is Dorian. Dorian asks Viki to stop trying to ruin her life.

Asa tells Bo and Nora that he got them. Bo is upset that his father would do something like. Bo tells him that he needs to stop crying wolf because he is really going to need help one time and know one will believe him. Nora tells him not to do it again. Bo says just because you care about someone doesn’t mean you trust them, especially if the trust has been broken. Nora looks as the Bo is on to something.

Kelly asks David what he knows about Paul. David tries to change the subject by suggesting Kelly go get some rest. Kelly lets him know that she’s aware that he is evading the question and goes to get some rest. She tells him that Dorian is probably gone over to Viki and wishes him luck when she returns.

David goes to Dorian safe with a piece of paper containing the password. He opens it and looks inside.

Viki asks Dorian why she’s there. Dorian walks in and tells Viki that she’s her problem. She tells her if she doesn’t back off, one of them won’t be left standing.

Tico and Jessica kiss. Tico tries to remove her clothes to make love to her. Jessica stops him and says that she isn’t ready. She tells him that she’s trying ad she apologizes to him. Tico asks her how much longer is he supposed to wait. She tells him that he said he would wait as long as it took her. He tells her that she’s keeping something from him and he knows it. She tells him that she is, but it isn’t what he thinks. She tells him that she took the job with The Sun. He tells her that she lied to him. Jessica says that she did not take the job until after she spoke with him. Tico tells her that he would never come between her and her career. He tells her that he over reacted and tells her he loves her so much. He hugs her.

Blair asks Todd if he found Paul. He tells her that knows one has seen him and that even Ms. Bigelow can’t find him. He says it’s like he dropped off the face of the earth.

David is on the pier and he throws the gun he got out of Dorian’s safe in.

Dorian asks Viki when is it going to stop. She tells her that she saw Kevin parading her around at his campaign party. She accuses Viki of trying to get Kevin and Kelly back together. Viki tells Dorian that Kelly wanted out of her house long before she came to her. Viki tells Dorian that she has a feeling that something was upsetting her there.

Kelly come downstairs and looks at a picture of Ace. She has a flash back of Ace, David and her.

Renee and Kevin at in front of the room door. The elephant is gone and Renee says that Karen must have come out and got it. Kevin opens the door and sees the nanny sleep on the couch. Renee leaves. Kevin goes to the baby bed and sees that Ace isn’t in it. He calls the nannies name, but she doesn’t answer. He then starts to shake her, and there is still no answer from her.

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