OLTL Update Monday 9/20/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/20/04

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Dorian is sitting alone at Capricorn with a copy of the paper with a headline about Angelbella’s Identity. She’s on the phone with Blair, she tells her that Cassie called and told her that she left the kids with her in Savannah, GA. Blair tells her that she and Todd are in St. Bart’s. Dorian tells her that the timing is strange, but she wishes her a good trip and tells her to kick sand in Todd’s face. RJ comes over and offers her a drink, on the house. She declines and asks him how is he doing. He tells her that she is great, he’s going to have Jamie for a while and possibly permanently, since Mantonio left her with him. Dorian asks about Carlotta, and RJ tells her that he knows that has been close to the Vegas since Mantonio and Cristian were children. It’s just that he is happy to have Jamie with him. Rex comes over to the table and RJ leaves with him. David and Kelly show up and she thanks and proceeds to tell Dorian about her visit with Ace. Dorian tells her that she wishes that she was there, Kelly tells her that she understands that she had to work at the hospital. She also tells Dorian about how David was supportive when she had to leave Ace after her visit. Dorian is pleased, David tells them that he’s just looking after his girls. She tells him that he’s an “amazement.” He tells her that she hasn’t seen nothing yet. She can’t seem to wait, but she tells them that it is time to give the Buchanan's a run for their money.

At the Police Station in Bo’s office, Kevin asks Bo if he has heard anything about Asa. Bo tells him that he hasn’t, but has the Llanview Police, and Philly police, and Atlantic Police on the case. Kevin says that he has had the ranch hands search the ranch to no avail. Bo says that they have got through to the compound in St. Blaze’s island and didn’t find him there. Renee wonders how could he have just disappeared. Bo thinks that he is lying low. Renee thinks otherwise, “he could be hurt and our needs help.”

Asa is still wondering the woods, vowing to get back at Todd and Blair, and cussing at the mosquitoes. He then hears a rustling in the bushes.

John’s in his office and calls his friend at the bureau Ray Castillo, he asks him about the FBI Agent who took collar for the Angelbella Santi case. He asks him who has an interest in Mantonio.

A confused Mantonio is following Sonia through Angel Square, he demands for her to tell her what is going on. She tells him that she saved him from going to jail. Still confused he asks how did she know, she tells him that John came by Lion’s Heart and told her that he is going to bring Tonio down for questioning, so she had to act fast. Tonio tells her that he knows about Eduardo saying that he saw him push Angelbella onto the glass. She mentions that he has worked for Tico for years. Antonio, comes to the conclusion that Tico is trying to get rid of him for good.

Meanwhile at the loft, Tico tries to convince Jessica that Tonio killed Angelbella, she doesn’t believe him. He tells her about how Tonio snuck back into Lion’s Heart before Angelbella died and about Eduardo’s statement to the police. She still doesn’t believe him.

Asa shouts out that he has killed mountain lions with just a hunting knife and that he has a gun with him. He orders them to show themselves or he will shoot, he starts to shoot when two boy scouts come out from behind the bushes. They beg for him not to shoot them.

Bo assures Kevin and Renee that they will find Asa, and even if he is in trouble that he will find a way out of it. Kevin agrees with him. Renee reminds them that Asa isn’t quite himself anymore, that’s why he made Kevin Power of Attorney, he didn’t want to get the medical help that the judge ordered. Bo thought that he was faking it to get out of going to jail for holding a gun on that reporter. Renee explains that he has become quite delusional and claims to be hearing wolfs outside on of the mansion and on the phone. That the real reason that he hurt his leg is that he was out side looking for the wolf and ended up shooting himself. Kevin remembers Asa telling him about the wolves. Bo asks about Todd and Blair, Kevin says that the security guards said that they saw them twice. Bo mentions that he had an officer talk to them, they said that they haven’t seen him since then. Renee questions if Todd and Blair are telling the truth. John walks in to their conversion, he apologizes and starts to leave. Bo stops him and John asks for a minute of his time. Bo follows John outside and he tells him that he just got off the phone with one of his FBI contacts about the Angelbella Santi case. John tells him that they pulled rank on them and took Tonio into custody. Bo wonders why would they do that, it’s a local death. John tells him that whatever it is, Sonia has something to do with it.

