OLTL Update Wednesday 10/27/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/27/04


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Paul is on his cell phone with someone and he tells the person he will meet him or her.

Jen is at home and she hangs up the phone. Marcie asks her if she’s talked to Riley. Jen says that she can’t talk to him right now. Marcie tells Jen that she can’t talk to Michael right now either and that she thinks they may have broken up. She says that Michael thinks she only cares about getting her book published and her friends and family. Marcie says sometimes when she sees Michael all she sees is the jerk from when she first met him. Jen tells her some people don’t change and look at her.

Blair is dressed up as a witch and Todd comes in. She asks him if is going to be able to marry Todd Manning.

Kelly is in the study looking at a Halloween costume she had bought for Ace a while back. David come in and sees her. He tells her if that is for him she needs to take it back. Kelly tells him that she can’t stop thinking about Ace’s real mother and what she might be going through. She tells him that she needs to find out who she is, so she can give Ace back.

Tico meets Kevin in the park. Kevin is looking at the photo he staged with Ace and Kelly in the newspaper.

Evangeline meets with Antonio at Rodi’s. Antonio asks her for some advice. He tells her that he has some info that could put someone away and wants to know that it is enough so that an attorney as good as herself won’t be getting the person off. John walks up and says hi to Evangeline and kisses her on the cheek. He says to Antonio if he is ready to talk to a lawyer, then maybe he’s ready to talk to a cop.

Mathew and Nora go to the police station trick or treating in their Pirate costumes. Bo gives Matthew candy. Bo asks Nora if she ready to get Asa back for tricking her into believing that he was very ill and would die any day now. He tells her that Page is setting it up right now.

Evangeline tells John that Antonio was asking her for legal advice. John says that he will leave the two of them alone, but Antonio says that the meeting is over and gets up to leave after thanking Evangeline. John asks him if he can talk to him. John asks him if he thinks El Tiburon is still alive. Antonio tells him that he has nothing to say and leaves. Evangeline says that Antonio doesn’t trust the system. John tells her that they found the men that attacked her at the station and asks her if she feels like picking the guy out of a line up. The manger of Rodi’s walks up to them and asks John if he’s seen Natalie because she hasn’t came in for her shift. He says that the last time she was seen is out back arguing with Paul. He says that she has called in or anything. John says that isn’t like Natalie and that he haven’t seen her. The manger tells him if he does see her, to tell her that he is going to have to fire her.

Kelly tells David that she can’t live knowing that she ha Ace and that his real mother is out there in pain not knowing how her son is doing. David tries to convince her that Paul isn’t to be trusted and if he is telling the truth she could be in trouble with the police just like Paul. Kelly tells him that she can’t live with and that it will make her crazy. David tells her that is all the more reason to do nothing because it nearly killed her giving up Ace to Kevin and if she does this she will never see Ace again.

Riley talks to his dad at Rodi’s while they have lunch. Daniel tries to give him advice on Jen.

Back at Jen place, Marcie tells her that she should give Riley a call. Jen says she doesn’t want to call him because she already knows what he is going to say. She says she’s bad for Riley. Marcie tells her that Paul is the bad one not her. Marcie tells her that she did the right thing and that’s what counts. Rex comes over and tells Jen that he got the website shut down. Jen says of course you did because it was you and you weren’t getting paid for it. Jen says that her mother is ruined. Rex says that he will take care of Paul.

Todd tells Blair that all of his information has mysteriously disappeared. Todd says it doesn’t really matter who made sure all of his records disappeared because Ms. Bigelow is working on it. Jack comes down stairs dressed in a jail costume. He tells Todd that he is dressed like him when he was in jail. Todd tells him that he isn’t going back there. Blair tries to explain to him that he didn’t know his reasons for wanting that costume. Todd says maybe it’s best that all his information in Todd has been wiped clean. Blair says there is a good thing that can come out of it as she hold up The Sun and says if he doesn’t exist, he can’t get sued for liable.

Kevin and Tico are in the park and Kevin says that he hasn’t really went over what he would say if someone asked him if the campaign was be funded by dirty Santi money. Tico tells him to say that it absurd and tells Kevin that he will have his people clear up the situation. The guy that has accompanied Tico says that Kevin likes it clean. Tico says that Kevin will do as they say once his in office and that he will be the governor once Brooks steps down and that his brother would see to that. Kevin gives his speech saying that children are the center of their campaign.

Paul stands in the back listening to Kevin speak.

Bo tells Evangeline and John happy Halloween. They tell Bo and Nora that the man that attacked her was brought in. Evangeline tells them that she is going to give a statement. Nora goes with her. Bo tells congratulates John on a good job and says one more for the good guys. John says that he should tell that to Antonio. John asks Bo if he’s heard from Natalie. He says the last time he seen her it was when she was in that fight with Paul. John tells him that he just had to pull her off Jen the other day. John tells Bo that he wants to help her, but just doesn’t know what to do. H says he should he just do nothing and stop caring.

David tries to convince Kelly that Paul is probably lying and that even if he isn’t that Ace mom couldn’t possible love her as much as she does. He tells her that Ace real mom has probably moved on. Kelly says you don’t just move on. David tells her that it will hurt her. Kelly says yes, but it will be her choice. David tells her that Paul is gone and she won’t be able to find out whose Ace’s real mother is.

David hugs Kelly and Blair and Jack walks in saying trick or treat. Blair says hello.

Todd is at Kevin’s speech and asks him if he’ll be going to judge Hernandez funeral. Kevin tells him that he will be attended. Todd asks him if there is any connection with her death being so close to the election. Kevin comes back and says that is why he the governor will make sure that the roads are safe.

