OLTL Update Monday 9/13/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/13/04

By Lynette
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Babe (from “All My Children”) and Paul are at the Palace restaurant. She asks him where did Kevin get the baby. He tells her that Kevin isn’ the father.

At La Boule, Dorian is going through the mail, when she finds a package with no return address. She opens it to find a mini cassette and a newspaper blurb about Kevin’s reentry into politics with a note saying “hope this helps.” She realizes that it’s from Todd.

Todd and Blair are in the mist of making love in the living room of the mansion. When they hear a gunshot, and rush to the door and find Asa standing there with a shotgun, ready to shoot.

John walks into the diner and over to Natalie, they talk briefly about the botched heist. He assures her that she did the right thing by calling the security company. She tells him that she wished she didn’t get involved at all.

Meanwhile at Lion’s Heart, Tico tells Sonia that he thinks that Antonio killed Angelina.

Antonio finds and reads a letter that Angelina left for him. She wrote confessing that she is Isabella and he is Manuelito, her presumed dead son.

Asa has Todd and Blair at gunpoint. Bo comes in just in time with an officer to stop Asa, he tells him that if he doesn’t stop that he is going to end up in Statesville Prison. Asa stands down and lets the officer take him back to the hotel.

Tico tells Sonia that their plans are falling apart, she tells him that if they find the money that should give it to the FBI.

Antonio continues to read the letter, she tells him that she loves and is proud of him. He has a flashback to when he was younger and she called him her little lion. He realizes that the life that he knew was a lie.

Babe asks Paul how did Kevin and Kelly get the baby. He tells her that Kelly and Todd had an affair and that Ace is the result of it. She then asks how did Kevin get custody if he is not the father. He tells her about what happened at the custody trial. Babe becomes sympathetic for Kelly.

Dorian is at the Palace and tells Kevin that when Ace is old enough that she is going to tell him about how he was stolen from his mother. Kevin scoffs at her. She then pulls out the tape.

John gets a call on his phone. Antonio is at Lion’s Heart. He and Nat say their goodbyes and he leaves.

Sonia checks in on a distraught Antonio, he hands her the letter and goes downstairs. He asks Tico if he knew the truth.

Todd tells Blair that he had to laugh at the way Bo was able to talk down Asa, she’s worried that something else is going to go wrong. Asa comes back with a handgun holds them again at gunpoint.

Paul tries to get rid of Babe by asking to escort her to her car. She asks him why is he trying to get rid of her.

Dorian plays the tape, its Paige’s (the hooker that David paid off) testimony from the trial. Kevin becomes worried since it was a closed hearing and the court files are sealed. Dorian reminds him that the voting public will not look favorably toward this. She plans on leaking this out to the press, if he doesn’t let Kelly see Ace.

Bo comes to the diner and sits with Nat. He starts to talk to her about Paul and how she has been in the police station a few times since she has been with him, but promises not to lecture her about him or the situation. He going to leave that to John, she tells him that she and John have come to an understanding. Bo’s wondering where is his coffee, Nat goes to get him some since she does it all the time. When she gets to the counter, she sees a picture of Cristian, Carlotta and Antonio.

Tonio asks Tico if he knew that he was Manuelito. He denies any knowledge of it. Tonio asks him if he killed Angelina. Tico tells him that Angelina was right, that he is crazy. Tonio grabs him by the neck. He asks him again. Sonia walks in on them and tries to get him to let him go. John rushes in and stops him. She tells him that Angelina died. Tonio snaps at her not to call her that.

Asa tells Todd and Blair to march out of the house, before he makes Jack and Starr orphans.

Nat stares at the photo some more. Bo comes over and they start to talk to each other about losing loved ones. He then tells her that she and John would be good together and that you never know where life is going to take you.

John asks what happened. Tico wants Tonio taken out of the house. John wants to know about what Tonio meant about Angelina.

Dorian threatens Kevin for visitation of Ace for Kelly. Kevin asks her for 24 hours to make a decision. She agrees to it, and tells him that she thinks that he is going to do the right thing. She leaves shortly thereafter. Paul tells Babe that he just figured that she wants to get home to her baby. He then leaves. She walks over to Kevin and Ace and tells him that she going to be leaving now.

Bo tell Nat that he misses Matthew since Nora took him to Disney World on vacation. Nat asks him if he just misses Matthew or he misses Matthew and Nora. She says that she asks because a wise man once told her that you never know where life is going to take you.

John sends Tonio to leave, but he is staying til he gets some answers from Tico and Sonia.

Asa forces Todd and Blair out of the house with only the clothes on their back. Then he calls for the stable hands to come and fix the door he shot out before.

Bo denies any feelings between him and Nora to Nat.

John tries to question Tico and Sonia, but they remained tight-lipped about anything. John leaves but tells them that he might have more questions at a later time. Sonia begins to leave when Tico grabs her arm and asks her “what do you think you are doing?”

Antonio walks into a closed diner. He sees the picture of Cristian, Carlotta and himself and smashes it and storms off.


Natalie tries to end things with Paul.

John tells Bo that Antonio change in behavior started with the Santi investigation, Jessica walks in and tells them that Tonio is the son of Manuel Santi.

Sonia begs Tonio to let her do her job now that he has found the truth.

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