OLTL Update Wednesday 10/13/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/13/04

By Michelle
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Nora and Daniel are at Capricorn’s to have dinner. Nora spots Bo with a lady and recognizes her as Asa’s doctor. Nora is concerned that something maybe wrong with Asa. She goes over to his table and Daniel follows her. She voices her concern only to find out that there is nothing to worry about and that Bo and Page are on a date.

Some of the kids form The Love Project at the university to meet with Viki (the president of the university). They are all concerned that they’ve done something wrong until they realize that they aren’t in a meeting individually.

Dorian is at home on the phone questioning the police about the missing items from her safe. As she is talking on the phone she mentions her going to New York before she hangs up. Kelly over hears her and says your going to New York. She tells her that she is and that she is going to see if David will stay there with her. David comes in and says he’s going to New York. Dorian wants David to stay so she can be in nice hands.

Todd and Blair are at the palace hatching up plans to keep them out of trouble with Asa. Kevin walks in and Blair leaves to go to the hospital. Kevin tells a worker that he is there for an interview. He is unaware that Todd is the one doing the interview and when the host shows him to the interviewer he finds out it is Todd. The two of them trade insults.

Viki comes out of her office and greets the student and invites them in. Viki tells them she has already met with Riley, Jen, and Hudson. Shannon says I didn’t do it before even knowing what the meeting is about. Viki tells them that they’ve been doing a wonderful job on the project and that everyone is thrilled at their work. One of the students says it’s not done yet. Viki lets them know that the project will be done Nov. 19, and that way they will be able to give Thanksgiving dinners. After the meeting Marcie tells Shannon that she is going to be leaving, and will see her when she gets back. Rex comes and pulls her away. Marcie than tells everyone else that she will see them when she get back, but they act like they don’t care and leaves. Viki tells her good luck and to have a safe trip. Viki goes back into her office and sees a note asking her to meet Kevin at the palace.

Todd and Kevin continue to throw insults to one another. Todd tells him that he will be going down if he keeps it up. Kevin says he won’t and Todd says yeah that’s what Martha Stewart thought. Todd tells him that he will continue to publish articles about him in his paper. Kevin says he will do the same to him in The Banner. Todd tells him that he is going to go to Kelly so he can get a juicy quote.

David tells Dorian that he’s going to New York with her. Kelly tells Dorian that she and Adriana would be fine there alone. Dorian insist that David stay there to keep them safe in case someone comes back to the house looking for something. David tells her to go get ready so he can give her the proper good bye. Dorian goes in the hallway and finds a file. She comes back in the study and asks Kelly what’s the file about. Kelly tells her that it is the next year calendar event for the university. Dorian isn’t pleased and tells her that she needs to tell Viki that she won’t be working there and will be working at the hospital. Kelly tells her that she has already accepted the job.

Nora is back at the table with Daniel, but she continues to look over at Bo. She says she had known idea about Bo and Page and if she had she would have tried to play matchmaker. She turns her attention to Daniel and suggests that they go somewhere else to eat.

Page tells Bo how she thinks it’s wonderful that he and Nora are so close. Bo says Daniel doesn’t think so. Page says that she can understand that. Bo and Page decide to go to another place to give Nora and Daniel some space.

Dorian tells Kelly not to keep associating herself with Kevin’s family. She says Viki doesn’t have her best interest at heart. David gets Dorian to give it a rest and she leaves to get dressed. Kelly tells David that she just wants to get out there on her own. David promises he will talk to Dorian.

Todd teases Kevin about Asa. Kevin leaves and Ms. Bigelow comes to talk with Todd. She tells him that they need a back piece for the Banner.

Viki meets with Kevin. Kevin apologizes for alienating the family and tells her that family means everything. Kevin asks for a second chance and Viki says of course. Viki lets him know that she knows he’s doing this for his political campaign and if this what it’s going to take to get their family on track she is all for it.

Michael checks up on Asa at the hospital. Michael tells him that his mind is sharp. Michael leaves out of the room and runs into Marcie who is in frenzy. She is there to pick Michael up so they can go to New York. She worried about what she wearing and how she looks.

Blair goes into Asa’s room. She picks up a pillow and Asa asks her if she is going to smother him now.

