OLTL Update Friday 10/8/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/8/04

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Dorian is in her study with the safe open holding a piece of paper talking to David on the phone. She tells him that she has figured out which bank the key she received from Madrid is for. She tells him to hurry home because the bank is New York City and she wants to go right away. The doorbell rings and she hangs up with David when she gets to the door. With the paper in her hand, she opens the door and it is John. He tells her that he heard she recently received a package from Madrid and was wondering if it was a coincidence or did it have something to do with the Santi’s. Dorian holds the paper behind her.

Jessica is at Lanfair holding a picture of her, Antonio, and Jamie. Natalie comes in the room and ask her what is she doing there, and why isn’t she off honeymooning with your new hubby or at least hanging out with. Jessica fiddles with her hair and says that she just came by to pick up a few things. Natalie tells Jessica to just go ahead and admit that she has made a mistake marrying Tico because she still loves Antonio.

Antonio is at the hotel looking at a board on the wall with clippings of the Santi‘s organization. He then sees his mother spirit. Isabelle asks him how long will the man that murdered her go unpunished. Then she says when will Tico pay for what he has done.

Tico is at the palace taking to someone that works for him. He asks him if he remembers what he is going to say, and for him not to elaborate. Quick and clean he tells. Sonia walks up after the man leaves and asks Tico what was it all about. She then asks him what he’s doing with Tomas Garcia a Santi operative that worked directly with his father.

Blair is at Capricorn’s sitting at the bar looking at the Article in The Sun. R.J says let me guess Todd has misled or lied to you again. He asks her if he can get her something stronger to drink and she says that she is fine. Todd comes in and stands next to her. She tells him to go away. She tells him she made a deal with Kevin to end the war and he blows it. She tells R.J that she will take that drink after and to give something that will sting when she throws it in Todd’s face.

Paul meets Kevin at the diner. Kevin gives him money to leave Llanview and to stay gone. He tells him if he ever tells where he got Ace and who his real mother and father is he will bury him. He tells him his family has thousand of acres of land. Paul asks Kevin how much money is it? Kevin says as much as you’re ever going to get from. Paul accepts the money and says he’ll leave town. Kevin you better or I’ll kill you. Then he leaves the diner. He calls Jen and tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about getting R.J off his back. Jen says that’s good because R.J wouldn’t have listened to her any way. She then asks him for the tape and he tells her that he will hang on to it for a while. He says the looking at the tape is a turn on. Jen calls him a sick freak. Paul looks in the envelop of money that Kevin gave him and says that it’s not enough to get R.J off his back, but there is a way to make more.

Dorian says I take it that you are going through my mail, maybe reading it. Dorian tells him to wait in the hall and she goes to put the letter back in the safe, locks it up, and puts the picture back on the wall to cover it up. He tells her he was wondering if something in the package would help him with his investigation and if it did maybe she would tell him about. She tells John that package she got from Madrid was some photo’s she took while there sight seeing. John says I know asked you before but can tell me anything about the Santi’s. He ask her have she seen any of Santi old associates and if she remember any safe house that he kept where he might have stashed a large amount of money. She tells him that her relationship with Manuel Santi has been over for 17 or 18 years now. John says but yet you in 2004 were in Puerto Rico you were looking for the millions. She says she would have been happy with the sun, sand, and surf. Dorian says I thought this was an FBI matter. He tells her that he is doing this to try and help Antonio. She tells him that she really don’t know any more than she has already told him and she walks to the door to open it letting him now it’s time for him to go. John walks out and asks her to tell him if she finds out anything involving the Santi’s.

Back at Lanfair, Natalie tells Jessica that marrying Tico was a huge mistake and that she needs to cop to it. She says if being with someone that is committed to you is not what she calls a mistake. Natalie asks Jessica if she still have feeling for Antonio. She says she’ll all ways have feeling for him on some level. Natalie repeats her and says, some level. Jessica then says that living with Antonio was always intense. Natalie asks her if that‘s a bad thing. Jessica says who want to live in the middle of a thunderstorm all their life. Natalie pokes fun and says Tico’s Mr. Sunshine. Jessica says her and Tico have the kind of relationship that you can build on. She then asks Natalie to stop debating on this with her. Jessica asks her if she ever debates about her and Paul. That hit a button with Natalie and she says please don’ say anything about him. She says he better stay away from me because I don’t want to be responsible for what I might do to him. She then tells Jessica that Paul stole earring that their mom gave to her. She says I can’t even believe that I use to think that he was sweet. Jessica start to say she remember when she thought that about Antonio, but stops in mid sentence. She says she is not going to talk about because it is over and she has something good. Natalie looks at the picture and asks Jessica if she so over Antonio why was she staring at the picture of her, Antonio, and Jamie when she came in the room.

