OLTL Update Monday 10/25/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/25/04


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Michael is at Rodi’s and he gives a waitress the engagement ring to bring out with the cake when Marcie comes. Marcie comes after the waitress has left and tells Michael that she's sorry for being so late. She tells him that Jen needed a friend and then her brother called her about his wedding. She asks Michael where John and Evangeline are. Michael tells her that John left and that he couldn’t wait forever.

Kelly is at Viki’s giving her some paper work about an event for the university. Viki asks her how her apartment hunt is going. She tells her that she looking and that she does want to cause trouble for David. Viki looks puzzled.

Kevin and David are in the gym locker room and Kevin attacked David. David let it be known as he screams out loud saying so. A photographer snaps a picture and tells Kevin he’s just made the Sun’s front-page story.

John and Evangeline sit in the lobby of his hotel. John asks her if she wants to stay down there. Evangeline tells him yes because when they go up to his room they never get any talking done and that they need to talk. John looks like what did I do. John asks what they need to talk about and she tells him that they need to talk about Natalie.

Natalie and Paul are in the back of Rodi’s. Natalie snatches Paul drink and throws it into the wall. Natalie tells him that he didn’t help his sister and that he’s probably never helped a single person in his life. She tells him that she id leaving because she only came to talk him about Kelly and that they are done. Paul gets a little violent after Natalie calls him a liar. He grabs her and doesn’t allow her to leave. He tells her that they aren’t done until he says so.

Kelly explains to Viki that she wants to give Dorian and David their space because she is only in their way. She says that she is determined to look on the bright side. She starting s new beginning and the apartment is part of it. Viki offers her the guesthouse she says that it is empty right now and that she is welcomed to it. Duke comes in to the library with Kelly and Viki. Kelly says she’ll leave the two of them alone, but Duke asks her to stay because he could use her advice as well.

Kevin tries to explain that he and David are good friends and they were just paying around. David goes along with him. Kevin offer to double the photographer what Todd is paying him and tells him to come see him at the office tomorrow. Kevin takes his film before he leaves. David tells him that his priorities are out of order because he is about to lose Ace and all he can think about is looking good for the election. David says looks like he’ll have to take care of Paul. Kevin tells him that Ace is his son and he will take care of Paul. David says yeah, you’ll sweep it under the rug. David says I guess it’s right when they say, if you need something done right you have to do it yourself.

Back at the hotel with Evangeline and John, John says you were at the club. Evangeline tells him that she was going to call him, but he came running in to stop the fight between Jen and Natalie. John tells her that he didn’t see her. She tells him that he left in a hurry. John tells her that Natalie’s in a bad place right now. Evangeline tells him that she can see that he cares about Natalie and that Natalie cares about him. John flashes to him and Natalie kissing the other day in front of Rodi’s. Evangeline tells him that she can’t do it if he’s not honest.

Paul and Natalie are still in the back of Rodi’s. Paul tells her that he risked his freedom for her. He says that he was free and clear, but came back to be with her and now she wants nothing to do with him. Natalie tries to ease her away from him. He grabs her arm and tells her not to walk away from him. Kevin comes and pulls Paul off of Natalie. Kevin punches Paul and he falls. Kevin tells him it’s the end of it for him as Paul looks up at him from the ground.

Marcie wants to know what’s going on with Michael. He tells her that it’s her night. Marcie tells him that she sorry and that she has a lot of things going on right. Michael tells her that it seem like she has time for everyone else but him.

Kevin drops and envelop on the ground in front of Paul as he lies there. He tells him that there is plane ticket and more money then he can handle in there. He tells him he better leave while he can still walk. Paul takes the envelope and tells Natalie that he isn’t giving up on her. Natalie still wants to know what Paul was talking about doing something for Kelly. Kevin says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that Paul has been drinking so much he probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Natalie wants to know why give him money. Kevin tells her that she should be grateful because he won’t be bothering her anymore. He tells her to forget he exists.

At Lion’s Heart, Tico tells Jessica that he has to go out on business. Jessica asks him why he insists that she stay in when he knew he was going out. She says can she a least go visit her mother. Tico tells her that the temperature has dropped and that the roads are wet. Jessica tells him that she is a good driver. He tells her that he doesn’t want to worry about her. His phone rings and leaves for another room.

Duke tells his grandma Viki and Kelly that he doesn’t know how he can deal with his father and the way he treats his family. Viki tells Duke that Kevin will come to, but right now he needs his family and for him not to give up on his father. The phone rings and Viki goes to answer it in another room. Duke asks Kelly if she’s okay with his father using her. Kelly says she doesn’t care if Kevin’s using her and that she just wants to see her son. Viki answers the phone and it is Jessica telling Viki that she won’t be able to come visit her today. Back in the other room Kelly tells duke that there is a lot going on right now. Duke says what how his dad got Ace. Kelly asks him what he means. Duke tells her that during the custody hearing the judge was on her side then all of a sudden she ruled in Kevin’s favor. Back in the other room Viki voices her concerns and Jessica tells her that everything is all right and that she will call her later to spend time with her.

Kelly asks Duke who said the Kevin was manipulating the judge. Duke says anything is possible when it comes to the Buchanan’s. Viki comes in and says that she always thought something was strange about the outcome of the hearing. Viki tells them that she has to run and tells Duke to stick it out with his father. Kelly tells her that she will think about Viki’s offer to stay at the carriage house. As Viki is leaving out Kevin is coming in. He tells him that Paul won’t be bothering Natalie or anybody else because he took care of him. Viki leaves and Kelly come in the hall and ask Kevin what this about Paul. He tells her that he took care of things. Duke comes in and says why am I night surprised.