Sonia doesn’t believe that Tico could do such a thing. Tonio says that it might be El Tiburon, she thinks that is might be right. He thinks that they should start with Sara, the former manger of “The Hookup,” he claims that she seemed to know more than would say. Sonia questions the idea, Tonio tells her they have to start somewhere. He tells her that he has her cell number at the loft. Sonia is surprised that he kept it, he tells her that it’s at the loft, but he can’t go back there. He broke up with Jess and moved out. Sonia apologizes about it and tells him that if they are going to find Sara that he is just going to have to face Jess.

Jessica defends Tonio by telling Tico that Tonio wouldn’t and couldn’t do that to anyone. He tells her that he has been reading up on Keri’s death. Jess tells him that she was crazy and didn’t know the whole story about it. He tells her that Tonio’s fits of rage are similar to Manuel’s. Jess tells him that it is not true and that if he believes that then he does not know Tonio at all.

Rex begs RJ for more time to get the money. RJ tells him that he is through with waiting and if they don’t get the money soon, that the first beating will seem like nothing compared to the beat down that he will give him. Rex tries to pleading with him when Shannon shows up and asks them what’s going on.

Dorian tells David and Kelly about Todd and Blair’s unexpected trip to St. Bart’s. David wonders how could they afford it when Asa froze all their assets. Kelly doesn’t understand, since it doesn’t seem likely for either one of them to leave town and give Asa the upper hand.

One of the two boy scouts begs for Asa not to shoot. Asa tells them that he was just bluffing, they ask him if he is a troop leader. Asa replies...

Asa: “A what?”

Boy: “We're in fire scout troop 4504. What troop are you with?”

Asa: “Troop "how the hell do you get out of here?" You ever heard of that one?”

Boy: “No.”

The boys tell him that their group leader is a distance away. They tell him that they are trying to earn their survival badges, Asa promises them that they will earn their badges. They begin to head to the camp when they are met with a rattle snake.

Kevin has to leave. He has business to deal with, but he doesn’t want to leave Renee behind. She tells him to go because Asa would have a fit if she kept him away from Buchanan Enterprises. Renee thanks Kevin for being supportive in this difficult time.

Bo tells John that he has to concentrate on finding his father. John tells him that he’s going to talk to his contact and he is determined to get to the bottom of the case.

Mantonio and Sonia show up outside the loft. He tells her that it is best for her to wait outside, she agrees with him. Sonia assures him that she doesn’t want to come between him and Jess. In the loft, Tico offers to protect her. She tells him that she doesn’t need protection. Jess says that she thinks that it might be best if he stay out of her relationship with Tonio. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Mantonio.

Rex tells Shannon that he and RJ are just talking. Concerned, Shannon says that it seemed quite intense to her. RJ tells Rex that it seems that the chicks are always lining up to save his ass.

Dorian tells David and Kelly that she hopes Todd and Blair will be back in time for the Heart Ball, since she is co-chair. David says that he doesn’t want her to be embarrassed in front of St. Gus. “Oh, well, we do not want you to be embarrassed. Not in front of Gus -- humanitarian extra ordinaire, the patron saint of Santi. Pray for us in our hour of greed.” Kelly laughs. Dorian is happy to see her laughing again. She says it feels good and that Dorian is lucky that she has someone like him in her life. She smiles and jokes that she will keep him. They toast to their happiness. Kelly sees Kevin meeting with William Dawes. She tells David and Dorian that Kevin hates that guy, and that he is one of the reasons that Kevin left politics in the first place. Dorian says that they probably not discussing ethics in politics. They have a laugh.

Asa tells the scared boys that he has handled snakes like this all the time in Texas. He grabs the snake and throws it out of the way. He turns around to see that the boys ran away.

Renee is broken up over Asa’s disappearance, Bo reassures her that he will turn up. She tells him that she is afraid that he could be hurt somewhere and no one is there to help him. Bo reminds her that he has been believed dead twice before and turned up alive afterwards and he thinks that he will come back to them. He tells her that he has an idea as to where to find him. Renee becomes hopeful. Bo tells her to go back to the Palace and he will tell her what happened later. She leaves.

John’s friend Ray from the Bureau, tells him that investigation goes beyond federal, John figures that’s is why he can’t get far on getting the digs on Sonia.