Back at Antonio’s hotel room his mother’s spirit is still talking to him. She tells him that he is his father’s son and fades away. Antonio calls for her to come back and tell him more. Antonio gets a call from Tomas claiming to be El Tiburon.

Marcie and Al is the diner. Al asks he how come she didn’t call him and that he has been leaving her messages on her cell phone all day. She tells him that she didn’t want to talk to anyone. She then say she can’t believe her father could treat her brother the way he did. Al tells her if left her messages to tell her how much he loved her. She takes her phone out of her purse and tells him that she is going to listen to all of them even if she has to listen to her brother and her father on their. She then says she wish that her father and brother would just stop fighting with one another. She looks at her phone and notices a number with a 212 area code. Al says it might be the publisher she sent her book to. Marcie freaks out and says maybe she’s calling to tell her that she doesn’t like her book and it is to long. Al tells her to listen to the message.

Back at Capricorn, R.J gives Blair a drink. He tells her it doesn’t sting, but it leaves a stain. Blair asks Todd to tell her why she shouldn’t throw the drink on him. He tells her she should and she throws it on him and walks to a booth.

Back at the palace Sonia questions Tico about his involvement with Tomas Garcia. Tico says that Tomas needed a job and he hired him. He says that he is on a trial run right now. Sonia tells him it doesn’t look right having him work for him. He then tells Sonia that her family uses to work for his father and they were not Santi operatives. Carlota walks up and Tico thanks her for meeting him. She then asks Sonia how Antonio is doing since she is the only able to see him. Sonia says he is still in a bad way after being lied to his whole life.

At Capricorn, Todd asks Blair how she is. She tells Todd that she really thought they could make it this time. Todd says what if that stuff is true.

Natalie picks the picture up and Jessica takes it from her and says that she misses Jamie and that she shouldn’t be away from her father this long. Jessica and Natalie are sitting on the couch. Jessica asks Natalie how things are going with her since she left Paul. She asks her about John. Natalie tells her nothing is going to happen there because he is with Evangeline. Jessica tells her she should fight for what she wants. Natalie says like you did with Antonio. Kevin walks in and asks Jessica why she isn’t on her honeymoon. Natalie says that’s the same thing I asked. Jessica gets up and goes to the defense about her family not approving of her marriage. Kevin let her know that he thinks Tico is good for and much better than Antonio. He then wishes best wishes. Jessica is so happy that someone other than her self approves of the wedding and she hugs Kevin.

Tico tries to take up for Carlota saying that she was only trying to protect Antonio. He says that Antonio got into gangs and Carlota seen where he was going early on and was only trying to help. Sonia says she gets why Carlota did what she did, but she still lied to Antonio. She tells Tico they are not finishing talking about Tomas and leaves him and Carlota alone. Tico tries to comfort Carlota telling her that it hurts him to see Antonio treat her bad. He says that Antonio must have got his ways from their father and that he to is a Santi, but is not like him. Carlota says Antonio words cut through like a knife. Tico tells her that he has nothing but love for her and kisses her on the cheek.

Antonio is at his room on the cell phone with Tomas. He tells him to go to Dorian’s and retrieve all the contents from her safe. Antonio is on his way out and Sonia enters the hotel. She asks him where his going he tells her that he will be right back. Sonia wants to know more and asks him not to shut her out. He tells her that El Tiburon called him and that he has to do something. She tells him that it isn’t Tico because she was just with him. Antonio tells her that this wasn’t the same guy calling because this guy had a different style about him. Sonia tells him that she wants to go with him. He tells her that he needs to go by his self and that it isn’t dangerous. She lets him go and he thanks her for trusting him. Antonio leaves. Sonia doesn’t like the idea of Antonio going without backup and picks her purse up and puts her gun inside. She opens the door and John is on the other side.

Natalie gets up from the couch and says don’t you think it is kind of sudden. Kevin says she better off with Tico. Natalie leaves to answer the door. Kevin tells Jessica that Asa will be staying in the hospital longer than expected. He says they need to run more test and try new medicine to be sure. Natalie comes in and says look whose is here as Tico walks in the room. He says he came there to see their mother to apologize. Jessica smile walks over to him and gives him a kiss. Jessica then tells Natalie what Kevin told her about Asa. Tico says he hate to bring more bad new and then shows Kevin The Sun’s front page article which is smearing Governor Brooks and his campaign. Kevin is upset and runs out saying that he will kill Todd.

Todd is at the bar cleaning himself up. R.J asks him if he wants some humble pie, or arsenic. Paul goes to Capricorn’s and R.J asks him if he is there to pay him his money. Paul tells him that he is working on it. R.J tells him to apply more effort and to work harder.

