OLTL Update Monday 10/11/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/11/04

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John and Evangeline are at the police department. They smile at one another and Evangeline tells him that she is there to drop of some court papers to Bo for his father’s new attorney. Natalie comes in as the two of them are talking and she watches them.

Rex and Paul are at Capricorns talking to R.J about the $100,000 they owe him. Paul tells him he is working on it. R.J says you better if you want to live. R.J walks away, but Rex follows him. He tells him he has half of the money that he owes him and hands him an envelope. R.J tells him he will now only be half dead if he doesn’t come up with the other part.

At the bar, Paul calls Jen and tells her that she better start trying to get R.J off his back and that right now would be a good time. Paul looks over and sees Babe (All My Children.) Paul goes over to her and asks her what she’s doing in Llanview. Babe asks him if there is a reason she shouldn’t be there.

Bo is in his living room and Nora comes out with some pajamas on. Nora thanks him for letting her stay all night. Nora asks him why he let her sleep so late. Bo tells her that he got Mathew off to school. They joke about what she used to wear when they were married. He tells her that he always thought she was the only woman that looked hot in the big pajama pants and shirts.

Tico goes to the hotel to see Sonia. He asks her if Antonio is there. She tells him no and that he hasn’t returned yet. Tico tells Sonia that he knows who El Tiburon is and she does to. Sonia asks him if it is him.

Antonio is at Dorian’s and he has successfully broken into her safe. As he opens it, Kelly comes down the stairs calling Dorian.

Back at the police department, Evangeline says hi to Natalie as she is leaving. Natalie walks over to John at his desk, hands him a paper and asks him if she needs a lawyer. R.J has filed a public nuisance compliant against Natalie for causing a commotion at Capricorn’s the other day. Natalie talks about how she can’t believe she saw something in Paul. She then tells John that she has learned her lesson and that you should wait for what you really want. She tells John not to worry about what so told him about still being in love with him. She says that she will not be acting on it. Natalie asks him if he’s in love with Evangeline.

Now at Capricorn, Paul continues to question Babe about her being in Llanview. Babe tells him that it’s a quite little boutique there that she likes and she wanted to get some coffee. Paul tells her he doesn’t care what she does, but if she wants coffee, goes to the diner. Babe leaves. Jen comes in right after she leaves. Paul tells her she needs to go and talk to R.J if she doesn’t want the adult video debut on the Internet. He tells her he knows how her mother is trying to bounce back from her break down, and Lindsay walks up. She asks Jen why she’s with Paul.

At the hotel, Tico asks Sonia how she could even think that he could be El Tiburon. He acts to be hurt. Tic starts to cry and says that his mother, Isabella was El Tiburon.

Back at Dorian’s, Antonio hides from Kelly. David comes into the study and tells Kelly that Dorian isn’t there. Antonio continues to hide on the side of the couch. The phone rings and it is Ace nanny reminding her that she has an appointment to she her son. Kelly hangs up and tells David. Kelly says like I need a reminder. The both of them leave to get dressed. Antonio goes back to the safe to remove the contents from the safe.

Nora comes into the living dressed. She then sits on the couch and drinks coffee with Bo. Nora tells him that he is very predictable and that she could probably guess what he has in his refrigerator. Bo tells her that she is predictable as well and then he asks her if she is bothered about what happen between her and Daniel. Nora tries to explain to Bo what she did and that Daniel should understand. She says that she thought there could have been something between the two of them. She says now she has to put on that I don’t care face when seeing him at the office. Bo tells her if she needs a place to hide she can come to his office. Nora goes to the bathroom. There is a knock at the door, and Bo goes to answer. It is Evangeline dropping off the court papers. Evangeline asks him how his father is doing and Nora yells from the bathroom to Bo about getting a toothbrush. She comes out and sees Evangeline. Nora smiles.

Back at the police department, John tells Natalie that he and Evangeline are going to see what happens with a relationship. John asks her if it is going to bother her. Natalie tells him that she will be all right. She asks if they can just stick to pool and no more emotional strip poker. John tells her to stay away from Paul because he is trouble and he will only bring her down.

At Capricorn’s, Paul tells Lindsay that he and Jen were talking about the misunderstanding they had the other day about him breaking into the gallery and trying to steal. He says it was a mistake and that he was only there to bring the key that Lindsay some how lost. Jen goes along with Paul. Lindsay says that she wants to speak with Paul alone. Paul hints to Jen that she has work to do and Jen leaves them alone. Lindsay tells him to get lost and to leave her and Jen alone.

Jen goes over to the bar and talks to R.J. She asks her R.J if he cares about her mother. He says yes. She asks him if he would help her if she were in trouble. R.J is curious as to where this is coming from. She asks him if he can let Paul off of paying him that money back he owes him because she believes if he doesn’t he will go after her mother. R.J tells her not to worry about it because he will take care of Lindsay and he walks away. Rex walks over to her and asks her if she is all aright. She starts to say that he is the reason she is in this mess in the first place, but she stops. Rex tells her if she needs help he will help her. Jen walks away.

Sonia and Tico are still at the hotel. Sonia doesn’t believe that Isabella was El Tiburon. Tico tells her that when he was young his mother use to meet his father in private, and that she knew all the little dirty secrets about the organization. He says that his mother wanted him to take over the business and when he refused she turned to Antonio. Sonia asks him if that is the case who chained him in the volt. Sonia asks him if he is sure, but before he answers his cell phone rings. It is Tomas telling him that Antonio completed his task and if he wants him to call Antonio. Tico tells him no, and that he will call him.

