OLTL Update Monday 10/4/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/4/04

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Blair and Todd are at the penthouse. Blair is worried that Toddís wound might be getting infected and wants him to see a doctor. Todd doesnít want to go the hospital because then people would know that Asa shot him and that he didnít imagine the whole thing. Blair doesnít believe fighting with the Buchananís is worth dying over.

Antonio is at the church seeking guidance. His motherís vision has him a frightened. Sonia comes in the church as Antonio is asking for answers.

Tico is a Lionís Heart talking to someone on the phone about Sonia involvement with Antonio. He believes that she was going to tell him something, but changed her mind. He wants the person on the phone to find out what Sonia is up to. Adriana comes over just as he hangs up the phone. Tico thanks her for coming. Adriana tells him that she been worried about him since his motherís funeral. He says it brought him and Jessica together. Adriana says she is shocked that the two of them are engaged and asks him if he is taking her some where because he is all dressed up. He asks her if she can be apart of his wedding that is taking place today.

Duke goes to see his Grandma Viki, but she isnít there and he and Natalie talks. He tells Natalie that he wanted to see if Viki could talk Kevin in to being a little easier on Kelly. He then figure since Natalie is basically the only one really talking to him that maybe she can help. Natalie then tells him that they are not really speaking at the moment either.
He figures if Kevin ease up then Dorian will ease up to. Natalie tells him she doesnít believe anyone could get those two to back up and that Adriana shouldnít let them stop her from seeing who wants to see. She says I donít ever let anyone stop me. Just as says that Jessica walks in dressed in a white suit and says thatís why I know you will understand. Natalie is confused and asks what she should understand. Jessica says, why I am marrying Tico today.

Lindsay is selling a painting at the gallery and Paul is watching from a distances. The customer walks out and Lindsay goes to another room to put away the money. Paul comes in from the hallway. Lindsay returns and sees Paul and says Hi. Paul says hi to her and asks her if sheís busy. She tells him no and then he tells her that maybe she can show him the paintings that she was going to show him the other night. Lindsay lets him know that he is late. Paul asks her if she misses him. Lindsay tells him she just sold the last one. He tries to get her to tell him how much the paintings went for. She simply tells him enough. Paul clams that he didnĎt want to scare her off and that is why he didnĎt come back the next day. Lindsay tells him that she doesnĎt scare that easy. Paul asks her if the kiss bothered her. She asks him why? He says because it bothers him and he just canít stop thinking about it. Lindsay is amused and asks if that is the kind of stuff that worked on Natalie. Paul laughs.

Back at Lanfair, Duke excuse himself so Natalie and Jessica can talk. Before he leaves he congratulates Jessica and says that Tico has been nothing but great to him and that he is happy for the two of them. Natalie is shocked that Jessica is marrying Tico today. Jessica tells her not to try and talk her out of it. Natalie asks if she could and Jessica tells her no. Jessica gets upset from the look Natalie is giving her and raises her voice telling her not to look at her like that because she knew that they were engaged. Natalie says it hasn't even been a week since the engagement. Jessica asks her why wait. Natalie tells her to get to know someone and to get over Antonio. She tells her that she is over Antonio. Natalie doesnít believe her and tries to convince her that she isnít ready for this marriage. Jessica tells Natalie that her and Tico have been spending a lot of time together for the pass couple of weeks and that he has been there for her when Antonio wasnít. She says that he makes her feel good and that is what she needs right now. Natalie tells her if she wants to fell good go shopping, go to the movies, or have a glass of wine, but do not marry a man you hardly know. Jessica is upset because she though Natalie would understand. Natalie lets her know that she does understand and that she is the one that married Mitch.

Adriana is sitting down talking to Tico. Tico tells her he would like to have her by his side when he marries Jessica. Adriana asks him if Sonia will be there. He tells her that she has other business to do. Adriana thinks that it is sudden. Tico tells her that he knew Jessica was the one the moment he saw her. Adriana says, yes that was when she was engaged to Antonio. Tico tells her about his love for Jessica and how you feel when you love someone. Adriana tells Tico that she just wants him to be happy and the Jessica is lucky to have him. She wonders how Antonio might take the news. He tells her that Antonio caused Jessica a lot of pain and he gave her nothing but misery. What ever happens to him he deserves it, Tico says.

Sonia follows Antonio into the church and asks him to tell her whatís bothering him. She thinks that she can help him. Antonio asks her if she believe in ghost. She tells him she believe that they are things in the world that sometimes understood and it reaches out to help like energies, spirits and souls.

