OLTL Update Monday 9/27/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/27/04

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Sonia tends to Antonio's head wound.  She notes that they're good together.  Antonio searches for the software that Tico used to disguise his voice, as she yells that Tico is not El Tiburon.  They leave for the Gala; he wants to get Tico to answer some questions.


Nora's foot has caught on the rug, making her fall into Bo's arms.  They get unhooked.  He gets a phone call, learning that Asa has gone to the Palace.  They rush out, knowing he has his guns and is looking for Todd.


Tico and Jessica dance.

Duke gets Adriana to dance, even though she is nervous about it.  Kevin and Dorian both watch with interest.

Todd tells Blair she looks great and takes her to the dance floor, also.  He fills her in on what happened to Asa, which she is not happy about.

Asa arrives with his guns.  He shoots at the ceiling and says that it's time for real justice--Texas style.  Rene, Tico and others go up to Asa and try to talk him into calming down.  He looks for Todd, who steps out reluctantly.  Asa is aiming at him when Bo rushes in and stops him from shooting Todd.  Asa tells Bo to put Todd in jail.  Bo takes his gun.  Asa tells everyone what happened, but by the looks on their faces, they are not sure whether they should believe him or not.  Bo asks Todd and Blair about the story, but they say they were out of town at St. Bart's.  Asa protests that he is sane.  Rene offers him some bourbon.  Asa threatens Todd as he leaves the room with Rene.  Tico apologizes to everyone.  Jessica tells him that she is worried about Asa, so she goes to check on him.

David finds Kelly on the terrace.  He tells her what happened with Asa.  She has been avoiding seeing Kevin with his date.  She admits she made mistakes with Kevin (duh, you think?).  She says she has to stay strong for Ace.  David says he worries about her.  She strokes his face and tells him not to.  He tries to bring up their kissing from earlier, but she tells him it didn't mean anything, she was just upset.  Dorian comes out and wonders where they've been.  Kelly heads back in.  David compliments Dorian and gives her a kiss, then they go back in, too.

Tico gets a phone call from his man that is following Antonio, to let him know that he and Sonia left Lion's Heart.  Tico chats with Adriana.  He frets about Asa and his effect on his gala.  Adriana tells him he's worrying over nothing.  She confides that she feels weird there, meaning she is uncomfortable about being in a fancy dress at a fancy gala, afraid to make the wrong move and embarrass him.  He assures her that she couldn't do that.  He inquires whether Duke is treating her well, and she says he is.  He offers her whatever help she needs.  Dorian comes up then and acts territorial, saying that Adriana has her mother to help her.  Tico excuses himself.  Adriana hopes he's okay.  Dorian notes in a snotty manner that he seems to be getting over the tragedy of his mother's death quite well.  Adriana assures Dorian that she loves both of them and wonders why they have to have this competition.  Dorian marvels at how full of love Adriana is.

Todd tells Blair that he's not worried about Asa's accusation because he doesn't think anyone will believe him.  He tells her he has an idea of how to kick things up a notch and will be back later.  She asks him not to, but he leaves anyway.  Dorian comes over and quizzes Blair about what Todd is up to.  Blair denies that anything is going on, but Todd has already told Dorian that he and Blair have mixed it up with Asa.  Kelly inquires as to whether Blair is okay because of Asa waving the guns around.  David  is there, too.  Blair compliments Kelly and is glad she's feeling better.  Kelly mentions she saw Ace, so Dorian freaks out a bit.  David fills Blair in on the visitation that Kevin is granting Kelly.  Dorian cautions Kelly about sneaking visits to Ace, as Kevin walks around near them.  Bo asks Blair where Todd is and then questions her about their stay in St. Bart's.  Later, he asks again where Todd is.  He warns they will be prosecuted if he finds that the story is true.  She tells him that she has too much to risk to do anything like that.  He knows how Todd is when he wants something, he says.  He gets a phone call from Nora to head over to Asa's mansion.  Still later, Blair phones Todd, leaving a message on his voice mail that she doesn't want the mansion.  She tells him to count her out on that.

In another room, Asa tries to convince the Buchanans that Todd and Blair really did do those things to him.  He recounts the bruises and other injuries he has and tells him that Rex rescued him from the hole in the ground.  Boo yells at him for wanting to go after Todd with guns.  They argue about whether Todd and Blair can be prosecuted or not.  Nora tells Asa at his request that there isn't enough evidence.  Asa is upset, thinking no one believes him.  Bo suggests that he go to the hospital, but Asa refuses.  He wants to go home to his mansion.  Bo doesn't think that's a good idea because of the problems with Todd and Blair.  Rene says she can't leave the gala so early.  Nora offers to take Asa home, saying to Bo apologetically that there's no legal reason to keep him from his home.  Tico comes in and inquires about Asa.  They remind Asa who he is, and Asa suggests to Rene that she throw the whole lot of them out of her hotel (not sure if he meant the Santis or everyone at the Gala).  Bo asks Tico to excuse them so they can have a family discussion.  Tico goes away but eavesdrops.  Rene says that Asa might be telling the truth, since Todd and Blair are so untrustworthy.

