OLTL Update Tuesday 10/12/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/12/04

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John and Evangeline are on the docks after having come from the football game. Evangeline talks about how terrible to referees were in the game. John says for her not to know football she seems to know a lot. John has a football and he tells Evangeline to go deep. She says O.K and walks up to him. John laughs and tells her it means go over to the other side of the docks. Evangeline says yeah I know and goes over. John throws her a pass and she catches it.

Nora is at the police station working at her desk and Bo comes out of his office and says he thought she was gone for the night. She tells him that she took Mathew to a friend house decided to get some work done. Bo asks her if she has seen Daniel. She says no and that he went to Philly. She says she was hoping that he would have come there. She says it is probably safe to say that they are done. Bo tells Nora not to give up on Daniel because he talked to him. Nora asks him what did he say to Daniel. Lindsay walks in the department and is listening to Bo and Nora talk. Bo tells Nora that he told Daniel that the two of them have a son together and that they are friends. Bo says that he told Daniel that he wouldn’t come between Nora and him, just like she wouldn’t come between him and anybody he was seeing. Lindsay walks up and says, who in town would believe that.

Paul is having a drink at Capricorns and Jen walks up. Paul tells her how good she looks. He tells her that h hope she decided that she wants that videotape of her mom and Rex because he wants to give it to her. Jen asks him why he’s doing this to her. He says you expect something for nothing. Jen says if she sleeps with him he still not going to get that money he need for R.J. He says he might have an answer for that. Then Paul asks her if she want the videotape or not.

Dorian is her house looking into an empty safe and David comes in with a bottle of Champagne. Dorian looks over at David with the Champagne and asks him what he’s doing. He tells her he wants to make a toast. Dorian tells him that everything is missing from the safe one of her favorite necklaces. She goes on about how the key to the millions is gone and it was rightfully theirs. David tells her he will get her a new favorite necklace. Dorian says that they won’t be able to get the money. David says they’ll get and she asks him how. David pulls a necklace from underneath his shirt with a key attached.

Antonio is at the hotel and Sonia comes in. He asks her if she has talked to her higher up. She tells him yes, and that at first they were kind hesitant about Tico’s story, but they checked it out. She tells Antonio that he is not going to like it, but it’s looking like Isabelle was El Tiburon.

Rex meets R.J at Capricorn. Rex thanks him for meeting with him. R.J asks him what he wants. Rex asks him if he’s been looking for property. He then mentions the Love Project and how the property will be worth something in a while and that he could put up a few loafs and rack in the dough. R.J says well that’s fine and dandy, but you’re forgetting it’s under lease. Rex than says well that’s why you’ve been sabotaging it.

Back at the hotel, Sonia tells Antonio that she was hoping to prove Tico story wrong. Antonio says she doesn’t want to believe Tico is a liar. She says Tico lied to protect his mother and that Tico has nothing to do with the organization. Antonio says what about the person that has been calling him claiming to be El Tiburon. Sonia says it is probably just some life trying to take over the power. She says besides you said he sent you on a wild goose chase. Antonio then tells her he lied to her and that the guy had him do his dirty work. Sonia asks what he did.

Dorian is admiring the key on David’s neck and she asks him how did he get it. Dorian starts to think and ask him where he got the key. David tells her that he made a copy of the original key. Dorian is a little upset that he let her practically lose her mind thinking they had lost all those million and he had a key the whole time. She then says unless you planned on going to get the money with me. David tells her wouldn’t know what to do with all that money without her. He says, look I love you, and do you really think I would leave you for a couple of hundred million dollars?

Lindsay is talking to Nora at the police station. Lindsay she better stay to warn Daniel. She says she can see it now the side-glances and the stories. Nora says why don’t you wait here and worn Daniel, and she says oh I forgot he doesn’t listen to you any more since he caught you with Rex. Nora moves her coffee away from Lindsay because she doesn’t want a repeat performance of Rodie’s and she tells her if I get a drop of coffee on me I’m pressing charges. Lindsay’s says that she is just trying to say that anyone that gets involved with her and Bo are wasting their time because it is a lost cause. Nora tells her that she is so sorry things didn’t work out for her and Bo, but it’s over and to stop blaming her for everything that goes wrong in her life. Nora says get over it Looney and move on. Bo comes out of his office and comes over and asks Lindsay if she wanted to see him. Lindsay says yes and that she want to get a license for a gun.

R.J laughs at Rex and says what you think I’m smuggling plywood in the night. Rex says that people at the house have been hearing music and voice at the house. He tells R.J that the two of them go way back and that they can forget they even had the conversation. R.J says you want me to forget about the money you and Paul owe me. Rex says he don’t care about Paul just the other half he owes him. Rex asks R.J if he can have his man break a few of Paul bones for what he did to Natalie and for what he is doing to Jen. R.J tells him to go save Jen and leave him alone. Rex says that he tried, but Jen won’t listen to him.

