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One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/21/04


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Nora and Evangeline have just finished a tennis match and now they are going to discuss what they are doing next. Evangeline knows that she will be seeing John later, but she has to wonder aloud if Nora will be seeing Bo or Daniel.

David arrives at the police station to find his wife there. Dorian is glad to see him but he is not glad to see her. He tells her that he is there to save her. Instead, he is there to make sure that they lock her up and throw away the key.

Rex has to face Shannon about seeing Jen. Shannon is sure that he wants to date Jen, but Rex denies it. Shannon asks him directly if he wants to be seeing her instead.

Jen has arrived home. She is feeling down. She thinks back to an earlier time when Riley told her that he loved her.

Riley comes down the stairs. He would like to talk to Jen and make sure that they can patch things up. She tells him flatly to just leave.

Paul and Kelly are at it again. He wants money. He tells her that he lied about her baby and that she had better pay up to keep things the way that they are. Kelly remembers him telling her that the baby belonged to a mother that did not really want him, and that they were doing the child a favor by taking it. Paul denies it all.

John and Bo like that David is not helping Dorian with her lies. Bo demands to know where Dorian came across all the money that she had on her. She turns to David saying that he knows where the money came from. She asks him to tell the police officers where it came from.

Jen is crying now. She just wants Riley to leave her alone. Riley understands that Paul was trying to blackmail her, but he cannot understand why she did not come to him first. She was ashamed, as what they have is so good and clean. She feels that he has been looking at her judgmentally, but he has not. He still loves her. She knows that she messes things up, and she feels that they should end things right now.

Natalie comes to Rex at the club and she wants to talk to him. Shannon has had enough of this and she starts leaving. Rex runs to stop her from leaving and he makes her wait on a nearby stool to wait for him.

Rex returns to Natalie who tells him that she is afraid from Jen. She reveals that Jen is now sleeping with Paul.

Kelly cannot believe what her brother is saying to her. She is sure that he is only saying this to get money out of her. He tells her that he saw her turning into their crazy mother and he figured that he better get her a baby and save her. Kelly finally believes it. How could he do that? Does he know how much hurt he caused? Paul reminds her that she is up to her eyeballs in this. They will both go to jail, if he goes down. He might even tell the cops that she put him up to this. She turns to him slowly.

Paul threatens to call the real mother of Kellyís baby and let her know everything that has been going on in their lives with the child. The fear in Kellyís eyes show and Paul loves it.

Riley feels that he has done something to scare jen into thinking that she canít come to him for help. Jen wants him to break up with her and leave. Riley will not leave her. He has a gig that night. She was so wrapped up in herself that she forgot that. She really feels that she is no good for him. She runs to the door. Riley follows her to the door where she opens it and leaves, passing Daniel on his way in with a pizza.

Riley watches Jennifer walk off into the night without him. Daniel asks if maybe he should go after her, but Riley can tell that would do no good and he reenters his house with his father.

Bo and John are still waiting. David says that he knows where the money comes from. He said that it was from an account that he had closed. He had no idea that the money was used in any creepy deal that was going on. David offers to replace the money, but Bo and David will not hear of it. David has just made himself an accessory to the fact, and now they are both going to jail. Dorian and David turn to each other in sadness.

Evangeline talks to Nora in the change room at the gym about her attack because of her skin color. They are dressed now, and ready to continue the day, but first they have a quiet moment. Evangeline canít believe what the sight of an interracial couple does to people. She recounts how the stranger had attacked her the other day. Nora remembers the same thing happening to her all the time when she was married to Hank. People would just stare. Hank used to be able to handle it, but Nora would rip into people at a momentís notice. Nora can see that Evangeline has fallen for John big time. She will go through anything for that man it seems. Evangeline doesnít deny that. Nora knew it. They both leave the change room for work.

David and Dorian answer questions to fill in their story about the money. Dorian feels that she had every right to enter the safe deposit box and take the money. She also has Adrianna to consider. Bo shows Dorian a picture of a man. Dorian recognizes the man and says that he should be arrested. Bo reveals that the man is dead. Bo now is only interested in where the rest of the Santi money is. Dorian says that she has it and will give it to the FBI the next day. Bo tells her that she will give it to him as soon as possible. David and Dorian leave.

Dorian thinks that she is off the hook, but David tells her that she absolutely is not.

Rex wants to know what is going on with Natalie, and the things THAT SHE HAS BEEN DOING. She seems upset that she dated Paul, instead of grieving.

Jen enters the club crying and shouting at Natalie. Natalie turns to find Jennifer with mascara running down her face from crying. Jen feels that Natalie ruined her life by getting involved in her personal issues and making things go badly for her. She feels that Natalie did this on purpose to get back at her as they never got along.

Evangeline is in the club and she sees Jennifer freaking out, and taking her anger out on Natalie. She makes a quick call on her cell phone, and she talks quietly, so she wonít be heard.

