OLTL Update Tuesday 10/26/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/26/04


By Suzanne
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At Ultraviolet, Rex can tell that Jen is upset. She tells him that he's ruined her life by making the porn video with her mom. Then she slaps him, hard. They argue about it. R.J. comes over and asks if everything is okay, but they tell him that it is. Rex wants to know what Paul wanted in return for the tape. Jen explains that he wanted sex but that she got him drunk and stole the tape instead. Rex is proud of her being able to outsmart Paul. Jen tells him that Riley is angry at her for not coming to him and dealing with Paul alone.

At home, Lindsay is sitting at her computer. She looks at a picture of her and Jen. She gets a mysterious email.

Natalie holds a gun on Paul in his hotel room. He is wearing only a towel and packing to leave. He tells us how she tricked him by saying she would have sex with him one last time before he left town. She wants to make sure that he actually leaves and gets on the plane. He gets dressed but makes comments to her about having sex, which disgusts her. He begs to make a phone call, so she lets him. He phones Jen and asks her if she really thought he only had one copy of the tape. He tells her to look up Lindsey Does Llanview. He laughs about it as Natalie asks him what that was about. They end up struggling for the gun. He gets the gun but Natalie scratches his face badly. There is a lot of blood. He tries to rape her, but she is able to push him off. They fight violently until he slaps her so hard that she hits the bed and is unconscious. He calls her name a few times. He prepares to leave anyway. He wipes some of the blood from his hands on her sweater and leaves the gun, saying that he can't take it with him to the airport. He leaves the room. She is still unconscious on the bed, with a trickle of blood coming out of her mouth.

Back at Ultraviolet, Rex asks Jen what the phone call was about. She angrily tells him what Paul said. They are about to go get her laptop to see if he was telling the truth when Lindsay comes in, very upset about the tape. She yells at Rex as she attacks hi, saying he promised no one else would see it. R.J. attacks him, until Jen vouches that Rex is telling the truth about Paul. Jen tells her mom that she is sorry and that she tried to get the tape from Paul. Lindsay says that one of her artists saw the website and told her about it, but she wouldn't believe it. Then she saw it for herself. She declares that her life is over. R.J. gives Lindsay and Jen drinks to help them feel better. Rex doesn't help matters by telling Lindsay that she looked "hot"; R.J. orders him out. R.J. vows to stop Paul, and so does Jen. She rushes out. Rex phones someone who "knows how to handle this sort of thing" and asks that person to meet him. Meanwhile, Paul gets a call from someone and decides to go back to Llanview.

Nora and Evangeline chat at the police department about the judge's car accident. When Nora brings up what a fair judge she was, Evangeline can't help but remember how she didn't seem fair during Kelly and Kevin's custody hearing. They see Bo and Paige; Evangeline knows Paige from a previous case. Bo and Paige tell them about this great new pancake house they tried out. Nora thinks that they spent the night together, but Bo and Paige laugh when they are alone about how she had to cut their date short in order to go to the hospital, but then Bo suggested breakfast. Evangeline notices that Nora is very jealous, but she denies it. Nora claims she is just a little surprised that the couple are flaunting their overnight tryst so soon. Bo shows Paige some photos on the wall of his office. Nora tells Evangeline about how Asa is dying and how he wants her and Bo to marry as his last dying wish. Evangeline is sympathetic and sad. Bo overhears them talking about his father, so Nora just says they were talking about her visit to see Asa. She asks him if he's seen him lately, and from his answer, she realizes Bo doesn't know that Asa is dying. Daniel asks Nora to coffe, but Nora asks him to wait a half an hour (because she wants to talk to Bo about Asa but has to wait for Paige to leave). Nora and Evangline discuss Asa, Bo, and John. Evangeline shares that they are moving closer to a more committed relationship, but she is being cautious because she isn't too sure about him and Natalie. Nora is surprised to hear that. Evangeline explains that John worries about Natalie a lot and that she has a lot of crises in her life. Nora gets impatient waiting for Paige to leave, so she finally goes in and asks Bo if she can talk to him about something important. Paige offers to leave but Nora says it won't take long, so Paige waits outside Bo's office. Nora tells Bo what Asa said and shows him the chart that Asa gave her. Bo is very confused. He asks Paige to step in and he shows her the file. Paige says this is not Asa's chart; it's some kind of mistake. She points out that the doctor listed is an oncologist, not her. They realize that Asa lied and faked the chart. Nora gets very angry while Bo and Paige laugh. Nora can't believe how gullible she was. They discuss what Asa did and why. Bo suggests they grant Asa's wish to marry and teach him a lesson. Nora is all for it.

