OLTL Update Friday 9/3/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/3/04

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At the “Love House,” Marcie, Mark, Jen and Shannon sit around the table laughing at each others cooking skills, or lack thereof. Roxy joins them and announces that her community service requirements are fulfilled. The group rejoices. She then tells them that she has decided to stay on til the end of the project. The group gives an unenthusiastic reaction, but they assure her that she is wanted.

Rex and Paul are taken out of the holding cell, after spending the night there. Nat comes back to bail them out. Rex asks her if she ratted them out.

Meanwhile at the Palace restaurant, RJ is on the phone with Sonia and explains that he will find out what went wrong with the heist. Lindsay comes over and shows RJ the newspaper. She’s livid that Rex used her.

Renee is sitting at a table nearby with Kevin, she tells him that although she feels sorry for Kelly, she is happy that Kevin got custody. Dorian walks over and asks him, where is Ace, and if Kelly had custody she would be with him all the time.

Kelly is in Angel Square Park and is knitting and talking to herself about finishing before Ace gets back home.

Rex wants Natalie to answer his question. They leave the station.

Shannon asks since Roxy is finished then Rex should be too. Someone says that he might be staying on a little longer, since he made the front page of the paper for the attempted robbery. The crew is not surprised, but Shannon thinks otherwise of his guilt or innocence. She starts whining about being blamed for the damage of the center. Marcie reminds her that they apologized for blaming her for it, and tell her it wasn’t a good idea about staying there alone overnight to prove it. Shannon recalls the time she and Rex spent there.

Lindsay is in disbelief over being used by Rex, even after all she has done for him. RJ reminds her that people warned her. She leaves to confront Rex.

Dorian continues to question Kevin about Ace’s whereabouts, he says that Ace is with a Registered Nurse. She gets a call from David. Kelly is missing; she plays it off like it is nothing. She tells Kevin that “this isn’t over.”

Kelly is still knitting. Todd comes over. He tells her she is crazy if she thinks that she will ever see Ace again, and reminds her that what she did to Kevin made him so spiteful. He sees that she isn’t well and offers to take her home.

Dorian comes home and David tells her that Kelly called back the Nanny back to work. The Nanny claims that Kelly called her back because Ace will be coming home soon. They continue to worry about Kelly’s mental state.

Michael comes the Love House, he wants to be there to have lunch with her family, she tells him that he might not want to because she invited Eric and his fiancé James. He says that he will be there to support her, despite his beliefs.

Nat confesses to calling the Security company. She wanted to prevent them from being sent to prison. Paul and Rex are worried because RJ was the one behind the heist and going to do them in for screwing up the job.

Dorian finds out that Kelly ordered a new batch of baby clothes. She starts to question herself, to David, for not getting Kelly help sooner. Todd brings Kelly home. She goes upstairs to lie down. An angry David leaves, he says that he is gonna take care of the situation.

Nat, Rex and Paul argue about the job going wrong. Nat reminds them that the police found a van of professionals who were actually going to steal the paintings. They were the decoys, to detract the police, they were the ones to take the fall. Rex leaves, and on his way out, he bumps into Shannon. She asks if she can do anything for him, he kisses her with Lindsay looking on from a distance. He blows her off and tells her that he will hook up with her later. About to walk away, Lindsay stops Shannon.

Roxy is worried about Rex, she confesses that she thinks that she was a bad mother. Jen talks about how Rex gets in the way of his own dreams. Roxy is impressed about Jen’s concern for Rex. She tells her that Riley is lucky guy to have her. Jen thinks otherwise, since Flash(Sarah) wants him back.

Marcie and Michael are now at the Palace restaurant waiting for her family to show up. She’s extremely nervous about the situation. Michael tries to be supportive.

David tries to convince Kevin to change his mind. Kevin is not budging. David offers to get something for him.

Lindsay warns Shannon about Rex. Shannon blows her off.

Nat and Paul argue some more. He tells her that he thought that she was behind the heist and him. She claims that she is because she called the security company.

Rex goes to RJ at the palace. RJ lights into him about screwing up the job. He tells him that the money he would have made from it was going to pay off his holdings. He tells Rex that since it was his fault that the job went wrong, that he should pay for it. RJ tells him that he has one week to come up with the $100,000 to pay him back.

Marcie gets a message that Ron can’t make it to lunch. Marcie is disappointed that her plan to bring her family together isn’t working. Michael explains to her that she can’t make her family agree with each other.

Kevin tells he wants David to sell him his 15% share in “Craze.”

Todd gets ready to leave, when Dorian pleads with him to do whatever it takes to Kevin to bring Ace back to Kelly.

Jen confides in Mark that she is worried about Riley and Flash getting back together.

Marcie is on the phone with her father, and he gives her an ultimatum, her gay brother, Eric or her family. She is devastated, but Michael tries to console her.

Kevin tells David that he will consider letting Kelly see Ace once a week, if he will sell his holding in “Craze” for a dollar.

Dorian pleads with Todd to do anything, and she means anything, to Kevin to bring Ace back to Kelly. She is afraid that Kelly will end up like Melinda and Addie if she doesn’t get her baby back. Todd says he will consider it as he walks out. Kelly overhears the conversation, and leaves shortly thereafter.

Roxy finds Rex and asks if there is anything she can do to help him. He’s surprised by her concern for him, he tells her no and sends her on his way. He goes on to tell Nat and Paul about RJ and what he wants from him.

Marcie lies to Eric about being sick to get out of the lunch. She is upset about lying about lying to her brother. Michael assures that it is the right thing to do at the moment. She’s is conflicted about her family.

Kelly goes to Kevin, she tells him that if he doesn’t let her see Ace that she will go to the police and tell the truth about Ace.

David tells Dorian about what happened with Kevin. She asked if he sold his shares.

Kevin calls her bluff, telling her that she wouldn’t do it because she would lose Ace for good. He tells her that maybe one day he will have a change of heart. He might consider letting her see the baby again, and that she should hold on to that hope because that is all she has left. She tells him that he is an awful, awful person.


Rex thinks that since Natalie ratted them out that she should pay the debt.

David and Dorian hatch a plan against Kevin to get Ace back so they can keep Kelly out of the mental hospital.

Antonio accuses Tico for . . . aww crap more Santi nonsense.

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