OLTL Update Tuesday 9/28/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/28/04

By Suzanne
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Bo and Nora pound on Asa's door to be let in, unsure as to whether they heard a gunshot or not. Inside, Asa kicks Todd's body as it lies on the floor. Asa has a large rifle leaning on his shoulder. He finally lets Bo and Nora in, telling them that he shot a tresspasser: Todd. They go in, but there is no body (oh, come on!! How could a wounded guy get up and move that fast, let alone pick up all the nuts and the bowl, without leaving any drops of blood??). Asa is shocked. Bo and Nora don't believe him and think he's lost it. Asa tells them what happened but wonders how Todd could have gotten out so soon without leaving any blood behind. Bo tells Asa that he doesn't believe him and insists that he go to a doctor for an examination. Asa refuses, but after a while he gives in and says he will go tomorrow. Bo insists on staying the night so that Asa doesn't go anywhere or do anything stupid. Asa seems to be asleep on his couch. Bo is nodding off on the other end. Nora asks Bo if he thinks Asa will be all right. Bo is not sure but tells her she can go home. She leaves and Bo falls asleep. Asa sneaks out with his gun.

Natalie sees Antonio and Sonia kissing. She yells at Antonio for the way he is treating everyone, especially Jessica. She tells him that he's being really dumb. She reminds him when he asked her about whether Christian was watching over them or not; she believes he is, and he is disappointed in Antonio. Sonia gets a phone call and leaves. John comes up and says hello to Natalie. They chat for a while about Antonio. Paul comes up after John has walked away. He hassles Natalie as he begs for another chance, saying he is a better person. They argue about whether R.J. is going to kill him or not. She doesn't believe him and tells him to stay away from her. She starts to walk away, so he grabs her. She pushes him away and tells him to go away or she'll kill him herself. John comes up just then and tells Paul to back off. Paul takes a swing at John but misses. John gets him pinned down with one arm behind his back. Paul tells them both that they'll be sorry, and he leaves. Natalie wishes she had never gotten mixed up with Paul. After Natalie leaves, a woman from the FBI or some similar organization tries to warn John away from Sonia. He thinks they are covering up the fact that Antonio is doing their work for them, even though he is risking his life. Later, Natalie finds John still there. She asks if he still wants to shoot pool, but he shows her a video he's rented and asks her if she's seen it. She hasn't, but she's heard it's good, so he invites her to watch it with him. She agrees and they go off together.

(This part is a little confusing. Todd phones someone, and Sonia gets a call, but then he arrives at her house and says he crashed his car. But why phone Sonia, and why would she go there?) Todd escapes the mansion with a large pillow to cover the blood. He crashes his car near Lion's Heart (or so he says) and then goes inside to ask for help. Sonia tends to his wounds and agrees not to contact the police. She phones Blair for him. Blair arrives later and is very upset that Todd has been shot by Asa. He refuses to go to a hospital because he wants Asa to think he's going crazy. Blair again tells him that she is not interested in his revenge schemes, but he doesn't listen to her as usual. He tries to look around for something to tie Tico to Kevin, but Sonia comes back before he can. Blair and Todd leave.

Tico chats with Jessica. Viki arrives and is glad to see Jessica, but not Tico. Jessica tells her mom that Antonio left her, but she doesn't go into any details. Jessica tells Viki that Kevin is going to be running for Lt. Governor with Brooks again. Viki is not happy to hear it. Kevin's date comes up and tells him that they got everything they wanted in the silent auction except for a silver tea set. Jessica outbid her. Kevin's date leaves (and nobody introduced her to Viki! How rude!), so Jessica and Kevin argue in front of Viki, causing her to chastise them for behaving like children.

Dorian chats with Tico about the gala, surprised to learn that Viki has arrived. She hints to him about his family's money, trying to get him to reveal a clue about whether he has the Santi millions, to no avail. Blair keeps trying to phone Todd. Dorian asks Blair to bid on something in the auction for her. Blair gets the call from Sonia, so she rushes off. Tico tells his servant Jarrod to get him a suite there at the hotel and fix it up with flowers, candles, and champagne.

Antonio goes to the gala; he is stopped by a bartender because it's a private party. Antonio gives the man a note to give to Jessica. Later, Jessica comes out and talks to him. He again warns her away from Tico but doesn't tell her any details. She asks him if he will be coming back to her at some point, but he doesn't answer. She is tired of waiting around and tells him that if it's over for him, it's over for her, too.

Viki finds Kevin on the terrace. She worries about him because he looks tired. He says it's because he's been pulling a lot of late hours due to work and the campaign. They get into another argument. Later, Dorian finds Viki crying on the terrace by herself. They talk about Kevin and the governor. Paul comes out, looking for Kelly. Dorian tells him to go away and stay away from her. Paul indignantly says that it's Kevin who has been causing Kelly problems, not him. After he leaves, Viki says she's glad that Natalie came to her senses about him. Dorian suggests that she worry about Jessica. She doesn't trust Tico. Viki agrees because she doesn't trust him, either. They watch Tico and Jessica laughing together.

Tico takes Jessica to his room. She is surprised that he had it fixed up for her. She tells him this isn't what she expected. He keeps trying, so she says she'd better go, and she leaves.

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