OLTL Update Wednesday 10/20/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/20/04


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Jamie and Babe are in Llanview at Ultra Violet. Jamie is choking Paul and Babe is screaming for him to stop. R.J comes and breaks it up.

Kelly is at home at la Boule and the doorbell a ring. It’s Kevin with Ace and he says hi mama. Kelly asks him what he’s doing there. He says him and a decided to give her a surprise her. A photographer is at the door and calls Kevin’s name. Kevin looks and he snaps a picture. Kelly asks what’s going on. Kevin says can I have a moment of privacy. The photographer says he just wanted to get a picture for the wire. Kelly tells him that he is on private property. Kevin tells him you heard the lady. We want I kid to have a normal life. Kelly says do I need to call the police.

Blair ant Star is at the Diner eating and Todd comes in ripping a campaign poster down on his way in. He tells them that he has been looking for them. He places a paper on the table and Blair asks what it is. Todd throws a pen on the table. Starr reads it and says it an application for a marriage license are you two really going to get married. Todd says with in the hour. Blair says to Todd, wait a minute. Todd tells her that they don’t have a minute. He says Ms. Bigelow is at the justice of the peace and she has got them to stay open a little longer and she is there waiting for them. Starr says that she can be the maid of honor. Blair says stop right there because it is not going to happen. She wants it done right. Blair asks Todd if he thinks she is going to change her mind.

Tico is at the loft to see Sonia. She opens the door and says that she is surprised to see him there. Tico says that he can tell and asks her if she is going to kiss her brother hello.

At Lion Heart the butler tells Antonio that Mr. Santi isn’t taking visitors. Jessica tells him that it is all right and that she’ll take care of it. The butler leaves. Jessica tells him that Tico isn’t there. Antonio tells her that he isn’t there to see Tico and that he is there to see her.

Babe runs out of the club. R.J is holding Jamie and asks them what’s going on. Paul tells him to ask her because she is the one doing the threatening. Looks over, but Babe is gone. R.J tells Jamie to leave. Jamie tells Paul to stay away from the two of them or he’s dead and he leaves. R.J asks Paul what he did to Paul. Paul says it’s none of his business. R.J grabs his hand and bends his wrist back. Paul screams and tells R.J that he going to break his wrist. R.J says that it belongs to him until he pays him back the money he owes him. Paul continues to scream and says okay.

R.J goes over to Lindsay who has just entered the club. R.J tells her that Paul won’t mess with her as long as she is with him. She says that she’s looking for Jen. R.J tells her that she was there. Lindsay asks was she there with Paul. He tells her that she was there with Riley and it looks like there is trouble in paradise. Lindsay says that she needs to go and talk to her. R.J tells her to let them work it out on there on because she is no relationship guru. He asks her why she would think Jen was with Paul. She tells him because Paul is slim and since he couldn’t worm his way in her life he might try Jen. Lindsay says if he leaves a hand on her I will kill him with pleasure. R.J tells her that she might have to wait in line.

Kevin goes outside with the photographer and pays him for a job well done. Kelly tells Ace that they are not going to pay attention to Kevin because he knows he like that campaign attention. Kevin says Todd is going after him each chance he gets and that he is surprised Governor isn’t suing him for liable. Kelly says assuming it isn’t true. She asks Kevin what he’s worrying about because she seen him on television and he looked as cool as cucumber. She tells him that the critics can’t say he isn’t a good politician.

Tico and Sonia hugs and Tico comes into the loft. Tico says she had him fooled and that he would have never guessed. He says that the two of them could have been a team together trying to take down his father. Tico tells her that in know she works for the feds. He tells Sonia that he is so proud of her.

Antonio is a Lion Heart trying to convince Jessica that she is not safe there. Jessica tells him that she is not afraid of Tico and that he is the one she should be afraid of since he turning into his father. Jessica tells him that he rejected his own mother and how could he abandon that beautiful little girl of his. Antonio tells her that she doesn’t understand. Jessica says she doesn’t and that he made his choice and tells him to leave. Antonio tells her that she isn’t safe and should leave with him. Jessica says she going know where unless he can tell her why she should. He tells her that Tico is the one trying to replace their father and that he is El Tiburon.

