OLTL Update Thursday 9/9/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/9/04

By Lynette
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Jessica comes to the diner, she tells Carlotta that she is worried about Antonio, and she thinks that Carlotta can put an end to his obsession (with the Santis) by telling the truth.

At Lion’s Heart, Tico stops Sonia from going upstairs to bring food for Angelina. She sees Kevin and asks him what is he doing there. Tico interrupts by telling her that Kevin is here to make a contribution for the Heart Gala. He then takes Kevin into the living room. Sonia gets a phone call. Someone tells her that Octavio Vigil’s file ended up in Antonio’s jacket. She asks them if John has done anything about it yet, she tells them that she is going to the station.

John leaves a message for Tonio, he tells him that someone is setting him up because the Octavio Vigil file was found in his jacket, and the DA thinks that he is guilty.

Antonio is at Angelina’s bedside, and she tells him she is not whom she thinks she is. She goes on about the explosion that Isabella and Manuelito died in. Angelina confesses that they didn’t, that Manuelito is still alive.

Kevin asks Tico why he didn’t want Sonia to know about his involvement in politics. Tico tells him that he thinks that the less people know the better. Kevin agrees to it. The butler, Bertram takes Tico aside and informs him that Antonio’s car is parked up the street. Tico thinks that he is in the house, and races up the stairs.

Adrianna is by the pool struggling with her homework. Duke walks in, he came to see Kelly, Adrianna tells him that she is out with Dorian. Duke offers to help her with her math homework, he claims that he is a math wiz. She refuses. He brings over a box, it’s a dress that Tico bought for her to wear to the Ball. Duke tells her that she will be the most beautiful woman there, she’s flattered, he then excuses himself to leave. He gives her a clue to help her with her work. She’s impressed. Duke offers his services again if she will do something for him.

Angelina tells Tonio that a bomb was planted in the car by some of Manny’s enemies. Unfortunately, for them he wasn’t in it like they expected. She tells him that she was thrown from the car after the first explosion. She went back to the car too only to see the car explode again and burst into flames. She figured that Manuelito, and the nanny and the driver was dead; so she went and got Baby Tico and fled. She traveled around the world for a while and finally went home to Spain. She tells him that even though she thought that Manuelito was dead, he wasn’t, he was also thrown from the car after the first explosion. Fortunately, someone was there and took him away somewhere to be safe. Tonio wants to know what this has to do with him. Angelina tries to tell him more only to be interrupted by Tico, he wants to know what is Tonio doing there and demands him to leave. After which, Tico demands Angelina to tell him what did she told Antonio. Tonio goes downstairs, he sees Kevin and tells him that he is not surprised to see him there and storms out. He calls John and tells him that he needs to get Angelina out of there, John informs him about the missing file and that he should get down there immediately. Sonia overhears John's conversion and asks "what trouble?".

Jess questions Carlotta about the day Isabella and Manuelito died. She thinks that they are really alive.

Tico comes back to assure Kevin that everything is fine. He wants to set up a meeting for Kevin and Gov. Brooks, Kevin agrees to that also. Tico tells him that if all things go well that he can expect to be in the White House. Kevin tells him that he sounds like Asa, but Tico takes that as a compliment. Kevin explains that a lot of people think that Asa is a ruthless SOB. Tico prefers to see himself as a visionary. Kevin excuses himself and Tico shows him out. Then he runs upstairs.

Back at La Boule, Duke is sitting by the pool, and Adrianna is rebuffing his offer. He tells her that she has the whole thing wrong. He wants to help her in exchange for a dance at the Heart ball. He is able to convince her to, but she says that it cannot be a slow dance and that she is only doing it to get a good grade.

Carlotta tells Jess that what she is saying about Isabella and Manuelito can't be true. She tries to convince her of it, but Jess doesn't believe her. Jess asks if anyone is putting pressure on her, she tries to assure her that she can help her. She tells her that she just wants to protect Antonio by helping him find the truth. Carlotta continues to deny it.

Angelina gets out of her bed, Tico walks in and asks her where she thinks she is going. She wants to leave, but he won't let her. She tells him that she told Tonio everything, but Tico doesn't believe her. She tells him that Tonio has a right to know. That the truth has to come out. Tico disagrees. He doesn't want Antonio to know. Angelina accuses him of becoming like his father, and he orders her to say that to him.

John asks Sonia what is she doing at the station. She claims that she is there to pay a parking ticket and went in the wrong direction. He tells her how it turned out to be convenient for her that she got to listen in on his conversation. She said that if he wanted privacy that he should have shut the door. He asks her what is the nature of her relationship with Antonio, she says that they are friends. He doesn't buy it and tells her that he is on to her.

Duke helps Adrianna with her homework. She seems to have a little trouble keeping concentration when he is explaining the work. She tells him that she has had trouble understanding it and it would take her all night. He tells her that he is willing to stay all night if he has to.

