OLTL Update Thursday 10/14/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/14/04

By Suzanne
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At a New York City hotel, Marcie is very nervous as she talks to Michael about her upcoming meeting with Gretchen, the woman from the publishing company.  He is very supportive and gets her to calm down a bit.  They kiss and then hug, and she leaves.  He sees Dorian there and says hello.  They are surprised to see each other.  She lies that she is there for shopping, and he explains why he's there and what Marcie is doing.  Dorian is very excited for them.  Marcie's brother, Eric, walks by and recognizes Michael, too.  Michael is surprised to see him there so he doesn't introduce Dorian right away but then apologizes and does introduce her.  Eric is there for business.  They remark what a coincidence this is.  As Dorian is about to leave, Eric realizes that he remembers her name as being Manuel Santi's ex-wife.  She confirms tightly that she was.  He explains that Marcie told him to read her friend Jessica's articles about the Santi family on the Web.  Dorian says she is now engaged to a wonderful man.  Eric says he's engaged, too.  She makes a comment about what a romantic city New York is and hopes that he and his future bride will be able to enjoy it.  Eric explains that he's engaged to a man, and Michael awkwardly announces that Eric is gay.  Eric jokingly thanks Michael for pointing that out.  After a moment, Dorian gives him her blessing and says she thinks it's great that he is getting married.  She says she is off to shop.  As she leaves, she confides to Eric that there is a fabulous new designer (implying that he would be interested, since he's gay).  This makes him blink for a second (funny scene!).  Eric and Michael sit down to chat, at Eric's request.  Eric tries a little joke but it fall flat.  He says he knows that Michael has some problems with him marrying James.  Michael denies it.  He says he did at first but now he gets it.  He knows that Eric loves James.  Eric says that he is very close to Marcie and that she will be a big part of their relationship.  He hopes that she will sing at his wedding and be the godmother when they have children.  Michael is shocked to hear they are planning to have children.  Michael wonders if Eric knows that it will be hard on their child, that they might get teased.  Eric explains that this is the world they live in.  Michael is a bit uncomfortable but they discuss it.  Marcie arrives later, very excited.  She fills them in on her meeting with Gretchen and says they want to publish her book.  Michael hugs her in congratulations.  She says they are hiring a famous designer for the cover.  When Michael asks her when the book will come out, or how much they will pay her, she doesn't know.  She was told to get a literary agent.  He jokes that he will be her agent.  Marcie wants to celebrate at a famous place for dessert, but Eric has to leave.  He and Michael shake hands.  Michael thanks him for the talk, saying that Eric gave him a lot to think about.  Eric tells Michael in a joking way that if he hurts his sister, he'll kill him.  Marcie asks what they were talking about, so Michael just replies, "guy stuff".

At the train station, John says goodbye to Evangeline.  She is excited about being the first African American woman to give the speech at Penn Law.  He compliments her and they kiss.  A man watches them suspiciously.  Later, Evangeline returns and phones John.  She leaves a message on her cell phone to say she's back and that she got a standing ovation.  She runs into the suspicious-looking man, who looks more disheveled.  He recognizes her from earlier and asks if that guy she was talking to was her boyfriend.  She smiles and says that he is.  He starts making racist comments to her about how she should stick to her own kind.  She is shocked at what he says.  He also makes anti-gay comments.  They argue and he blocks her path when she tries to get by.  He ends up throwing her against the wall and putting his hand on her chest, making threats about what he will do to her.  They wrestle a bit and he starts to attack her.  Michael comes up behind, with Marcie, and starts fighting with the guy.  Evangeline and Marcie help out and the guy runs off.  Michael's mouth is bleeding a little bit, but he's okay.  Marcie asks why that man attacked her.  Evangeline, still in shock, replies that he attacked her because of the color of her skin.

At a bank in New York City, Antonio is with the bank vault manager.  He shows him the key for the safety deposit box.  The manager asks who he is, and he replies that he's Manuel Santi. The manager says there's a problem; there is a password that goes with the key.  Antonio doesn't have it and asks if he can't make an exception.  The manager gets very chilly and suggests that Antonio leave before he calls security.  Later, the manager sets the alarm on the vault.  Antonio breaks into the vault via a vent above it, like Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible".  Outside, Dorian arrives with her key.  The manager mentions that another man was also there with a key, and his name was Manuel Santi.  Dorian is shaken but says that's impossible, he's dead.  Inside, Antonio opens the box and takes out the contents: a package.  He gets out of the vault just after the manager turns off the security alarm and laser and lets Dorian in.  Antonio has a nervous moment when they think they hear a noise, but they never look up or catch him.  They open the box but find it's empty.  Dorian is very angry and demands to know what's going on.

