OLTL Update Tuesday 10/19/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/19/04

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John comes into the diner talking on his cell phone. Natalie is sitting at one of the booths clearly able to hear John. John asks to speak to Evangeline. When she comes to the phone, John asks her to come to his place.

Rex and R.J are at Ultra Violet. R.J signs over 60% of the club to Rex in order for him to keep his mouth shut about him being the one sabotaging the Love Project. Jen come into the club looking for Riley and tries to explain her reason for being at the motel with Paul. Riley tells her that there is nothing to explain.

Tico is home at Lion Heart on his laptop computer looking at Sonia’s profile. When Jessica enters the room, he closes the laptop. Jessica talks about a campaign article in the paper and how the coverage isn’t balanced and how she doesn’t know if the facts are true. Jessica asks him if wants to go out for a movie. Tico says that he has business to attend to, but they will do something soon. He asks her if she’s unhappy. She says yes and that she spends so much time alone in the house especially since Sonia has moved in with Antonio. Tico asks her if it bothers her. She says she can stay anywhere she wants. Tico says not here. She’s no longer welcome.

Antonio goes to the loft and when Sonia hears him she goes over to him and he asks her what she’s doing there. Sonia asks him where he’s been. He tells her that he was at the room. Antonio asks if there was any word on what happen with Benesio. Sonia tells him to be glad it’s over. Antonio looks around and sees her belongings and asks her what with all the stuff. Sonia tells him they’re her things. Antonio says you staying here. Sonia says what I’m good enough to sleep next to you at the room, but not your place.

David asks Dorian about the contents in the safe deposit box after having teased her about how frisky she was the night before. Kelly comes down the stairs and they all go to the study. Dorian tells them they are keeping something from her. Kelly and David have worried looks on their faces and the two of them say they’re not keeping anything from her. Dorian says Adriana told me all about it, she pause and says, did you get it in writing. Dorian is talking about the whole day visit Kevin is allowing Kelly to have with Ace. Kelly says maybe Kevin is coming around. Dorian says just in time for the election. David says maybe Kelly is brainwashed. Kelly doesn’t want to hear and is about to go back upstairs. Dorian suggests to Kelly that they need to celebrate by going shopping. Kelly is a bit hesitant but decides to go and goes upstairs to get ready to go. Dorian asks David how Kelly could have anything nice to say about Kevin. She then asks David how he thinks Kelly is doing. David has a flash of the two of them kissing.

Nora, Mathew, and Daniel go into Bo’s office. Nora tells him that Mathew didn’t want to go to school and that something is bothering him. Nora and Daniel leave the office so Mathew and Bo can talk.

Outside the office Daniel says to Nora that he hopes it doesn’t affect their plans, but understands that she has a family to look after. Nora thanks him for being so understanding. Daniel tells her that she should thank Bo because he’s the one that let him know that he was reading to much into them always ended up stuck together when the two of them were suppose to be together. Daniel say that Bo made it clear that he was nuts to think that something could happen between him and Nora. Nora looks shocked by the news.

Shannon goes to the Diner to pick up food. John finishes up his conversation with Evangeline and asks Shannon if all the food is for her. She tells him that her and Rex are celebrating because he just got his club back. John says how and Shannon tells him that Rex and R.J worked something out. John tells her to be careful. She tells him that Rex is good to her and if he isn’t she will give him permission to lock him up. Shannon leaves and John spots Natalie and walks over to her. Natalie asks him if he was giving his cousin a hard time. John says yeah maybe. Natalie agrees with him about Rex and says that Rex is in love with Jen and always will be and Shannon is just going to get hurt. John tells Natalie to tell her. Natalie says that she would probably laugh in her face. She says that she got wise. She tells him that it was hard and doesn’t know when it exactly happens and that he was right all along. He asks her about what and she says about her needing to grieve for Christian. John tells her not to beat herself up because she wasn’t alone in that. She tells him her reason for hooking u with Paul was to get in trouble to get his attention.

Back at Antonio’s loft, Sonia tells him that Jessica isn’t coming back. She says that she now this the pass (meaning the loft there with Jessica), but now this is the future and maybe they can have one together. They kiss and Sonia asks him if he wants her to leave. He tells her to stay. Antonio then pulls out the disc he got from the safe deposit box from New York and places it in his laptop to see what she makes of it. She tries to crack the codes. Antonio looks at a letter he takes out of his pocket, which is addressed, to Manuel II.

Jen tries to explain to Riley that she didn’t sleep with Paul. She tells him that she got him drunk so he wouldn’t remember. Riley says remember what? Jen tells him whether or not she slept with him. Jen tells Riley that she was trying to get a tape from Paul and he says of you. Riley is even more upset and says that’s great and slightly walks away from her. Jen tells him that it was a tape of her mom and Rex and Paul was going to put it on the Internet. She tells him as first Paul wanted money, but then he didn’t. She says she didn’t want to go to the motel, and Riley says, but you did.