Sonia asks him what does think that he knows. He tells her that he isn't ready to give up that information up yet. They call on each others bluff. He tells her to close the door on the way out. She walks out the door and bumps into Antonio and tells him that John might be on to them. She asks him if he is in trouble and that she will help him because she cares about him and doesn't want to blow her cover. She tells him that she will help him any way she can. Things start to get a little heavy, when John walks in and orders Tonio in his office now.

Jessica sits at the diner and tries to figure out the connection to everything. She figures that something must have happened between the time of the explosion and the time that Tico says that he arrived in Madrid.

Angelina is being forced by Tico to go back to bed, she begs with him to let her go. She doesn't understand why they have to keep up this charades any longer. She accuses him of hating him, and she wants to know why. She tells him that he has always been like that, wanting things he cannot have. She accuses him of wanting Jessica, but he denies it. He tries to get her to go back to bed. She figures out that he is the one who has been trying to kill Antonio all this time.

Jessica comes to LH, and she wants to speak to Tico.

John tells Antonio to close the door behind him since Sonia is outside the door. He tells him about the file being in his jacket. Antonio asks him if he thinks that he did it. John asks him if he had listened to any of his messages, he then tells him that Tico filed an unlawful entry report against him. He asks if it's true, Antonio explains to him that he had to speak to Angelina. John tells him that he is not making it easier for him, and that he is randomly breaking rules. Antonio tells him that sometimes they have to break the rules to enforce them. John is becoming worried and frustrated with Antonio, he then orders him off the case. Antonio tells him that he has had enough and hands in his badge. John tells to pick it up, but Tonio tells him that he is so close and that he thinks that El Tiburon is Manuel Santi's presumed dead oldest son, Manuelito. (OY VEY!) Tonio tells him that is the reason that he had to speak to Angelina, he needs to bring her in and question her, but Tico keeps blocking him. He tells John that he won't take his badge back because he is so close and that he won't let anyone and anything stop him.

At the Palace, Kevin is on the phone ordering someone to get the report about Tico Santi's financial records. He wants to know if and where the money is there to back up the promises that Tico made to him.

Angelina continues to accuses Tico of trying to kill Antonio, he tries to get her to go back to bed by telling her that it's the pain medication that is making her believe that. She thinks that Tonio has the right to know the truth. Tico wants to know why after all he has done for her why, she spouts back at him that he did everything he did for himself. Jessica is downstairs waiting for Tico. He asks her why does she want to tell him now after all these years, "because I love him." She shoots back. He slaps her and then grabs her which makes her fall back on the night stand knocking over and breaking a glass. He grabs her arm and she resists by trying to get her arm out of his hand and in doing so falls.

Duke continues to help Adrianna, and she finally understands the work. Duke is busy watching her that making sure she has the work right, she notices it. He tells her that he was watching her and that he knew that she would get it because he taught her the trick. It then reminds her of when she used to tutor River. Duke senses that she is still not over River. He tells her that it is not easy to get over your first love. She thanks him for helping her. He reminds her about that dance. She tells him that she does not go back on her promises. Duke can't believe that her father is Manuel Santi. Adrianna corrects him. A man named Caesar Colon raised her.

John has a police tail placed on Antonio.

Angelina fell on the broken glass, Tico tries to get some help, she mutters something to him. Jessica is calling for him downstairs. Tico comes running down the steps buttoning up a new shirt he just put on.

At the Place, Kevin is having a drink at the bar, when an elated Duke walks in. Duke tells Kevin that he likes it in Llanview. Kevin is pleased to hear that because he just set it up for Duke to come in and work a few hours a week at Buchanan Enterprises in the Accounting Dept. Duke is glad to be working together, then Kevin tells him that he is going back into politics. Duke is surprised by the announcement. Kevin claims that he is better prepared this time.

Adrianna is still sitting by the pool fast asleep, and she starts to dream. They are by the pool and they start to dance. Tico comes in and tells Duke to stay away from Adrianna and orders her to get away from him. Duke tells him that he can't keep her away from him, and starts to walk over to her when Tico shoots him. She runs over to help him. She then wakes up scared.

Jessica asks Tico if anything broke upstairs, he claims that it was a mirror. He seems nervous and downs a drink. She asks if something is wrong, he tells her that he is worried about Angelina and is angry with Tonio for breaking into the house to badger Angelina. Jessica is shocked by the news. She goes on to tell him that she thinks that Manuelito is still alive. He gets really nervous and tries to convince Jessica that it is not true. Sonia is eavesdropping in on the conversion. The maid screams. Angelina has had a terrible accident. Everyone runs upstairs to help.

Antonio walks into the empty diner and locks the door, he wants to talk to Carlotta. He demands the truth from her because of what Angelina told him, Carlotta tells him that she is wrong because she is tired and delirious from her injuries. Antonio wants to know if he is Manuelito Santi, Manuel oldest son.


Kevin is jealous of Babe (from All My Children) because she is better with Ace than he is.

Antonio finally finds the truth (everyone say it with me "Hahlayluya") about his connection to Manuel Santi that he has been looking for.

Sonia doesn't believe Angelina's accident is an accident at all.

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