Tonio, is still standing in the doorway and sees that Tico is there. He tells her that he told her to stay away from him. Tonio confronts Tico about putting Eduardo up to making that statement. Tico blames him for Angelbella’s death. Then things start to get heated. Jessica comes between them and accidentally gets knocked down. Tonio tells her that he is there to get his address book. Jess is shocked and discussed that he came back there for a book. She’s frustrated and calls herself an idiot for believing that he might be there to want to work things out with her. She tells him to get the address book and to get out. She accuses him of bring Sonia there and walks to the door and opens it to see that she was right.

Rex asks Shannon why is she there at Capricorn. She tells him that she’s looking for him, reveals that she cares for him and she wants to know what is going on between him and RJ.

Dorian, David and Kelly watch Kevin and Dawes from there table. Kelly tells them that Kevin thinks that Dawes is responsible for that Chandleries falling on her last year and is shocked that he is on friendly terms with him. Dawes tells Kevin that he is pleased that he realized that he has to play “hardball” to survive in politics, Kevin tells him that it has become his specialty. Dorian says that they are probably up to something and thinks that this could work in their favor to get Ace back for good.

Jessica is angry about Tonio bringing Sonia to the loft. Tico asks Jess if she alright, she seemed to had a hard fall. She says that it was an accident, she just lost her balance. Tico says that it was an accident like what happened to Angelbella, he apologizes for bringing Tonio up. He tries to make her smile and succeeds, he tells her that he could make her smile even bigger at the charity ball. Jess remembers that she has to tell him that Viki can’t make it to the ball, she has a prior engagement she can’t get out of because she is the keynote speaker. Tico asks her if she still will be coming as a representative for her mother. She says that she will. Tico asks her to be her date for the event.

At Lion’s Heart, Sonia apologizes for not knowing that Tico would be there. Tonio is furious that Tico is cozying up to Jessica. She tells him that Tico had nothing to do with setting Eduardo up to say that he saw Tonio push Angelbella. Tonio brings up the letter, Angelbella asked him to forgive Tico. Sonia says that it couldn’t mean nothing more than to forgive him for not telling him about being Manuelito. Tonio disagrees, he sees Eduardo and asks him about Angelbella. He asked him why did he lie to the police about him. Eduardo tells him that he saw him in the room and that he was out of control.

A hopeful Kelly asks Dorian if it is possible for her to get Ace back, she says that she will do anything. David tells her that he is worried that she will get back into the state that she was that morning when she had to give Ace back. Dorian asks about it. Kelly tells how hard it was to give back Ace to Kevin, but David was there to help her. Dorian wishes away the Buchanan's. Bo comes from behind and tells her that it is possible that one of her relatives put that plan in action.

John figures that Sonia has something to do with the case being at a standstill. Ray tells him that she could be trouble.

Tonio angrily confronts Eduardo and presses him for the truth.

Rex tells Shannon to worry, he will take care of his situation. He asks her how is she holding up at the Love Shack. She tells him that they think that she is the one still vandalizing the site, but they can’t prove it. They decide to meet each other later on the D.L.

Bo asks Dorian where are Todd and Blair. David makes a joke.

David: Oh, did you try Disney World? I hear he's got a thing for the teacups.

Kelly laughs.

Bo: Shut up, Vickers.

Dorian: Uh -- Blair told me that the police questioned them -- her and Todd -- and they said that the last time they saw Asa was at Asa's former home. It's a big house. Did you check all of the rooms?

David: Shh.

Bo perturbed asks them again and they deny any knowledge of their whereabouts. He informs them that he will arrest them if they are withholding information from him.

Asa shouts at the children that they are lily-livered cowards and that he will find his own way out of the wood. He turns and turns begins to walk away when he falls in a hole in the grown.

Bo talks to Blair on the phone, she claims to know nothing. He hangs up the phone and tells them that she better be telling the truth or she and Todd are in a lot of trouble.

Sonia walks into John’s office and tells him that she can prove his innocence.

A strange woman approaches Mantonio, Sara sent her in her place. She tells him that he can go to some guy named Benicio will know and tell him who El Tiburon is.

Tico asks Jess if she will go to the gala with him. She pauses and remembers the fight with Tonio when he told her that he had to be alone. She happily accepts and kisses him on the cheek. Tico is pleased.


Paul accuses Nat for using him since she couldn’t be with John McBain.

John asks Eduardo why did he cover up for Tico.

Jessica begs Tico to tells her where Mantonio is.

Mantonio tells Sonia that he is going to find proof that Tico is El Tiburon.

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