OLTL Update Friday 10/1/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/1/04

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Daniel spots Nora in the park and calls after her. He tells her heís been calling her. Nora tell him sheís been out shopping because her wardrobe needs a little lift in the sleepwear department for their trip to New York. Daniel tries to look in the bag. Nora stops him. Daniel says he likes her sweats. Nora tells him yes because they match her mud mask. Daniel asks if they can head off to their trip a little early. Nora says yes and that she have to go drop Mathew off with Bo. Daniel tells Nora when she is with Bo, can she stay away from elevators, meat lockers, and contagious diseases. Nora laughs.

Mean while Bo is at Asaís mansion talking on the phone to Renee. He is trying to convince her not to fly out from Texas right now and to get her rest. Kevin walks in and asks Bo if Asa is at the ranch. Bo tells Kevin know one has seen Asa in three days. Bo is worried. Bo thinks Asa is going after Todd and Blair. He tells Kevin that he has some of his men keeping an eye on them just in case. Asa walks in as Bo is talking to Kevin with a shotgun. Bo asks him where heís been. Asa tells him heís been hunting because three nights ago he shot Todd Manning and heís checked hospitals and they donít have any record of him checking in.

Adriana, Dorian, and David are at the diner waiting for Carlota. David is impatient and is wondering what is taking her so long. Dorian tell him to be patient because she has a business to run and has to leave instructions for her workers and that they are not going to let her go to the funeral alone. Adriana says that Carlota looks said. Dorian says that she could strangle Antonio. Adriana thanks Dorian for helping Carlota. Dorian wants to know if she has been forgiving for forbidden her to see Duke. Adriana tries to take up for Duke and tells Dorian that they are just friends and that it is not like they are getting married. Dorian gets upset. David interrupts and tells Dorian she needs to calm down a little. Dorian brings up the fact that not long ago Adriana thought that she was pregnant with Riverís baby. Dorian says she doesnít want her daughter rushing into a rebound relationship especially with a Buchanan.

Duke walks into the diner while Dorian is saying she wonít let her daughter run around doing whatever like Viki and how miserable her daughterís are right now. Adriana is looking at Duke not paying attention. Dorian notice and looks and sees Duke.

Jessica and Tico hold hands at his place. Tico asks Jessica if she told her family about their engagement. She tells him no. He ask her if she is still worried that they may try to talk her out of it because he will talk to them for her. Jessica tells him that wouldnít be a good idea and she will talk to them and that know one can talk her out of it. Tico smiles and says he is the luckiest man in the world. Tico complements her on her article in The Banner Sun about his family and how she was fair about what she wrote about Antonio being caught off guard by his new life. Jessica asks Tico if Antonio is going to be at their motherís funeral.

Mean while Antonio is sitting in the church alone dressed in all black. He asks God to keep him strong because the journey that he is going on is going to be hard. He prays for Jessica, Jamie, and Carlota. He looks up at his mothers picture and says sorry. His mother vision appears telling him he did nothing wrong and that Tico is the one that killed her and that Antonio should avenge her death.

Back at the Mansion Bo questions Asa about shooting Todd. He tries to make sense of it because there is no blood any where in the mansion indicating a shooting. Bo asks Asa if itís possible that he has made a mistake. Asa swears he hit Todd. Bo asks Asa why heís carrying the shotgun around. He tells him that Todd is out to get him. Bo looks over at Kevin and tells Asa that he Renee and Kevin think that he should go to the doctor for observation. Asa refuses. Bo tells him that Kevin has power of attorney and can put him in against his will. Asa looks over at Kevin and asks him would he do that to him. Kevin tells him that it is to late and that he needs help.

At Lanfair Natalie and Viki sit on the patio talking about how badly Antonio has treated Jessica. They think itís a bad idea for her to turn to Tico and that Jessica is on the rebound. Natalie talks about how she went to John and then to Paul after Christian died, but now sheís finally wised up and has made a decision. Sheís taken herself off the market. Viki laughs and tells her not to be silly. She tells Viki she is moving in and starting her life over. Viki tells her she is going to have a wonderful future starting now. They both agree that they need to get Jessica to slow down.

