OLTL Update Wednesday 10/6/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/6/04

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Evangeline meets John at the country club. John thanks her for meeting him there. He tells her to hold out her hand. He pulls a string from his pocket and places it into her hand. She asks him what it’s for. He tells her that it’s about the phone call she left on his answering machine about the no strings attached. Evangeline smiles and asks him he is ready for a relationship. John tells her that he wants to try. Johns asks her if she has plans for the weekend and then asks her if she would like to go see the Eagles play football. She says yes. He looks on the menu to order a drink and makes fun of some of the names on the menu. Evangeline suggest that they go to Rodie’s. John asks her if she thinks he’s not country club material. Evangeline tells him know that she just want to go and have drink and let him tell her about football. They leave and go to Rodie’s. They sit at the table and talk about the aspect of football. Evangeline says now he’s going to have to go to something she likes. He teasingly tells her he doesn’t think he can sit at a lawyer’s convention and that maybe he can go to one of her trials. She smiles and says you think my only interest is with my job. She looks over and sees Antonio sitting at the bar and tells John that maybe he should go over and talk to him. John tells her that he is probably the last person Antonio wants to see.

Antonio and Natalie are at the bar at Rodie’s. Natalie is still trying to convince Antonio to do something about Tico and Jessica. Sonia walks up and tells Antonio that she needs him right now, so he should try to get pass Tico and Jessica’s engagement. Antonio tells her you think I’m not over it. I just watched them get married. Sonia can’t believe what she just heard. Natalie asks if she can talk to Antonio alone. Antonio tells her there is nothing else to talk about. There is nothing he can do. Natalie begs him to talk in private and Sonia walks away. Natalie tells Antonio that she doesn’t want to talk about Jessica, but about him. She tells him that he is a good man and that he is Christian’s brother.

Jessica and Tico are Lion’s Heart about to make love and see flashes to a time when her and Antonio were making love. Jessica then brings it to a halt. Jessica tries to explain to Tico that everything has been happen so fast and that she needs time. Tico asks her if this has any thing to do with Antonio. She tells him no and that maybe they should go away for their honeymoon to get away from Llanview. Tico tells her that it is not possible right now because there is business there that he must attend to. Jessica sees that Tico is disappointed and tells him she won’t be upset if he wants to get the marriage annulled. Tico asks her if that is what she wants. She tells him no and that she wants to be with him. They talk more and then his cell phone rings. He tells her that he needs to take the call and Jessica gives him privacy. It is Governor Brooks on the phone. He tells him that everything is falling into place and that he and Kevin will work well together. Jessica has come back in the room and Tico starts to thank Governor for wishing him well on his marriage and then Tico says that he will be donated one million dollars to the heart foundation. Jessica is listening and is really pleased with Tico. Tico hangs up the phone and tells her how he know she and Kevin aren’t really speaking at the moment, but hopefully that won’t be for long because family is everything.

Back at the mansion Dorian is worried where the package she is suppose to be receiving is at. She talks to David in the study room and the doorbell rings. Dorian goes to the door and it is the deliveryman dropping off the package. She brings it in to the study with David and she opens it. It is a key with something encrypted on it, which she believes will help them get the Santi fortune. Dorian gets some papers from her safe and she and David tries to figure out where the Santi millions are hidden. They talk about getting their hands on the money. Mean while in the hallway Adriana is listening to them talk. She drops her books and Dorian and David hears her. Dorian opens the door and she sees Adriana picking up her books. She asks her how long has she been down there. Adriana tells her that she just came down and she didn’t even know that someone was in the study. She says she working on her literature paper and wanted some bubbly water. While they are all in the study Adriana phone rings and she tells the person on the other line that she can’t talk right now. Dorian snatches the phone out of Adriana hand and tells Duke not to call her daughter any more. Adriana is upset and tells Dorian that they are just friends and storms out of the study to her room. Someone is knocking at the door. Dorian answers it and it is Tico. She yells into the room and asks David to guess who’s come to visit. Tico goes into the study and sits down. Tico tells them that he and Jessica have been married. David says you’ve just been married and you’re here. He claims that he wanted to tell them in person. He tells Dorian that he’s now a part of the Buchanan family and that he wants to know why she doesn’t want Duke and Adriana to be friends. He says that Duke is nice and respectable person. Dorian tells him that she’s Adriana mother and knows what best for her and for him not to worry about how she handles her daughter. She tells him he needs to be concerned with his new wife. Tico complement her on the good job she did at the ball. David mentions that it was nice how he fronted the bill with that money he got from his mother’s side of the family. Dorian tells David to stop. David then asks him if he thinks his father has more money hidden some where else. He tells David that he knows nothing of his fathers business and wants nothing to do with that dirty money because he is a clean man.

Sonia meets R.J at the diner. She tells him not to worry about the guy he helped her take care of and that the case has officially been closed. R.J is surprised that John (the ex FBI agent) is letting the case go. Sonia asks R.J if any of the old Santi associates have tried to contact him. R.J tells her that he is not in contact with any of them. Sonia tells him she wants to know because she would like to find out the identity of El Tiburon.

Carlota is at Lanfair visiting Viki. Carlota has Jamie with her and Viki says how pretty she is and how lucky Carlota is to have a grand baby. Then they talk about Jessica and Tico. Carlota is worried about how Antonio is taking everything. She tells Viki that he told her she should move and forget about him. Viki tells her that she has raised a good man and hopefully he will come around. She tells Carlota that he is just going through something right now. She then says she hope Jessica comes to before she makes a big mistake about marrying so soon before knowing a person because she is hurt right now and not thinking clearly. Carlota leaves and Natalie comes home. Viki tells her that she and Carlota are worried about Jessica and Antonio. Natalie assumes that Viki knows about the wedding and says she didn’t think she knew about. She ends up telling about the wedding and Viki screams and says married. Jessica then walks in. Natalie tries to explain that she thought she already knew and she excuses herself. Natalie goes in the hall and looks in a box that she brought out of the room. She pulls out a jewelry box and realizes that her earrings that her mother gave her are gone. Back in the other room Jessica tries to convince her mother that marrying Tico wasn’t a mistake and that he makes her feel loved. She tells Viki how he includes her in his life. Viki tells her that she wants her to be happy, but she feels like marrying Tico was a huge mistake because she doesn’t love Tico and is still in love with Antonio. Jessica can’t take her mother not approving and leaves in tears.

Paul is in Rodie’s and he calls Jen leaving her a message on her phone telling her that she better be trying to get R.J off his back or the public will be getting a hold of the tape. Rex meets Paul at Rodie’s. Rex asks him if he’s come up with the money. Paul shows him a pair of earrings and wants to know if Rex knows someone that buys things. Rex tells him if he’s stolen those earrings from Lindsay that there will be problems. Paul finds it amusing that Rex is willing to protect Lindsay. Rex tells him he’s not helping him and that he shouldn’t have got involved with him in the first place. Rex leaves the table and shortly after Natalie comes to Rodie’s and sees Paul. She tells him to give her earrings back. He tells her that he doesn’t have them. She tells him he better give them to her now because those earrings use to belong to her grandmother. Paul continues to deny having them. Natalie slaps him. He gets up and Natalie attacks him. Rex pulls Natalie off Paul.


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