At the Diner, John asks Natalie if she is all right. She says yes and that she doesn’t know why she told him all of that. John tells her not blame herself and that Cramer was the idiot for taking advantage of her. John tells her not to let it happen again. She tells him not to worry about her. John tells her he isn’t going to be able to stop doing that. He then asks her what she’s going to do when she sees Cramer walking on the other side of the street. She says what runaway from my problems; you know Roxy didn’t raise any quitters. John says Roxy, now I’m really worried. Natalie tells him that she has to go and for him to enjoy is take-out. Before she leaves she says thanks and that it’s nice to know he’s here.

Dorian and Kelly go to the Diner after their shopping spree. Kelly tells her that she is tired and wants to go home. Dorian tries to talk her into staying at the Diner for a little, but Kelly tells her that she has work to do for her new job. Dorian says with Viki. Kelly says yes it keeps me out of the house and she leaves. John comes over to Dorian and says you went shopping I see. Dorian asks him if it’s a crime. John tells her it depends.

Back at Lion’s Heart, Jessica tells Tico that Sonia is his sister and he just can’t cut her out of his life. He tells her that Sonia hasn’t been supportive of them and that she knows it. Jessica says yeah we don’t get along, but that no, Tico cuts her and says it’s over in a sharp tone, and then lowers his voice and say your all the family I need now. Jessica says that she’s totally committed to that. She then tells him that it is not going to take forever and that she’ll be ready soon to make love to him. Tico says that he has waited all of his life and patience has always rewarded him. Jessica says the problem is the house and that she thought the things that happened to her in there would be over. She says if they could just go somewhere, a little trip or an Inn. Tico tells her that he understand and that in time she will be Mrs. Santi in every way and then she will produce an err. Jessica tells him it sounds old fashioned. He tells her that he is very traditional and that he is like her. He says they believe in family above all. He then tells her he is going out on business and won’t be long.

Sonia works on the disc and decodes it. Sonia and Antonio look at the deciphered message, which is, dirt on everyone his father had in his pocket. Antonio tells Sonia that he has something, a reason why he was murdered.

Bo tells Mathew that he will deputize him so he can have the upper hand on the bully at school that is trying to take the kids lunch money at school. Bo tells him that once he is deputized he can deputize his friends at school and they can get the bully to back off.

On the other side of the office Nora tell Daniel that she has resolved al her feeling for Bo. Daniel tells her that he heard he the first time. Bo and Mathew come out the office. Mathew tells Nora that he is ready to go back to school. Nora looks over at Bo and smiles. Bo winks at her with a slight smile.

Back at the Diner, John tells Dorian he believes that something else was stolen from the safe besides jewelry and cash. Dorian says for the last time there was nothing else in that safe and anything belonging to my late husband would be legally mine. Not according to the FBI John says. I have nothing of Manuel and I don’t want his money. It’s dirty money. John doesn’t believe her and he leaves. Dorian goes to pay her bill. She tells the cashier that her smallest bill is $100 and if she has change.

David is searching in the study and locks over at the picture covering Dorian’s safe. He goes to open, but isn’t successful because the code has been changed. Kelly comes in with her bags. She tells David that Dorian stayed to do more shopping. She tells David about an adorable dress and stops before she finishes her sentence. She tells him that they need to talk about what’s going on between them, but the doorbell interrupts them. Kelly answers it and it is Jessica. She has come by so the two of them can go have lunch together like old times. Kelly looks over at David. Jessica asks if she’s come at a wrong time. Kelly tells her that it is a perfect time.

Antonio tells Sonia that his father had him and Tico watched. Sonia says maybe he had some investigating done, but it’s impossible. Antonio reads from the letter. Tico had every opportunity. When I cam to visit him in Spain he said that he wanted to take over when I stepped down. He said it was his birthright. But he is weak with no heart, no sense of loyalty, and with no core. So I’ve ordered him to Puerto Rico. I will leave New York in the morning and fly down there and tell him to his face, he will have nothing. Sonia looks at the letter and says t is Manuel’s handwriting. Antonio says written April 21 this year. Sonia says that’s when he was gunned down in San Juan. Antonio says by his own son, Tico.

Rex and Shannon are talking at Ultra Violet’s and Rex says he’s thinking about doing a little remodeling. R.J walks up to him and says if I were you, I’d worry about making sure the mortgage is paid on time. Rex tells him to relax because he won’t be making that mistake again. R.J tells him that he will be seeing him. Shannon asks him if he’s sure he wants to do business with a guy like that. Rex tells her that he can handle R.J. Shannon heads to the Shack to get present she left there for Rex.

