OLTL Update Thursday 9/2/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/2/04

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After a day of working, the “Love Crew” walk into Angel Square. Unsure about their academic fate, since today is the deadline and the project is incomplete. Mark is anxiously waiting for Justin to call him back.

Tico is holding a knife to the kidnaper, and yells at him for letting Angelina get in the way of the bullet.

John angrily questions the officer who let the kidnaper get away.

Antonio has Sonia at gunpoint, she tries to talk him down, he accuses her of being El Tiburon and proceeds to arrest her. A strange man is at the door and he and Tonio stands off on each other. Another man comes from behind and puts a Sleeper hold on Tonio. They take him out of Lion’s Heart.

The Judge give custody to Kevin, everyone is shocked and Kelly is devastated.

Tico is now at the hospital with an awoken Angelina, he tells her that Antonio is fine and she should get some rest. She tells him since Tonio is all right that now she can rest.

While Kelly sits in shock with tears running down her face, Evangeline tells her that she will file an appeal. Dorian is appalled by the fact that Kevin won custody and won’t give Kelly Visitation.

Jessica is also shocked by the verdict, she tells Duke that she can’t get through to Kevin and asks if he can.

Vange tells David that she doesn’t understand why the judge ruled in Kevin’s favor, since she had raised valid points.

The “Love Crew” disappointed that they had failed their project, go on about how it’s going to affect their future. Riley comes over and tells them that he was able to get someone to donate instruments for the music room.

Duke tries to reason with Kevin to at least give Kelly Visitation with Ace. Kevin tells him that it is better that they have a clean break from each other.

Tico gets up and leaves Angelina’s bedside, on his way he calls someone to make sure that the “mess” is cleaned up and that all traces are gone. The kidnaper is lying dead on the ground.

Sitting in some field, Sonia keeps an eye on Antonio, suddenly he awakens and gets the gun and holds it on her again. She tells him that she’s a Fed.

Kelly says goodbye to Ace, while holding him in her arms.

Back at Angelina’s bedside, Tico blames Tonio for getting in the way of his plans.

Sonia tells Antonio that she is undercover and has been for the past seven years. She tells him that there are dozens of agents working all over the world trying to bring the Santis down. He doesn’t believe her story, she tells him that because of her position in the family she is a first choice candidate.

John is still looking for the kidnaper man, Jessica walks in and tells him about the custody verdict. She then goes on to ask him if he caught the Angelina’s shooter. He tells her about the guy getting away.

Kelly begs for more time with Ace. Kevin takes him out of her arms. He whispers in her ear that she brought in on herself.

“Love Crew” goes to Rodi’s still moping over their hopeless futures. Nick walks in and tells them that Mr. Love is going to extend the deadline to December for them. The crew is relieved.

Kevin explains to Duke why he sued for custody of Ace. He says that he can provide a better and more stable home for him than Kelly.

Vange goes to the rooftop of the Angel Square Hotel. She is mentally going over her performance in court. She realizes that something happened to cause her to lose the case.

Jessica asks John if he thinks that bullet was meant for Tonio. He tells her his suspicions and that he is getting worried about him and his involvement with the case.

Antonio questions Sonia some more, he figures that Tico is El Tiburon, and she’s closing in on him.

Jen and Riley share a moment together, they talk about not waiting for the projects completion to take their relationship to the next level. They kiss. Nick interrupts and gives him a letter from Flash (Sarah).

Sonia doesn’t believe that Tico is involved, she goes on to defend him since he has said that he wanted nothing to do with the organization. Antonio still has his doubts about him. Sonia makes him promise to keep her secret.

Kelly, Dorian and David return to La Boule, Kelly tells them that she wants to be alone. David & Dorian leave and tell her that they are right outside the door if she needs them. Kelly sees and picks up Ace’s blanket. Jessica comes to the door with flowers, and she has come to apologize for Kevin’s actions. Dorian gets an attitude with her and asks where was Viki through all of this. Jess explains that she is on a speaking tour: and even if she was here she couldn’t get through to Kevin. She offers to bring pictures of Ace and will keep Kelly updated about Ace. Dorian is pleased with the Jessica’s concern and compassion.

At the courthouse, Tico insinuates to Kevin that he threatened the judge, with doing harm to their family. Tico then goes on to tell him that if he wants back into politics that he will help him. Kevin is shocked and pleased.

John joins Vange on the roof. She goes on to tell him what she suspects about the case.

Antonio is at a sleeping Angelina’s bedside, and he asks her why did she take a bullet for him. Tico walks in and orders him to get away from her.

Riley reads the letter to Jen. Flash wants him back.

Tico blames Antonio for Angelina’s condition. Blah, blah, blah, more Santi crap. Jess walks in to see Angelina, Tico leaves. Jess tells Tonio that she isn’t letting him out of her sight.

John and Vange talk some more about the case. She says that she is going to get to the bottom of it. He gladly offers her help, she accepts. They kiss.

Kevin and Duke make amends and leave the courthouse with Ace.

David and Dorian are increasingly concerned about Kelly’s mental condition. Dorian is worried that losing Ace is the thing that will finally push her over the edge.

Kelly sits alone in the living room holding Ace’s blanket and starts to cry.



Rex confronts Natalie about tipping off the cops.

David tries to make an offer to get Kevin to share custody of Ace with Kelly.

Dorian tells Todd to do whatever it takes to bring Ace back to Kelly.


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