OLTL Update Thursday 9/16/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/16/04

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Mantonio explains that he can get farther to finding El Tiburon by not being on the force. Jessica begs him to let John and Bo do it. She thinks it is Sonia’s fault that he wants to pursue this. He tells her that he needs to be alone.

Blair and Todd are at the Palace Bar and she is worried that Asa will go to the police. Todd assures her that it is their word against his. A police officer approaches them and asks them if they have seen Asa. They tell him that the last time that they saw him is when they went over there to get their personal belongings. The cop leaves and Blair tells Todd, “see, they are all ready looking for him.”

Asa breaks free from the ropes and again vows to get back at them.

David comes back to LB, and tells Dorian that Kevin, “Gus”, and Dawes were at the mansion discussing something, he says that he could not hear them from where he was. Dorian is curious about what is going on.

Jessica pleads with Mantonio for him not to go. She gives him an ultimatum, “Walk out that door and they are over!” He chooses to walk out the door. Jessica goes to the window and breaks down and cries even more. Tonio hears her from outside the door of the loft with one tear streaming down his face.


David tells Kelly that Dorian arranged for her to see Ace.

Jessica confronts Sonia.

Mantonio leaves Jamie with RJ.

The coroner tells John that Mantonio killed Angelina.

Mantonio comes back to the loft to find Jessica waiting for him. She runs over to embrace him, when he stops her.

At La Boule, David and Dorian put their heads together to figure out what is the connection between Tico and Kevin’s meetings. Tico comes to visit, and Dorian offers her condolences.

Meanwhile and the Love Shack, an upset Marcie gets off the phone. Hudson walks in and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that her father, is still making her choose between him and Ron or Eric and his partner, again. Hudson tells her that he can understand because he has dealt with racism and intolerance.

Todd asks Mrs. Bigelow if she has come up with anything to use against Asa, to keep the mansion. She tells him nothing short of killing him.

Blair thinks she killed Asa, she hears him moaning. She panics and calls Todd.

Mrs. Bigelow and Todd discuss ideas on trying to get the mansion back. Todd tells her that Asa might burn down the house, even with their belongings.

Blair has the guards carry out their stuff to her car, she also has them carry Asa out (unbeknownst to them) in a rug.

Dorian offers her condolences again, she offers to help. Tico informs them that arrangements have already been made. David tells him that he is amazed that after what happened that he could so be social. Tico tells him that keeping busy helps him with the pain, he says that things like the Heart Ball will make money so that a lot of good can come out of it. He wants to discuss the seating arrangement. While Tico is talking to Dorian, David slips out with Tico’s wallet that was in his briefcase. He goes into the foray and looks through it to find out something.

Adrianna is at the diner, when Duke walks in with Ace, he had to pick him up from the nanny. They sit together and talks about finding out about Tonio and wishing for little siblings to play with.

Jessica tells him that she went through the same thing and that can help him through it. Mantonio goes on about how everything was kept from him, he says that it’s not the same as with Mitch because no one knew the truth. He tells her that he has all ways had violent tendencies and didn’t know where it came from, now he knows, it’s because he’s the son of Manuel Santi.

Hudson gives Marcie a speech about how it is to be judged because of his skin tone. Marcie says she understands because of her weight. He tells her that to get through it you have own who you are and be proud of it too.

Shannon and Rex come to the door and they stop and kiss. He hesitates, he doesn’t want anyone to see them. She reminds him that they have been seeing each other for weeks, they should go public with it.

Mantonio explains that he has now early memories of his childhood, except for the one. Jessica tells him that he shouldn’t focus on that, but on the fact that he now has a sister in Adrianna and a brother in Tico. He becomes furious when she mentions Tico’s name, and tells her not to see him again.

Tico and Dorian are still talking about the seating plan, when she looks over and sees David trying to put the wallet back. She distracts Tico, then after David is finished she escorts Tico out. On the way out Kevin is at the door, he wants to discuss letting Kelly see Ace once a week.

Blair meets Todd in the woods, she tells him what happened. They try to figure out what to do when they hear Asa moaning.

Dorian tells Kevin that she won’t agree to once a week, and that she is going to send out the tape to the media. Kevin offers to two days for one hour supervised. She agrees to it and give him the tape.

Blair and Todd tie Asa to a tree, he then starts talking to Blair like they are still married, and thinks that Todd is Clint.

Shannon thinks Rex is ashamed of her, he assures her that he isn’t, he just wants to keep quiet about while they are working on the project. They kiss, then Marcie walks in on them and Rex excuses himself. Marcie tells her that Rex will never love anyone like he loved Jen, Shannon tells her that it’s just sex between them. Hudson walks in and tells them it’s time to go to the game. Shannon says that she will catch up with them later, and they leave. Rex comes back and she asks him if their relationship is more than sex and he tells her it is. They kiss.

Duke and Adrianna are still talking about having younger siblings, and that they want to be good sibling to their own.

Jess and Tonio argue some more about Tico, she tells him that he has been so kind to her and that she can’t do that to him. She says that she has investigated the Santis for some times now and that she doesn’t believe that Tico is any threat to them. Tonio tells her that being on the force kept him from getting any further because John and Bo want to pin everything on Sonia. Jessica asks him if he left the force because of Sonia.

William Dawes congratulates Kevin on his return to politics at the mansion. Tico tells them that everything will be better this time around. Kevin apologizes for Asa’s absence, since he is the one who called the meeting. David is outside eavesdropping on them.

Asa keeps calling for Blair. Todd decides to leave him there, he says that he is so out of it that he won’t remember what happened after he gets out of the woods. After they are gone, Asa back to his sane self vows to get back at them.

Marcie and Nick return to the Love Shack, he thanks her for getting everyone together to watch the game. Mark comes in and tells them that someone vandalize the site again. Marcie realizes that Shannon was the only one who wasn’t around.

Adrianna and Duke flirt with each other some more. She tells him she has to leave.

Dawes tells Kevin that he hopes that no more of Kevin’s personal issues will interfere with his career. He suggests that Kevin starts to look for a new wife. Tico says that they should focus on the fact the he is a single dad. Kevin excuses himself, he wants to get some notes that Asa had for the meeting. David runs and hides. Kevin gets on the phone and calls for Bo, he isn’t there. He leaves a message for him that Asa is missing and he is thinking the worst might have happened to him. In the living room, Dawes asks Tico if Kevin has any idea what they want to do with him. Tico tells him that he doesn’t have a clue. Kevin walks back in with the notes and they continue the meeting.


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