Jen tells Riley that she was worried about her mom and how that would have probably pushed her over the edge. Riley says nothing is going to happen because you made sure you worked everything out. Jen pleads for him to understand that she got Paul drunk so he wouldn’t remember. Riley tells her that she never use to lie to him. He says why not come to him and that his dad id the DA. Jen says she doesn’t know. Riley asks her what happen. He says they use to be each other’s strength. She stopped drinking and he stopped using, what happened to the he asks her. She say she doesn’t know and that she was in trouble and did her best and she should have been stronger, but now she’s messed up everything. Riley leaves and says he needs time and that he will find her. Jen says know you won’t and starts crying.

Sonia beats herself up for not seeing it. Antonio tells her that love is blind. Sonia asks him what else was in the letter. Antonio says Manny wanted him to take over the organization. Sonia says that he must of told Tico that in San Juan and he has hated you every since. Antonio says probably. He says that his father wanted him to be there at the handover and tell all everyone to follow only him. Antonio reads from the letter. It’s your destiny. You are my son. Follow in my footsteps. Antonio tells Sonia he’ll be back and leaves. Sonia runs after him asking where he’s going.

Nora is in Bo’s office and she tells him that Mathew is excited about going back to school and is now at home rounding up all of his friends. She says that she told Mariana to limit his calls to fewer than twenty. Bo says yeah because you don’t want to many people. Nora then tells Bo whatever he said to Daniel worked. Bo says what? Nora says that you had no feelings for me what so ever. Bo says yeah Daniel had the wrong understanding and believed that I was intentionally getting stuck with you. I told him that was absurd. Nora thanks him for talking to Daniel and says that it really put things out there in the open (referring to him not having any feelings what so ever). Nora says I told Daniel that I have no romantic feelings for you. She says that Daniel understands now. Bo say good because he needs to ask her about some files and was wondering was she free for dinner tonight. Nora tells him that she already having dinner with Daniel. Bo tells her to have a burger for him. Nora goes to open the door and says oh no it’s stuck. Bo gets ready to get up and she says got you.

Riley comes to the police station to talk to his father. He tells him that he and Jen had a fight. Daniel asks him about what. Riley tells him that it is complicated and that everything has changed. He says that Jen is starting to act like she did when they first met and he’s worried.

Rex goes over to Jen to comfort her. Her back is turned to him and he tells her to tell him what’s wrong and that he will do anything to help her. He puts his arms around her and Shannon walks in and sees this and leaves immediately. Rex is unaware that Shannon was even there. Jen says this is stupid and pulls away from rex. She says her life is a mess and that it is always a mess and runs out of the club. Rex calls after her.

Natalie is home at Lanfair and she calls Jessica and leaves her message asking her to call her when she gets it.

Sonia is at the loft sitting and someone knocks at the door. It is John and she says hello to him. John asks if Antonio is there. Sonia tells him no and that she doesn’t know where he is. John asks her what Antonio is up to. Sonia says she doesn’t know. John says he though they were working together to get Antonio out of the mess he has gotten himself into. Sonia says there isn’t a mess anymore and that El Tiburon is dead and the rest of his organization died with him. John says so what the two of you are going to set up house here now? She says they’re going to try their best to live a normal life. John tells her that he thinks Antonio found something in New York. Sonia says if he did he will tell us when he is ready. John says he is done helping someone that doesn’t want help.

Antonio goes to Lion Heart and places his gun in the back of his pants.

Daniel cancels he dinner date with Nora. He tells her that Daniel and Jen just broke up and that his son needs him right now. Nora says tell him I send my love and then slightly smiles. Daniel asks her if something is funny. She says know and that she really is sorry about Riley and Jen, but happy that he’s the one breaking the date and not her. Daniel promises to make it up to her and kisses her. He tells her that she should go have dinner with a friend and Nora says O.K. Nora goes to Bo’s office and hears him telling Page that he will meet her at 8:30 for dinner. He hangs up and asks Nora if she needs something. Nora says no and leaves. Kelly goes into the study and David asks her if Jessica has left already. Kelly says that she left a while ago and asks where Dorian is. Kelly tells him how Dorian was in the store saying how clothing would look good on him. David says Dorian is a piece of work and that the both of them loved her. Kelly says that he and Dorian need there space and that she is thinking about moving into a place of her own. The phone rings and it is Dorian, telling David, to come to the police station immediately. David asks her what happened. She tells him that she’s been arrested for passing off marked hundred dollar bills.

Sonia is on the phone and says this is too big to say over the phone and that she has very valuable information to hand over. She says that it big and for them to trust her. There is a knock at the door and Sonia hangs up the phone. She goes to the door and it is Tico. They look at one another.

Antonio is at Lion Heart and is having trouble with the butler whom doesn’t want to let him in. Jessica walks up and tells the butler that it is O.K. Antonio asks her where Tico is.

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