OLTL Update Friday 10/22/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/22/04


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Marcie and her boyfriend are back in town. He has a surprise for her, and he hopes that this will make her very happy. He sends her away, and she will go, but the surprise had better be a good one.

After she is gone, the man takes a velvet box from under the table and looks lovingly at it. This will be the surprise.

Paul is with Jennifer and he is taunting her about the way that she cheated him out of having sex with her. She reminds him that he was the one that fell asleep drunk on the bed. He reeks of alcohol and is acting like a lunatic. He feels that he has kept his promises and that no one appreciates it. As far as he is concerned, she owes him big time. He is holding her threateningly up against the wall.

John and Kevin are in the locker room discussing Paul Cramer. Natalie has been worked up lately. Kevin is worried about her, as she has been threatening Paul. John can see that Kevin is only worried about his campaign getting bad press because of the way that Natalie has been acting.

Kelly goes to Natalie asking her to talk to Paul for her. She seems a little desperate, and believes that Natalie can help. She knows that Paul loved her once, but she might be the only one to get through to Paul. Kelly says that she has a lot to lose if Paul doesnít smarten up.

Dorian feels that Paul has been lying and making threats to get money. Dorian has somewhere to go and she heads to the door. David stops her asking if she is on her way to kill Paul Cramer.

Paul tells Jennifer how he tried to be a good brother and now everyone hates him. He is angry that she didnít sleep with her the other night for the tape. He wants her to sleep with him now.

"Knock. Knock." someone is at the door. Paul doesnít seem to hear it. He continues to hold Jen up against the door. He plans to have his way with her that night.

Dorian says that she will do whatever she has to, in order to stop Paul from ruining everything. She starts leaving but David stops her telling her again what he felt when he first saw her. It was the most romantic moment in his life. He warns her that if she walks out of the house this way, she will end up in prison. She has a gun in her name on her and she will get in trouble. David wants to be the one that handles this. He will think of something. She stalls, but he really knows her better than she thinks. She opens her purse and takes out the gun.

Tico and Antonio discuss the letter that Antonio has and how Antonio believes that Tico was the one that killed their father. Tico denies everything. Tico finds Antonio to be too proud of his standing with his father. Tico feels that Antonio is there because he is only jealous that Jessica is in his bed instead.

Kevin says that he was really being concerned about Natalie when he asked for Johnís help. He only wants Paul out of his sisterís life. John wants to know what angle Paul is working from. The man has burned every bridge in town, but he will not leave. Kevin denies that he knows anything about Paul.

Kelly and Natalie talk as Natalie works. Kelly tells how Paul has been making threats. Kelly is worried as well about the baby. Natalie tells how she fell for Paul, and that her feelings were really for someone else. Kelly is sorry that Natalie had a hard time with Paul. She knows that Paul wanted to be better but lately, he has been worse than ever. Stephanie feels that Paul is disturbed but she is sure that it has nothing to do with her. Natalie remembers that every time that Paul gets mad, he rants about his sister and Kevin.

Jessica is snooping at Ticoís desk, and she finds oodles and oodles of money. It wasnít hidden in some drawer, but in a secret compartment under the desk.

Antonio tells Tico that he is only concerned about Jessicaís safety, and nothing personal is there for them anymore. Tico is clearly jealous, but feels that he has more leeway with Jessica because they are married now. Antonio produces a disk, knowing that Tico had been looking for it. Tico denies that is true. He says that he only cares about Jessica. Antonio tells Tico that it will take a while, but he will break Tico once and for all.

On her way out after talking to Natalie, John passes her, heading to Natalie. He can tell that the women had just been talking, and that peaks his curiosity.

John goes to see Natalie asking about Kelly. Natalie reports that Kelly needed support for a minute. Natalie is about to apologize for kissing him before, but John is fine with that. He knows that she hasnít been sleeping. Natalie has been feeling alone, and she is always doing the wrong thing. John urges her to hang in there. She promises to stay away from John in future and Paul too for that matter.

Kevin is at the gym, in the middle of working out.

David enters and interrupts Kevin. He has unpleasant news for the man. He tells how Paul told Kelly about the mother of the baby and that she wants her baby back.

Antonio is at home alone, looking at the dreaded disk, when someone comes to the door. He puts the disk in his laptop and closes the lid, which also doubles as the monitor.

Antonio pulls his gun and heads to the door to see who is there. He has to be careful. His very life is in danger now. To Antonioís relief, it is Dorian.

Antonio puts his piece away and opens the door for Dorian. Dorian loves what he has done to his apartment, and comments on its appearance. She asks him if he knew that the money was marked that she took from him. He admits that he felt it was. She says that she could tell Bo and John that Antonio was in New York at the same time that she was, and that he too could be implicated in what has been going on. She tells him that she needs a gun. She says that her family could be in danger. Dorian knows things about Manuel that no one else knows. Dorian feels that she should tell Antonio what she knows about her husband and his business.