Todd, Blair, and Starr sit in a booth at the Diner. Todd wants to go to the justice of the peace to get married right away. Blair tells him that there is nothing that he can do to make her leave him. She says that she is in it for the long wrong. No matter if they get married today or tomorrow she’s in it for the long haul. Todd says well lets go today. Blair tells him that she wants a big wedding. Todd gives Blair the application paper for their license to sign and leaves. Starr tells her mom since she is going to have huge wedding the two of them should go look for a huge dress. Blair says that’s a good idea.

Sonia asks Tico how he found out. Tico asks her how she kept it hidden all this time and that he never suspected. He asks her if he was ever a suspect. She tells him no. She tells him that she was recruited on her 18th birthday ad they came to her because she was in side and thought she would be able to help. Tico asks her why she didn’t tell him. She says that she didn’t tell because if her cover were ever blown it wouldn’t have been safe for him. Sonia asks him how he knew. He tells her that after Benesio was killed a number of things were brought to his attention. Sonia tells Tico that he was right about El Tiburon. Tico says all this time he has been trying to keep her safe and she’s been after the bad guys.

Jessica calls Antonio a liar. She says she knows her husband and what kind of man he is. She tells Antonio that Tico has been trying to bring his family together while he is pushing away from his family. Antonio tries to tell her that Tico has been playing them, but Jessica doesn’t want to accept this. Antonio tells her that Tico killed their mother and made it look like she was El Tiburon to take the heat away from him. He tells her that he also killed their father because he wanted nothing to do with him and that he told Tico that he was weak with no loyalty. Jessica tells him that he should leave. Antonio tells her that he has proof.

Sonia tells Tico that working for INL was never about him because he was a good part of the family. Tico tells her that he could have made it easier for her and that she could have confided in him. Sonia tells him that she wanted to protect him. Tico tells her that he never knew she was so brave. He tells her that he will always love her like a sister even though they are growing apart.

Antonio shows Jessica the letter and she reads it. She says that it is sick his father asking him to take over his organization and knew nothing about Antonio. Antonio tells her that he watched from a distance. Jessica says what did he see in you from a distance. He tells her to read the letter and that his father called Tico weak and not trust worthy. Jessica says that he barely knew him. Antonio tells her to look at the date and would if he told her that was the day before he was gunned down. Jessica says I would tell you it’s time for you to leave. She tells Antonio that he’s the one that hurt her and Tico will never do that. Antonio leaves.

Back at La Boule, Kevin, Kelly, and Ace are in the study. Kevin sees the paper and notice that it is on the real estate page. Kelly tells him that Dorian and David needs their space and she’s looking for a place of her own. Kevin says first a new job and now a place. Kelly tells him that she’s getting her act together. Kevin thanks her for not giving Todd dirt to smear him in the paper and that it allows more times like this (her being able to spend more time with Ace). Kelly tells him she knows that he is just happy that she won’t be causing trouble for him and his campaign. She doesn’t care how she is able to see Ace as she sees him. Kevin gets a phone call and tells Kelly that he and Ace has to leave. Kelly doesn’t really want to see Ace leave since they just got there. Kevin asks her if I will be okay if the nanny comes to get him. Kelly says sure. Kevin tells her not to take the baby out of the house. He leaves and is still on his cell phone and tells the person to send someone over to Dorian and make sure Kelly doesn’t go anywhere.

Paul asks the bartender for ice for his hand. R.J tells the bartender to give it to him. Paul tells him that he has something coming. R.J says how you don’t have any friends. The last friend you had was Natalie and she goes for your throat every time she sees you now. Paul says that Jen seems to be interested in what he has to say. Lindsay walks up and says Jen wouldn’t have anything to do with you. Paul says maybe he has something that she might not want to come to the light.

