OLTL Update Wednesday 9/8/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/8/04

By Lynette
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Kelly comes back to La Boule, and Dorian and David are relieved. She tells him that she was with Kevin and he’s gonna give her back Ace.

John tells Daniel that the Octavio Vigil files are missing. Daniel wants to know how.

Antonio breaks into Lion’s Heart, and heads up the stairs. Sonia is telling Angelina that to not tell Antonio the truth, there is nothing good that can come from it. Angelina insists otherwise. Tonio is still creeping up the stairs. Sonia begs of Angelina not to tell him, she replies that she will do what she has to do.

Mark and Marcie are squabbling with each other over the equipment donations for the Love center. Michael walks in on them and asks what is going on. Mark tells him that Marcie is bickering because of her troubles with her family, Marcie tells him that Mark is frustrated because Justin didn’t call him back.

At the Palace restaurant, Tico and Jessica are sitting together. Kevin walks in, sunrise to see them together (probably the only person in town who is). He shows them the story that Jess did on the Santi organization. He also brings up that Ace is upstairs if she would like to see him. She asks how is Ace adjusting since Kelly is not around. He is doing great, I got him away from her just in time, he replies.

Dorian tries to explain to Kelly that Kevin has divorced her and has custody of Ace. Kelly tells her that she doesn’t understand why everyone thinks that Kevin won’t change his mind. She leaves to fix Ace’s room. Dorian tells David that she is worried that Kevin is setting her up for a big fall. David tells her that he thinks it would be a good time to talk to Kelly’s psychologist again.

Jen tells Riley that she understands if he goes back to “Flash”/Sarah. Frustrated, she tells him that if he is lying or using her that he better fess up now because she just will not go through that again. Riley professes his love to Jen.

Dorian arrives at the Palace restaurant. She wants to see Dr. Quintana, but has to wait because she is holding a seminar. Then she notices that Kevin and Tico are sitting together at a table, and she starts to head over.

Tico reminds Kevin that the judge in the custody trial “just gave” him the baby. Kevin informs him that he won the case because he was the fit parent. Dorian comes over and interrupts, she tells Tico that she is disappointed about his association with Kevin. Dorian starts to go at it with Kevin but he just goes on mocking her about Kelly’s mental health. They’re interrupted, Dr. Q is ready, Dorian tells Tico she is disappointed in him and storms off. Kevin goes on to Tico about how being seen in public with him could cause scenes like that one. Tico agrees to meet with him at LH, to discuss him coming back into politics.

Daniel wants to know how and who could have taken the file, he says that the police station should have the best security in town. John thinks that it was an inside job, possibly Antonio. Dan thinks that Tonio did it to cover it up for Sonia.

Antonio is lurking around LH, while Sonia give Angelina medication. She tells her that Tonio should at all costs not find out the truth. Sonia leaves. Tonio hears her and tries to get out of plain sight. Sonia hears someone in the house, and she draws out her gun. Looks like a game of Cat and Mouse here, folks.

Marcie and Mark call a truce, he then leaves to get refreshments. Marcie whines about her father cutting her out of his life. She is wondering why is she doing anything anymore, on the count that most of it was to make her father happy. She wants to give up. Michael tells her that she should not give up and stop worrying about pleasing her father, he says that she should start living her own life. &# 9;

Kelly tells David that she is going over to see Kevin, and she wants to bring over some of his baby clothes. David advises against it, he then reassures a distraught Kelly that she strong (boy is he using the word loosely) and beautiful.

Sonia and Tonio are still playing Cat and Mouse. She asks the maid if she has heard anyone strange in the house, the maid says no. Tonio makes it up to Angelina’s room and (take a guess, anyone, anyone?) tries to get the truth out of her.

Mark is with Marcie talking, and he asks her why did Michael walk out in the middle of their conversation. She has no clue. Michael asks Marcie if she wants to take a ride to New Jersey.

Sonia is on the phone (likely with another Federal Agent), Tico walks in on her. Angelina wants Tonio to leave, he won’t not without the (sigh) truth. She starts to spill something, but she is incoherent. Tico presses Sonia about whom she is talking to. She claims it the bartender from her club. They hear noises upstairs, they decide to check in on her.

Jen tells Riley that she can’t believe that he chose her over Flash. They profess their true feelings for each other and kiss.

Daniel thinks that Tonio is guilty and if John thinks otherwise he can try to clear him. He will, John replies.

Tico and Sonia check in on Angelina, but Tonio was able to slip out. They tell her they heard noises from downstairs. She says that she must of Had been talking in her sleep.

Jess comes to La Boule to show Kelly pictures of Ace from her most recent visit. Dorian comes back and tells David that Dr. Q says that she should bring Kelly ASAP to the hospital for observation. In denial, Dorian professes that she won’t do it, she can’t do it. Kelly tells Jess that she is sure that Ace will be coming back home.

Marcie thinks that is a bad idea for her to see her father. Michael tells her that her father wants to see her. He just got off the phone with him. She reluctantly goes with him.

An officer brings a jacket to John. The bartender from the Palace restaurant brought it to the police station for Antonio. John takes the jacket, he notices some papers and sees they are the missing file of Octavio Vigil.

Kevin comes to LH, and Tico convinces him to get back into politics. Gov. Brooks needs him, his campaign is falling apart. Sonia wants to check in on Angelina, but Tico stops her. Meanwhile, Tonio thanks Angelina for hiding him from Tico and Sonia and tries to get the truth out of her again. Angelina tells him that he will not rest until he finds out the truth. Also, that his live will never be the same again and that when he does that he will never have any peace ever again.


<<<<< Sorry, my station decided to have a weather report to remind us that it is raining. So, I by using the old tried and true method of the “collage try” will guess what will happen tomorrow.>>>>>

Antonio will demand the truth from (you can pick), Sonia, Tico, Angelina, Carlotta or maybe even Jack Nicholson(a la “A Few Good Men”) ahh, who cares, moving on . . .

Kelly still thinks that Kevin will out of the goodness of his own heart, and after everything that she did, he will give Ace back to her.

Jess runs to John about Antonio’s obsession, again, then when he tells her that he can’t just tie him up and lock him up with to be with her all the time, she will go running to Tico.

Natalie is in trouble and will want to be saved by John, but won’t tell him what is wrong(even though he will ask her).

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