OLTL Update Friday 10/22/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/22/04


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Michael and Marcie are at Rodi’s. Marcie is looking for Jen because she is suppose to be there to celebrate her birthday. Marcie tells Michael that she is happy that he got to really meet her brother Eric. Marcie thanks him for making her happy. Michael says he has a surprise for. Marcie asks him what, but he tells her to go look for Jen. Marcie leaves and Michael looks down at a jewelry box.

Paul is Jens and has her bent up against the door he says that he takes promises serious. Jen tells him that he smiles like alcohol.

John talks to Kevin in the locker room at the gym. Kevin tells John before he makes he choice on the election; the governor and him are pushing for budget increases for the police department. John makes a sound as say it sounds good. Kevin if it keeping creeps like Paul off the street is good. Kevin asks John if he can talk to Natalie. John says oh the bad press is good for you.

Kelly goes to see Natalie at Rodi’s to ask her for help. She asks her if she can talk to Paul and try to get him to leave Llanview.

Dorian holds a gun and tells David that Kelly cannot lose Ace and that Paul is a liar. She puts the gun in her purse. Dorian says that she is going to put an end to Paul and starts to leave out the door. David says you’re not going out to kill Paul are you.

Tico goes to Antonio’s loft to confront him. Tico is upset that Antonio came to speak to Jessica. He says that Jessica didn’t believe his lies and that he is only doing this because Jessica chose him. Tico asks what is this letter that he is suppose to have.

Paul continues to hold Jen up against the wall. He tells her that he tried to be a good brother. Some knocks at the door. Jen tells him to let her open it because it could be Marcie.

Back at La Boule, Dorian tells David that she isn’t going to kill Paul, just scare the hell out of him. Dorian says that Paul is lying about having stole Ace from his real mother and that she going with or without David. David tell her that he remembers when he first seen. It was when she was in prison and if she walks out in her state of mind she will end up in there again. David tells her to let him handle it. David tells her that she shouldn’t be going after Paul with a gun that is registered in her name. Dorian tells him that he is right and takes the gun out of her purse.

Antonio shows Tico the letter their father wrote. Tico tells Antonio that their father must have known that Antonio was cold and cruel enough for the job. Antonio says but Tico wanted it and when he told you that you wouldn’t be taking over the organization, you killed him. Tico says that he had no interest in his father’s world. Antonio asks him why was he in Madrid the day before their father was killed. Tico asks Antonio what he is talking about. Antonio tells him that he was spotted on the airport surveillance tape in Madrid and that he is slipping. Tico tells Antonio that he must be proud that their father chose him to take over the organization. He then tells him know wonder Jessica came to him. He tells Antonio that he can’t sleep at night knowing that Jessica is in his bed.

Kevin tells John the reason for him asking him to talk to Natalie has nothing to do with politics. He though that he had an influence on Natalie. But then again he didn’t really treat her right. John says he cares about her and that he is trying find an angle with Paul. He says maybe it has something to do with Kelly. He says that Paul has no one here on his side, but yet he’s staying around.

Natalie asks Kelly what’s going on with her and Paul. Kelly says that he is trying to cause her trouble. Kelly tells her that she is sorry about her and Paul. She tells her that he has been acting crazy since their break up. Natalie says that it is more than their break up. She says that Paul is worst than ever and he keeps saying how he wronged. He talks about some big family secret with you and Kevin. Natalie asks her is that why she wants Paul to leave?

Jessica is at Lion’s Heart looking for something in a drawer. She finds a large amount of money hidden behind the drawer.

Antonio tells Tico that he is only concerned about Jessica. Antonio then shows Tico the disc he found in the safe deposit box. Tico asks what it is? Antonio tells him it has all the most powerful people on there and that it was what he was looking for. Tico says that he doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps. He says that when he and Jessica are together they have everything they will ever want and need. Antonio cracks the disc in his hand and tells Tico he is going to do him the same way. He then tells him to get out. Tico picks up his coat and leaves.

Paul tries to remove Jen’s clothing. Marcie comes in and pushes him off Jen. Marcie attacks Paul and he runs out of the house. Marcie comforts Jen.

Kelly tells Natalie that she doesn’t know what Paul is talking about and has flash of Paul telling her that he gave her a stolen baby. Kelly says can’t be true out loud. Natalie asks her what can’t be true. Kelly doesn’t give her an answer. Natalie tells her that she will talk to Paul, but she doesn’t know what is will do.

John asks Natalie what her and Kelly were talking about. Natalie lies and says that Kelly just needs to talk, going through the divorce and all. Natalie then tries to explain the kiss she planted on him the day before. He says that he know because she hasn’t been getting much sleep. Natalie says when she sleeps she keep having these dreams. John tells here to hang in there. John tells her that he doesn’t want her near Paul. She says she’s not going to let him hurt her.

David goes to the gym to see Kevin. Kevin asks him how’d he know he was there. David says it was own his planner. David tells Kevin that Paul came by and decided to tell Kelly how he got the Ace.