Paul asks for another drink and asks Jen if she wants one. She doesn’t answer him, so he tells the bartender that she will have what he’s having. Paul then asks Jen if she remember how Rex and her mom looked doing it on top of the bar at Ultra Violet. He says just thinking about it gets him all hot inside. Jen tells him to shut up, and asks him what her mother ever did to him. She says when she found out that he was trying to rob her she didn’t turn him in. Paul tells her that she’s taking it personal. Jen tells him that it’s about as personal as it get from what he is asking her to do. Paul asks if she is going to come with him up to his room, so they can recreate what’s on the tape.

Back on the docks John is teaching Evangeline some football terms. Evangeline says that she really had a good time. John says he was surprised. Evangeline asks him why and does he think she is up tight. John tells her know because when they first, first, he has a hard time saying what they did and then he says it was in a strangers house. Evangeline then says and it was well worth getting caught. John says absolutely. They pay catch again, but this time Evangeline throws the ball in the water, and John waves bye to it.

Sonia and Antonio are at the hotel and Antonio tells her that his mother is not El Tiburon. He says he not saying that INL are stupid, but she need to tell them to dig deeper because were place there to make it look like Isabelle. He tells her he is telling her that so she can watch her back. He says that El Tiburon is a live and he has something he wants, but he not going to get. Antonio says know that he knows who he is El Tiburon better watch himself.

David and Dorian are holding Champagne glasses and Dorian is looking at David with a weary eye. David says what you’re not going to toast. David sees that Dorian is still upset and asks Dorian if is she grateful that he made the spare key. She says oh yes I’m grateful and when she get her hands on that money… David interrupts her and asks her what with me and I, and what happen to we and ours. Dorian asks him about the break in. David tells her it looks like it was a professional or someone with the combination. Dorian says or maybe someone who came from downstairs. David says or maybe someone who wanted cool hard cash like they tried it before and got busted, like Blair. Dorian says I’m thinking Paul.

Jen is still at the bar with Paul and she has a drink in her hand. Paul finishes his drink and Jen offers hers to him. He says he thinks he has had enough, but Jen talks him into drinking hers to. She tells him that Riley can never find out about it. Paul tells her that his lips are sealed, but if she likes she can tell Natalie and rub it in her face because he knows how she hates her and all. Paul tells her to relax and that she might enjoy it. Riley walks into Capricorn.

On the other side of the room Rex is talking to R.J. Rex tells him he would ask for a cut, but he’s helping with The Love Center and wants to see it through. Rex tells R.J that if he’s lucky maybe he will only get community service like him, or if he goes to Statesville maybe Lindsay will help him escape because she still owes him. R.J asks him what he’s talking about. Rex tells him that Lindsay told him everything.

Lindsay goes into the office with Bo. Bo tells her she is not allowed to carry a gun since she’s been convicted. Lindsay says that she didn’t mean to shoot Sam. Bo says yeah you meant to shoot. Lindsay tells him that she done everything the court asked her to do and that she needs the gun for protection because someone broke into the gallery. Bo asks her if she contacted the police, and she says no and that nothing was missing. She tells him that she let the wrong person in her life. Bo tells her she should get a new security system that will contact them if it is set off. Lindsay and that will just take care of everything and leaves his office. Nora comes in after her and Bo tells her that he is worried about Lindsay. Nora says she is to, especially an armed Lindsay. She then tells Bo that she is going to head home because it doesn’t look like Daniel will be coming. Bo says that he is probably going to go and get him a burger or something. As Nora is leaving his office Daniel walks up and apologizes for interrupting. Nora tells him that he isn’t and Daniel asks to speak to her. Nora asks Bo if they are done and Bo says, Nora then tells him bye and walks out with Daniel. Nora tells Daniel that she has wanted to talk to him all day. Daniel says him to and that the train was delayed and he wanted to tell her in person. Nora say tell me what. He says that he wants to apologize about the way he acted with her and Bo. Back in Bo’s office he calls the hospital and speaks to his father’s physician, Dr. Miller and asks if she would like to have a late dinner with him. She says she was just about to order take-out and agrees to have dinner with him.

Antonio tells Sonia that El Tiburon had him empty out Dorian’s safe, and he shows her the key that El Tiburon wants. Sonia asks him what the key is for. He tells her it’s probably for some more money his father has stashed away. She then says well he’s probably going to come looking for you. He tells her that he has meeting set up, but he isn’t going to show up. Sonia says I thought you wanted to see who he was. Antonio says he does and that she is going to go in his place.

