OLTL Update Tuesday 10/5/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/5/04

By Michelle
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Jessica and Tico’s wedding continues. Natalie keeps looking back to see if Antonio is going to come and stop the wedding. The Priest asks Jessica if she takes Tico…. Antonio walks in and tells her not to do it. Tico is upset and tells Antonio to leave or he’ll call the police. Jessica tell Tico no and she takes Antonio to the hall. Tico doesn’t like this one bit. Natalie says well if she loves you like you think, Antonio won’t be able to change her mind. Jessica tells Antonio that he has no right to be they’re trying to stop the wedding. Antonio tries to convince her that she is doing the wrong thing. He tells her he loves her and if she could just wait a little while longer they can be together. Antonio tells her that she doesn’t love Tico. She asks him how does he know what she feels. Antonio says he knows how her eyes light up when she is in love. She tells him that he is still keeping things from. Antonio says he knows that Tico is keeping things from her. She tells Antonio that Tico tells her everything. Jessica asks him if his slept with Sonia. Antonio tells her he never stopped loving her. Jessica doesn’t like his answer and walks back into the chapel after to resume the wedding. Natalie tells Jessica that Antonio still loves her. She let Natalie know that the wedding will go on. Antonio stands in the doorway looking at the wedding. The priest continues with the wedding and he pronounces them husband and wife. Jessica puts her hands behind Tico’s head and kisses. She then turns her head to see if Antonio is still looking, but he is already gone. Natalie can’t take any more and leaves. Jessica is sad, but when Tico asks her if she is okay she says she couldn’t be better. Adriana congratulates on their wedding.

Blair and Todd talk at the penthouse. Blair is still concerned about Todd going after Kevin and she asks him if he still going to leave it alone. Todd continues to tell her it is over. Blair tells him good then he won’t be upset with her giving the land to Kevin. Todd said as long it isn’t for free. Blair tells him she not crazy their going have to get a good price for the land. Blair leaves. Ms Bigolo comes and her and Todd plan for his attack on Kevin.

Duke goes to the palace to talk to his father. He asks Kevin if he will help him continue his friendship with Adriana. Someone knocks on the door. It’s Dorian and she asks Kevin to help her keep Duke and Adriana apart. Dorian talks about how she doesn’t want her daughter with a Buchanan and Duke lets it be known that he is in the room. Kevin agrees with Dorian and tells Duke he shouldn’t be involved with a Cramer woman because they will bring you down. Duke doesn’t take this easy and says that he won’t stop him from seeing Adriana. Kevin tells him he won’t support him financially if he continues to go against his wishes. Duke basically tells him he doesn’t need his support and leaves the hotel. Kevin and Dorian trade insults about each other’s family. Dorian is going to leave, but when Kevin opens the door Blair is getting ready to knock. Kevin tells Blair to come on in the asylum and put on her straight jacket. Blair doesn’t find it to funny she then ask Dorian what she’s doing there. Dorian tells her she was there working on a deal. Blair tells her that is why she is there. Kevin doesn’t want to do a deal with Blair. Blair then tells him that she wants to sell the land to him for a price. Kevin is shocked and wants to know if Todd has agreed to it. She tells him that Todd knows about it and is officially calling off the vendetta. Kevin agrees to their amount and signs the paper work. Blair and Dorian leaves.

Jen catches Paul in the act of stealing money from the gallery. Paul tries to explain and say that Lindsay left the door open to the gallery. Jen tells him that she left with her mother and she locked the door and turned on the alarm. Paul tells her that Lindsay gave him a key. Jen threatens to call Lindsay to see if he is telling the truth. Jen picks up the phone to call the police and Paul snatches the phone. He asks if they can work something out. Jen tells him if he stays away from her mother she won’t tell the police or show them the video surveillance. Paul agrees and leaves the gallery. Lindsay is on her way in as Paul is leaving. Lindsay tries to speak to him, but he brushes pass her. She asks him it was something that she said and he just mumbles and runs out. Jen tells her mother that Paul tried to rob her and that she wouldn’t be surprised if Rex had something to do with. Lindsay doesn’t believe that Rex is involved with what Paul tried to do. They both agree to have girl’s day by cooking and talking. Lindsay asks Jen to stay and keep an eye on the place while she goes out to get food.

Rex and Shannon are at his apartment making out. Rex phones ring and he picks it up and hangs it up. Shannon asks if it’s Paul that just called. She’s worried about Rex paying the money back to R.J. They continue to make out and some one knock at the door. He opens the door and it is Paul. He tells Shannon that he needs to take care of something and tells her they will hook up later. Shannon tells Paul if Rex gets into trouble behind him she going to get him and she leaves. Rex wants to know if Paul got the money. Paul tells him that it didn’t come through. Someone calls Rex on the phone and he tells Paul he has to get a package from downstairs and that he better think of a way to come up with his share of the money. Paul looks around Rex apartment while he’s out. Rex phone rings and the answering machine come on. Jen leaves him a message telling Rex to keep his friend Paul away from her mother and for the both of them to leave her alone. Paul erases the message. Paul finds an X-Rated video of Lindsay and Rex and picks it up. Rex returns and Paul places his coat over the video. Rex asks him if he’s thought of a way to come up with the money. Paul says yes and picks up his jacket and leaves.

Jessica and Tico leave the chapel and bump into Duke on their way out. Duke congratulates the two of them. Duke tells Adriana that both of their parents have teamed up to keep them apart.

Tico carries Jessica through the house to bedroom. He offers her a glass of wine. They both take a sip and he takes them away. He tells her that he has been waiting for this moment and they kiss. He then tells her how he wants to make love to her.

Shannon goes to Rodie’s and asks Roxanne if she can tell her about Paul. She tells her that she think Paul has got Rex into some trouble. Roxanne tells Shannon that she should be worried about Rex and other girls. Shannon tells Roxanne that see knows how to keep her men happy. Antonio storms in and Roxanne says sure wouldn’t mind making him happy. Then Natalie comes in behind Antonio. Roxanne calls after her, but she doesn’t answer. Roxanne wonders what’s going on.

Natalie asks Antonio if he’s going to do anything about Jessica and Tico. He tells her that he is going to prove that Tico is El Tiburon and that he just hopes it won’t be to late for Jessica.

Paul goes back to the gallery looking for Lindsay and finds Jen. She tells him to leave and that she still has the surveillance tape. Paul tells her he has a tape as well and shows it to her. They both watch the tape and Jen tells hi to turn it off. Paul tells Jen that he will show the tape to everyone unless she gives him money.


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