OLTL Update Friday 9/17/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/17/04

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Kelly comes to the Buchanan mansion, and Kevin answers the door. She asks him what her visit is about. He tells her that he has bad news for her. Ace is dead. She becomes hysterical. Kelly wakes up in her bed. David rushes in her room, and he tells her that she was just dreaming. She wants to call Kevin to see if Asa is all right. David convinces her not to, he just got off the phone with the nanny and he was able to hear Ace in the background. She starts to calm down. He informs her that Dorian arraigned for her to see Ace today, she becomes elated.

Jessica wakes up alone in bed at the loft. She starts to think about her fight with Mantonio the day before.

RJ is in his office holding Jamie. Paul is trying to convince him that he should give him more time to get the money for him. He tells him that he just can't pull the money out of his ass, when RJ tells him to watch his language. Paul makes a sarcastic comment about the kind of influence he is for Jamie. RJ tells him that he needs to get his act together and get him his money. Paul leaves, and while he is walking out of the door he bumps into Mantonio. He warns him that RJ is not in a good mood. Tonio walks in and RJ tells him that he is twelve hours late. Tonio asks him to take care of Jamie for a little bit longer. RJ asks for how much longer. Tonio tells him indefinitely.

John comes to Lion's Heart, Tico lets him in and tells him that he has more information about Angelina/Isabella's death. He introduces John to Eduardo the butler, he claims that Mantonio killed her. John questions him, but Tico presses on Eduardo's accusation. John tells him that he will question the butler. Tico rants and interrupts Eduardo at every turn. John starts to question him about why would Tonio do it. Tico spouts on that John doesn't believe them. John tells him that he doesn't believe anything without proof. Sonia walks in and asks what's going on. John fills her in.

Tonio tells RJ that he's left the Force. RJ congratulates him. He has finally come to his senses. He asks him why couldn't his mother watch Jamie. Tonio tells him that "Carlotta" can't do it. RJ tells him that he never ever refers to her by name, asks about Jessica. Tonio tells him that she's no longer in the picture.

Jess hears someone at the door, she thinks that it's Tonio, but alas it Natalie. She comes in and tells Jess that she needs to talk to her. Jess tells her its not a good time. Nat tells her that even though they haven’t been lately, they used to be close. She confesses that she is her other half. Nat and Jess make an amends. Nat asks Jess what’s wrong. Jess confides to her that Tonio left her. Nat informs her that she and Paul broke up.

In Angel Square, Paul calls Babe and tells her that he was surprised to see her in Llanview and warns her to not to make any more unexpected trips.

David and Kelly get ready to leave. She asks him if he thinks that Ace will still like a toy that she bought for him awhile ago. David tells her that he is more worried about when the visit is over and Kevin takes Ace away. She eagerly walks out the door, David stops her and reminds her of the conditions. Kelly assures him that she understands, but she is just happy that she will be able to hold him.

Kevin calls Bo and tells him that Asa hasn’t come home yet. Kelly and David arrive early, Kevin tries to blow them off but David reminded him in a “not so subtle fashion” about what Dorian might do if he doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain. Kevin has the nanny bring Ace down. Kelly tells David that she is worried that Ace won’t recognize her, he tells her that he is worried that she won’t be able to let him go when the visit is over. Kevin brings the baby in and tells her that Ace didn’t get much sleep. Kevin is apprehensive about giving her the baby. David says that he can’t remember if Dorian is on speed dial #one or #two. Kevin hands her the baby. Kelly is elated to hold him.

Nat asks Jess what happened to her and Tonio. Jess wants to Nat to go first. Nat tells her that Paul isn’t right for her, just is not the love of her life. Jess asks her where is she going to live since she rented out the cottage house to the University. Nat says that she doesn’t know yet, but she’s more worried about a favor she promised to Paul. She asks her what happened to her and Tonio. She tells her that she hates what he is doing to her. Jess confesses to her that she wants to hate him too, but she is too much in love with him.

RJ asks Tonio “what happened between him and Jessica, did she figure out what Keri knew?” Tonio replies that he just wanted to leave her with family. RJ reminds him that because of him that Jamie is all the family she has left. Tonio informs him that Jess is staying at the loft and he can go there to get the rest of her things. He heads to the door when RJ asks him if he is going to say goodbye to his daughter.