Todd and Blair are sitting at a table in Capricorn’s and Todd is trying to explain to Blair that everything in the article has been double-checked and it is true. He says everything he prints will be true and that Kevin is running a crooked campaign. He tells Blair that she use to be a Journalist and to check the facts.

Jen meets Paul at Capricorn. Paul is blackmailing her all over again because he lost all the money. Jen tells him she can’t do anything to get R.J off his back. He tells her that she better do something.

Dorian is in her study and has made a call to the bank. She asks then if they can open it and tell her what the contents of the box holds, but he refuses. She tells him to tell his manger that she is Manuel Sanit’s widow and wants to know what inside before she makes a wasted trip. She slams the phone down with know luck. There is another knock at the door and it is Antonio. Antonio asks Dorian if she can tell him about his father.

Al listens to Marcie’s message and tells her that she says she like the book and for her to call her anytime. Al tells Marcie that she should call. Marcie says it’s to late and Al tells her that she said anytime. Al takes Marcie phone and starts dialing. She asks him what he’s doing. He tells her that she had him listen to the message two times and he remembered the number by heart. Marcie begs him not to call. Al calls and when she answers the phone Al put the phone to Marcie’s ear.

Sonia tells John that Antonio isn’t there. John gets her to tell that she is an INL Agent. She tells John that she is glad that she can come to him if she needs help. John asks her to tell him everything so he can help. She tells him that she believes that Antonio is in to deep and is afraid of what might happen.

Dorian tells Antonio he should go see hi mother and tell her he loves her. Antonio just looks at her and slightly walks away. She tells him that she was only married to him for six. After she found out about his illegal activities she left and got their marriage annulled. Antonio says you didn’t even tell him that you were pregnant. She says no. She then looks at him and says that now that she know he is Manuel son she can see the resemblance. She tells him that Tico don’t resemble him, but he does. Dorian asks Antonio if he knows who got the million dollars he got from the safe deposit box because some of it was rightfully Adriana‘s. Antonio tells her that he has his suspicions. Then she says Tico sure has a lot of money to throw around and how spent more money on the gala then it brought in. Antonio says, “What you don’t trust my half brother.” Dorian asks him do you?

Tico is out back at Lanfair on his cell phone. Just as Jessica comes out he hang up the phone. Jessica tells him that she is worried about Kevin and she asks him if Natalie left. He tells her that she went looking for Kevin and that he shouldn’t have showed him the article. He says how he sees how it is affecting her. She says she’ll be all right. Tico then tells puts the charm and says he want to be together in every single way. He then gives her an expensive bracelet. He tells Jessica that maybe she should go home. She tells him that maybe they should go out dancing and do something, since they didn’t do much as a couple and before they got married. He tells her can’t right now and for her to go back with his driver. She tells him that she has her car and she’ll be fine. He tells her he would feel better if she rode with his driver and that he would take her car. He then calls his driver and gives him orders to take Jessica to Lion Heart.

Marcie tells Al what the lady told her. They kiss.

Blair eases up to Todd. She tells him that she is starting to see some of his old ways. He tells her he knows he lied and it was a lie of omission and that some of her olds ways have been coming out lately. She just looks at him and he tells her that she has been giving him a lot of ultimatums. She tells him that they are still there.

Paul and Jen are still talking at Capricorn’s and Natalie walks in and sees them together. Natalie asks Jen what the hell is she doing. She says that she knows she has a history of doing crazy thing, but this is lower than low. Paul tells Natalie not to be so mean because she knows she still loves him. Natalie attacks him and John breaks it up and pulls Natalie to the side. John tells Natalie not to waste her time on Paul. She asks him if he’s there waiting on Evangeline. Natalie walks back over to Paul and Jen and she says oh and Jen punches Paul in the stomach, you can have him.

Todd says to Blair my niece has a mean right hook. Todd talks about the nice article of Craze he put in the paper. Blair tells him that sometimes he can be so sweet. Kevin walks in and yells to Blair and Todd that the truce is off and storms out. Todd and Blair just look at each other. Todd asks Blair do you think it has something to do with that article.

Antonio leaves Dorian tells him that she will keep him informed. She then calls David and tells him that they need to leave right away because both John and Antonio have been there asking questions. Antonio has gone around to the back of the house and is watching Dorian. Dorian tells David that she is coming to get him and she leaves.

Sonia is at the hotel room talking to someone she works with. She tells them that she is closing in on El Tiburon and hangs up. Her cell phone rings and she answer it thinking it is Antonio. Tico tells her no it is the other Santi. He says Antonio is in yet. She tells him know. Tico then tells her that she was right and that he is keeping something from him. Sonia says she knew it and asks him what is it.

Antonio goes in to Dorian’s house and finds where the safe is hidden.


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