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One Life to Live Update Friday 10/29/04


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Jessica goes to Llanfair to visit her mom. The two of them are worried about Natalie. Viki tells Jessica that John is looking for Natalie. The doorbell rings.

Jessica answers the door and it is Tico. He asks her what she is doing there.

Kevin and Kelly are at Paul’s motel room. Kevin tells Kelly that he won’t let her go to Ace real mother.

David catches Dorian cleaning a gun off. He asks her what she’s doing with it.

John finds Natalie at the cemetery over Christian’s grave. He points the flashlight on her and asks her what she’s doing. She turns around and looks distraught and John sees the blood on her clothing. John asks her if the blood belongs to her or is it somebody else. She says nothing. John asks her where she’s been tonight.

Jessica tells Tico no to do that in front of her mother. Tico is upset that Jessica didn’t follow his wishes by staying in the house. He tells her that the two of them need to leave so that they can be there for Kevin at Rodi’s for the Governor’s and Kevin speech. Jessica tells him that she isn’t going and is waiting for Natalie to come home. There is a knock at the door and Jessica answers it. It is Carlota; she walks in and speaks to the two of them. She tells Jessica that she is there to pick up Jamie. Jessica is ecstatic. Tico clearly isn’t happy with the situation. Carlota says that Viki watched her for her because she couldn’t get in touch with R.J.

Tico is clearly upset set and says that he has already said the two of them would be coming. Jessica tells him that it clearly sounds like he is giving her orders. He tells her that she is all the family he has and that he is just concerned for her. Says he’s just being selfish right now and that sometimes he just can’t be without her.

Viki and Carlota talk in the library about there children. Carlota talks about missing the both of her boys. Carlota says it helps to be with Jamie. Viki tells her to have faith and that Antonio will come around eventually. Viki tells her that no one can take a parents place.

Kelly and Kevin talk in Paul’s motel room. Kelly tells him that when he took Ace away from her, she was in a bad place. She says that she won’t let herself go back there. Kevin says, “So you’re just going to give our child away.” Kelly tells him that Ace isn’t theirs. Kevin asks her what she thinks her life will be like; she doesn’t have her marriage, and won’t have a child. Kelly tells him that she will make it on her own and that she’s done it before when she lost their child and she can do it again. Kevin asks her if moving on include David.

David asks Dorian where she got the gun. Dorian tells him that she’s always had it. Dorian tells him that it now needs to be wiped off because he touched. David says why, it hasn’t been fired has it? Dorian tells him that he has a record and just in case it has been used for anything, nothing will happen to him. David asks her where she been. Dorian tells him that she been out solving problems. He asks her if she got any of his messages. She tells him no and asks him if there was a problem. He tells her that it is over now and that Blair and Jack stopped by.

Back at the cemetery, John asks Natalie where the blood came from. She tells him that she fell. John tells her that he heard she didn’t show up for work. Tells her that her mom is worried about her. John asks her what’s going on with her because the last time he seen her like that was when Christian died. Natalie says look at where she is. She then tells John that she doesn’t have the comfort of knowing that Christian body is in the grave. John reaches over to touch her and she tells him not to.

**In between here, One Life To Live was interrupted by a special newsbreak.**

Kelly leaves, so she makes Kevin believe. After Kevin leaves she goes back into Paul’s motel room.

Jessica holds and talks to Jamie as Tico looks on in disgust. Jessica hands Jamie to

Carlota Viki comes in the hall and tells Jessica that John just called and is on his way to bring Natalie home.

Viki and Carlota talk outside. Viki says despite their children, she’s glad that they are still able to communicate. Viki tells her that Natalie came back after all that she has been through and that Antonio will to. Carlota says that it is going to take a miracle for

Antonio to come back.

Antonio goes home to the loft and Sonia is there. She asks him what he is doing. He tells her that he is checking out all the articles that Manning published. Sonia tells him that he should get some rest and that she will help him in the morning with that. Antonio tells her that he isn’t tired and that he is going to stop Tico. Says he won’t let him hurt anyone else he cares about again.

Tico tells Jessica since Natalie is safe, they can now leave for Rodi’s. Jessica tells him that she isn’t leaving until she sees her sister. Jessica tells him that she’s staying until Natalie returns. Viki comes in and tells them they she is leaving. Says now that she knows Natalie is all right, she is going to take care of something. She tells Jessica to talk Natalie because Natalie didn’t tell her much and maybe she will be more successful. Viki leaves. Tico says that Kevin needs her support. Jessica tells him that once Natalie has made and she knows that she is all right, she will come to Rodi’s. Tico leaves with an attitude.