Sonia says that she doesn’t believe that Tonio would do that. Tico says that Eduardo wouldn’t lie. John informs them that Eduardo will have to come down to the station and give a statement. Tico offers to bring him down to the station. John tells him that he would rather send an officer to bring him. Tico asks him what is he going to do about Tonio. John tells him that he will question him later and leaves. Sonia asks Eduardo what happened. He tells her that he already told them. She tells him to tell her what really happened. Tico stops her and sends Eduardo out of the room. Sonia tells him that she knows that he didn’t do it. He asks her if she thinks that he did it, she tells him that she isn’t accusing him. He denies anything, he tells her that if he covered anything up it was to protect her and walks out the room. The doorbell rings, and Sonia answers it. It’s Jessica, she says that she has come to tell her something.

RJ asks Mantonio to say goodbye to his daughter, it’s the least she deserves. Tonio picks up Jamie and tells her that he loves her.

Kelly plays with Ace, Kevin interrupts, he tells her that the hour is over. She tells him that it can’t be over yet.

Paul calls Babe again and reminds her to stay away from Llanview. As he is walking away, he asks himself why does this keep happening to him. Nat walks in the park and drops her keys. John pick them up for her, they stop and glare at each other.

Kelly begs for more time. Kevin takes Ace away from her arms. Kelly tries to say goodbye to Ace while Kevin gives him to the nanny. David tells her that they should get out of there and they do.

John talks about how beautiful the sunrise is, he then asks Nat if she has moved out of the hotel yet. She hasn’t, but will shortly, it is getting quite awkward for her. He tells her that she will be doing better. She asks him about what is going on with Jessica and Mantonio. He tells her that he is surprised that she didn’t know, but she is going to need her.

Jess asks Sonia if she knew about Mantonio. She did. Jess asks her why didn’t she tell him. Sonia says that she didn’t want Tonio’s life to come undone and that she was right. Jess asks her where did she see him. Sonia replies to her that he doesn’t want her to know. Jess informs Sonia that even thought she and Tonio are not together now, but she still loves him. She warns Sonia to stay away from him. She leaves. Tico comes down the stairs and asks Sonia who was at the door. She tells him that is was Jessica. Tico wants to know why didn’t she tell him. She explained that she came to see her and that she was looking for Tonio.

Tonio says goodbye to Jamie. He tells RJ that he will keep in touch and that he will take good care of Jamie. Jamie cries as he leaves. John meets him outside the door, he tells him that the Santi butler claims to have seen him push Angelbella into the glass. Tonio stops dead in his tracks.

Kevin is on the phone with Renee and tells her that he called Bo and is taking care of it, although his worried that something drastic has happened to him. Nat walks in and asks about Asa, Kevin fills her in and she offers to tell any who might know. He asks her what is she visiting for, she tells him maybe now isn’t the time. Kevin insists. She tells him that she needs a lot of money and that she will pay him back. Kevin tells her that he would be happy to help her out, but he won’t; he won’t help her enable Paul. She accuses him of denying her the money, to get back at Paul. They fight and she storms out and leaves. Kevin gets on the phone and calls for Paul to come over.

A frustrated Jessica comes back and slams things around the loft. There is a knock at the door and she answers it. It’s Tico, and he asks her what is wrong. She blames Sonia for Tonio’s distance toward her and tells Tico to tell her it’s not true. He agrees with her.

RJ eavesdrops on Tonio and John through the door. John tells Tonio about what Eduardo said. Tonio asks him if he believes him, John tells him that he doesn’t. Tonio starts to walk away again when John asks him if he is going to come down to the station to give his statement. Tonio tells him that he already said what needs to be said. John threatens to arrest him to get him to come down. A man interrupts them and says that he is going take Tonio.

Kelly and David return to La Boule. She talks about how big he has gotten and that babies change so quickly. He reminds her that she will see him again soon. Kelly says that she knows that she will get Ace back, she has to, because that is all she has left. He reminds again that she will see him again soon and that she should focus on that. Kelly thanks him and they lean into to kiss, but pull back to an awkward silence.

Jess goes on about Sonia to Tico. He tells her that Tonio might be the one who killed Angelbella.

The strange man shows an FBI badge to John. The Agent takes Tonio away when Sonia comes over and tells the agent that she will take over from here. Tonio asks what is she doing. She tells him that she is saving his butt.

David awkwardly makes up an excuse to get out of the room. Kelly thanks him again. He tells her that it’s just part of the job of being a “future step uncle-in-law”,and walks out the room.

Paul comes to the mansion. Kevin reams him out for getting Nat involved in his scams. They argue and Paul reminds him that he knew where he got the baby. Kevin tells him that if he tells anyone that the money that Paul needs are the least of his worries.


Dorian wants to get more dirt on Kevin to get Ace back.

Tico tries to convince Jessica that Mantonio is guilty.

Mantonio believes that Tico is trying to get rid of him once and for all.

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