OLTL Update Thursday 9/30/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/30/04

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Jessica goes to Antonio’s hotel room. Antonio asks her what she wants. She tells him that Tico asked her to marry him and she wants him to give her reason not to. Antonio is upset. Jessica wants Antonio to tell her he don’t love her anymore. He tells her he can’t because he never stopped loving her. Jessica gets emotional and asks why are they not together. It looks like they may kiss and Antonio’s cell phone rings. Jessica asks him not to answer it. He picks it up and looks at it and it stops ring. It starts ringing again. Jessica asks him if it is Sonia. Antonio doesn’t respond. Jessica tells him to answer because he is not there any way. Antonio walks to the corner and answers his phone. It’s Sonia. She’s at the Palace and she tells Antonio that she needs to see him right away. Antonio wants to know if it is about El Tiburon. She tells him that she wants to tell Tico that she is undercover. Antonio tells her to hold off telling him. Tico comes back to the table Sonia hangs up. Jessica is upset that Antonio has shut her out once again. She now believes nothing can happen between the two of them and she gives Antonio his engagement ring and leaves the hotel.

John and Natalie are in his room drinking and listening to music. Natalie doesn’t want to go home and asks if John wants to play emotional strip poker. She tells him who ever loses has to tell the other something they’ve never told the each other before. They play and Natalie loses. She tells John that she never stop loving him. John looks shocked. Natalie lets him know that he doesn’t have to say anything back. They play again, but this time John loses. He tells Natalie that he needs to drink more before for this one. John doesn’t know what to say, so Natalie decides to ask the question. She asks him if he is in love with Evangeline. As John is about to say whether he loves her or not there is a knock at his door. John opens the door and it is Evangeline with a bottle of wine and two glasses. They start kissing and when Evangeline turns around she sees Natalie sitting on the bed with her shoes off. She tells John sorry and that she should have called first. John tries to get her to stay, but she refuses and tells him to call her when he isn’t busy. She leaves and John goes after her. He catches her in Angel Square just as she is throwing the wine and glasses in the trash. They talk. John tells her it is not what it looked like. She feels like she walked in on some unfinished business between him and Natalie. She wonders if they will ever share history with each other because of the fast start with each other. She tells him that she realize that they both said no strings attached. John tells her not give up on what they’ve been fighting for. John pulls her close and kisses her passionately. Natalie is looking at them through the window. She asks herself what she doing. John goes back to his room Natalie is gone. He has a message on his answering machine. It’s Evangeline and she tells him that she doesn’t want to do the no strings attached and that she wants to be able to stop by his room unannounced.

Tico and Sonia are at the Palace. Sonia decides not to tell Tico that she is a fed and tells him that she is not as strong as she pretends to be. She tries to get him to let up on Antonio and she sees a darker side to Tico. As they are talking Duke and Adriana comes over to talk to Tico. They are determined to see each other and they ask him if he can help them convince Dorian that they just want to be friends. Tico tells them he will see what he can do but mean while they both need to stay out of trouble.

Tico is in a room at the Palace; Jessica comes in. He asks her where she’s been. She tells him that she needed to think. She then tells him to ask her again. Tico gets on one knee and pulls a box out of his pocket and asks Jessica to marry him. She says yes and Tico put the ring on her finger.

Paul sees Lindsay in the diner and goes over to talk to her. Lindsay asks him if he had anything to do with trying to steal paintings from her. Paul convinces her that he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and that John Mc Bain has it in for him for being with Natalie. Paul puts his charm on her. Lindsay tells him about some expensive painting that she will be showing at her gallery. Paul asks her if he can see them. She tells him that she hasn’t put them up yet. He asks if him can come see them later. Lindsay tells him yes. He walks her to the gallery and manages to steal her door key and get the security code.

Antonio is sitting on edge of the bed at the hotel with the engagement ring in his hand. Sonia walks in and bends down to touch his face. Antonio tries to tell her no, but Sonia doesn’t let him. He drops the ring on the floor. Antonio and Sonia start to kiss. He picks her up and sits her on the dresser. They rip each other’s shirt off and they make

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