Dorian talks to Blair on the cell phone. She goes toward the kitchen. David comes down the stairs and goes into the study to put the gun back in the drawer. David leaves the study and when Adriana comes down the stairs he goes in the other direction. Dorian comes and sees Adriana. Adriana says your back and that she was wondering where her, David, and Kelly went. Adriana tells her that Duke went to Texas.

Kevin is at Rodi’s and calls Duke and leaves him message. He says that they made and agreement that he would come back before the election. Tells Duke he could at least call and then he hangs up. Tico congratulates Kevin on a good turn out. Gov. Brooks comes over and asks Kevin where his family is.

Natalie and John come to Llanfair. Jessica asks Natalie if she is okay and thanks John for bringing her home. John says he is leaving and tells Natalie to take care. Natalie thanks him for everything. John tells he that if she wants to tell him something. Natalie cuts him off and says that nothing happened. Jessica offers to walk him outside.

When they get in the hallway, Jessica asks him what happened. He tells her that he found Natalie at Christian’s gravesite. Tells Jessica to help Natalie out. He leaves.

Jessica tells Natalie that their mother stepped out, but will be back soon. Natalie tells Jessica not to ask her to talk about it.

Antonio and Sonia are talking and someone knock on the door. It is Viki and Antonio is surprised to see her. She says that she hopes she isn’t interrupting, and that she came by to speak to Antonio. Sonia leaves the loft. Viki tells him that Natalie is having it rough right now and that she is worried about Jessica. Antonio tells her that he doesn’t want to discuss Jessica. Viki tells him that she came there to talk about Ben. Antonio tells her that he has went over what happen a thousand times in his mind wondering what he could have done differently. Viki tells him that she doesn’t blame him. Antonio offers her to sit down. Viki tells Antonio that when Ben thought that his real was a criminal he turned away from his family saying that he was his father’s son. Antonio asks her if she think he’s doing it. Viki says that she is talking about Ben. Antonio asks her if she is trying to get him back with Jessica. Viki tells him that she’s there for Jamie. She says that Jamie needs her father. She tells him that she and Natalie wish they could spend one more moment with been and Chris, but Antonio ha that chance and he shouldn’t turn his back on his family.

Dorian says it’s good that Duke has gone back to Texas. Adriana tells her that he’s only gone for a couple of days. They have a many fuss. Dorian tells her that she only wants to give her protection. Adriana says like with that gun, no thanks. She says that she’s glad that she told David to get rid of it because she doesn’t want to be in the house with it.

Kelly searches Paul room for information. John walks in with his gun pointed and startles Kelly. John asks her where Paul is. She tells him that Paul has left to San Francisco. John asks her what she’s doing in the room. She says that Paul asked her if she could send his things to him once he gets there. John tells her to leave behind what she has in her hand and that he is looking to look around. Kelly leaves and tells him that she will tell Paul that he’s looking for him.

Kevin and Governor Brooks work the crowd at Rodi’s as Tico have a drink and looks on. Sonia comes into Rodi’s and says Antonio where are you.

Viki tells Antonio if he wants to know about Jessica, he’s going to have to ask her. She tells him that she came to get him to be with his daughter and for him not to forget about the people that love him. He says that he doesn’t want his family to get hurt while he looks for El Tiburon. Viki leaves.

Dorian tells David that she listened to his messages. She says she finds it touching how he looks after them. She then asks him if he was so worried about her with a gun, why was it still in the drawer if he was supposed to had gotten rid of it. He tells her that he got distracted. He tells her if they don’t stop suspecting each other motives, but then stops in mid sentence when Kelly walks in. Dorian asks her where she been. Kelly says she was at a Halloween party. Dorian leaves to do something. David asks her where she really was. She tells him that she was at Paul’s room looking for information. She says that Paul’s gone and it’s too bad he’s the only one that knows Ace moms name.

Viki tuck Natalie in to bed and kisses he in the cheek. When she leaves the room Natalie opens her eyes and starts crying.

John finds out that Paul didn’t make it on the flight and wonders where he is.

Kevin is on his cell phone talking to someone about Paul not having left to San Francisco. Kevin says that they aren’t going to hear about the check or Paul again.

Tico calls over to Viki’s and asks to speak to Jessica. She tells him that Jessica left a few minutes ago. Tico says well then good, she should be on her way there and hangs up.

Antonio is in his loft and someone knocks on the door. He goes to the door with his gun and open it with his gun aimed. It is Jessica.

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