OLTL Update Monday 11/1/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/1/04


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Marcie is taking calls at the police station and comes in. She tells him that she’s glad to see him. She tells him that she’s sorry about their argument. Michael tells her that he didn’t come there to bring that up. She tells him that she is having trouble with her time management. The phone rings and Michael tells her to answer it. When she answers it, it is her publisher and she tells him that she has to take the call.

Bo walks up and Michael asks him if seen John because he is looking for some one to hang out with.

Nora is at the hospital. Evangeline get off the elevator and tells Nora that she’s looking good. Nora tells her that she looks sharp. Evangeline asks how Asa doing. Nora thanks her for agreeing to help them with Asa. She says know problem because someone has to teach the cowboy a lesson. Page comes out of a room and says that they’re e just the posse to do it.

Asa is in his hospital bed reading The Sun. The headline says, Buchanan’s Judge Dead convenient? Asa calls Todd an SOB.

Todd and Blair are at the penthouse. Blair says that she has hired private investigators and they haven’t been able to tell her who’s behind Todd not being able to reclaim his identity.

Kevin and Tico are at Rodi’s and Sonia looks on at them. Tico asks him what’s on his mind. Kevin tells him that it’s just the election. Tico tells him according to the polls the race is pretty close. Kevin tells him that he wants it so bad. Tico tells him that he will get assuming that he did take care of that problem. Kevin tells him he has and goes to the bar for a cup of coffee.

John is over at the bar when Kevin gets there. John asks Mac if he’s seen Cramer and he tells him no. Kevin asks John why he’s looking for Paul. John asks him what’s it to him unless he knows something.

Tico calls Jessica on her cell phone, but once her voice mail picks up he hangs up.

Jessica goes to Antonio’s loft and he answers with his shirt off and a towel on his shoulder. Antonio asks her what she’s doing there. She tells him that it is Natalie. Antonio asks her if Natalie is hurt. Jessica says nothing, and he says he’s not good at guessing. Jessica starts to turn away, but Antonio grabs her arm and tells her to come inside.

Nora, Bo, Evangeline, and Page get ready to trick Asa. Bo thanks Page for helping. They all agree that Asa can’t continue to get away with his tricks. Bo tells Nora that she looks good. The two of them go into Asa room. Bo tells Asa that Nora told him about his condition. Asa says that he tried to be strong for him. Bo tells him that he didn’t know that he was so close to the end. Nora pretends to cry. Asa asks Bo what’s wrong with Nora. Bo tells him that she is over come by his illness and that he doesn’t know if she’ll be able to say I do. Asa asks him what did he just say. Bo tells him that Nora told him his dying wish. He tells Asa that they just need one thing from him.

Blair tells Todd that he can write about how judge Hernandez shouldn’t have taken Ace from Kelly and gave her to Kelly all he wants, but Kevin being responsible for that accident, she doesn’t think so. Blair is holding a black phone book in her hand and Todd asks her what’s it all about. She tells him that it’s form criminals to crazies in the black book. Todd asks if they are going to be able to help him get his identity back. Blair tells him that she doesn’t know, and hopes that they can help her find out whose behind it. Todd tells her that he already told her. She tells him that she knows, but she wants to know for sure before does anything. Todd tells her to go for it. Blair asks him what’s it worth to him. Todd says what him being Todd Manning again, a lot, and for her to state her price. Blair says how about a week in Bermuda and a back rub every single day for the rest of her life. Todd says go-ahead tiger. Blair says that she isn’t a tiger, but a pussycat.

Kevin tells John that his only concern is that Paul stay away form his family. John asks him why and if Paul has been bothering him. Kevin tells him that Paul and Natalie got into it the other night at Rodi’s and he was there. John says that the two of them have been doing that a lot lately. Kevin tells him that won’t be happening any more because he gave him a one way ticket to San Francisco and a lot of money. John tells him that he heard about that, but the only problem is Paul didn’t get on the flight. Kevin says really.

Antonio closes the door and asks Jessica what’s going on with Natalie. Jessica tells him that she is worried about her. Antonio asks her if she sure her visit doesn’t have anything to do with Tico and he asks her what he did to her. Jessica says no and that it’s about Natalie. She tells him that something bad has happened with Paul. Antonio tells her that she should call John. Jessica tells him that she doesn’t want the police involved. Antonio ask her why she came to him. She tells him that he is the one she needs, but changes that and says that Natalie need him, so will help her. Antonio ask her why him. She tells him because she used to be married to Christian and that Antonio seemed to like Natalie. She then says because she’s her sister and if he ever felt anything for her. She then asks him again if he will help or not. Antonio tells her that he is not some private police force and that he has thing of his own to take care of and that he has his own life. She says that she does to. Jessica tells him that Christian would have wanted him to do it. Antonio puts his shirt on. Jessica says that Christian was his brother and before she can finish Antonio says that Christian isn’t his brother and never has been. Jessica asks him how can he just pretend he doesn’t care. Antonio says that he doesn’t care. She tells him that Carlota came to get Jamie from her moms the other day and she told her that Jamie is missing him more and more. Jessica tells him can’t he see that the people who loves him are thousand time important then a criminal that is suppose to be his father. She asks him how he could let a dead man pull him away from something he loves.

