OLTL Update Tuesday 9/7/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/7/04

By Lynette
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Rex explains to Natalie and Paul about RJ’s demands. They don’t believe that he is serious, he then shows them his bruises on his stomach.

Out by the pool of La Boule, David explains to Dorian about Kevin’s offer for $1; and to let Kelly see Ace supervised for one hour once a week in exchange for his 15% share in “Craze”. She asks him if he took the offer, he didn’t, but was seriously considering it. Impressed with his generosity and loyalty, she tells him about how she used to read about fairy tales and knights in shining armor and that she should have realized that they would look like him.

At the police station, Nora and Daniel talk about the cold case files about the bones they found at the Love Center. She tells him that she is going to bring them to Jen to read, and goes on to tell him about how creeped out Jen is about the situation.

Jen walks in the Love House only to find it empty. She goes into the living room and is startled by Riley.

Jessica goes to the police station looking for Bo. John informs her that Bo is in Philly at a conference. John confronts her about her going over his head to get Antonio off the Santi case. He explains to her that he has and will do all that he can to keep him out of danger.

Antonio barges his way into Lion’s Heart to speak to Angelina, but Tico and Carlotta stop him in his tracks.

David tells Dorian that he wanted to do it and would do it, but his pride got in the way because Kevin only offered him a dollar for it ( he felt that he deserved at least a C-note). Dorian tells him that he did the right thing.

In Bo’s office, Jessica whines about her concern for Antonio and his obsession with the Santis is going too far. John disagrees with her.

Antonio demands (oh, what a surprise) to speak to Angelina, Tico tells him that she is not up for visitors. Carlotta tells him to go home. Angelina wakes up and calls out, Tico goes to check up on her. Carlotta convinces him to leave. Sonia escorts him out the door, but not without quietly telling him to meet her at the Palace restaurant in a half-hour. After, she turns to Carlotta and tells her “look at what her coming here has done”, and goes upstairs. Tico tells Angelina to rest, she can talk to Antonio later, shortly he leaves. Angelina looks over to the phone.

Rex, Nat and Paul discuss where and how to get the money. Rex thinks that since Nat dropped that dime on them that she should pay. She can’t. Her money is tied up in a blind trust for her unborn children. Paul asks why don’t she ask Viki, Jess or Clint (her father). Nat protests. She asks why doesn’t he asks Kelly or Dorian. He can’t since Kelly is distraught over losing Ace and Dorian hates him. Paul decides to give it a try anyway and leaves. Rex asks Nat if she is gonna help them out.

Jen is relieved that it’s Riley, and she tells him that she is uncomfortable being in that house alone. She nervously asks about “Flash”/Sarah, but she goes on to encourage him to call her. Awkward, she makes up an excuse to leave, she says that she is going to the library to research about Amy Dunham, since her remains were found at the Love Center site. She then jokes about actually going to the library, then asks where the library is.

Dorian is livid about Kevin’s offer and she won’t hear of David selling off his shares. She says that she is going to let Todd do him in, even if it means that Kevin ends up dead.

Enjoying a lunch at the Palace restaurant, Daniel and Nora share some time together. She tells him that she has no back up work and is free to do anything. They kiss. Then Daniel’s cell phone rings, it’s Riley, he needs to talk to him.

John continues to explain to “Cluelessica” that he is doing everything that he can do on his part for Antonio, but makes it clear to her that what he does on his free time is his business. Antonio walks in, and asks if they are talking about him.

Antonio tells Jess that the Santi investigation is personal to him, she voices her concern, blah, blah, blah . . . you guys know the dialogue by now. She storms off.

David wants to call in more hookers (is this guy a trip or what?!?), Dorian says that Evangeline will handle the appeal on her own. Paul walks in on their discussion. He announces that he needs help from them. They look at him like he’s modern art.

Rex tries to convince Nat to call Viki for help. She doesn’t want to do it, she has a problem about taking she didn’t earn. Rex tells her to get over it.

Daniel meets Riley at the Angel Square Hotel. Riley tells him about Jen and Flash.

Jen comes back to the Love House, she daydreams about the time with Riley at Rodi’s after they found out the project had been extended.

Someone walks into Bo’s office and steals a file from his desk.

Dorian laughs at Paul’s request. She and David don’t believe his story, and even if it was true they wouldn’t help him. David makes a last ditch attempt to blackmail them about Ace to the police. They blow him off.

Riley tells Daniel about his dilemma, Flash wants him back, but he now has feelings for Jen. He asks Dan for advice.

Nora comes over to the Love house to drop off the files, she notices how sad Jen looks and offers to talk to her.

Antonio meets Sonia at the Palace and he’s demanding for the “trooth” from her. She says that he is looking for a deep dark secret that doesn’t exist. She also reminds him that they are on the same side. He reminds her that she has her own agenda. She tells him that when this whole mess is over that she is gonna give Jessica a run for her money.

<<<<<<Go Sonia, Go Sonia, Go Sonia, Go, go, go, go . . . >>>>>>

Jessica and Tico walk in, he sees that Antonio and Sonia are together again and uses it to get Jess angry. He points them out to her and she is steamin’. He asks if she wants to walk over and say hi or ignore them. She says that since they are there to discuss the charity ball that is what they should do.

<<<<<<Oooooooooooooh Burned>>>>>>

Natalie walks in the restaurant.

Sonia points out the Tico and Jess just walked in, Tonio is livid, he confronts them. He grabs Tico and asks him what does he think he is doing, Tico taunts him (tee hee hee hee) Jess tells him that they were just trying to plan the gala. Tonio lets him go. He gets a call, it’s Angelina on the other end, but she doesn’t say anything, he figures it’s a bad connection, then storms off. Tico confronts Sonia, and he wants to know what did she tell him. She tells him that she just gave him enough to keep him off their backs. On his way out, Tonio bumps into John, who asks him if he is thinks that he is getting too close to the case. Tonio storms off again.

Jess and Tico sit down at their table, Nat interrupts them, she needs to speak to Jess. They walk off and she tells her that she needs money, Jess was happy to oblige, then Nat told her the amount.

Tico seeing that Tonio left his jacket and that Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber were still talking, picks it up and places some papers in the pocket. He goes on to give it to the Bartender, who for some reason was able to recognize it was Tonio’s jacket; who would hold it there for him.

Dorian comes out from the house to the pool, where David is lounging. She tells him that Kelly is missing. David in disbelief wants to double-check and they go back in to look for her.

Paul comes back to the Hotel, and he tells Rex it was a bust for him. They figure that Nat is their last resort.

Jessica questions Nat as to why does she need the money, she figures that it has something to do with Paul. Nat gets angry and tells Jessica to take her money and shove it.

John is on the phone complaining about the missing Octavio Vigil file that was on his desk. Nora walks in and John informs her about the files, the figure that someone close to the case took them. Daniel strolls in and asks, “ What files?”.

Antonio breaks into Lion’s Heart.

Sonia asks Angelina what is it that Antonio would want to find out from her.

Antonio starts to walk up the stairs.


Kelly is convinced that Kevin will let her see Ace again.

Daniel wants John and Nora to clear Antonio of suspicion.

Antonio might get the truth he wants to hear from Angelina.


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