OLTL Update Wednesday 9/15/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/15/04

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David is the living room of La Boule set to eat his lunch, when Dorian storms in and tells him that Kelly is locked in her room and she can’t hear her or anything through the door.

Bo comes to the mansion to blast Asa for not staying at the hotel and coming back to the mansion and forcing Todd and Blair out by gunpoint. Asa makes no apologies for what he did, and tells Bo that the lawyers have something planned for Todd.

Todd is livid because Evangeline hasn’t gotten back to him. Blair tries in vain to calm him down. When Vange shows up, Todd blasts her for not returning his calls. She tells him that she does not responded to being disrespected like that. He tells her that since she is on his payroll that he will speak to her anyway he wants to. She then resigns.

Jessica goes to the diner only to find that it has not opened.

Carlotta tells Mantonio she knew that she would find him at his father’s(Diego’s, not Manuel’s) grave.

David tries to coax Kelly out of her room by telling her that he has an article to write for “Craze” about shoes. Dorian has an idea to get a screwdriver to get the door open herself if Kelly does not let them in. Kelly thanks them for their concern for her but she says that she will be fine. The doorbell rings and Dorian leaves to get it. David continues to talk to Kelly about shoe article. He thinks to himself that all that talk about shoes brought back his foot fetish. Adrianna answers the door, it’s Duke. She thanks him for helping her with her calculus homework. He offers his services anytime she needs them. Dorian walks in and asks Adrianna if she needed help that she would have hired her a tutor. Duke informs her that he doesn’t mind helping her because he is a “math nerd” himself. Dorian politely tells him no thanks.

Asa revels in telling Bo about how the lawyers have found a way to get at Todd by freezing his assets, at least until the court decides who will get the mansion. Bo reminds him that doing something like that can make Todd react violently.

Todd screams at Vange about his assets being frozen, she reminds him not to speak to her like that and that she is no longer his legal council. She tells him she would help him but they have turned it into a spitting contest with each other. Todd tells them that if Asa thinks that he is going to be living high off the hog, that he has another thing coming. He gets up and storms out of there, Blair follows soon after.

Carlotta apologies to Mantonio for not letting him in on the secret. She tells him that she and Diego were trying to protect them from the danger that surrounded Manny’s lifestyle. Tonio turns away from her. She tells him that God took one of her sons, she asks if she will lose him too.

Bo comes in to the restaurant and sees Vange. He asks if she has seen Renee, she hasn’t. Bo tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about Asa coming after Todd and Blair with a gun, because he told him that he won’t hesitate to send him to prison. She tells him that she happy about it but she has nothing to do with the case anymore because she quit. Bo asks her how does she thinks they should settle this, she tells him that they should be put in a cage and let them settle this the old fashioned way. They laugh about it.

Asa is sitting in the living room about to enjoy a cigar, when he hears rock music blaring from outside. He runs to the door.

Duke tells Dorian that he came over to see Kelly, she informs him that she is sleeping and tries to throw him out. Kelly comes down the steps and is pleased to see Duke, she asks him how is Ace doing. She tells him that she knows Kevin can’t stay mad at her forever and that he will let her see him. They go off to sit in the living room. Dorian thanks David for getting Kelly to come out of her room, he’s more concerned about her sense of reality especially about getting Ace back. Dorian tells him that she will get the baby back to Kelly, even if it means selling her soul to the devil. She walks out the door. David says to himself that you can’t sell what you have sold to someone else.

Mantonio tells Carlotta that he knows that they loved him but that isn’t the point. She disagrees with him on that, she insists that she and Diego loved him, and that’s the reason that he came there, to be with the only father he has known. Tonio says no, he is there to say goodbye.

Kelly goes on and on to Duke and Adrianna about fixing up Ace’s room for when he comes back. Duke tells her that Ace is doing well. David interrupts telling Kelly that she should eat something, she agrees and leaves the room with him. Adrianna asks Duke does he think that Kevin will give the baby back to Kelly, he is unsure himself. He tells her that his father can be vindictive, she tells him that Dorian thinks that the judge has been bribed. Duke tells her that he has seen Kevin with Tico a lot lately and asks her if she knows anything about it. Adrianna says no, but is suspicions, she mentions that she hasn’t been able to reach Tico or Carlotta for that matter. Duke offers to take her over to the diner, she gladfuly accepts.

