OLTL Update Monday 10/18/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/18/04

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Todd goes to pick up Starr from the train station after she has come from a field trip. Star tells him before they leave he has to talk to her teacher. Todd goes tells her who he is and tells Starr to come on. The teacher informs him that Starr isn’t to leave with him.

John is in his office talking to INL on the phone. He tells them that they shot and killed someone without cause. Johns hangs up the phone and Natalie come in his office. John asks her if he can help her with anything. She hands him a bag filled with jewelry.

David is at La Boule in the study room. He’s putting jewelry in the safe. Kelly walks in asks him what he’s doing and have the police department found Dorian’s jewelry. David tells her no and that he wanted to surprise Dorian and cashed in some of her savings bonds to get her some new jewelry. Kelly looks at the jewelry and says it is beautiful. David asks her if she wants to try on a necklace. David puts it on her neck.

Antonio catches Dorian trying to take the money he stole out of the safe deposit box and asks her what she’s doing in his room. Dorian tells him that he is the one that stole the contents from her safe. She tells him that she seen the look he has on his face before and it was his father. Dorian says that he looks exactly like Manuel Santi.

Riley goes to the diner and sees Hudson. He asks him if he seen Jen because she was suppose to be at the Country Club with her mother having lunch, but she wasn’t there. Hudson says he hasn’t seen her and maybe they went somewhere else for lunch.

Paul is in the motel room and he places the tape under the mattress. He fumbles around the bed and Jen comes out of the bathroom. She asks him what he’s doing, he has her cell phone, and he tells her that he is cutting off so they won’t have any distractions. Jen says for them to have another drink, Paul says how about not.

John tells Natalie that he thinks the jewelry belongs to Dorian and that it was stolen from her safe. Natalie thinks Paul had something to do with because he uses to live there and knows where everything is. John says why would he dump it in the trash because he probably knows a dozen of fence people. John offers Natalie coffee, but she turns it down. She thinks something is bothering him and asks him if this Antonio stuff is getting to. Natalie says she knows him to well and that they have a history together. She tells him that he needs to talk to Antonio and that he probably can talk some sense into him. Natalie talks about Jessica and Antonio still want each other. She says that when she seen Antonio at the wedding he looked like a different person.

Dorian tells Antonio that he and Christian practically grew up in her house. She looks over and sees the money in the trash and asks him what he’s going to do with the money.

Todd talks with Starr’s teacher and tells her that he is taking his daughter home. She tells him that the record states that Starr is to never leave with him and that there is a restraining order on him to keep away. Todd has a fit and tries to take Starr, but the police tell him not to move.

Duke and Adriana are playing with Jamie at the Diner. Kevin walks up and demands to speak with Duke. Duke tells him that he can say what he has to say in front of Adriana. Adriana excuses herself. Kevin tells him that he asked him not to hang around Adriana. Duke says you wouldn’t want your campaign buddies to think you don’t want me hanging out with a Hispanic girl do you. Duke tells Kevin that he’s old enough to make his on choices. Kevin tells him to hang out with him today. Duke tells him that he is hanging out with Adriana. Kevin threatens him saying that he will not be bale to afford those things that he is so use to getting right now.

David tells Kelly that she has soft and smooth skin. He says Kevin is crazy for not being with her for that alone. He tells her that Kevin is a jerk. Kelly tells him that maybe Kevin is trying to come around and that she gets to see Ace two hours a week and now for a whole day. David tells her that she should be the one with full custody. Kelly says that she has made mistakes before with man and doesn’t want to make another one. David asks her what she’s talking about. Kelly tells him that she doesn’t want to hurt Dorian and that they need to talk about what’s going on between the two of them.

Paul asks Jen if she is trying to back out. Jen tells him that they had a deal and if she’s with him her mother will not end up on the Internet. Jen says they should have another drink. Paul says that the guys were right about her knowing how to have a good time. Jen asks him who and he tells her to take her pick. Jen asks him to get ice and he says that he doesn’t want ice. She says that she does. Paul leaves out to get ice. Jen locks the door behind him and searches for the tape and finds it. She goes to run out the door, but Paul is standing there.

Riley goes to the police station and asks John if Marcie is there. John tells him no. Riley says he was hoping she would know where Jen was. Riley gets ready to leave, and Natalie tells him that she thinks she knows where Jen might be. She tells him the motel where Paul’s staying. She says Jen doesn’t need to be with him especially if he’s drinking.

Riley leaves and Natalie goes back to John’s office, but stops when she hears him on the phone with Evangeline telling her that he wants her to be safe and for her to come to his place because he likes the idea of having someone to come hone to.

David and Kelly sit together and recall the past of Kelly trying to kill him and burying him a live.

Antonio tells Dorian to get out of his room, and not to tell anyone that she seen him there. He tells her to be careful with the money. Dorian tells Antonio that he has the same look in his eyes that his father had the day she left him. She says that Manuel didn’t know she was pregnant and she gave up her daughter to keep her safe. She tells Antonio to give up on this because he will lose just as much as his father did. Dorian leaves and Antonio gets a disc and put it into his lab top. When he pulls up the disc, it is a list with the most powerful people in the world. Antonio says all the people that El Tiburon wants to get to know.

Blair shows up at the station to clear things up. She tells the teacher that her and Todd are back together and that she will come up to the school to straighten everything out. Todd says to Blair, you have a restraining order on me. Blair tells him that she forgot. Starr complains to them, saying that they have ruined everything for her once again and that everyone will think of her as weird again.