Kevin tells John that he isn’t surprised that Paul didn’t get on the flight. He tells John that he hopes to get his vote tomorrow. John says yeah sarcastically and walks off. Kevin walk back to the table and Sonia is there talking to Tico. She says that she is leaving and she wishes them good luck on the election. She tells Tico that she knows how involved he’s been in everything. Kevin says being Lieutenant Governor doesn’t have much clout. Tico tells him that he never knows and once he becomes lieutenant he is just a heartbeat away from governor. Sonia is listening from a distances.

Todd gives Ms. Bigelow orders of what to do to The Sun after the election. Blair comes down the stairs and gives herself praise for tracking down a lead. She tells Todd that it was Asa. Todd asks her what she going to do. She leaves before answering.

Bo tells Asa that they want a wedding present. Bo tells Asa that Nora wants four million dollars for the police for a charity they fund for battered women and orphans. Asa goes bananas. Bo tells Nora that he will understand if she doesn’t want to get married. Asa then agrees to give the money to a charity. He signs the paper Bo and Nora had drawn up. Nora then calls Evangeline in to perform the ceremony. Evangeline starts, and Bo asks her if she could speed it up because Asa doesn’t look so good. Evangeline jumps right asking them if they take each other to be lawfully wedded… When they finish, Bo, Nora, and Evangeline turn to look at the door. Page is on the other side listening and Michael comes behind her and startles her. Asa asks Bo what he is waiting for and for him to go ahead and kiss the bride.

Marcie is at the station and she leaves Michael a message telling him to call her. She tells him that nothing is as important then the two of them.

Michael asks Dr. Miller if something is wrong with Asa. She tells him that she can’t hear and for him to leave. Asa tells Bo to kiss Nora. Page comes in and tells Asa that she has some good news. Bo and Nora ask her what the good news is. She tells Asa that his condition is reversible and he doesn’t have to die from it. Bo says great, but how dangerous is it. Page says that he has to have a massive incision. Asa says know operation forget it. Bo says lets operate. Page pulls out a large syringe and tells Asa that he needs to take his pajamas off because she has to jam it into him. Asa curse her and tells her to get out of there. Bo tells him that this is his chance to live. Asa tells them that he isn’t dying and that he has been faking. He says he only did it to get Nora and Bo back together and that it worked. He tells them to start planning their honeymoon because He and Nora is now Mr. & Mrs. Bo Buchanan again. They tell Asa that the ceremony was a fake.

Tico asks Kevin why he didn’t come to him if Paul was such a big problem. He says that he will be happy to take care of the problem. Kevin tells him that it is taken care of and tells him that he’s heading over to the campaign head quarters and asks him if wants to come along because it is clear that Jessica has stood him up. Tico says that Jessica has most certainly not stood him up and that she’s with Natalie.

Antonio is on the phone and tells the person that he will look into it. He hangs up and apologizes to Jessica. She tells him that it is all right. Antonio asks her what’s wrong. Jessica tells him that she shouldn’t have come there. Antonio tells her but you did. They stare at each other. Jessica goes to leave and Antonio grabs her arm and brings her into a passionate kiss. Jessica pulls away and says that she can’t do it and run out the door. She runs into Sonia on the way out. Sonia looks in at Antonio. Sonia says that Jessica looks upset. Antonio tells her that she is worried about her sister. Sonia asks if she is mixed up with that Paul mess again. Antonio tells her it looks like it. He continues to avoid eye contact with her.

Sonia asks him if Jessica said what it was. Antonio tells her no. Sonia close the door and asks him what Jessica wanted from him. He tells her that Jessica was hoping he could he help. Sonia says her own private eye. Antonio tells Sonia that he told Jessica no. Sonia asks him what else did Jessica want. Antonio looks up. Sonia tells him that is the first time he looked her in the eyes since she got there. She asks him if something is bothering him. He says maybe because he can’t help her. Sonia tells him that it is obvious that something went down between the two of them and that he should just tell her what it is.

Jessica goes to see Todd. Todd asks her what’s wrong. She asks him if he’s seen Natalie lately. Todd says why should he? He then asks her if something is wrong with the family. Jessica asks him if he can get someone to look into Paul. She sees The Sun’s paper and asks Todd if he even bothered to get quotes form Kevin. Todd says that Kevin would have only laughed at him if he did that. She says that she knows that Kevin has changed, but to imply that he had something to do wit the accident. Todd tells her that is one of the many conclusions. Jessica says that he knows that Kevin wouldn’t do anything like that. Todd tells her that they know someone who would. She asks him who? He tells her someone that could make a person disappear. She asks him who? He tells her that she is married to him.