Vange tells Bo that she has warn Todd, but he doesn’t listen to her. She tells him that she can’t afford to lose another case. Bo asks her if she is appealing the custody case. She tells him that she thinks that someone got to the judge to decide in Kevin’s favor. Bo’s cell phone rings, it Jessica, she’s worried because Tonio did not come home last night.

Mantonio can’t get past the fact that he is Manuel Santi’s son, he goes on and on about how he didn’t get to know his parents. He asks Carlotta why didn’t she tells him the truth since Angelina came to town. She told him that she didn’t know that Angelina(Isabella) was still alive until then, she said that she was afraid of losing him if he found out. He tells her that he has nothing holding him there and leaves her there.

Todd walks to the mansion door with Blair following not far behind. Asa come out and tells them to shut the music or else. “Or else what?!?” Todd replies.

Jess tells Bo that she is scared that Tonio will go directly to the Santis and do something crazy. She goes on about he has shut her out of his life lately. He tells her that when he is ready he will come to her first (yeah, right!)and that he will talk to Tonio when he sees him. She thanks him and hangs up. Vange tells Bo that she can’t believe that Tonio turned in his badge(I can, the season changed again.). Bo tells her that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Tonio walks in on their conversion, he wants to talk to Bo. Bo tells him to call Jessica. Vange excuses herself from the table. Tonio tells Bo that he wants to come back to the force.

Carlotta comes into the diner crying, Adrianna and Duke walk in shortly there after. Adrianna offers her condolences to Carlotta. Duke asks if he can do anything for her, she asks for a glass of water. Carlotta tells Adrianna that Mantonio is her brother.

Asa tells Todd that he will sue him for harassment. Todd tells him that he continue to play the music as loud as he wants til he leaves. Blair tells him to go back to the palace where he belongs. Asa threats to burn the house down, Blair doesn’t believe him. Todd calls his bluff and leaves to fill his gas can. Blair wants to come in the house to get her personal belongings. Asa won’t let her, he tells her that he is going to use her children’s photos for kindling, and slams the door in her face. Blair says that she will get back at him.

Adrianna asks how can Tonio be her brother. Carlotta tells her what happened 30 years ago. She tells her that she thinks she lost Tonio, Adrianna tries to console her.

Kelly asks David to help her with the nursery. She wants to redecorate, but doesn’t want to make it too girly for him, he is a Buchanan. David says, “bandanna, chaps, and turquoise jewelry, that sounds girly to me.” Kelly makes a joke, and David mentions that she must be feeling better. She tells him that sometimes she feels like she is staring down a black hole, and that she going to fall in. David reassures her that he will be there for her.

Dorian meets Todd at the Palace Bar, she asks him to help her bring down Kevin. He told her that he sent her the tape of the hooker’s testimony. She tells him that she brought it to him, and he turned white as a ghost, but she wants to have leverage over Kevin. Todd agrees and asks her isn’t it better to be working with him instead of against him. Dorian didn’t seemed to enthused.

Bo tells Mantonio that John told him about what has happened. Tonio wants to continue the investigation without having to answer to John or anyone. He thinks that because he is so close and that he is Manuel’s son that he can finally find out who El Tiburon is. Bo says no to the idea, he thinks that he should take some time off. Tonio tells him that he told himself that he had two choices to handle the situation and that Bo took away one of those choices. He says that he will have to do it himself, and then he leaves the table.

Blair sneaks back into the mansion only to find her photos in the fireplace. Asa walks in on her.

Adrianna thanks Duke for staying around, she tells him that she can’t believe that Tonio is her brother, although she is happy about it, she is worried about it. Duke asks her if she wants to stay around awhile for Carlotta, she does. He tells her that he will come back for her later, he has to see someone.

Vange comes back to the table, Bo tells her that a lot has happened to Tonio, he thinks that John told her about it. She tells Bo that she and John aren’t joined at the hip, they’re just dating.

Mantonio comes back to the loft to find Jessica waiting for him. She runs over to embrace him, when he stops her.

Blair and Asa argue with each other, he calls her a slut and tells her that Starr is going to grow up to be a slut like her mother. Blair infused with rage grabs a candlestick and hits Asa in the head, he falls to the floor.&# 9;&# 9;


Jessica give Mantonio an ultimatum.

Kevin makes an offer to Dorian and David to let Kelly see Ace once a week.

Todd tells Mrs. Bigelow that he has tried everything to get Asa out of the house, she chimes in with “everything short of killing him.”

Blair thinks she killed Asa.

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