Outside of Dorian’s house, Antonio is standing with the contents of the safe in a bag. He reaches in the bag and retrieves the key inside and looks at it.

Nora and Evangeline are at the diner. Nora explains to her why she was at Bo’s. Evangeline tells her that she understands. Nora tells her that Daniel dumped her.

David and Kelly are at the diner. They laugh at Governor Brooks and Kevin’s campaign poster. They joke about Kevin. The nanny comes in with the baby. Kelly is so excited and she picks Ace up and gives him kisses. David leaves and says that he is going to get the baby coffee. Babe is outside of the diner looking in the window at Kelly and Ace.

Natalie is at Capricorn’s apologizing to R.J. She asks him if can consider dropping the complaint. R.J says that he will consider it. Natalie walks over to the bar and talks to Rex. Rex has an envelope in his hand and he is kissing it. Natalie tells Rex why she at the bar. Rex tells her he might be able to help her.

John goes to the hotel to talk to Sonia. Sonia tells him that Antonio isn’t there and she is worried. Sonia says that she has new information, and Antonio walks in. Antonio says what new Info. She tells him that John knows who she is and he is going to help them. Antonio doesn’t want to talk to John and say he knows nothing. John tells him he still looks like the detective and friend he’s come to know and asks Antonio to tell him what he knows. Antonio says if he lets him in he will want to play by the book and it will be worthless. Antonio tells them that the job was a bust. John tells him if he play it their way he’s just as bad as them. John leaves and Antonio asks Sonia about the new information that she has. She tells him that Tico admitted to protecting El Tiburon and that it was Isabella.

Back at Capricorn’s Rex tells Natalie that R.J has been wanting to get some real estate and that he may be the one damaging the love center to scare off the owners so he can acquire it.

Lindsay talks to Jen about the love project and if it is still being vandalized, an have the caught the person responsible. R.J listens in on their conversation. Jen tries to tell her mother about Paul, but Lindsay starts telling her that if she had another break down she might not find her way back.

Bo is at the police department and he tells Daniel that he and Nora are not together. He tells Daniel that he is being a fool.

Nora tells Evangeline that she really like Daniel, but doesn’t see how it is going to work. She says she guess she will just have her three loves, Mathew, Rachelle, and work. Evangeline tells Nora that her and John are taking their relationship to the next level.

Babe goes into the diner and walks by Kelly. She stops and says your Kelly Buchanan and introduces herself again. Kelly lets her know that she knows who she is. Kelly asks her why she’s so interested in her son.

Paul is at Capricorn’s talking on his cell phone and hangs up when Jen comes over to him. Jen tells him that she has an idea, but Paul tells her that he doesn’t need her anymore. She asks him to give her the tape. Paul then says there is something that she can do for him.

Daniel is talking to Bo about Nora. Bo tells him what he is missing out on, and that he’s crazy to throw what they have away. Daniel say you mean you’re mad that you threw away what you head and walks away. John comes up to Bo and tells him that Antonio knows more, but won’t let him in on it.

Tico goes to the diner looking for Carlota, and runs into David. They talk and David pokes fun. Tico say s that he is blessed because he grew up. Money wasn’t’ important to him.

Babe tells Kelly that she just loves babies and that hers is such a doll. Kelly talks about Ace, and then nanny comes to tell he that it is time to go. Kelly tells Ace to be a good boy, and the nanny tells her that they will see her Thursday. Kelly and Babe tell each other nice to see you, and Kelly tells David she is ready to go. David asks Tico if he can pay the bill because he left his wallet. He then tells him that he always leaves a 30% tip. Tico smiles.

Antonio doesn’t believe that Isabelle was El Tiburon. He ask Sonia if she was then why would she take a bullet for him, and who knocked him out. Antonio asks her if she has talking to INL. She tells him not yet.

Nora and Evangeline go to the police department. John says good that Evangeline is there. Evangeline tells Nora that her and John are going to a football game. Nora says I didn’t know you liked football. Evangeline says that John will be going to see a modern dance troop in Philly.

Bo and Daniel are talking in his office. Bo tells Daniel that he doesn’t want Nora. Daniel says that he is going to go for it.

Rex tells Natalie that he needs to get proof that R.J is the one wrecking the love project and then he can get him off his and Natalie’s back.

Lindsay walks up to Paul and Jen and asks her what’s going on. Jen makes up something and agrees to meet up with her mother later. Lindsay leaves. Paul tells her that he wants her to stop by his room looking hot and make him happy for a couple of hours and he will give her the tape. Jen tells him that she can’t because she is with Riley. Paul says he will never find out.

Sonia tells Antonio that she knows it is a shock to him. She tells him that they are going to check out Tico’s story. Sonia and Antonio kisses. Sonia asks Antonio if found out anything. He ask her if she asking as a friend or an agent. He then tells her that he didn’t find out anything. Sonia tells Antonio to stay low and she leaves. Antonio sits on the couch and holds the key in his hand.

David is back at Dorian’s. He looks in the safe while talking to Dorian on the phone. He tells her that it is empty.

Antonio gets a call from El Tiburon. Antonio tells him to meet him on the docks and that he will give him what he wants and he will get to see who he is. Tico is on the docks and he hangs up the phone.

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