OLTL Update Friday 9/10/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/10/04

By Lynette
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Kevin is trying to get Ace to stop fussing in the Palace restaurant, while Babe (from “All My Children”) watches them nearby. She approaches them, she’s drawn to the baby and doesn’t know why. She then offers to help with the baby, he gladly accepts.

Asa storms into the Police Station and asks Bo if he knew that Todd and Blair took over the mansion. Sarcastically, Bo welcomes and asks him how is he feeling, Asa tells him that the knee is fine but his trigger finger is itchy. He tells him that he wants them out of his house by midnight. (Welcome Home Asa!)

Meanwhile at said mansion, Blair is talking to Todd about wedding plans, she wants to have the reception at the house. Todd loves the idea, “that will upset the old man.” She tells him that she might ask Dorian and Viki to help her with the planning. She thinks with Viki’s help that she can invite Gov. Brooks. He loves the idea, he can invite Kevin and that would get to him. Blair gets angry with him and tells him that the wedding and the mansion takeover are off if he is only bent on revenge.

At the diner, Antonio asks Carlotta if he is Manuel Santi’s son. She doesn’t answer, he tells her about what Angelina told him and how she looked right at him when she mentioned Manuelito’s name. Carlotta says that Angelina was confused from the medication. He realizes that Angelina is his mother, he asks Carlotta if it is true.

Tico, Sonia and Jessica race up the stairs of Lion’s Heart to find Angelina lying on the floor bleeding. Tico shouts for someone to call for 911. Sonia tells him it wouldn’t help, she’s already gone. He says that how could she die accidentally after all she has been through. Sonia questions if it really was an accident.

Babe gets Ace to calm down. Kevin is amazed about how she was able to do it so fast. She tells him that some times it’s “the right person at the right time can do the trick.” Kevin admits that he is jealous because Ace seems happier with her that him.

Bo explains to Asa that Blair and Todd have the right to be there since he awarded the land and the mansion to Blair in the divorce agreement. Asa tells him that it was a typo in the paperwork that the lawyers overlooked. He says that lawyers got him in this mess, so he is going to take care of it himself. Bo reminds him that he’ll go to jail if he does anything crazy, like he did with the reporter. Asa tells him that Kevin’s lawyers would get him out of it like Evangeline did last time. Bo pleads with him to go to the Palace and see Renee & Ace. He tells him to get some rest and in the morning he can take care of it. Asa agrees and leaves. Paul comes over he has a meeting with Bo, who invites him in his office. He wants to talk to him, Paul says that is what cops usually say when something bad happens. Bo notices that Paul is suspicious, he tells him that Natalie is family to him, he cares and would do anything to protect her.

Antonio tells Carlotta that his life has been a lie. She tells him that it’s not true. He says that his family was a lie. She explains to him that they are his family, because they raised, cared and loved him all his life. She tells him that she will always be his mother no matter. He tells her that he wants to hear the truth from her. Rex and Nat are outside the diner, but the door is locked but the sign says that they are open. She sees them inside and continues to knock. They hear the knocking inside, but Tonio tells Carlotta to ignore it, they’ll go away. He wants the truth from her. She sees that it is Nat, and tells him that she has to let them in. He tells her that he knows that she is withholding from him. He storms out and lets Nat and Rex in. She walks over to Carlotta and asks her if she is all right. Carlotta tells her that she and Antonio had an argument and that every thing will be fine. Nat turns to Rex and asks him what that could be about, he tells her that it’s probably a family squabble. He then asks her if she got any of the money. She says no and that she isn’t going to get any of it. Rex reminds her that RJ blames him for the botched heist and has the bruises to prove it. She tells him that RJ is trying to scare them, she thinks that if they give him the money that it won’t stop him from asking for more. Rex asks her does she care about what could happen to them. She says she does. He says that if she loved them she would help, especially if she loved Paul. Rex asks her if she actually loves Paul.

Tico asks where is the ambulance. Sonia tells him that they can’t help her now. He asks who would do such a thing. She thinks it is El Tiburon trying to send a message to Tico. Sonia tells Tico to go downstairs to let the paramedics in and take Jessica with him. After they leave, she stands over the lifeless body and asks her, how could it happen to her. She tries to call Antonio but there is no answer. The paramedics have come to tend to Angelina. Tico’s downstairs with Jessica blaming himself for Angelina’s accident. Jess tries to console him. He then tries to place the blame on Antonio, but before he can get anything out, Sonia interrupts. Jessica asks if she was able to get in touch with Tonio, she wasn’t. Jessica offers to find him and condolences for their loss. Before she leaves, Tico asks her to not tell anyone except Antonio, until they have made arrangements. Tico offers Sonia a brandy, she asks him when and what happened the last time he saw Angelina alive.

The coroner’s covers Angelina’s body. Sonia asks again what happened with Tonio. Tico tells her that he caught him with Angelina and threw him out. She asked if Angelina told him anything, he says he doesn’t think it was anything consecqtual. He continues to blame himself for not staying with her. Tonio walks in and asks why is everything blocked off. He walks over to the body and asks them who “killed his mother.”

Blair lights into Todd’s fixation to bring down Kevin. She tells him that if this is what it’s going to be like when they get married that she wants out. Todd explains to her the reason he’s doing everything is because he wants to get the “Sun” back, since Kevin stole it out from under him. Blair understands, and she wants to see Kevin get what’s coming to him. He tells her that if it was just revenge that he would call the police and that they would take Ace away from him.