Tico tells Kevin that he thinks Asa might be a political liability to overcome.  Kevin is very offended and tells him off.  Tico then compliments Jess.  She shares that she is worried about Asa.  He asks why she changed her mind and came to the gala after all.  She says she didn't want Antonio to control her life.  He figures she knows that Antonio and Sonia are together now.  She just wants to have fun.  Sonia and Antonio arrive, but he is told that black tie is required.  They see Jess and Tico dancing.  Antonio is annoyed.  Sonia says that Jess has moved on, so he should, too.  Tico excuses himself from Jess, saying he has to go speak to an important donor.  Kevin chats with Jess about Tico.  He is glad that she likes Tico and says that he was never too fond of Antonio because of his violent tendencies.  Antonio and Sonia start to leave, but Tico stops them.  He gets in Antonio's face and asks him if there's anything he wants to say to him.  Antonio pushes past him, not rising to the bait.  Tico and Sonia argue about her leaving.  At Sonia's urging, Tico promises to try to show Antonio some compassion because of his situation.  Sonia asks him if he went anywhere tonight (trying to figure out if he is the one who kidnapped Antonio), but he assures her he was there all night with his guests.  Later, in Angel Square, Sonia observes to Antonio that he is looking for any excuse to turn to his darker side.  He replies that it's not hard.  She notices that the statue of the angel has been defaced; Antonio replies that he's done worse.  She asks him, if he had all the Santi millions, would he be interested in just leaving town and starting over?  He asks her if she would.  They kiss, neither one answering the question.

Dorian wonders to David why Kelly is in a better mood.  She observes that Kelly has a glow about her.  She thinks maybe Kelly has met someone special.  David discounts the idea.  Dorian thinks maybe she should look for someone to hook up with Kelly.  Duke and Adriana come up to tell them they are leaving.  David takes Duke aside and sets rules about how and where he should kiss Adriana good night, warning him that surveillance equipment will be watching (Cute, but funnier when Todd did it to Starr's boyfriend months ago).  Dorian tells David that she is not happy about Duke being in Adriana's life because of the way Kevin has treated the Cramer women.  David thinks "Gus" is the one to watch out for since he keeps pushing Duke on Adriana.  They agree that Tico has too much influence on Llanview, in a short time, and David figures he must be using the Santi millions to grease the wheels.

Tico looks for Jess but doesn't find her at first.  He says goodnight to Duke and Adriana.  Kelly comes up and congratulates Tico about the success of the gala.  She notices he is friendly with Kevin, but he denies it.  They talk about Kevin entering politics again. Kelly says that Kevin only cares about himself.  She warns that Kevin will be his ally only as long as he's useful, and then he will turn his back on him.  Tico thanks her for the advice, saying he will keep it in mind.  Kevin asks Kelly what she was saying to Tico.  He says she looks nice, but then he asks, "new medication?"  Kelly is not cowed by Kevin and gives it back to him as good as she gets.  She questions him about his new association with Dawes, reminding him that Dawes tried to kill her.  He says that was never proven.  She is worried that Ace might be in danger, but Kevin assures her he would never put his son at risk.  David comes over, insults Kevin, and takes Kelly out to dance.  She assures him that she was not being hurt by Kevin and is a new woman now.  Tico tells Kevin that his personal life has created some obstacles to overcome.  Kevin laughs in his face, reminding him that he's Manuel Santi's son.


Nora and Asa talk about Todd and Blair some more.  She suggests that he let Bo do his job.  She asks if he's hungry and offers to fix him a sandwich.  Meanwhile, Todd comes to the door.  There is a storm in the distance.  Nora tries to get Asa to go to the doctor, but he refuses.  She gives up and tells him to get some rest, then she leaves.  Asa pours himself a drink.  He sees a rattlesnake on the floor nearby.  He laughs at Todd's games.  He gets a fireplace poker and goes over and kills it easily.  Then he calls to Nora to come back so he can show her something.  She returns and he tells her about the snake.  When they go back, the snake is gone and the fireplace poker is back where it belongs.  Asa curses Todd.  Nora searches the house but doesn't find anything.  She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.  Outside, she phones Bo.  Asa yells at an unseen Todd.  He tells Todd that he's trespassing, so he can shoot him if he wants.  Todd is hiding in a closet.  Asa looks around in the other room.  Todd sneaks out of his closet but pauses to grab some nuts from the bowl on the table.  The lights go out as Asa says he's got him.  Todd moves, a shot rings out, and the nuts fall to the ground.

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