OLTL Update Wednesday 9/29/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/29/04

By Suzanne
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Marcie tells Michael, Riley and Jen at The Love House that she has invited her brother and her dad there (without telling them that the other will be there) to work out their problems. Michael thinks it will be a disaster. First Eric arrives and they introduce him to Riley and Jen. Then her dad arrives. Riley and Jen leave, so her dad remarks what a great couple they make. This starts an argument with the son about being gay. The dad says that his priest says he failed as a father and that's why Eric is gay. Eric tells him that's not true, and Marcie chimes in. They know he was always there for him and did the best he could after their mom died. Eric tells him that he needs him and asks if his dad doesn't love him. His father doesn't answer, so Eric hammers him with more questions. The dad says this isn't easy for him and shares that all of his friends pity him to his face and laugh at him behind his back because of his gay son. They start yelling until Michael mediates, saying they are not going to decide anything tonight. Marcie and Eric's father admits he loves all of his children. He holds hands with Marcie, who holds hands with Eric. However, her dad finishes by saying that if he goes through with the wedding, he won't be a part of it. He states there is nothing left to say and goes to leave. He also remarks that this isn't what he wanted for his son. Eric reminds him that he just wanted his children to be happy, and Eric says he is happy. Then their father leaves, but outside, he looks thoughtful. Inside, Eric and Marcie hug.

Duke and Adriana go to Angel Square after the gala to hang out. He asks why she isn't seeing anyone. She reminds him about River. He says River must have been a real jerk to hurt her. He puts her jacket around her cold shoulders. She questions him about what he wants out of life and what things he likes. He says he majored in business in college because his dad wanted him to and he planned to go into the family business with him. She persists, asking what he wants, not what is expected of him. He says he likes being outdoors, especially on his grandfather's ranch. He shares that it makes him happy. She asks him what else makes him happy, and he replies that she does. She suggests they should be getting home, but he proposes that they go to the diner for some pie instead.

At the Gala, Viki has an awkward chat with Kelly, mostly about Kevin. Kelly says she is focusing on things that are positive, so Viki asks what things. Kelly has a flashback to kissing David and replies that is talking about people who love her, like friends and family. Kelly sighs that the divorce is almost over and gives Viki her ring back. Viki doesn't want to take it, but Kelly insists. Viki is sad and says that she doesn't understand Kevin. They talk about him wanting to be Lieutenant Governor again. Kelly talks about how she wanted to be a part of Kevin's plans when they first came back and how she had her own plans to be involved in charities and fund-raising. This reminds Viki that there is a job open at the university for a fund-raiser.

Dorian and David are also still at the Gala. He kisses her and they dance. They notice the governor and Kevin chatting. Later, Kelly sits down next to David. He makes a point of bringing up how great Dorian is and how he loves her. Kelly agrees that Dorian is great and that she loves her, too. Dorian comes over and is worried because Adriana is still not home. David is not worried, but he knows Dorian is, so he goes to get the car. Dorian tells Kelly that she thinks Kelly should get out more and maybe take a job. Dorian suggests that there are some part-time jobs at the hospital. Kelly tells her that she is already considering a full-time fund raising job at the university. Dorian is offended that Kelly would rather work for Viki than her. Dorian goes to find Adriana, so David takes Kelly home. He briefly talks to Kelly about the job offer and how Dorian is a little hurt about it.

Dorian runs into Adriana and Duke just as they are leaving the diner and headed home. Dorian is a little annoyed that they are late. Dorian says she will take Adriana home, so Duke bids them goodnight. Dorian is nosy, asking Adriana about her relationship with Duke. Adriana replies they are just friends and she hardly knows him. Dorian says she doesn't want her to see Duke any more. Adriana wants to know why. Dorian replies that it's because of Kevin. Adriana protests that Duke is nothing like his father, but Dorian doesn't care. Adriana says she can make her own decisions about who her friends are, and Dorian reminds her about her bad choices lately and worrying if she was pregnant. She insists that Adriana not see Duke any more.