Duke tells Kevin not to hold his money over his head. Kevin tells him that money has allowed him to get the things that he has now like the fancy car he’s driving and the school that he is attending now. Duke tells him that he can make it on his own. Kevin tells Duke that he has been warned. Hudson walks up to Kevin and tells him that he admires him for the work that he has done. Kevin asks him if he’s met his soon and he tells him that he did a few minutes ago. They share brief conversation. Kevin tells Hudson it was nice to meet him. Duke goes over to Adriana who is sitting at a booth with Jamie. Adriana asks him how it went with his father. Duke suggests that they go for a walk with Jamie. They leave and on their way out they run into Natalie and they say hello.

Natalie goes over to Kevin and says it looks like Duke is making friends. She asks him if went a head and sided with Dorian about keeping Duke and Adriana apart. Kevin says he is okay with them. She tells him that she talked to their mom and she told her about him paying Paul to leave town. Natalie thanks him and Kevin says it’s just to bad it didn’t work. Natalie is a little weary why Kevin would give Paul money and she asks him if Paul has something on him because kind of hinted it to her one day. She asks him why was he so quick to pay off Paul.

Paul asks Jen if she is trying to steal from him. Jen tells him know and that they had a deal. Paul tries to rip off Jen’s shirt, but she able to stop him. She tells him that she will do it herself. She walks over to the table and removes her sweater shirt and makes him another drink. She take it to him, he drinks it and pulls her to sit down on the bed. He tells her that he isn’t so bad and he knows she and a lot of other people don’t like him, but he did a good thing for his sister that turned out bad. Jen asks him what he did. He says his little secret. Jen tells him that it isn’t going to work if he is mad and for him to tell her what’s bothering him so she can help him.

David asks Kelly for some help with the Craze magazine. He says that she is cool and sexy and wants to do a story about her in the magazine. It’s supposed to be about society woman. He asks her if she remember how she was dressed when she first came to town. Kelly says she was a fashion disaster. David tells her that she is the only one that makes him laugh. He tells her that she was adorable and still is. Kelly tells him that he isn’t so bad himself.

Dorian goes to the police station to claim her stolen jewelry. John asks her if anything is missing. Dorian flashes to David holding the key, and Antonio telling her not to tell anyone she seen him. She tells them that she gave them a list already and did they check to see if anything was missing. John says he just wants to know if anything has come to her that she forgot to mention. Dorian asks him is she being questioned for the things being stolen from her. John asks her to sign a release form.

Back at the diner Kevin asks Natalie what Paul could possibly have on him. He asks her what Paul has told her. She says nothing really just something about Kelly and Ace. She says Paul was probably lying to her. Kevin asks her how has she been since Paul’s been out of her life. She says her focus right now is on Jessica and Antonio to talk to each other. Kevin says Tico is best for Jessica. Antonio walks in and Kevin says speaking of the devil and walks away. Antonio walks over to Natalie and she tells him that she was just talking about him and Jessica. Antonio asks her if Carlota is there. Natalie tells him that she took Jamie to see Jessica and that Jessica really missed Jamie and him to. Antonio walks away from Natalie. On his way, Adriana comes in with Jamie and he asks her how has Jamie been. Adriana tells him that she misses her father and hands her to him. Antonio sits in a booth with her. He tells Jamie that he has a few things he needs to take care of and once he’s finish he will never let her go.

John comes in shortly and sits with Natalie at the booth. He asks her where she ran off to he wanted to thank her for turning on the items. Natalie says she was just being law-abiding citizen. John says I know you better than that. They laugh and Natalie bring up the fact that she was involved in the suppose heist. She then says she pleads the Fifth Amendment. She asks John if he can forgive her. John says he has a hard time staying mad at her. He tells her he’ll see her around and leaves. Kevin comes back over to Natalie and tells her to tell him if Cramer gives her any trouble.

Paul asks Jen if she wants to help him with his problem. Jen says yes. Paul says well then takes off your clothing. Jen tells him that she wants him to enjoy it. She tells him to relax and let her do all the work. Paul passes out and Jen takes the tape and goes out in the hall. Riley walks up and asks her what she’s doing there. Paul yells from the room for her to come back to bed. Riley is upset and leaves. Jen yells after him that it is not what he thinks.

Todd, Blair and Starr are at the station eating ice cream. Blair tells Starr that they will take care of everything. Starr tells her that the damage is already done. Todd says lets go to the justice of piece and get married right now.

David and Kelly are in the study and they continue to talk. Kelly rubs her eyes and David asks her if she’s crying. She tells him that she has something in her eye David tries to help her get it out. Dorian walks in on the two of them in an awkward position. David runs over to her and tells her that he has a surprise for her. Kelly tries to explain to Dorian that something was in her eye. Dorian stares at Kelly.

Antonio tells Jamie never to forget that he is her father and he gives her back to Adriana.

John comes in and sits across from him in the booth. Antonio tells him that he heard that what happened on the pier. John tells him that a guy by name of Benesio was shot and killed and asks him if he knows of that name. Antonio tells him that he’s heard of him before. John says well when he came in he said Vega you got what I want. What did that mean? Antonio says he doesn’t know and that he is glad that El Tiburon is dead. John says yeah now maybe you can get your head back on straight and he leaves. Antonio says it’s not over yet.

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