Blair is still trying to nurse Todd at the penthouse. She wants him to stop the vendetta with Asa and Kevin. He promises her that he has. Starr comes in from school and is upset that Travis mother wonít be taking the job at the university and they will not be moving to Llanview. She complains about not having any friends because everyone thinks sheís weird because of her parents. She goes upstairs. Someone knocks at the door. Blair answers and it is Ms. Bigolo. She comes to give Todd medicine to fight off his infection. She tells them about the pills she got from a doctor, but first he need to start with a mega dose in the muscle. She has a syringe in her hand and tells Todd to roll over and drop his pants.

Back at the gallery, Paul tells Lindsay he is nothing like Rex. She asks him what makes him so different. Paul tells her that he doesnít want to spend the rest of his life with her daughter. He tells her itĎs like the art world; the originals are much better than the print. Lindsay says you have all the lines. He goes to kiss her and Jen walks in and is very upset to see her mother with Paul. Jen asks her what she's doing because that is Natalie boyfriend and he is a crook. Paul jumps to his defense saying him and Natalie are not together anymore. Jen tries to remind her mother that Paul tried to rip her off. Paul says he was never convicted of a crime and that she is just mad that someone thinks her mom is prettier than her. Lindsay breaks up the argument and tells Paul he should leave and she will talk to him later. Paul leaves. Jen voices her concerns about her involvement with Paul. Lindsay tells her that sheís learned her lesson from Rex. Jen tells her good because she feels like she is just getting her back from all of that. Lindsay says that she doesnít need her because she has all her friends at the project and now she has Riley. Jen tells her that she needs her and she doesnít want her getting into trouble right now. Jen asks Lindsay to promise so wonít throw it all away or Paul.

In the church, Antonio tells Sonia that he has been dreaming about Isabelle a lot lately. He then says he may just be thinking too much. Sonia asks him about the dreams. He tells her that she has been telling him things. Sonia wants know what. Antonio tells her that she said Tico killed her. Sonia believes that itís his way of blaming someone for her death and doesnít believe that Tico is capable of killing his mother because he loved her so much. She tells him that she is pretty sure of it. Just as assure that he is not El Tiburon. Antonio tells her that he doesnít want him to be El Tiburon both because heís his brother and he is marrying Jessica. Sonia asks him why donít he tell Jessica about his concerns. He tells her that Jessica wonít believe him right now. He says she not going to go through with it any way because she doesnít love him and Tico is in love with her. Sonia says you mean as much as you. Antonio sits in silence. Sonia tells him she has to get back to work and try to find El Tiburon or she'll be kicked off the case. She leaves the church. A lady comes in and tells Antonio she needs to decorate for a wedding. He asks her whoís getting married, and she tells him she doesnít know.

Back at mansion, Natalie asks Jessica if their mother knows about the wedding. Jessica tells her no. Natalie canít believe she hasnít told their mother. Jessica says that she's only going to try and talk her out of it. Jessica tells Natalie if she wants to come that is fine. She picks up her purse and is getting ready to leave. Natalie asks her if she going to be wearing the suit to the wedding. She says yes. Natalie wants to know what happen to her dream of being in the beautiful dress and having all her family there to see her. Jessica tells her itís not about the dress. She tells Natalie she going to marry him with or without her there. Natalie agrees to be there for at the wedding. Jessica hugs her and thanks her.

Ms Bigolo tells Blair to make sure Todd keeps up with the meds. She leaves the penthouse just as Sonia is arriving. Ms. Bigolo tells her she did a good job stitching Todd up and continues to leave. Blair tells Sonia that she is Toddís personal bulldog. Sonia asks if an infection has set in his wound. Blair tells her that Ms. Bigolo just dropped off some meds for him. She walks in and tells Todd he should have called her. He says he didnít want to ask her another favor. She tells him you stitch my wound and I stitch yours. She than asks Blair if she knows anything about Dorian keeping in touch with Santiís associates. Todd asks her if it has something to do with El Tiburon.

Duke is waiting in the church and Adriana comes in. She tells him thanks for coming. He asks her if she would be worried that her mother would come. She let him know that Dorian doesn't go to church and that she isnít Catholic. Duke asks her if she has decided to go behind her mother so they can be friends. She tells him that it is not about that, but about Tico and Jessica getting married and not letting with other say change their minds.

Tico and Jessica are in the room. Tico tells her that he is glad that Natalie has agreed to come to their wedding. She tells him if her family doesnít understand why she is marrying him thatís theyíre problem because all she needs is him He then gives her his motherís wedding dress and tells her that he would be honored if she wears it. Jessica begins to form tears in her eyes and agrees to wear it. Tico tell her that he loves her and she says you to.