Jessica tries to comfort Tico. She rubs his hand telling him this has to be the saddest day of his life. He tells her it was until she came. She tells him she will be right there with him through the entire funeral. He tells Jessica what he regrets most about his mother dying is that he was unable to erase all the hurt his father caused her. Jessica tells him his mother must have been happy that he didnít turn out like his father. Tico has a flash back of slapping, pushing his mother which lead to her death. He pulls away from Jessica and sits in the chair. He talks about how much his use to talk about her oldest son that she thought was dead and how she always looked at baby pictures. Tico tells Jessica that he has many regrets. He tells her that one good thing has come of the things that heís been through. It brought them closer. Jessica tells Tico that she s happy that he can share everything with her. Tico tells her that he knows that was the problem with her and Antonio and he thinks it makes them stronger. Jessica agrees with him. Tico touches Jessica chin and say that he wishes his mother were there because she liked her very much. Jessica smiles and says she like to think so. She feels bad about all the questioning her she did before she died and thanks that he mother may have thought her to be nosy. Tico tells her that his mother thought she was kind. He tells her she can turn his pain to happiness and that he can erase the hurt Antonio caused her. Tico then asks Jessica to marry him right away.

Back at the diner Duke ask Adriana about Dorian. He wants to figure out away that they continue to be friends. Adriana tells him if Tico canít help them, she has to say goodbye.

David and Dorian sit at the counter and Dorian keeps looking at Adriana and Duke to see what is going on. David tells her to relax because after Dorian reminded her about the pregnancy scare she looked horrified and wonít be going down that road again. Dorian is sure that the only way to keep Adriana safe is away from a Buchanan. David tells Dorian Adriana will do the right thing and leave Duke alone. He asks Dorian why are they taking care of Carlota. Dorian says because she has lost her entire family. David believes otherwise and thinks Dorian wants information on her brothers missing millions.

Back at Tico place Jessica makes up excuse about having only had a few counseling sessions with Antonio and Father Gregory probably wonít marry them. Tico tells her that father Gregory is out of the country and the new priest would help them out in any way he can. Tico is persistent and tells Jessica that he has already filed the necessary paper work and they can get married today or tomorrow. He then grabs her around the waist and tells her that he loves her and that he knows she loves him. Tico assure her that he will never leave her in the dark and will keep her at the center of his life.

Back at the church Antonio is continues to see the vision of his mother telling him to avenge her death. Sonia comes up behind him and touches his shoulder. Startled, Antonio grabs her hand. Sonia apologizes and asks him if he is okay. She tells him people are going to start coming including Jessica and Tico. Antonio stares blankly at the coffin.

Nora goes to the mansion to see if she can by of any help to Boo.
In the sitting room Asa and Kevin talks about him going to the hospital. Asa tells Kevin if does this to him he will be alone because he is all that he has. Asa asks him whatís good about being on top if you have no one. Kevin tells him he has Ace and Duke and that heĎll have him back before long. Asa reminds him that Ace is not really his son and that Duke testified against him during the custody hearing. Asa warns him again about being alone if he has him committed to the hospital against his will.

Adriana and Duke sit together at the diner. Dorian continues to look at them. Adriana tells Duke that she doesnít want to continue sneaking around and lying to see him because it feels bad. Duke tells her he doesnít want her doing anything that makes her feel bad. Duke gets up to leave for the funeral. Adriana is surprised that he is going. Duke tells her he is going out of respect for Tico.
David and Dorian watch Duke as he leaves the diner. David believes that Adriana has just brushed Duke off. Dorian is now wondering what is taking Carlota so long. David thinks Dorian is trying to get out of telling him what she is really after. She admits that she does want to know what happened to the millions because some of it should be Adrianaís, but she doesnít believe Carlota knows anything. Carlota comes out and apologizes about taking so long. Adriana tells Carlota that Antonio will come around. Dorian tries to comfort her.

Back at the church, Antonio and Sonia are sitting in the front roll. Viki walks in with Duke and goes to give Antonio her condolences. Dorian, David, Carlota, and Adriana walk in. Dorian pats Antonio on the shoulder. Adriana gives him a kiss on the cheek. Carlota stands behind him and places her hand on his shoulder. Antonio turns around and stares blankly at her and turns around without saying a word. Service begins and the priest talks about Isabella. He then announces to everyone that Tico will be marrying Jessica Buchanan. Everyone one is shocked. Antonio stands up and looks at the two of them and walks out the church.

