OLTL Update Friday 10/15/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/15/04

By Michelle
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Dorian is at the bank looking at the empty deposit box. Antonio is above her and the worker in the vent with the contents of the box with him.

Natalie take baby Jamie to Lionís Heart to see Jessica. Jessica is happy, grabs Jamie and takes her to the other room while talking to her. Tico comes downstairs and is upset of what he sees.

Jen arrive at the hotel to see Paul and has a flash of him telling what she needs to do in order for her to get the tape. Paul comes running down the stairs, and his clothes follow him as Roxy tosses them down. Paul says heís a little late. Jen tells him since he doesnít have a place they will have to do this some other time. Paul says what about your car it works for me.

Michael and Evangeline go to the police department to file a report of her vicious of attack. Evangeline thanks Michael for his help.

John and Sonia are at the docks. Sonia tells him that he better not get in her way. Benesio shows up saying that he is here. Sonia comes out and draws her gun on him. He tries to run, and John stops him. Someone from the other side of the room shots him.

Bo and Mathew are at the diner and they talk about the movies they just came from seeing together. Mathew tells Bo that he looks different, and that he looks happy. Mathew asks him if he is in love.

Dorian is upset about the empty deposit box and tells the worker that she will go to his superior. Dorian then asks him for a description of the man claiming to be Manuel Santi.

At Lionís Heart Jessica plays with Jamie on the floor. Tico comes in and goes over to them and speaks to Jamie in Spanish. Jessica informs him that Natalie brought her by because she knew how much she missed Jamie. Natalie says she didnít think it would be a problem bringing over Antonioís daughter. Tico insure her that it is no problem because after all it is his niece and that he loves having family over. He says soon he and Jessica will have a family of their own. He excuses himself and while in the other room it is very clear that he isnít happy with Jamie being there. Back with Natalie, Jessica, and Jamie, Natalie asks Jessica about the plans of them having a baby pretty soon. Jessica says of course not and that she in school right now and that her and Tico just want to spend time together right now. Natalie brings up the fact that she wanted to have babies right away. Jessica says I got married to sooner than she expected. Any regrets, Natalie says, you can tell me itís okay. At least this one can be fixed.

Sonia and John are on the scene talking on their cell phones. Two agents there says that they were there protecting her and is why they shot Benesio. They claim that sheís been doing solo work to long and theyíve been put on her tail. Sonia is upset and says she doesnít need help. She asks why did they have to shot to kill. One of the agents search the body come up with a gun. Sonia asks him where he got the gun from because she checked him. The agent tells her she can thank him anytime. John pulls her to the side and tells her that her boy screwed it up and they could have had him. Sonia says itís over and that Tico was right and that Isabelle was El Tiburon. Benesio was just trying to take over.

John goes to the department and sees Evangeline and Michael. He asks her how her speech went, but sees that something is wrong. Michael tells him that some psycho guy attacked her. John wants to go after the guy, but Michael tells him that they are there filing a report and working with a sketch team. Michael leaves to see how things are going. John asks Evangeline if she is all right. She says she okay ad the guy seen the two of them together and that must have been what set him off. John tells her that knows one will hurt her again, and that she is safe. Michael comes back Evangeline plaque. John looks at it. John congratulates Evangeline and says that they all should go have drinks to celebrate. He tells Evangeline not to let the guy ruin her night. Michael leaves to get the car. Evangeline thanks John for making her smile again.

Roxy continues to throw the rest of Paul things downstairs. Nigel comes in and Paul asks for his help. He tells Nigel that Jen will being paying rent. Nigel tells him that Roxy word is final. Jen tells him that it is a motel down the street. She gives him the liquor that she bought. Paul goes to retrieve some of his items from the floor and they leave.

Jessica and Natalie play with Jamie. Natalie continues to question Jessica happiness. Jessica says that her and Tico are more than happy and starts playing with Jamie again. Natalie ask her why see keep changing the subject and playing with Jamie when she asks her about Tico. Natalie tells her that it is obvious that she is still in love with Antonio and thatís the reason you want to wait to have kids. Jessica tells her that she is going to believe what she wants. Natalie finds it hard to believe that Jessica has changed that quick and that much. Jessica says that Antonio has moved on to Sonia and who knows what else.