Tico calls Jessica on her cell phone again and leaves her a message. He asks her why she isn’t answering her phone and that he’s waiting, been waiting, and will continue to wait until she comes to Rodi’s. He tells her that she better have a good explanation as missed the important event.

John asks Marcie if the commissioner has returned. Marcie tells him no, and John says that he will leave him a note. John asks her if she liked the present Michael got for her birthday. She tells him that she didn’t get because they had a big fight and that Michael hates her now and she doesn’t know what to do about it.

Page, Bo, Evangeline tells Asa that what he did was wrong. Nora tells him that it was low and that she cares about him and she says getting the four million for the charity was priceless. They all start laughing. Asa says that Nora and Bo belong together whether they want to admit it or not. He tells Bo now that he knows he was faking he could get him released from the hospital. Bo tells him that Kevin has power of attorney over him and will have to be the one to get him released.

Blair goes into Asa room after Nora, Bo, Page, and Evangeline leaves. She picks up the syringe and asks him to give her one good reason why she shouldn’t stab him in his old dried up heart. He says he will break her neck. She asks him why he won’t let Todd get his identity back. Asa says Todd is the one that didn’t want his identity and that he is just helping him. Kevin walks in and asks Blair what she’s doing there. Blair tells him that her and Asa had a little business and now they’re done. As she walks out Kevin tells her to give Todd a message. He shout after her to tell Todd that he won’t like it once he’s lieutenant governor and have the court and the state on his side. Asa tells Kevin to get him out of the hospital. Kevin tells him that the election is right around the corner. Asa asks him if he’s keeping him locked up so he won’t mess up his chance of winning the election.

John gives Marcie advice about her and Michael. Tells her to look at their relationship like a priority. Then they can schedule something to be together.

Antonio tells Sonia that Jessica is in the pass and to leave it there. Sonia asks him if that is what he wants. He tells her that he is worried about her living with Tico. Sonia asks him if he’s still worried that he might be El Tiburon. Antonio says and your not. Sonia tells him that sometimes she thinks she’s in love with him. She tells him that she’s not asking him to return the feeling. She just wants to work with him to make sure Jessica comes through this all right.

Jessica tells Todd that Tico is not a criminal. She asks him if he has anything specific. He tells her that he doesn’t have anything specific, but his people are working on it. He tells him that Antonio was just asking the same thing. Jessica says that she knew it, and that he would say anything about him because he hates him. Todd tells her she should switch papers and come work for him. He says it wouldn’t just be to stick it to Kevin, and that she’s a good journalist.

Michael goes to see John and walks right pass Marcie desk. He asks John if he wants to get something to eat. John tells him that he can’t right now. He tells him that someone wants to talk to him. Michael looks over at Marcie and walks top her desk. Marcie gives him a schedule of all her free time. Michael says he is willing to try if she is. He asks her if she wants to go for coffee. They leave the police department.

Evangeline, Bo, and Nora come into the department laughing. Evangeline tells John that she just performed her first wedding ceremony. He asks them what it is all about. Bo tells him that they just pulled one over on his old man. John says he wants to hear all about, but needs to give Bo an update on Natalie. They go into his office. Evangeline says every time she with John it’s Natalie. Nora tells her that she is the one that told John to go look for Natalie. Evangeline says but he found her, where does it end.

Bo and John talk about Natalie. John tells Bo that Natalie had a few bruises, but didn’t tell him much of anything. John says he will be glad when the CSI team gets back with some real answers.

Asa tells Kevin that he is impressed with what he has done. Says he has found someone that can take over the family once he’s gone.

Todd and Blair are in the penthouse. Todd tells her that she is just mad that she might not be able to be Mrs. Todd Manning. He tells her that he offered Jessica a job. He tells her that it’s not just to stick it to Kevin, but that Jessica is good and he like her. He says he doesn’t like to many people. Blair is impressed with him. They go upstairs to make love.

Antonio tells Sonia that he knows how she feels about Jessica. She tells him that yeah the two of them are not good friends, but Jessica is a good person. She tells him that she knows he is still hooked on her, and if she wants him free, she has to help him with Jessica and make sure she is safe. Antonio says that she isn’t safe with Tico. Sonia tells him that Tico told Kevin that him being the governor was a heart beat away. She believes that he will become governor real soon.

Tico calls Viki to ask her when exactly it was that Jessica left. He tells Viki there is nothing to be worried about. Jessica come in and tells Tico that she sorry she’s late. Tico asks her where she been. She tells him that Natalie was in a bad place and was with her. He asks her if she been with her the whole time and she tells him yes.

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