Back at the palace Todd looks over at Viki while she is talking to Kevin. Viki says to Kevin that he and Todd are just going to battle it out in the newspapers. She says well it’s a start. Kevin tells Viki not to worry about Tico and Jessica. He tells her that everything will be okay. He tells her that Natalie will be okay as well because he paid Paul to leave. Viki tells him about what Paul tried to do to her. Kevin says he’ll kill him. Viki tells him not to worry about it.

Todd calls Kelly and asks her if he can get a quote about Kevin for the paper. Kelly tells him she will think about it.

Jen is at the hospital and she starts thinking about Paul and his demands. Marcie walks up and startles her. She bought Marcie a gift. Marcie is so happy and keeps thank her. Marcie tells her that Michael is changing and he will be out shortly so they can leave for New York.

Blair places the pillow underneath Asa’s head. She tells him that her and Kevin agreed to let by gone be by gone. Asa says she and Kevin can shove their deal.

Dorian is heading off to the train station. She tells Kelly that she is almost back to her old self. Kelly tells her to have a good time.

Kevin comes over to Dorian’s with Ace. He tells her that he decided it is time for her to spend a full day with Ace and lets her hold him. He tells her that it just feels right. He says that the press has been hounding him. Kelly tells him that Todd called her, but she won’t talk to him about him. She says it the least she can do after what Kevin is giving her. Kevin leaves and outside of the house he says two down and one to go.

Page and Bo arrive at the palace, but there aren’t any seats for two. There is only seats for four.

Nora and Daniel arrive shortly and ask them what they are doing there. He says that they were trying to give them their space. Nora says that’s what we were doing they all agree to sit at the table together and have dinner.

Blair and Asa agree that is in both of their best interest to call a truce. Blair leaves the hospital and Asa says it isn’t over.


Al, Marcie, and Jen are at the station. Marcie says that she thought her and everyone at the center were getting along well. Al asks why aren’t they their to wish her good luck. Three of the students from the love project comes and surprises Marcie. The two guys open up their shirt and on their chest, it say Good on one and Luck on the other. The girl opens her shirt and on her shirt it say Marcie. They all laugh.

Rex tells Shannon that she doesn’t have to worry about being blamed for the damage at the Love Project anymore. Shannon asks him how does he know. She then asks him if he was the one responsible.

Bo, Page, Nora, and Daniel sit at the table talking. Page talks about how Nora and Bo are so good together. Nora says Daniel id great with Mathew. Bo makes a comment and Nora says when he says that, he means it. Page say see you just remember things about each other. Page and Bo leaves and Page says that went well. Bo agrees.

Shannon apologizes for accusing Rex. She asks him about the money he owes R.J. He tells her that he and R.J has an understanding. He then tells her that he won’t be coming around the center anymore. Shannon thinks that he is ending it with her, but he tells her that he got Ultra Violet back and they kiss.

Marcie and Al leaves. Everyone wishes her good luck.

David sees Dorian off. Dorian tells David to convince Kelly not to take the job with Viki. David says he think she should work with Viki.

Todd goes to see Viki. Todd hands her a file and tells her that Kevin is dealing with crocked people.

Bo goes to see Asa and tells him about his evening. Asa tells him that was no coincidence and he and Nora are meant to be. As they are talking Nora come in and tells Asa that she has brought him some food and she sees Bo there and starts smiling.

Dorian is upset and asks David how could he take Kelly’s side. David tells her that it is not about sides and that it is about Kelly gaining her independence. He tells her that he loves her twice as much as he can’t trust her and he tells her to be careful. Dorian tells him to take care of Kelly.

Kelly calls Todd and leaves him a message telling him that she won’t be saying anything about Kevin. She tells Todd that there is no ill will between her and Kevin since the divorce.

Todd asks Viki what’s wrong with her. She tells Todd that she is backing Kevin and that’s that.

Blair meets up with Ms Bigelow. She tells her sorry that she is late. Ms. Bigelow hands her the edition of The Sun and says tag your it. Ms. Bigelow leaves and Kevin walks up to Blair. Blair tells Kevin that she talked to Asa and they’ve come to an agreement. She says now Kevin can get Asa out of the hospital because he won’t be causing trouble for his campaign. Kevin tells her that his mother is going to campaign for him and that Kelly won’t be saying bad things about him in the print. Blair tells him that Todd can print the truth.

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