"John you have to get over here. Jennifer and Natalie are fighting over Paul Cramer."

Asaís doctor tries to get him to take his pills. Her name is Dr. Miller. She is his primary physician.

Bo arrives to visit his father and the dr. whispers that she needs Asa to take his medication. Bo turns to his father that he will not be able to go home if he does take his pills. Asa promptly takes them.

Bo and Dr. Miller move to the middle of the room to confirm that the will be having dinner that night.

Asa can see that something is going on. He shouts out that he wants to know what is going on. Bo shouts back that he is just talking to the dr. about dinner that night. Asa canít believe that his son is doing this. "You know that you are in love with Nora!"

At that moment, the door opens, and Nora enters with a bouquet of flowers. "Was that my name that I just heard?"

Riley tells his father what has been going on with Jen and her mother. Daniel feels that he should just call the girl and settle this. Riley canít handle this tonight. He has to go out of town for a gig.

Jen lays into Natalie some more. She tries to start something physical with Natalie, but Rex intervenes and keeps them apart. Jennifer shouts out that she knows that Natalie feels that Cristian was hurt due to things that she did, but "at least I didnít kill him!!!"

John has entered the club and he hears Natalie and Jennifer shouting at each other. At that moment, Jennifer hauls back and punches Jennifer in the face. Jennifer falls back on Rex, who catches her right away.

John grabs Natalie asking her what she is doing there. He knows that she shouldnít be there, and she knows that too. He demands answers.

Evangeline watches the whole scene play out from across the room.

Rex takes Jennifer to a nearby couch to settle her down.

Paul has been taunting his sister to get money out of her. He tells her that he can prove that he will call the babyís mother if she pushes him. He takes out his cell phone and has a conversation with Ďsomeoneí about the baby. Kelly watches on in horror, as her brother seems to make the call that she fears the most.

David and Dorian arrive home and are not happy to find Paul in their midst. Kelly is on the couch, crying and beside herself. She tells that Paul is doing the unthinkable.

Daniel is worried about his son, but Riley is sure that he will not use because of this incident. HE is ready to go to his gig, and his father sees him out.

Rex tries to settle Jennifer down. She is angry that Natalie put her hands on her.

Shannon watches from nearby as Rex worries over this girl.

Jennifer gets up and leaves the club quickly. Rex calls to her, but she doesnít turn around. Rex walks right by Shannon and stops at the door to look after Jennifer.

John has Natalie alone and is trying to make her tell him what she was going through. She only wants to know why he doesnít want her anymore. Why did he fall for Evangeline and not her? She wanted him more than anything and she knows that he wanted her too. She demands that he look at her. He does. She orders him to feel what it is that she can make him feel. They rush into each otherís arms and kiss.

Nora asks what Bo and Dr. Miller are doing there. She knows that they have a date that evening and she didnít expect to find them there. Bo explains that he just got there, and that they will be leaving now. He and the good doctor leave the room.

Bo apologizes for what just happened in the room. The doctor is fine with Asaís behavior just now. She does however want to know if Bo is in fact in love with Nora.

Bo tells Nora in his room, now that they are alone, that he feels terrible for her and Bo not being together. He really wanted then to be back together, and he believes that she wanted that too.

Bo denies that he is in love with Nora, although Asa feels that he is. Bo is sure of his feelings.

Nora will not talk to Asa about Bo. She asks about Asa's condition and if he can walk yet. Asa reports that he has been forgetting things lately. She knows this, and that is in fact why he is there in the hospital. Asa tells her secretly that he is dying. He hasnít told Bo, as he will tell everyone, and people will be standing by his bed waiting for him to die. He points to reports beside his bed on a table. Nora looks at the papers and canít believe her eyes. She is a good woman, and Asa knows that. She is good to the core. Asa wonders if she would give a man his dying wish. Nora is glad to do that for him. Asa wants Nora to get back together with Bo, and Asa would like Matthew raised with his parents under the same roof. He wants them to get married.

Rex heads back to Shannon. She would like to talk about their relationship. Rex doesnít want to talk about that right now. He has had a long day. She is fine with that and she walks off. She returns briefly to tell him to enjoy his gift.

Shannon leaves, and cries when she gets outside. She wipes the tears away.

Natalie feels stupid now for kissing John and acting so dramatic. He is fine with her acting out. She has too much going for her, and she shouldnít fall apart like this. He is not going to give up on her. He will not do that, even if she feels like quitting. She runs off, telling him to leave her alone.

Jen gets home and opens her door.

Paul comes into the room behind Jennifer, grabbing her arm roughly. "You owe me and you are going to pay me off right now!" Paul roughly pushes Jen into the room and slams the door shut behind him. He moves slowly towards her.

Back at Dorianís home, she discusses what Paul plans to do to Kelly by telling the real mother about the baby. Kelly is frantic over the news. David just sits. Dorian is sure that Paul will do nothing of the sort. She is sure that he will not reveal the things that have happened to that child and who the child really belongs to.

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