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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/2/04


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Bo finds John sleeping outside his office. John hasn’t had much sleep the night before. John says that the investigation has to be made official. That is the only way that they are going to find out what happened to Paul.

Natalie is alone and she remembers Paul overpowering her and taking the gun from her. He then threw her on the bed.

Rex finds Natalie alone in a daydream. She doesn’t feel like talking and asks Rex to leave her the hell alone.

David reads about the judge’s funeral in the newspaper.

Kelly comes into the room, not believing that David is thinking of going to that judge’s wedding. She is awfully grumpy. She says that she is just tired. David knows that isn’t true. He wants her to tell him what is wrong.

Dorian and Lindsay are at the cemetery. They know that the judge is to be buried that day. Lindsay complains that the judge was one of her best clients. Dorian jokes that she is only there to make sure that the good judge stays dead.

Tico catches Jessica in a lie about where she was the day before, and what she was doing.

Dorian and Lindsay are early for the wedding and Lindsay can see that Dorian hates the judge for hurting her family. Lindsay knows that Dorian is speaking the truth. You have to protect your family at any cost. Lindsay used to try but not be able to protect Jennifer in the past, but now she is stronger and can help her baby get over her problems.

Jennifer arrives at the club and heads to the bar to wait around for a friend.

Rex asks Natalie if she saw Paul the night before. She denies that she has. She reminds Rex that they broke up. Rex sees that Jennifer is in the establishment, and leaves to go and talk to her.

Natalie’s ex boss comes over to her, telling her that there have been inquiries about her.

Bo and John discuss Paul and where he might be. They find probable cause to step up their investigation on Paul.

Kelly and David discuss the election and how David has been following her around like a sheepdog. He wants her to level with him. He wonders if she is still searching for Ace’s biological mother. She still wants to do it. She knows that Paul is gone now and she knows that she will never hear from him again.

Tico and Jessica get into it about her not telling him everything. Now he finds out that she is going to work for Todd. He wants her to ask him before doing thinks. He realizes that he is overboard with this, and he apologizes to her. She too apologizes for not speaking to him first about the job. He tells her that he is glad that things are finally settled, and he is glad that they understand that she will not be taking the job afterall.

Jennifer and Rex talk, and he learns that she s back with Riley and that he is totally supportive. Rex asks her if she thinks that he has been supportive too.

Viki arrives at the club and she sees her daughter. Natalie says that she is there getting her job back. Viki would rather see her daughter helping her brother get elected. Natalie thinks that voting for Kevin is enough. She cares about the election but she has to start work now.

Mack overhears her trying to get out of helping with the family, and he tells Natalie that he doesn’t need her right now.

Natalie gets up to put her coat on, and she remembers that she left her watch somewhere.

Natalie thinks back to the fight with Paul, and remembers her watch falling to the floor of Paul’s room, while he had her on the bed.

Natalie decides that she has to go and get her watch, she tells her mother that she has to do something before heading to campaign headquarters.

John is gathering evidence with a CSI, and at the side of the bed, John finds the phone with the receiver detached. He looks a little closer and then sees that there is blood on the phone. He orders the CS! To bag the evidence and to find out whose blood is on the phone.

John is alone in Paul’s room now.

John remembers finding Natalie the night Paul went missing. She had blood on her.

John walks to the door of the room, and opens the door. Natalie is standing there. She jumps when she sees him. She asks John what he is doing there. He asks her the same question.

Kelly is upset that Paul is gone and that he is the only one that knows who Ace’s real mother is. Paul could have made the whole story up. She should just forget about finding the real mother and live with Ace as her son. David doesn’t think that she did anything wrong. Kelly wants to do something right for a chance.

Lindsay and Dorian continue to discuss the judge. Dorian has already voted, so she had nowhere else to go that day.

RJ arrives at the cemetery and smiles at the two women.

Suddenly people start arriving for the burial. Bo is one of those people. Bo can’t understand why RJ, Lindsay and Dorian are at the cemetery when they didn’t bother to go to the church for the service.

The funeral service starts. The minister starts talking. No one can see it, but way down deep in the grave where the good judge is about to be buried, there is a hand that holds a necklace between the fingers. It looks like it might be a dog tag.

John lets Natalie into the room. She says that she came by to see if Paul was really gone. John asks if she knows what happened there. She says that Paul got in a fight with someone. She isn’t sure who she says. She says that the last time that she saw Paul was outside the bar. Natalie cries and John holds her.

The funeral is almost over and the crowd watches as the casket is lowered over Paul’s unseen body. The crowd disperses.