Jessica leaves a message for her mom to call her. Tico enters the room and she tells him that she been waiting on him. Tico asks her what’s wrong? Jessica tells him that Antonio was there. Tico get angry and asks where the butler is. He says how dare he come here. Jessica tells Tico that she wanted to hear what Antonio had to say. Tico says this should be interesting. Jessica tells him that Antonio told her that he was El Tiburon and is it true. Tico says that Antonio hates him and that she can’t believe anything he says. Jessica tells him that Antonio had a letter that their father left for him in a safe deposit box. Tico says where is this supposed letter. Jessica tells him that Antonio has it. Tico says of course. Jessica tells him that there is more. She says that he says a day after the letter you were disinherited. Tico tells Jessica that his brother wants her to believe that he killed his their father in a jealous rage.

Sonia is at the loft and calls Antonio on his cell phone and gets the voice mail. As she is leaving a message Antonio walks in. She asks him how come he never answers his phone and that Tico was there and he knows that she is with INL. She tells Antonio that he was there fishing for information. She says he believes her just about much as she believes him. Antonio tells her that she shouldn’t be alone with him because there is no limit to what he may do. Antonio asks her INL can pick him up before he does something. Sonia says they need more information or he’ll be out as soon as he’s picked up. She says that Tico may have been on some surveillance tapes and she is going in to check it out. Antonio tells her to be safe. She tells him to answer his phone. Antonio sits down and closes his eyes. He then has a dream about his mother. She tells him he most stop Tico before he takes everything away.

Todd returns to the Diner and tells Blair and Starr that he wasn’t able to get the license. They ask him why. He tells them because they say Todd Manning no longer exist.

Lindsay calls Jen, but she doesn’t answer, so she leaves her a message. R.J asks her if everything is all right. Lindsay’s says there was no answer and that Paul is trying to pull her chain. She says Jen wouldn’t have anything to do with Paul.

Kevin comes into Ultra Violet and walks over to Paul. He tells Paul that he gave him a pile of money and why is he still in town. Paul tells him that the pile of money wasn’t high enough. Kevin tells him that he has people that will take care of him. Paul threatens him and says if anything happens to him his lawyer will release to the media where he got the baby. Kevin calls his bluff and says if you do that you go to jail too. Kevin asks him what will it take for him to be gone. Paul tells him that it will take a multiple small fortunes of five. Kevin tells him he will get back to him and leaves.

R.J looks over at Paul and tell Lindsay that the smirk on Paul’s face looks like he has winning hand. He then asks Lindsay what Paul could have on her. Lindsay says everything that she has done is public knowledge.

Tico swear to Jessica that he didn’t kill his father. He tells her to look at him and asks her if she could imagine him wanting to be a mob boss. He says if his father had come to him to take over he would have spit in his face. He says that the letter is a sham and that Antonio is trying to turn her against him. Jessica tells him that she doesn’t know what to believe. He says he doesn’t know what he would do if she stop believing in him. He says without her trust their marriage means nothing. Tico tells her that she needs to make a choice. If she believes that their marriage is a sham then they end it, but if she believes in what they have the marriage can work.

Back the Diner with Blair, Todd, and Starr, Starr says that’s crazy and of course he exists. Blair says that the DA didn’t have a problem he was arrested. Todd tells him that he will exist again.

Back at Ultra Violet, R.J tells Lindsay to slow down on her drinking. Lindsay wonders what Paul has on her. She tells R.J that she feels better since he gave her that gun. R.J tells her to lower her voice. He tells her if Cramer gives her trouble to let him know. Lindsay says that she isn’t going to shot anyone. R.J says then why get the gun. She tells him to keep her safe. R.J tells her if Paul lays one hand on you it is self-defense.

Jessica tells Tico that she trust him and doesn’t want anything coming between them. She says when they married she vowel to love an honor him always. They hug. Jessica looks concerned and Tico has a smirk on his face.

Kelly is at la Boule in the study talking to Ace and the doorbell rings. Thinking it is the nanny coming for Ace, she tells Ace that she is going to try and talk her into staying a little longer. When she opens the door it’s Paul. He tells her he stole Ace from someone and unless she gives him money he will call and tell the poor little lady who desperately wants her son back.

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