Antonio picks up the pieces of the disc off the floor and throws them in the trash. He goes to his laptop and opens up the drive, and someone knocks at the door. Antonio shuts his door and gets his gun. He asks who’s there and its Dorian. Antonio tells her that they are going to have to stop meeting that way. Dorian asks him if it occurred to him that the money from the safe was marked. Antonio tells her that it crossed his mind. She then asks him if it occurred to him that she would get caught trying to spend the money and that when she got caught that she would tell John all about him. Antonio tells her that he is sure John knows where he is at all times. Dorian tells him that she didn’t say a single word about him. Antonio tells her thank you. Dorian tells him that she needs a favor. Antonio tells her to shoot. Dorian tells him that is exactly what she needs, a gun that cannot be traced back to her. He asks her what she needs a gun for? She tells him that she needs it for her protection because there is some things that she knows about Manuel she’s never told anyone and she needs protection. She tells Antonio that he needs to stop this search. Antonio asks her why? Dorian says because if he doesn’t he will get them all killed. Dorian tells Antonio how Manuel was when they were together. She says that he wouldn’t let her go anywhere alone. Antonio says you didn’t stand for that did you? She says that Manuel told her that he didn’t want what happen to his first family to happen to her. She says one day she decided to defy him and when she got ready to leave he burned her several time with is cigar. Dorian says that when Manuel was killed she thought everything would be all right. She says it is good that Tico is so protective of Adriana. Antonio tells Dorian not let Tico near Adriana. Dorian says, why, do you think he is trying to start your father’s organization backup? Antonio gives her a look. Dorian tells him that he needs to protect Jessica. Dorian says what if he abusive to her like your father was to me.

Jessica runs down the stair as Tico comes in the door. She asks where his been because she’s been waiting for him. He tells her that the meeting he was at went over. She then says that must have not gone well by the look on his face. Tico is a bit agitated and says so many questions Jessica, but tries to clean it up by saying being a journalist, he guess he should expect that. Jessica tells him me being your wife you should expect that.

Kevin asks David if Paul had proof. David tells him no and that Kelly can’t lose Ace. Kevin tells David to keep this to himself. David says yeah because it can’t be good for his campaign. He tells him he better wire Paul mouth shut or he will.

Kelly is at La Boule looking at a picture of Ace and has a flash of Paul talking about it stole Ace.

Paul goes to Rodi’s and is loudly asking for a beer. Natalie tells him that she needs to talk to him. Paul says for what so she can sucker punch him again. She tells him that John is right over there and that he can’t see them, so he should go outside so they can talk. John walks over and Paul leaves. John asks Natalie what the two of them were talking about and she lies saying she told Paul to do everyone a favor and to go drink somewhere else. John looks like really. Natalie says he listened for a change.

Antonio tells Dorian that Jessica swears that she is happily married and he can’t do anything to help her.

Dorian says that she can’t see how he can turn his feeling off. It makes her wonder if he would start to take his fathers place. Dorian asks him to please back off before it is to late. Antonio tells her that he needs to see it through. Dorian tells him if is going to continue could he a least get her a gun. Antonio tells her that he will think about it.

Tico apologizes. He tells her that he didn’t want to tell her, but he went to see Antonio to tell him to stay away from her. Jessica says that she asked Bert where he was, but he wouldn’t tell her anything. Tico says that Bert protects his privacy. Jessica asks Tico if he wants to go out. He says that business has him so busy, but soon he’ll take her around the world or wherever she wants to go.

At Rodi’s, Michael asks John how Evangeline’s doing. He says he can’t believe someone would attack her because she’s black. John tells Michael that Evangeline stayed with him for a few days and that he could get used to it. Natalie goes outside to talk to Paul. Michael says that he wish Marcie would get back. He tells John that he going all the way and shows him the ring he got for Marcie.

Back at Jen’s place Marcie tells Jen she should call John. Jen doesn’t want to because she said it’s her fault any way. Jen tells Marcie that she and Riley broke and that it is real complicated. Marcie tells Jen that he just needs time to cool off. Jen calls herself a total screw up. Marcie tells her that she isn’t and that she should give Riley a call. Jen says she can’t because Riley already left her three messages and that he has probably figured her. She says that she is a damaged goods and that she is never going to change. Marcie says she’ll kill and asks her what Paul did to her to make her feel so worthless.

Natalie meets Paul in the back of Rodi’s. She tells him that she came to talk to him about Kelly. Paul says that he cares about his sister. He says that everybody blames him. He tells Natalie that he is not a bad guy. H says that he was just trying to help and if he’d told her before, she would probably be on his side. Natalie asks him what he did for Kelly.

Jessica tells Tico that she isn’t ready to make love after he makes and advance to her. She tells him that she needs to feel comfortable. Tico walks away from her. She says she can play for them to go somewhere. Tico tells her that when they do go out for a special night he will arrange everything. He says now if you will excuse me I have work to do.

David tells Kevin if Paul is telling the truth, there is nothing Kelly will be able to do to stop Ace real mom from taking him. Kevin asks him if his Kelly‘s protector. David says he cares about her and that they are practically family. Kevin asks him how it is having his fiancé and his girlfriend under one roof. David basically tells him to watch it.

John looks at the ring Michael got for Marcie and tells him that it is nice. John gets a call on his cell phone. He tells Michael that they have a lead on the guy that attacked Evangeline. Michael asks him if he is needed to identify the guy, John tells him not yet. John gets ready to leave and Michael tells him if Marcie says yes, than maybe he’ll think about doing it next. John smiles at him and leaves.

Natalie and Paul are still out back. Paul won’t tell Natalie what he did for Kelly. He says that he was trying to help her. Natalie says how by blackmailing her. Paul tells her to shut her damn mouth. Natalie says or what?

Back at Jen’s place, she tells Marcie that Paul just made her see who she really was and she leaves. Marcie calls after asking her not to go.

Dorian is back at home and she receives a package. Kelly comes downstairs and asks Dorian what it is that she got. Dorian tells her that it is something from the hospital. She asks Kelly if she’s all right. Kelly tells her she’s fine and that she is going for a walk. Dorian tells her that Paul won’t be bothering her any more. Kelly leaves Dorian goes over to the package and removes a gun from it. She says she got the situation all under control.

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