At home, Viki looks at a picture of her with Jessica.  She has a flashback to their argument.  She phones Clint and asks him for help.  She talks about Jessica's ill-advised marriage.  She wonders how she should deal with it, keep fighting or stay silent and let Jessica make her own mistakes.  Clint tells her that she already knows the answer, and she agrees.  She asks how Joey is and then hangs up.

At the Palace, Jessica is on the phone to Kevin.  She is having a dinner there with him, Tico, and Viki.  She worries that Viki won't show up.  Sonia arrives and congratulates Jessica.  Jessica is wary but Sonia wishes her well.  Sonia informs her that she will be moving out so she and Tico will have more privacy.  Sonia lets her know that she's been staying with Antonio in his motel room.  Jessica questions her about it, but Sonia tells her that she is getting a wonderful man in Tico and that he will make her happy.  Tico arrives and says that Jessica will make him very happy.  He asks if Sonia is staying for dinner, but she has something to do.  She did notice that Isabella's things had been moved out.  Tico says that he had her things destroyed.  Sonia is shocked at this.  Tico explains that since Isabella betrayed him, being El Tiburon, he doesn't want any reminders of her.  Sonia had hoped they would go through her things and try to understand what happened.  She has a flashback to Antonio telling her to meet with the guy who is pretending to be El Tiburon.  She makes sure that Tico and Jessica will be there for a long while.  As she leaves, Sonia sees a cop that has been following her and tells him that he might as well come with her.  Jessica is annoyed from Sonia's being there, so Tico soothes her.  Kevin and Viki arrive, so Jessica is thrilled.  They hug.  During dinner, Viki tells Kevin about the job offer she made to Kelly.  He agrees that it's a good thing for kelly, which surprises her.  He says their divorce is finalized and he has no anger left.  He tells them that he was just arranging with Kelly for her to have more visitation with Ace.  Viki is happy to hear it.  Jessica wonders if this means they can be a family again.  Kevin says he has an offer for Jessica.  He wants her to have a full-time column at the Banner.  She tells him that she wants to finish school.  He thinks that the Banner will be better training for her, and Tico agrees.  Jessica is puzzled why Kevin is asking her to do this.  He says that they need her at the paper.  When he brings up Todd, she says she doesn't want to be a part of his feud.  He says they are no longer having personal attacks, they are only fighting each other in the newspapers.  Tico likes Kevin's offer.  Jessica says she has to think about it.  Tico apologizes to Viki about not having her at the wedding.  He tells her that after his mother's death, he was only thinking about himself.  Viki smiles and thanks him.  He hopes to earn her approval and affection.  He promises to do all he can to make Jessica happy.  Viki says that's the most important thing to her.  Tico excuses himself before dessert so they can chat.  He and Kevin shake hands and he gives Jessica a kiss before leaving.  Jessica asks Viki if she didn't marry a great guy.  Viki just smiles.  Kevin leaves, too, so Jessica presses Viki for an opinion.  Viki says that Tico obviously loves her, but she wishes that she could see the same love in Jessica's eyes.

Sonia goes to the police station and yells at John for putting a tail on her.  He questions her about what she is hiding from him.  She says that Isabella is El Tiburon.  He is surprised to hear it.  She tells him that someone posing as El Tiburon set up a meeting with Antonio.  She says there is supposed to be an exchange, so she shows him the key.  She explains that the key is not real and that she, not Antonio, will be there.  He asks where Antonio is, so she replies that he is lying low.  John doesn't believe it and demands to know where Antonio really is.  Sonia doesn't want to tell him anything more, or she doesn't know.  She protests to John that someone has been sending Antonio on a wild goose chase and that his life is in danger.  Later, we see Sonia entering a warehouse with her gun drawn.  John comes in behind her and she yells at him for following her again.  He says he has to be there.  She pushes him to a corner and says he'd better stay there and be quiet, or he will lose his badge.  They hear someone else arriving.

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