Dorian turns to Kevin joking that he will have to find another judge to put in his pocket.

Bo takes the time to talk to Kevin and let him know that he is glad that the man is going to be working with Governor Brooks.

David suddenly shows up at the cemetery, and Dorian is startled when she sees him. He found out that she was at the cemetery because of her daytimer. She says that she is at the funeral to make peace with some of the people that hurt Kelly. David says that it is time to go. All the issues that they had were dead and buried.

Kelly shows up at the campaign headquarters, and she gets really happy when she sees Ace. She takes the baby and heads over to Viki and Jessica. Kelly coos the baby and she really shows her love for the child, all can see it.

Asa and Tico talk and Tico is rude to him. He is Tico and he is Jessica’s husband.

Jessica is nearby and she hears how Tico addresses her grandfather.

Asa reminds himself to make sure that he knows who Jessica is marrying next time around. This person is really rude to Asa. Tico tells Asa that he has a ranch in his homeland, and Asa should realize that he is really good at breaking horses in.

Jessica has heard enough from her new husband and she heads straight to Todd.

Todd is glad to see Jessica, and is even happier to hear that the girl is going to take the job with him after all.

Rex tries to make up with Jennifer, but she won’t listen to him. She will make up her own mind about things. Rex would still do anything for Jennifer. Jennifer has to go although she was going to meet her mother there.

On the way out, Jennifer bumps into RJ and her mother. They greet each other quickly.

RJ sees Rex and heads over to him, asking about Paul. Rex feels that Paul is gone. RJ hates hearing that. The man owes him money.

Jennifer and Lindsay sit together. Lindsay is fine now. Paul can’t hurt her anymore. Jennifer is sorry that her mother had to suffer. Lindsay too would do anything for her daughter, no matter what it took.

John and Natalie sit on Paul’s bed. Natalie wonders what it would be like to go back in time and change things. John has wondered that at times. She would do things differently if she could. No one would get hurt this time. John guesses that she is talking about Cristian, but she could be talking about Paul. Natalie is suddenly uncomfortable, and leaves saying that she has to go and see her mother.

Todd welcomes Jessica to the Sun. He tells her to stop by the office the following day and get started with work.

Kevin and Kelly sit with Ace and he likes seeing her with him. He can see that she has decided to let things be. She admits that now that Paul is gone, they don’t know who Ace’s mother is anyway. Kevin jokes that Paul will have to take his secret to the grave.

Bo arrives and Kevin rises to shake his hand. He loves that Bo has made time to come to the campaign headquarters. Kelly watches as Bo and Kevin talk. Kevin looks down at his watch and smiles. Well it is done. The election time for voting is over. The votes are all in, and it is time to count the votes. Kelly peers at Kevin over the baby’s head. Kevin remarks that what is done, is done. There can be no changes now, he says. The results are soon to be announced in due time. Kevin knows that whatever will be, will be, and that nothing can change that fact now. Nothing can change what will be now. Kelly isn’t so sure that what he is saying is true. She knows that things can in fact change. Things can happen.

Jen tells her mother that she is scared of what she might be capable of doing. She almost slept with Paul to get the tape back. If she could go that far, she might be able to go as far as Lindsay did when she shot Sam. Lindsay reminds Jen that she is not Lindsay. She also tells her daughter that what happened with Paul is over, so she never has to think about it again. Jen tells Lindsay that she has helped ease her mind. Lindsay is happy because that is what parents are supposed to do, take care of their children.

John finds a ladies wristwatch in the motel room.

Natalie talks to Christian at the church and tells him that she really wishes he were still here with her. She really screwed up this time, but she can't talk to him or anyone about it. She can't go back and fix it this time.

Dorian and David agree that they hope Kevin doesn't win the election. After Dorian takes a phone call for Kelly she asks David if he knows anything about Kelly looking for an apartment. David tells her that Kelly may have mentioned it. Dorian asks why Kelly would want to move out.

Kelly hands Ace over to the nanny and starts to leave. Todd asks why she isn't staying around to see the results of the election. Kelly tells him that it doesn't matter anymore anyway. Tico talks to someone on the phone and demands that they make sure that Brooks gets re-elected, otherwise their plan won't work. Viki asks Bo if he has seen Natalie. When Bo tells her that he hasn't, Viki guesses that she must have gotten held up somewhere. They talk with Kevin about how close the election race is. Just as Todd gets a call from someone telling him that Wendell is conceding to Brooks, the announcement comes over the TV that Brooks has won the election.

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