The guy with Tico says that Todd is becoming to be a problem. Tico tells him that Todd can’t hurt them.

Paul offers Todd information about the identity of Ace real mother. He says he will sell him her name. Kevin sees Paul talking to Todd as he continues to give his speech. Todd tells Paul that he already knows about the baby and where he came from. He says he knows who the baby’s mother is. Paul he could use that info to destroy Kevin’s campaign. Todd say it will also hurt Kelly and that isn’t it his sister. Todd tells him he should watch whom he tries to sell that kind of information to.

Kelly explains to Blair that she was thinking about Ace and his first Halloween.

David makes a comment about Jack looking like a mini Todd in jail. Kelly tells him that his costume looks really scary and takes him to get candy. Blair asks what’s going on with Kelly and asks how she’s doing. David tells her that Kelly just needed someone to talk to. Blair asks why isn’t she sharing it with Dorian. David says he doesn’t know where Dorian is. Blair tells David that she doesn’t trust him. He says even after we’ve been running Craze together. Blair tells him that she knows how conniving he was and that Dorian really loves him and he better not screw it up.

Bo tells John that he will talk to Natalie. Nora and Evangeline returns and they ask them how everything went. They tell them it went well and that the attacker will probably be away for a while especially after committing a hate crime. Mathew come up to John and tells him that he was looking for him. John tells him he doesn’t have candy and gives him and asks if that will get him off the hook. Matthew and Nora leave to finish their trick or treating and on their way out Mathew ask Bo if he’s coming with them. Bo tells him that he ahs some work he needs to finish. Nora tells him that they will come and get him later.

Bo goes into his office. Evangeline thanks John for putting her case at the top of his priority list. She then tells him that she guess Natalie will now be on the top of his priority list.

Daniel asks Riley if feel like taking a step back form Jen. Riley tells him no and that he can’t stop thinking about her. He tells his dad that he and Jen had just decided to move in with each other after the project was over. Daniel tells him that maybe he should call her. Riley decides to leave.

Marcie tells Rex that Jen doesn’t need his kind of help right now. The two of them start to argue. Jen tells the both of them to stop. She says that she had a good thing with Riley and now it’s messed up. She says that Paul has made her feel helpless. Rex says he like to put Paul in the hospital. Jen says she knows how her mother felt when she lost it over Troy. Marcie reminds her that her mother committed murder. Jen stares with her eyes full of hate. Rex tells her that he will handle Paul. Jen says no and that she will handle Paul. She goes to leave and Riley is at the front door. He tells her that he needs to talk to her. Jen leaves Rex runs after hr Marcie tells him to leave her alone because she is in a bad place right now. Rile stands there helplessly.

David leaves Dorian a message on her voice asking where she is.

Tico tell Kevin not to be worried about what Todd says because people are getting tired on news based on lies. Kelly walks up and Kevin goes over to talk to her. Kelly tells him that she wants to find Ace biological mother. Kevin tells her no and that they are giving Ace everything he needs. Kelly tells him that she has to find Paul to find out where Ace real mother is. Kevin tells her that he just seen Paul there talking to Todd. Kelly asks what they were talking about he tells her he doesn’t know and needs to find Todd to do some damage control. He tells Kelly to go home. She tells him not to tell her what to do. Kevin tells her that she is the one that got them in this mess in the first place and that now the election is right around the corner. Kelly tells him that is all that he has been worried about lately. Kevin asks her if she could hold off until Tuesday. Kelly says that she doesn’t know if she can.

Antonio goes to see Todd. He tells him that they may be able to help each other. Antonio tells him that he can give him a front cover story. He tells him that he can tell him how the Santi’s got their power. Todd says he’s dead and it’s not front-page news. He tells him that he has some of his information regarding some of the most powerful people in the world. Todd asks him how much he wants for it.

Paul is in the cemetery and he is startled by a noise.

Kevin, Tico, and the other guy are talking in the park. They tell Kevin that he gave another good speech. Kevin tells him that he is going to a Halloween party that he said he would stop by. The guy with Tico says that Kevin is smooth as ice on the surface, but underneath he is hiding something. Tico says that Brook’s will be elected as planned.

Todd tells Antonio that they have a deal. Antonio tells him to give him something on the founding of the campaign. Todd tells him that he found some papers in his brother’s desk and printed that article about Brooks involvement with the Santi’s in The Sun. Antonio is on his way and Blair comes in she says hi to hi and tells him nice costume. She tells Jack to go upstairs and wash his face.

Todd asks Blair if her and Jack had a good time. She says yeah and that they stopped by Dorian’s and Kelly wasn’t doing to good. Todd tells her that Kelly maybe having more to worry about because Paul is getting ready to tell where he got Ace.

Paul is still in the cemetery waiting on someone.

Marcie is still at Jen’s and starts to call Michael, but changes her mind. The doorbell rings and she answer it. It’s Mathew and Nora. Marcie tells her that Jen isn’t there and she doesn’t know where she is. Nora asks her how she doing because she heard about her and Riley.

John tells Evangeline that making sure Natalie is safe is a priority. Evangeline says that was honest. John asks her if that’s what she wanted to here. Evangeline says yes and that she think she ready to go home. John tells her that he will take her to his place. She says that she thinks she’s ready to go to her own place and would love for him to come with her. He says sure just let him finish up at the office. Evangeline tells him that she will meet him downstairs and leaves.

Bo comes out of his office and asks John if he found anything. John tells him that he was looking at the file to see if Natalie fit the description. Bo tells him that Natalie is tough and she can handle herself pretty well.

Paul is still at the cemetery and the person he’s been waiting for has made it. Paul asks the person if they have something to say. The mystery person then pulls out their gun and shots him.

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