John and Evangeline are sitting on the docks. Evangeline apologizes for throwing his ball in the water and promises to buy him another one when they go to another football game. John tells her if she keeps that up he is going to have to change his opinion about her. Evangeline tells him that he didn’t get out that much this summer because his skin is pale. He tells her it’s just not as beautiful as yours. She then asks him if ever think about their differences. She says that sometimes that is all she think people see when they see her. John says he finds that hard to believe. They continue to talk and then they leave and go to John’s place.

Paul gets a call from Dorian and she wants him to come to her place. He wants to know why because she said he was no longer family and threatened to kill him last time he was there. She tells him it is about his mother and to come right away and she hangs up the phone. Paul tells Jen that he has to go on a little errand and for her to meet him at his room at 8 o’clock. Riley walks up and asks him why the hell would Jen need to be seeing him. Riley asks Jen what’s going on.

Across the room R.J tells Rex he needs to get out of his face with the accusations because he has nothing. Rex says except for the surveillance I put at the site. R.J asks him if he has the tapes on him. Rex tells him no, but he can have packaged and shipped right over to Bo. Then he asks R.J. is the rest of his debt cleared. R.J tells him he’ll think about it and to run along and keep the little fantasy to his self. Rex then asks him if he’ll drop the compliant against Natalie. R.J says she can spill Cramer blood all over just not in his place. Rex says she knows. R.J then tells him that she might not have to worry about it too much longer because if he keeps messing with Lindsay he will take care of him. Rex tells him to call him if he needs help and walks away.

David and Dorian kiss and David tells her that he likes the way she got Paul to come over and that he is loving her new hair extensions. Dorian says she doesn’t want Paul near Kelly ever again. David tells her once they get the millions they can hire someone to make Paul disappear. Dorian says he is her sister’s son. David says so we sacrifice one to keep the other safe.

Sonia and Antonio are n the computer trying to find out what the key is to. They come up with a match and it is for a safe deposit box in New York. Antonio tells her that he made a fake key and she will be giving it to who ever Tico sends as a decoy while he will have the real key checking to see what’s in the box. Sonia says she’ll go and prove once and for all that Tico is not El Tiburon and then her and Antonio can get started with them. She says this as she stands behind him rubbing his chest.

Daniel continues to apologize to Nora for getting upset with her for wanting to be there for her family. Nora says she was canceling a lot of dates and it always had something to do with Bo. He then apologizes for hurting her the other night Nora tells him it okay. Daniel asks her out to dinner. Bo walks up and says don’t let me interrupt and Daniel says that he was just about to go and make reservations. Nora thanks Bo for talking to Daniel and promises not to come any where near where they are going. Nora says of course you won’t it’s not a place you pick up burgers and go any way. Bo smiles and leaves the police department.

Antonio is getting ready to leave for New York and he tells Sonia to be careful. They talk about how their life will never go back to what it use to be and how they don’t know what it will be like. Antonio says maybe they can find out together.

John and Evangeline are at John’s room and they are making love.

Paul goes to Dorian’s and when Dorian greets him David jumps him from the side. They take him into the study and roughly questioning him. Dorian search his pockets and finds nothing.

Riley is questioning Jen about why she’s with Paul. Jen lies to him and says that Paul was pumping her for information about Natalie. She tells him that she missed him and asks him where he has been. Riley tells her that he has been out looking for an apartment. He would like her to move in with him once they finish the project. Jen tells him she needs him so much right now, but then makes up an excuse about having to catch a sale at Logan’s before it closes and she leaves.

Nora and Daniel end up Capricorn’s because Daniel you get his other reservations. When Daniel go to push Nora sit in he sees Bo with his lady friend. Nora turns and sees him and she waves at him.

Lindsay and R.J are at the docks and R.J tells Lindsay to tell him if Paul gives her any more trouble. Lindsay tells him that she was so scared of Paul that she went to Bo to get a gun permit, but Bo turned her down. R.J than takes his handkerchief and gives his gun to her and tells her to use it sparingly because remember what happen last time you had one.

John and Evangeline are lying in bed and Evangeline ask him is it just her are did things get a lot better after they attached strings. John tells her that it isn’t just her.

Dorian and David continue to question Paul about whether or not he stole the belongings out of the safe. They kick pull out after he once again tries to blackmail them about saying where he got the baby from for Kelly. Dorian starts to think and now believes that the Santi’s maybe the ones that broke into the safe.

Antonio is at the station headed to New York. As he goes to board, he sees his mother vision saying that Tico killed her and he will kill him to. She tells him that no one is safe.

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