Meanwhile, Daniel asks Evangeline if she's seen Nora. She says she's in with Bo, so Daniel replies that he's not surprised. Nora takes Daniel to coffee not too long later. Evangeline phones John (or his machine) and tells him that she has a big surprise for him.

Duke and Adriana meet at the park. She apologizes for not being able to get out last night to meet him because Dorian came home. He tells her that he's leaving town. She looks very sad. He notices the campaign poster for his father and Governor Brooks and makes sarcastic comments. He doesn't know what to think any more. They tell each other, "I'll miss you". Duke corrects Adriana, telling her that he's only leaving for a short trip, not for good. She's very relieved. He's going to visit his mother. He invites her to go along, to meet his mom and to show Kevin and Dorian that they can do what they want. Adriana is tempted but says her mother would have a fit and it would only make things worse. Also, she has school, etc. He understands and says maybe someday they will go together. She leaves and he promises to email her.

At Llanfair, Dorian arrives and is met by Viki at the door. Dorian is there to see Kevin. She knows that he has a photo op there today. She gives Viki a hard time for backing Kevin after the way he's acted lately. Viki says he's her son, but that's not good enough for Dorian. Kevin arrives, so Dorian drags him into the other room, where they shut the door. She is worried about Paul possibly spilling the beans about where Kelly's baby came from. Kevin assures her that he already took care of it by paying Paul off. They argue about it and she decides that she will have to take care of Paul herself. Viki brings in Ace, so Dorian says she's lucky to be able to spend so much time with her grandson while she doesn't get to. Viki invites Dorian to stay with her and Ace, but Dorian admits she has a lot of things to do. Tico arrives to speak with Kevin, so Dorian suddenly decides that she will stay and spend time with Ace after all. Dorian goes in to try to eavesdrop on Kevin and Tico while they are outside in the garden. Kevin and Tico discuss the latest Sun headline. The judge's name comes up and both men admit that they were worried that she might change her mind on the custody verdict. Kevin worries that Tico had something to do with her accident, but he denies it and says it's just a happy accident. Kevin spies Dorian and catches her. She claims she was just trying to get Tico's attention so she could speak with him. Duke arrives just then and wants to speak with Kevin, so they go out to the garden. Kevin wonders if Duke wants to discuss the argument they had yesterday. Duke doesn't care about his election and says he won't let Kevin pay for his schooling any more. He tells Kevin that he's leaving earlier than he planned. Kevin is angry and says he'd better be back by Halloween to help support him at the election. Duke doesn't think Kevin really cares about his son or anything besides the election. Kevin argues that he does and that's why he brought Duke there. They argue some more and Duke leaves. Viki tells Kevin that the reporter is there and he kind of barks at her. Viki gives Dorian the business, saying she didn't really stay to spend time with Ace. Dorian tells Tico that she's concerned about the hostility between him and Antonio. She doesn't want Adriana caught in the middle. He assures her that won't happen. He says he fears that Antonio is following in his father's footsteps. She muses that Antonio says the same thing about Tico. She informs him that until she knows which one of them is telling the truth, they are both to stay away from Adriana.

Later, Adriana and Duke meet up again at the park and discuss what Kevin said. She worries that Duke's stubbornness will cause problems with his father. He says that after he talks to his mother, he will know what to do.

Dorian vows to Kelly on the phone that Paul will not bother anyone again. Kevin overhears and reminds her that he's gotten rid of Paul, but that's not good enough for her.

Tico is not happy to hear from Kevin that Duke has left town before the election. Later, Tico calls Dawes and tells him about it but assures Dawes that Kevin will win anyway. Then something will happen to the governor and Kevin will become governor, thanks to Antonio.

NOTE: I missed the last ten minutes and got the rest from the transcript, so I'm sorry if I missed any action at the end.

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