Antonio has made it to his hotel room. When he enters Dorian comes up behind him and stands by his door.

Bo asks Mathew who gave him the idea that he was in love. Mathew tells him that his mom told him how they all ended up having lunch together. Bo tells Mathew about Page. He tells him that he likes Page, but heís not in love with her. He tells him that he and Page are just getting to know each other and they went on a date. Mathew asks Bo if he and his loved each other after their first date. Bo says it was a lot of dates. Mathew asks him how many and Bo tells him 100s. He then asks him how many dates heís been on with Page. Bo tells him a couple. Mathew then says thereís still time then.

Paul and Jen are at the Palace. Paul didnít want to go and says they could have order take out from the motel. He says he says he could have had him hot tamale. Jen says she didnít want Chinese food. They order drinks. Jen tells him that he sure knows how to party. He tells her yeah with the best of them except for her mom because she is world class. Jen gives him a look. Paul wants to go back to the motel. Jen says why the hurry, we have all night. Paul say if you donít chicken out, and that if she does she wonít get her hands on mamaís gone wild.

John, Evangeline, and Michael are at the Palace celebrating Evangelineís plaque form all her good works for abused women. John is talking on his cell phone trying to make sure the guy who attacked Evangeline is found and brought to justice. They all agree that the guy was an idiot and a coward.

Antonio is in his hotel room in New York and he gets a call on his cell phone. It is Sonia and she tells him that Benesio was the one claiming to be El Tiburon and that itís over now because he is dead. Antonio asks her what happened she tells him that she will tell him in person and that he can come home now. There is a knock at the door, Antonio hangs up with Sonia and goes to the door with his gun drawn. He says who is it. On the other side Dorian says its Dorian Lord. Antonio asks her what she wants. Dorian tells him that she wants what he took from her.

At Lionís Heart Natalie get Jamieís things together to leave. Jessica wants to be with Jamie a little longer. Natalie tells her that she has to take her back because her and Roxy are going out to have lunch. Natalie tells Jessica that she could see Jamie all the time if she wanted. Jessica says that she canít and that Antonio made sure of that. Jessica walks them to the door. Tico comes down the stairs and says Natalie youíre still her. She says we are on our way out. Tico says hope you come visit again. Natalie says sheíll be sure to bring Jamie with her. Natalie then makes up and excuse about leaving something in the room of Jamieís and asks Jessica if she could put Jamie in the car. Natalie tell Tico that if he hurts Jessica heíll have to deal with her. She tells him that she and Jessica arenít from the same place and that she has a whole set of different rules. Tico laughs and says that admires her loyalty, but he loves Jessica and will give her all the happiness she deserves.

Dorian questions Antonio about the break in at her house and the safe deposit box. Antonio pretends to know nothing. Dorian tells him that some of the money is rightfully Adrianaís. Antonio says heís never wanted any of his fatherís dirty money. Dorian then starts to think that maybe someone from the Santiís organization is the one that stole her things and that perhaps Antonio is theyíre following them. Dorian begins to panic and says last time she seen one them, she pauses, and says she doesnít have anything to trade for her life. Antonio tells her that she will be fine. Dorian asks him how he knows.

Jessica is at Lionís Heart looking at a teddy bear of Jamieís that was left behind. She has a flash back of Antonio and Jamie of a time they were all together. Jessica sits down. Tico comes into the room and asks Jessica if she had a nice time with Jamie. Jessica asks him if it was okay to have Jamie over there. Tico says of course sheís my niece. He says some day youíll be the mother of our children. Jessica looks away. He says Iím not pushing, but when I see you with Jamie I see how wonderful a mother you will be. Jessica starts to apologize. Tico tells her he will wait as long as it takes for her to be ready to make love to him. He kisses her on the neck and tells her that he has to leave on business. Outside Ticoís butler places his jacket on him and Tico tells him that there has been a change of plans. He tells him that baby is no longer welcome there. He says is Natalie returns with the baby tell her that Jessica is out.

