OLTL Update Tuesday 9/14/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/14/04

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Marcie and Michael are in New Jersey just from a visit with her father. She tells him that it was like old times and that maybe there is a chance for her father to accept Eric’s impending marriage. Michael tells her that nothing has changed because they didn’t even bring up Eric, the marriage or even the word gay. Mark joins them and the conversion.

Natalie’s hanging out on the rooftop of the Angel Square Hotel, someone comes up, she thinks it’s John, but its Paul. He wants her to explain the note she left for John to meet her on the roof when she should be with her.

John and Bo discuss “Mantonio’s” change in behavior and try to figure out how and when it started. John thinks it’s when he found out that he is related to Manuel Santi, Jessica busts in the door and announces that Manuel Santi is his father.

At Lion’s Heart, Tico tries to stop Sonia from running after “Mantonio”. He doesn’t want to cause any more trouble with him. She tells him that they owe him an explanation for keeping him from the truth. Tico lets her go.

“Mantonio” walks into a motel room with a bottle of liquor and spouts off about how he’s not Antonio Vega. He’s Manuel Santi.

Mark informs Marcie and Michael that he has just come out of the closet to his parents. He tells them that they took it well, his parents told him that they already knew that he was and sent him on his way.

Jessica tells John and Bo the story about how “Mantonio”, is Manuel Santi’s son. She tells Bo that she is scared for his live, and asks him to find him.

Mantonio’s brooding in his room. Sonia finds him via help from her contacts at the Federation. As she comes into the room, he grabs her gun off of her and points it at her.

Nat explains to Paul that she can’t live his lifestyle anymore. She tells him that she wants to end it. Paul asks her is she doing it to be with John.

John explains to Jessica that they can’t do anything because he’s not on the force anymore. She tells them that she is afraid for his safety because the Santi’s have come after him twice (actually three times, honey) before. Bo offers to get a bite to eat with her and talk to her some more. Jess declines and tells them that she’s going to wait at Llanfair. (Gee, if I was Jessica I would think that I would be waiting for him at the loft that we share together.)

Mantonio screams at Sonia for not telling him and orders her out. She tells him that she isn’t leaving him.

Nat tells Paul that it isn’t working for them. Paul tells her that he loves her. She tells him that she used their relationship as an escape.

John and Bo try to figure out Sonia’s motives with Mantonio. The phone rings, it’s the FBI, they are taking over the Octavio Vigil case. John is none too happy about it. They start to believe that Sonia has a connection to the Fed’s decision.

Sonia explains why they didn’t tell, they thought that his life wouldn’t be any better for it. She didn’t want this to happen to him. She wanted him to stay a good cop. He asks her how can he be when he isn’t who he was. He also tells her that he can’t trust her anymore. She apologizes to him.

Jess comes to LH in hysterics crying and yelling at Tico for lying to them all this time. She blames him for ruining their lives. He tries to console her.

Marcie is still worried that her father won’t accept her decision to support Eric’s lifestyle.

Nat and Paul argue some more. He asks her about what is he going to do about RJ. She tells him to go to the police. He then tells her that won’t let her go until she get’s them out of their RJ situation.

John and Bo are still trying to figure out what Sonia is up to, they do agree however that whatever it is it’s no good.

Tico apologizes to Jess, she accepts, he tells her that they did it to protect Mantonio. She tells him that she is worried about him.

Mantonio continues down into a downward spiral of self-pity and despair. Sonia tries to console him and they kiss.

Michael tells Marcie that he has premonitions. She laughs at him. (She’s not the only one.) He insists that he always had them and that he just didn’t think twice about it. That he sees her, her father and Eric making peace with each other. She says that it would take a miracle to happen. He assures her that miracles do happen.

John walks in on Nat and Paul on the roof. He asks if he is interrupting, Nat says no but Paul tells him that he is and wants him to leave. John won’t, and then Paul storms out, leaving Nat behind.

Tico continues to manipulate Jessica by telling her to stay there for the night and help him plan the Heart Ball. She questions his offer, but accepts.

Nat tells John that she broke it off with Paul. She says that she is going to do it on her own for now, while she gets her head together and figures out where she’s going to go with her life. John tells her that sometimes that is the best thing to do is to be alone.

Jessica and Tico are going over the seating arrangements for the Ball. He gets up and sees the sunrise, then goes on about something Angelina told him about the sunrise and new days. He thanks Jess for staying with him during the longest night of his life.

Mantonio is standing outside of his motel room door staring at the sunrise. He thanks Sonia for staying there with him through the night. He tells her that his quest for the truth is not over and is determined to find out who is El Tiburon. Tonio brings up the idea that Tico could be El Tiburon. Sonia tells him that if it’s true that they are all vulnerable.


Kelly tells David that Kevin will come around because he knows that Ace needs his mother.

Dorian asks for Todd’s help to bring down Kevin. (My girl in action!)

Jessica tells Bo that she’s afraid for Antonio’s life since the Santi’s have tried to kill him before.

Carlotta tells Mantonio that she lost her brother, and asks if she is going to lose him.

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