OLTL Update Thursday 10/28/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/28/04


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Evangeline and John are at her place, and they flirt and mess around with each other. He likes her place, but she likes his place better because of the twin bed that he has over there and the lack of space.

Lindsay is freaking out.

RJ arrives to find out what her problem is. Lindsay tells him that the gun that he gave her is gone.

Out in the cemetery, Paul is alone. He is lying face down on the grass. He has a trickle of blood dripping down his face. He isn’t moving.

John and Evangeline have just made love and they lie in each other’s arms feeling safe with each other. He worries that she will not be okay being alone at her place. He can’t stay with her this night. They have to take things one day at a time.

John’s phone rings. He answers.

It is Natalie calling. Evangeline is shocked when she hears John call out Natalie’s name. She says that she is lost, and she has no idea where she is.

Natalie turns off her phone, and looks down at her hand. She has a gun in it. She pulls the trigger by accident and the gun goes off.

Roxy comes out of the house asking what has been going on with Natalie. She offers to bring the kid in for some beer. Natalie has dropped the gun in the bushes to hide it from Roxy.

Kelly goes to her brother’s room. The door is open. She goes in.

The door closes behind her. Kevin is behind the door and he closes it. Kelly turns to find the man that she once loved lurking in the dark. The room is in chaos. Everything has been upturned and pushed over. Kelly demands to know what Kevin is doing there. He tells her that he knows that she is planning to upset the arrangement that they have with the baby.

Lindsay tells RJ that she has checked everywhere to find the gun and it is gone. She has been avoiding people all night after the porn tape. RJ was worried that Lindsay might be out doing something stupid. RJ wanted to know why she thought that she needed a gun. She only got it, she says because someone broke into her gallery. RJ wishes that he knew that Cramer had that tape. The man is out of control, and should have been taken care of long ago.

Jen tells Bo and Nora about the porn tape and what Paul did to her mother. Nora thinks that this may be a civil case, but there might not be anything about this that is criminal. Bo will call Paul and make him come in for questioning.

Jennifer is worried now about Rex and what he will do when he runs into Paul.

Roxy is alone in her devil costume. Afterall, it is Halloween. Rex comes to the place looking for Jennifer. Roxy is surprised to hear that. She would think that he would be more interested in where Shannon is, but he doesn’t seem to care all that much about where she is. Jennifer was freaked out earlier and Rex wants to help her, and make sure that she is going to be okay. Roxy knows about the tape, but hasn’t seen it. Roxy mentions that Natalie was around earlier and she was really freaked out. Rex is only happy that Paul won’t be bothering Natalie anymore. Roxy wants to know how he knows that. What did he do?

John is getting ready to leave Evangeline. He has to go out and find her. She will not let him go alone, she will go with him to check this thin g out with Natalie.

Natalie goes home and seems a little freaked out.

Viki comes to her daughter who has just come into the house, and she can see that something is wrong with her. Viki begs that Natalie let he mother help with whatever it is that is wrong.

Kevin is worried that the election is going to be affected by something that Paul might do. Kelly knows that Kevin has come to see Paul and to shut him up for good. Kevin admits that he would like to shut Paul up, and he says that he has done just that.

Lindsay admits that she would like to shoot Paul herself. She was reminded recently of how Troy betrayed her. That was all that she could think about. She wanted to do something to get back at Troy. Instead, she hurt Sam. RJ tells her that she should let this go. She can’t. She has been having terrible feelings about Paul. It seems to be a good thing that Lindsay doesn’t have this gun.

Jennifer unloads on Nora about everything. Nora assures her that it is okay for her to tell all. Jennifer tells how Paul wanted to have sex with her for the tape. She got him drunk and stole a tape, but there was another one. Riley saw her leaving Paul’s room, and he was angry with Jennifer. She knows that Riley would have forced her to go to the police. Nora knows what it is like to hide something from someone that you care for. Nora knows that Jen and Riley still have a chance. Jen turns to look out the window of the office.

Riley is there. Nora convinces Jen to go and talk to Riley.

Jen goes to the man. Riley asks her if she is ready to start trusting him again.

John and Evangeline arrive at the station. Bo is there to greet them. They discuss, “Lindsay Does Llanview.” The website is down now, but the damage has been done.

Viki thinks that Natalie should see a doctor, but she is fine and wants to just be home. Viki would like to take Natalie’s sweater, but Natalie will not take it off. She says that she fell and hit her head. She refuses to go to the hospital. Viki assures Natalie that she can tell her mother anything. Natalie knows that. She tells her mother that she is so sorry. Viki has no idea what Natalie is talking about.