Dorian expressed how her husband cut her off from the rest of the world for her safety. One night she said that she was going to the American Embassy. Her husband stopped Dorian from leaving him, and he burned her with his cigarette. She was pregnant and kept that secret. She ran off alone, and got away. She had her baby, Adrianna and she thought that she was safe, but now she feels that everyone is in danger. The Santis are all over the place and they might get their hands on her daughter. She asks Antonio if he thinks that Tico is taking his fatherís place in the family. Dorian thinks about Jessica and how Tico may be abusive to her.

Tico arrives at home, and Jessica runs to him and pecks him on the cheek.

Kevin doesnít believe that Paul stole a baby, and that the babyís mother wants the child back. Kevin feels that no one will believe anything that Paul says. Kevin has to find a way to shut Paul down permanently. Paul had better keep his mouth shut, or Kevin will shut it for him.

Kelly remembers the things that Paul told her about the baby, and his mother. Her brotherís voice rings in her ears as she relives the terrible things that he said to her.

Paul is at the bar now, and he asks Natalie for a drink. He is talking boisterously, and loud. Natalie tells him that she wants to talk to him outside. Paul thinks that she only wants to sucker punch him again. She says that John is in the bar and will follow them if they leave together.

John sees Natalie talking to Paul and he comes over. Paul decides that he doesnít need to stay in the bar, and he walks out as Natalie asked him to.

John finds Paul immediate exit curious. Natalie tells John that she told Paul that he needs to find somewhere else to drink, and that is all.

Antonio pretends that he is not concerned about Jessica. He feels that he canít protect her. Dorian canít see how he could turn his feelings off for Jessica so quickly. Maybe Antonio is the one that wants to take his fatherís place in the family. Dorian begs him to back off before it is too late. Antonio only knows that he has to see this through until the very end. Antonio canít let all this go on. That means that the violence will be escalated. Dorian wants a gun in that case. Antonio canít promise her anything.

Jessica is clearly upset and Tico is sorry for that. He tells her that he just came back from Antonioís. He told Antonio not to bother Jessica anymore. Jessica went looking for him, but Bertram wouldnít tell her anything. It seems this man protects Ticoís privacy. Jessica only wanted to surprise Tico by going to dinner. They never go anywhere. Tico says that he has been too caught up with work, but soon he will be able to take her around the world. She would settle for dinner in town. He tells her that she has made him happier than ever. He only wishes that he could show her how much he loves her in every way.

John and his brother discuss what happened to Evangeline with the racial attack.

Natalie hears John and his brother talking. She hears that Evangeline will be staying with him for a few days. That upsets Natalie. She goes to her boss asking for a break.

John and his brother discuss Marcie and how she is important. Marcieís birthday is coming up and her surprise will be an engagement ring.

Marcie is with Jennifer who has just told her friend what happened with Paul at the door. Jennifer will not call the police. Riley found out that Jennifer was doing things behind Rileyís back, and they had a big fight. Jennifer feels that she is a big screw up and that Riley should have someone else. Marcie wants Jennifer to call Riley and make things right. Riley has in fact called 3 times already, but Jennifer hasnít called him back. Marcie wants the whole story about what Paul did to her to make her feel worthless.

Natalie and Paul are outside the bar, and she tells him that Kelly is upset over the way that Paul has been acting. Paul says that he has been helping Kelly, but she blames him when things go wrong. He got her the one thing that she wanted most of all. Natalie can see that there is a story here. She demands to know what Paul did for Kelly.

Tico is alone, and he discovers that his desk has been tampered with.

Kevin canít understand why David is talking on Kellyís behalf this way. He suggests that something has been going on with Dorian and Kelly. David gets angry with this and pushes the man into the lockers.

John gets an urgent phone call about the man that attacked Evangeline. He has to leave his brother now.

Natalie waits for an answer to her question about what Paul has done for her sister. Paul doesnít feel that she would understand. All she needs to know is that he helped his sister out. Natalie knows that he probably blackmailed his sister, and that isnít helping. He warns her to shut her mouth. She asks him what he will do to her if she doesnít.

Marcie tries to talk sense to her friend, but Jennifer will not hear it and she goes running into the night.

Dorian gets a delivery in an envelope, but she hides it quickly when she hears Kelly coming down the stairs.

Kelly is off for a walk to burn off some energy. Dorian tells her not to worry, as she is sure that Paul will not be bothering her anymore. Kelly is out the door.

Dorian turns to her package and opens it. It is a gun, and one that isnít registered to her. It is the perfect solution.

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