Blair and Todd are just leaving Lion's Heart when Antonio arrives, looking suspicious. Todd and Blair tell him that Todd had a little accident outside, and Sonia confirms it. Antonio has seen Todd's car in the ditch outside. Outside, Todd collapses in pain. Blair wants him to go to the hospital, but he won't. She takes out her phone, but he knocks it away. He says they have to go somewhere public so people will know he wasn't shot.

Inside, Antonio questions Sonia suspiciously about why Todd was there. He asks if she is keeping secrets, and she says she might be. He says they are too close to El Tiburon for her to have secrets. She learns that he went to see Jessica. They are interrupted by the Fed that was talking to John yesterday, whose name is Eleanor. Sonia has Antonio hide while she talks to her. Eleanor asserts that Sonia's cover is blown and that Sonia has become too personally involved with Antonio. Sonia claims that Antonio is no threat; he is helping them. Also she says she is not involved with him. She claims she is using him. Eleanor tells her that McBain is guessing the truth about what's going on. After Eleanor leaves, Antonio wants to know if what Sonia said is true. Sonia asks him what he thinks. She wants to know if he is using her. He tells her that she is a beautiful, sexy woman. She knows that she is not Jessica. He tells her that he has to find out who he is, and Jessica can't help him with that, so they're over. She tells him that she wants him and she kisses him. Then she stops, saying he's not ready for this. He needs time, he tells her. She knows that he still wants Jessica and could go back to her any time. She tells him to let her know after he has left Jessica for good. He can't promise that will happen.

Roxy chats with Paul at the diner about his money problems. She says that whenever she really needed money, she looked for a sugar daddy. He doesn't think that will work for him, but then he spies Lindsay walking into the diner. Blair and Todd arrive and say hello to them. They look at the papers they stole from Lion's Heart and discover that Tico had Governor Brooks investigated with a private eye. Blair wonders what this means. Todd wonders if he can use it against Kevin somehow. She starts to rip the papers up, saying that Todd has to stop going after Kevin or else. He agrees to stop and find a new house with her.

Kevin talks to Governor Harrison Brooks at the Gala; Harrison has heard about what Asa did with his guns, but Kevin waves it off as nothing. Harrison runs into Viki on the terrace. She is not interested in what he has to say and keeps trying to walk past him, but he keeps stopping her. He says he has missed her. She blasts him for what he did to Kevin the first time Kevin was part of his campaign. He asks her for a chance to explain. He expresses his sympathy about Ben, but she doesn't want to hear it. She asks him what he's up to with Kevin. He swears he isn't up to anything and maintains that Kevin approached him about it. He says Kevin is giving him a second chance and he hopes Viki will, too. He asks her if maybe they can have a dinner date sometime.

Kevin comes in to the diner and starts giving Todd a hard time. Todd smiles and tells him that they have been celebrating Asa's disease; he wonders if he has Alzheimer's. Kevin gets angry and threatens Todd, as usual. As they leave, Kevin sees the papers that they left behind. Back at the Gala, Kevin arrives to see Viki and Harrison together, so he wonders what's going on. Viki leaves. Kevin fills the governor in on what he found. He thinks Todd may be planning to attack the governor somehow. He assures Kevin that he is clean. Kevin thinks they should squash Todd before he can do anything further.

Roxy and Paul say goodnight in Angel Square. He sees Lindsey walking by and asks her if she should be walking by herself at night. He keeps hitting on her and she tells him good night. He stops her asks her to go with him to the diner for some food. He makes her feel sorry for him by saying that his father used to make him eat alone as a punishment. She agrees to let him walk her home. Later, we see that she gave in and is eating with him at the diner. She says it's getting late, but he convinces her to stay a little longer.

Jen and Riley see Paul and Lindsay walking away together and wonder what that's about. She worries about her mom being so lonely that she gets desperate again. She confides to Riley that she shared with her mom about the weird stuff that's been going on at the Love House, and her mom was very interested in the specifics. Riley realizes that Jen thinks her mom is being the weird stuff. He laughs and they hug.

Blair tells Todd that she's proud of him for giving up the fight against Kevin. He hides some of the papers they found that he didn't show her.

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