Antonio is Angel Square looking up at the statue asking for answers. He wants to know if his motherís spirit is reaching out to him. Natalie comes behind him and touches him on his shoulder. Antonio tells her if it is about Jessica he has nothing to say. Natalie tells him that she is getting married. Antonio doesnít believe her. She tells him that Jessica will be Mrs. Tico Santi in less than an hour unless he does something about it. Natalie then walks away.

Lindsay assures Jen that nothing is going on with her and Paul. Jen tells her that she knows she was upset about Shannon and Rex the other day. Lindsay asks her if she's worried that she going to mess something up. Jen asks her mother if she has anything to do with the sabotages of The Love Project.

Sonia, Todd and Blair continue to talk at the penthouse. Sonia says she is not to thrilled of having El Tiburon running around. Blair says the only connection Dorian has is with her daughter. Sonia asks if Dorian has given up on the Sanitís millions. Todd tells her she should be worried about Kevin Buchanan. Blair wants to know why Todd is bringing him up. Sonia wants to know what he has to do with it. Todd tells her that when she was patching him up he was doing a little snooping and found a Personal Investigation Report of Governor Brooks in Ticoís desk. Sonia says that Tico must think he is doing something wrong. Todd says that heís a slime ball. Sonia doesnít believe that Tico is in anything bad. Starr comes down the stairs pouting. Sonia excuses herself. Starr is upset because Travis didnít instant message her back. Todd tells her to plan a party. She doesnít believe anyone will come. Todd tells her she can have a party at the amusement park. They can rent it out for just her and her friends. She asks him if they can get a bus and live band to perform there. He tells her she can get anything she wants. Starr doesnít think people will want to come. Todd tells her sure they will and to start her planning. She goes upstairs to start planning. Todd asks Blair what Starr is so worried about. Blair asks him if the fever has fried his brain. She then tells him that she is worried about what people thinks of them.

Back at the church Duke tells Adriana that he doesnít want to have to keep sneaking around to see her. Adriana says, what else can we do. Duke tells Adriana that he is going to talk to his dad and see if he can get him to let up on Kelly. Just as they are about to kiss, Tico comes in an interrupts them. Duke congratulates him on the wedding. Tico offers him to stay because he knows Jessica would like to have some of her family there. Duke tells him he has something to do. Tico tells him he may come afterwards. Tico is worried and wants to know if Adriana has seen Jessica. He says that she is not answering her phone.

Back at Angel Square, Natalie continues to try and get Antonio to try and stop the wedding. Antonio tells her that they are over and that there is nothing he can do. Natalie says well if you wonít do anything about it I will.

Jessica leaves from Lion Heart to go to the church.

Starr come downstairs to tell Todd and Blair that everyone wants to come and canít wait. She then tells them that there is a new boy at school and all the girls think heís hot. She then runs back upstairs. Todd says you get rid of one and you have another one lined up. He and Blair kiss she asks him if he is off the Kevin warpath. He promises that it is over.

Lindsay is a little applaud that Jen would ask her that and asks her why would she do something like that. Jen thinks she may have did it to get a Shannon for being with Rex. Lindsay promises her that she isnít doing it. They both leave the gallery and Lindsay turns on her alarm.

Tico is in the hallway of the church screaming at someone on the phone about where Jessica could be. Natalie walks up and says problems. He asks her if she knows where Jessica is. Natalie says no, you mean she isnít here. Tico thinks that Natalie knows something and starts to lose his temper with her. Adriana runs into the church and tells him that Jessica is out front and he needs to go in because it is bad luck to see the bride. Tico looks at Natalie and says I donít need luck I have Jessica and walks in the church. Jessica comes in Adriana tells her she looks beautiful. Natalie asks her where she got the dress. Jessica tells her. Adriana gives her bouquet with something old, new, and blue wrapped in it. Natalie gives her necklace for something borrowed. Natalie asks if she is sure she doesnít want her to call their mother. Jessica tells her it is to late. Natalie tells her it is never to late. Jessica tells her it is time for the wedding. Natalie asks if she is sure. Jessica tells her that she wants to marry Tico and for her to go inside.

Antonio is at Angel Square and he sees his mother spirit again. She tells him to go and stop Tico. Antonio hesitates and then takes off for the church.

Ms. Bigolo goes back to see Todd. Blair and Starr have left shopping for Starrís party. Todd continues to plot against Kevin after he told Blair it was over.

Paul sneaks into the gallery and goes to take Lindsayís money. Jen catches him in the act.

Back at the church, Tico holds his hand out for Jessica to come to him. She walks to him and the wedding begins.

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