Paul and Jen are still at the Palace. Jen is trying to get him drunk. Jen phone rings and she doesnít want to answer it at first, but does. She lies to Riley telling him that she and her mom are having lunch at the Country Club. When she hangs up Paul, say oh lying to your boyfriend. Then he says well I guess not completely and dangles the tapes in his hand.

Natalie and Roxy come to the Palace and spot Paul with Jen. Roxy says what is a nice place doing serving trash like that. Natalie calls him a low life. Roxy says you can do better than that and that she needs someone nice and then Roxy spots John with Evangeline.

Evangeline thanks Michael. She excuse Michael and says he can go be with Marcie. Michael tells them he canít wrap the idea of Marcieís brother and his boyfriend thinking about adopting a child after they get married. He says that he is working on it. Evangeline tells him that she will always see him as one of the good guys. Michael leaves. John asks Evangeline if she is all right. Evangeline says she is, but doesnít know if she is ready to go home. John says well then we wonít. They start kissing.

Natalie and Roxy see them kiss. Natalie says that she is okay.

Antonio tells Dorian that he will have a look in here hotel room, but first she needs to wait in the hallway for him. Dorian asks him and if he doesnít trust her in his room. Antonio says wouldnít want anyone to in the window after you would we. He takes to the hall.

John takes Evangeline to his room. Evangeline tells him that she doesnít want to impose. John tells her what if he wants her to. Nigel comes into the lobby and gives John his mail. John shows Nigel Evangelineís award and tells him of the wonderful things sheís done to receive it. Nigel tells her that it is a privilege and an honor to know her. Evangeline gets a little emotion. Nigel asks if he said something wrong and Evangeline sys that was something that she needed to hear.

Bo is at the diner explaining to Mathew that he and Nora have two separate lives. Mathew tells him not to worry because he wonít be trying to get them back together unless they want it. Bo tells Mathew that Page is a nice lady and that he thinks he will like her. Mathew says your going to fall in love with her. Bo makes a deal with Mathew. He says if you donít fall in love, I wonít. Mathew says after Star blow him off he doesnít even like girls.

Paul tells Jen not to worry about Riley because he wonít find out because itís not like theyíre taping it. Jen tells him she needs to go to the restroom and tells him to have another drink. He asks her if sheís trying to get him drunk. He goes to the bar to get another drink and runs into Natalie and Roxy. Roxy walks up to him and Natalie says why donít you crawl under the rock you came from under. Paul tells her he doesnít need her now that he has a hot blonde. The motel key falls out of his pocket and Natalie picks it up. She asks him if plan to high jack another truck. Paul tells her to stay away from him or he slap harassment on her and Roxy. Natalie says tell me what it will take to make you leave.

Nigel brings John and Evangeline wine and glasses. He asks Evangeline if should be expecting her for croissants in the morning. She says it sounds irresistible. John tells her that maybe she should stick around. She says maybe she should and tells John that her bag is in the car. John goes to get her bag.

Roxy and Natalie leave and on their way out Natalie asks Jen how low can see sink.
Jen stands to the side looking at Paul and says this canít last much longer as soon as he pass out the tape is hers.

Dorian opens the package and finds money. Someone comes up behind her and puts their hands on her mouth.

Jessica is sitting at Lionís Heart and when someone walks in the door she turns and says Tico.
Sonia says no itís me. I guess that means he isnít here. Jessica says that he said he would be back. Sonia tells her that she is there to get her things at least all she can carry. Jessica offers to send it to her and asks her if she has an address. Sonia gives her the address and Jessica says oh your staying at Antonio and my place. Sonia says Antonio and my place now.

Tico meets with on of the agents to pay him for a job well done. The agent set it up to look like Benesio was killed in a sting operation. The agent tells him that he can give him more information for a price. Tico asks him how much. The agent says 60,000. Tico tells him it depends on what it is. The agent tells him that there is someone working on the inside and has been for a long time now. He then tells him that it is his sister Sonia.

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