Nora goes into the den to talk to Asa to try and convince him to go to the hospital. Asa tells Nora that if his being confused is bringing her and Bo together, than it is worth it. Nor tells him that he is just as bad s Mathew. She tell him that Bo is kind man with a heart as big as Texas and that it is hurting him to do this as much as it his hurting him. Bo walks in and tells Asa that the Paramedics are ready to take him to the hospital. Asa tells him that he doesnít need them because he will be going on his on with him and Nora.

Sonia goes to Angel Square and talks to Antonio about the engagement announcement. She tells him that this has been brewing for sometime now and that Jessica had been stopping by the house, but she didnít think much of it. Antonio sits with an angry gaze. Sonia asks him if he and Jessica are over.

At the church Tico tells Jessica he had know idea that the priest was going to say that and that he hope it didnít ruin things with her and her mother. Jessica tells him that her mother had to hear it sometime.

Dorian walks over to Viki with Humorous concern and ask her if she knew. Viki tells her didnít know.

Adriana is in the churchís hallway lighting candles and David walks up and asks her if she is lighting a candle for Isabella. Adriana tells him that she is lighting a candle for the all souls that need help. Duke enters the hallway and they exchange smiles and walk away. David gets on his knees a praying that he get the missing fortune.

Carlota walks up to Viki and Dorian. Dorian leaves and Carlota ask Viki what happen. She tells her that she is sorry and leaves to look for Antonio.

Jessica and Tico go to talk to Viki. Jessica tells her mother that she is sorry and Tico jumps in to apologize. He excuses himself to go and speak to the priest. Viki tells Jessica that if she is happy, sheís happy for her, but she doesnít think the timing is right and believes that she is on the rebound. Jessica tries to assure her that she isnít on the rebound and the Tico makes her happy and that he shares his feeling with her. Viki tells her he is a lot of things, but do you love him.

David, Dorian and Adriana go back to the diner. Adrian gets upset with Dorian and storms out. David and Dorian sit in a booth. David tells Dorian about his prayer and asks her if she think Carlota can be any help to them to find the fortune.

Carlota finds Antonio with Sonia at Angel Square. She asks to speak to him alone, but Antonio tells her tell him in front of Sonia. Sonia excuses herself saying she has something to do. Carlota tries to comfort him about the engagement announcement, but Antonio gives her attitude saying Jessica is a part of his pass like she is. Carlota tells him she sees why Jessica starting to give up on him. He tells her maybe she should do the same thing. Carlota walks away.

Back at the church Jessica tries to convince her mom that she is in love with Tico and that they have been spending a lot of time together. Viki tells Jessica that she doesnít believe that it is love that she feels. She think that it is her way of escaping form the pain and hurt. She tells her mom to call it what she want, but it much better than what she had with Antonio because that was a mistake. She says things with her and Tico are perfect. Viki asks her to make it a long engagement. They hug and say they love each other. Viki leaves and Tico walks up to Jessica after having listened to the conversation. He asks her if she is okay and if she needs him to talk to her mother. She tells him sheís fine. Tico asks her if they can get married within a week. Jessica says yes.

Daniel is at the diner waiting for Nora and she calls him on his cell phone to tell him that she wonít be making the trip because Asa is in the hospital and Bo canít watch Mathew. Daniel tells Nora that he was afraid that she would get caught with Bo, but now she is planning it. Nora tries to explain, but Daniel hangs up the phone. Nora is holding her phone in her hand when Bo comes and asks her if her and Daniel will be making their trip. She tells him she isnít going because she promised Asa that she would bring Mathew to the Hospital. Bo tells her that Asa will understand. Nora then tells Bo that she isnít just doing it for Asa.

Kevin goes to his Moms and tells her that Asa is in the hospital and she can visit because he knows Asa would appreciate it. Viki says of course sheíll go. They have a misunderstanding about Todd and The Sun. Kevin accuses her of trying run to Toddís rescue. She says she doing know such thing. Kevin leaves with an attitude telling her thanks for the acknowledgement of him and the governor being on the top of the ticket.

Antonio sees his motherís spirit at Angel Square. She tells him that Tico Killed her and that he wonít stop until he has everything that belongs to him. She tells him heíll destroy everything that Antonio love unless he acts.

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