Roxy wants to know what Rex is going to do to protect Jen. Rex isn’t worried about Paul at all. Roxy wants to know why Rex wants to be with someone that doesn’t want to be with him. Rex will not discuss this right now. Rex has to leave, and he heads out the door.

Outside, Rex sees that the candle inside the pumpkin has gone out, and he stoops to light it up again. As he is doing so, he sees something in the bushes. He picks up a gun.

Jen decides that she should let Riley in after all, and she lets him walk her home.

John has to go out to find Natalie. Evangeline will stay at the station and she wishes him luck.

After John leaves, Evangeline turns to find Nora standing behind her. She isn’t sure that Evangeline is as fine with this Natalie thing as she says she was. Evangeline knows that Natalie will only be a problem if she allows the girl to be one.

Natalie feels that she was the one that caused Cristian to die. Viki points out the many reasons why this is incorrect. Now that Natalie’s relationship with Paul is over, she wishes that Cristian would come back.

Kevin asks Kelly about the idea of Paul disappearing. They could keep the child and be a family again. Kelly can’t keep the child now that she knows the mother wants the child. Kevin thought that she knew about the mother all along. She didn’t. She didn’t know, but now that she does know, she is going to find the mother and give the child back. Kevin assures her that if she tries to do this, she will never see the child again.

John is out at the bar where Natalie works. Natalie’s boss talks to John, telling him about Natalie and how she needs help.

RJ comes to John asking if he is going to go after Paul anytime soon. John doesn’t like this man, and reminds him that his day is coming and that until then, RJ would be well advised to stay out of his face.

Nora tells Evangeline that whenJohn tells her that he is only friends with Natalie, Evangeline should believe him. Evangeline hears more in her tone. She feels that Nora is talking about he relationship with Bo. Nora acts shocked at the suggestion.

Evangeline is hungry and she leaves to go and get something to eat.

Bo and Nora discuss how they are going to make Asa pay for what he has done to them. Bo has a great idea for making Asa literally pay to a fund for widows and orphans. That is a great idea. Bo is hungry and offers to split an order of fries with Nora. She declines his offer.

Viki asks Natalie where she was that night. She went to Roxanne’s. Sometimes she feels that Roxanne is still her mother. She was all that Natalie had before Viki. Viki has taken down the walls that Natalie had built, she showed the girl how to love, and then there was Cristian. She remembers Cristian and how it felt to have his arms around him. She hears the door sometimes, and it is like he is coming in. They promised each other that they would last forever. He told her that they had forever and all the time in the world. Natalie feels that he is still watching her. Viki wishes that she could take the pain away, but it is too late. Natalie apologizes to her mother again, but she doesn’t say why. She has to go. There is something that she has to do alone. Viki begs her to stay, but Natalie is already out the door.

Nora said that she didn’t want any fries, but she ends up ordering some with Bo, and they sit at his desk, dipping their taters in ketchup.

John and Viki talk on the phone about Natalie, and how she has run off. She has been feeling guilty about Cristian’s death. This gives John a couple of ideas a to where he can find Natalie.

Evangeline is at home working on her laptop. She picks up a football at the foot of her couch, and she can’t help but think of John and how he makes her feel.

Lindsay is at the club, and a young man comes over to her, telling her that he knows her. She can tell by the way that he is leering at her that he has seen her on the porno site.

RJ is quick to come over and save Lindsay from the horny youth of Llanview. The kid leaves.

RJ thinks that Lindsay should go home now. She doesn’t really want to do that. He offers her help if she needs it. She is glad to hear it, but she isn’t going to prison this time.

Riley gets Jen to her place. She starts coming on to him like crazy, asking him upstairs to be with her. He slows her down. She should do this when she has a better take on her feelings. He doesn’t want their first time to be like this. He will always be there for her, so there is no rush.

Kelly stands up to Kevin, telling him that he better not mess with her. One word from her and his election will be over. Kevin has news for her. Hr is not going to let Kelly or her miserable brother wreck his life. He holds her roughly as he speaks. He tells her that if he were she, he would be more careful what was being said.

John is off looking for Natalie. He heads to the cemetery. Natalie has been talking about Cristian, so it would be natural for her to want to go to his grave and be with him. Natalie is in the dark, with her head bent forward over Cristian’s grave. John shines his flashlight on the back of her head. She turns to the light, and discovers that John is with her and that she is not alone anymore.

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