Kevin marvels over the way Babe gets on with Ace. Renee comes over and says that it’s the first time she’s seen Ace smile all night. Kevin says that he’s impressed with the way Babe was able to calm him down. Babe tells them that she has a child of her own about the same age. She asks if Ace has been to Pine Valley, Kevin tells her that the baby hasn’t left town except for a trip to Boston. Renee says that she’ll take Ace to the nanny now that he’s better. Babe can’t take her eyes off of him, but she excuses herself and runs off. Asa comes in, Renee welcomes him home, but he’s not hearing it. He tells them that the hotel is not their home, and she reminds him about his blood pressure. Kevin assures him that it will be taken care of. Meanwhile, they should be celebrating since he won full custody of Ace. Asa asks him which judge did he bribe, so he can do the same for him to get his mansion back. Kevin denies that he did. Asa tells him to call the lawyers they are going to settle this tonight. Kevin informs him that they can’t do that because it is late and the courthouse is closed. He tells Asa that the lawyers are going to meet in the morning at Buchanan Enterprises and that he should get some sleep. As he leaves, Asa tells him that he will be there and then they will get this thing settled. Babe comes over and gives back Ace’s pacifier to Kevin. She asks if they ever met at a baby shower, he tells her no, he would have remembered her. She confesses to feeling some kind of connection to Ace. Kevin assures her that it’s because she misses her own child. Babe figures that he is right and doesn’t give it a second thought.

Rex asks what’s the deal with Paul. Nat tells him that they’re close, but not in love. Rex thinks she has feelings for John McBain. She tells him that she’s not sure if its love, but she explains that she feels safe with him, that she could rely on him and that he always does the right thing. Rex tells her that’s great but what about the money. She tells him that she can’t get it from her family because they would blame Paul. She explains that they want her to break up with him because of his lifestyle. Rex asks her if she is happy living in that lifestyle.

Bo brings up the fact that Paul has been brought down to the Police station on four occasions, some of those times with Nat. Paul reminds him that he was cleared of the charges. Bo gives Paul his gun back, he then warns him about his kind of lifestyle and that it can have disastrous effects on those around him. Paul tells him that he won’t be in any danger, because he doesn’t go looking for it. He then leaves Bo’s office.

Jess walks into Bo’s office, she asks where’s Antonio, he was supposed to be working today. Bo tells her the news, Tonio’s not on the force anymore. Jessica thinks that he was fired, Bo corrects her and tells her that he resigned. She asks why, Bo says that he would like to know also.

Antonio asks what happened to Angelina. Sonia says it was an accident. Antonio and Tico start to accuse each other for what happened. Then, Tonio accuses Tico of killing her to keep her quiet.

Paul walks into the diner, and he tells Rex that he has a plan to raise the money. He thinks he can scam it from Kevin, and that Nat will help him. Nat walks over and asks, “help you with what?”

Jess tells Bo that Tonio doesn’t confide in her anymore. He tries to ease her worries and offers to talk to Tonio. She tells him that she is worried for his safety.

Tempers flare at LH, Tonio goes upstairs. Tico tells Sonia that he is worried about Tonio’s accusations. Sonia tells him that he can’t find out more than he already knows. Tonio is standing outside of Angelina’s room, and he remembers their conversation where she told him that Manuelito isn’t dead.

Paul covers himself with a lie. Jess walks in the diner, and Nat goes over to talk to her. Paul is right behind her when Rex asks him is he sure about the situation. Paul tells him that Nat is feeling guilty about the heist and will help him out. Nat asks Jess what’s wrong. Everything, she replies as she walks over to Carlotta. She asks her has she seen Antonio, and Carlotta tells her she did and that they had a disagreement. Jess tells her about Angelina, Carlotta and breaks down. Jess waits till Carlotta calms down when she asks her about her suspicions that Angelina is really Isabella Santi. Carlotta confirms her beliefs. She tells her that she can’t keep this secret anymore.

Tonio is in Angelina’s room looking over the place and realizes that it might not be an accident. Sonia is outside the door looking in at him.

Bo walks into the Palace restaurant, Kevin offers to get him a drink, he declines. Renee runs over and asks “where’s Asa?” Bo replies, “Home.”

Blair tells Todd that she is worried that Asa is going to come after them, Todd says that he probably will. She tells him that they also need to worry about the guest list for the wedding. He tells her that her rather practice for the honeymoon. The start to make love.

Kevin is playing with a restless Ace. Babe comes over and offers to hold him again. Paul walks in the restaurant.

Todd and Blair are in the mist of their lovemaking, when they hear a gunshot. They run to see who it is at the door. It’s Asa with a shotgun!

Tico wants to know what is Tonio doing upstairs. Sonia tells him that he is looking over the room for clues. Tico says that he probably is looking to cover up evidence. Sonia asks what if he figures it out what could happen. Tico tells her that everything would change.

Carlotta confesses to Jessica, “Manuelito is not El Tiburon, Antonio is Manuelito, he is Manuel Santi’s oldest son.”

Tonio is looking through Angelina’s belongings and finds a letter addressed to him.


Paul tells Babe that Kevin is not the father of Ace.

Dorian threatens Kevin.

Asa has Todd and Blair at gunpoint.

Antonio confronts Tico after finding out the truth.

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