John tells Evangeline that it is hard for him to explain. He tells her that he feels responsible for Christian’s death. Evangeline wants to know if the connection between him and Natalie still exist. He tells her that Natalie is his friend. Evangeline tells him that when she went to the room that day and found the two of them together she felt like something was there between the two of them. Evangeline tells him not to get on the defense. John tells her that nothing happen between the two of them that night in the room. Evangeline says something is there and that he should admit it to himself.

Natalie goes over to Michael and Marcie and asks Michael if he seen John. Michael tells her that he was there earlier. Natalie walks away. Marcie asks Michael what’s bothering him. He tells he that he has been there for her when she needed him and shows her his book. She says that she didn’t know that his board was coming up. Michael says that she never asks.

David is in the study loading a gun. Adriana comes in and asks him what he doing with a gun.

Natalie is still at work at Rodi’s and she thinks about Paul telling g her that he isn’t giving up on her and she leaves.

Marcie asks Michael why he didn’t tell her. He tells her that he knows that she has a lot of things going on in her life right now. Marcie asks him what he wants from her and that she didn’t know that he was storing all of these feelings inside. She says it was never like that with and stops before she says Al’s name.

Duke asks Kevin if he fixed things with Judge Hernandez as well. Kevin tells him that he never even talked to her. Kelly tells Duke to let it go. Duke say yeah because he will take it out on her and then won’t let hr see Ace.

David tell Adriana that the gun belonged to Dorian and she got it to protect her family when Adriana came just incase Manuel found out about her. David tells her that Dorian wants him to get rid of it. Adriana says that is good they want to get rid of it.

Viki goes to see Jessica. Tico answers the door and says that Jessica didn’t tell him that she was coming to visit and that he is going out now and had he known he would have stayed. Viki tells him that it is a surprise. Jessica comes down the stairs and asks her mom what brings her by. Viki says do I need a reason to come and see my girl. Tico leaves, but it is clear that he doesn’t like the unannounced visit. Viki tells her that she is worried about her and if she wants to talk. Jessica cuts her off saying that Tico is perfect. Viki tells her when she was little she hate to say something failed. Viki tells her that she is not a child and if she made a mistake not to be ashamed to admit it. Viki tells her that no one is going to judge her and that she just wants to know what’s bothering her.

Marcie tells Michael that she isn’t comparing him to Al. Michael tells her that she and Al never had to deal with real life. Marcie tells him that he has no clue about the relationship between her and Al. Marcie tells him that she is going to spend the rest of her birthday alone and leaves Michael at Rodi’s. When she leaves the waitress comes to the table with the cake and the ring.

Kevin tells Kelly that he forgot about power of hormones. Duke asks him if this is some kind of joke. Kevin tells him the joke is that he is willing to give up his car, house and education to be with Adriana. He tells him not to think that Asa is going to help him and that his grandma Viki won’t come between a parent and child. Duke asks him if he’s sure he’s his child. Duke tells him that he doesn’t recognize him anymore and that he seems like a stranger. Duke leaves and calls Adriana while he’s outside. Adriana is in the study with David and pretends that it is one her girlfriends form school. Duke tells her that he needs to see her for at least an hour.

Tico meets up with Dawson. Dawson congratulates him on his wedding to Kevin Buchanan’s sister and tells him that it was a good move and how he can be around the campaign without questioning. Tico tells him that his personal life is his business. Dawson tells him that Kevin will win and he expects full cooperation from him.

Jessica tries to pretend to her mother that everything is good and that nothing is bothering her. She tells her mother that she hardly even know Tico. Viki tells her that she hardly knows him either. Jessica gets upset with her mother and asks her how she could compare Natalie marrying Mitch to what she ha done. Viki tells her that she is right about Natalie jumping in and out of relationships, but when Natalie realizes that something is wrong, she isn’t afraid to admit it. She tells Jessica that she hopes she has the courage to walk away if it isn’t working before she gets hurt.

Evangeline tells John that she wants to know if there is still something between John and Natalie. John continues to tell her that she’s his friend. Evangeline says her and Nora are friends and is that what he’s talking about. John tells he that he want her yesterday, today, and tomorrow. They start kissing.

Natalie meets Paul at his motel room.

Jessica thanks her mother for coming by. Viki tells her that it is hard to stand back when she thinks she’s in trouble. Jessica says that she is married now and is going to make it work. She tells her mother if it doesn’t work she will be the one she tells. She tells her mother Tico is her family now. They hug each other and Viki leaves.

Dawson tells Tico that Judge Gail Hernandez was in a car accident and didn’t survive. He then asks Tico for a toast as he raises his glass. Tico asks him the reason for the meeting. He tells him that the Gov. Brooks is becoming a problem and it is starting to show affect the polls. Tico tells him not to worry because they will win and then Kevin will become the governor after Brooks steps down. Then they will be able to put their plan in action.

Kevin is upset about how Duke is treating him. He tells Kelly that he is not going to lose neither of his sons and that’s why he got rid of Paul.

Adriana tells David that she is going to have coffee with her friend. David asks her the girls last name, color of her hair and eyes, and what street she lives on. He then tells Adriana that she is a bad liar and to go have fun with Duke. She tells him that she’s glad he’s getting rid of the gun especially with Ace in the house. David says nothing is going to happen to Kelly’s baby not now and not ever.

Natalie goes in Paul’s room. He rubs her arm and she pulls away. He says that is what you came here for. She tells him that she came there to make sure he kept his promise to Kevin. He rubs her arm and tells her that she should stay all night with him to make sure he leaves.

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