OLTL Update Wednesday 9/1/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/1/04

By Lynette
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John gets a call about the status of the Armored Van. Natalie tells him to be straight with her. He tells her that he thinks that Rex, Paul and she were going to rob the van.

Antonio interrogates the thin kidnaping man, when he won’t give him any answers Tonio loses his temper. Daniel tries to step in and stop him.

Tico sits bedside with an unconscious Angelina, he tells her to hold on and asks her why would she push Antonio out of the way of the bullet. Sonia walks in on them and tells him that she thinks he knows.

Kelly is on the stand at the Ace’s custody trail. Mr. Emerson continues to bully her on the stand about seeing a psychiatrist.

Antonio has the kidnapper placed in a cell, Daniel warns him again about losing his temper and reminds him that he could be thrown off the force again.

Tico denies any knowledge about why Angelina was shot, let alone why would anyone shoot Antonio. Sonia throws around the theory of El Tiburon being behind it.

Still, more courtroom banter. The Judge calls a sidebar and warns Emerson about his methods. Then, Evangeline has Kelly step off the stand and will call her back to it later. She goes on to call Duke to the stand. Vange asks him if Kevin was a good father, Duke goes on to tell her that Kevin was kind and took care of him financially, but he wasn’t there for him as a child and seemed to make very little effort to see him. He then goes on to praise Kelly for taking interest in him.

Jessica is about to walk into the courtroom, when the prostitute that David paid off walks in right behind her. She approaches Vange and introduces herself as Paige. Vange puts her on the stand and starts to question her about what her profession is, Paige is an escort who had an affair with Kevin.

While, Tico and Sonia stand over Angelina’s bed, Antonio steps in and blames them for Angelina’s condition.

John catches Nat in another lie, but she tries to explain her way out of it. He tells her that no matter how much she tries to push everyone away, he isn’t ready to give up on her. John also tells her that she is a good person inside, no matter what she thinks.

Sonia denies anything having to do with the shooting, Tico claims that Angelina is the type of person who would push someone out of the way of danger. Fed up, Antonio leaves. Tico steps out to speak to the doctor. He gets a call from an officer from the station and tells him to take care of someone for him. Alone with Angelina, Sonia tells her to sleep, because then she would not have to explain anything to anyone. Unbeknownst to her, Tonio overhears her.

Paige tells the courtroom about her affair with Kevin. Kevin denies it to his lawyer. Dorian recognizes the bracelet Paige is wearing. David tells her that he had to pay her off somehow. She is impressed with David’s resourcefulness. After Paige gives her testimony, the Judge calls for a break. Suspicious, Vange wants to speak to David. She then reassures Kelly that things are looking in their favor. Kelly excuses herself to the ladies room. Vange then makes a call to John and tells him that she might win the case, he is pleased for her. Meanwhile, Kelly is in the bathroom. She is about to take another pill, when she realized that she needs to be strong and alert to keep custody of Ace. She pours the pill down the drain. Kelly walks back into the courtroom. Blair tells her that she will stay there to support her. Vange puts her back on the stand.

Jess slips out of the courtroom. Tico walks up to her and starts a conversation.

Kelly tells about her work in children’s charities and her love of children. She goes on to talk about how Ace has become her life.

Jess asks Tico if he has heard from Antonio. He says he didn’t.

Antonio thinks that he is sure that Sonia is El Tiburon.

Sonia searches Lion’s Heart.

John wants Nat to rat out Rex and Paul, but she continues to deny any knowledge about the robbery. He reminds her of the fact that Paul has sold people out before to save himself.

Tonio comes to Lion’s Heart and demands the truth about El Tiburon from Sonia.

Jess tries to call Tonio, again. Duke comes over and tells Tico that Adrianna turned him down for a date to the Charity Ball. Tico gets a call from the officer. He tells him that the job is done. Tico excuses himself and leaves.

Dorian tells David that she is pleased with his plan for Kevin. She asks him if he had to pay Paige off any other way, he denies doing anything other than that.

The Judge is ready to render a verdict.

John lets Nat go, but not without warning her.

The kidnaper is being held down by someone, Tico walks in, he asks him why did he shoot Angelina? He pulls a knife on him.

Angelina mumbles something in her sleep about Antonio.

Antonio continues to press Sonia for the truth, she tries to seduce him and pulls a gun on him.

As the Judge is about to give her verdict, it ends with a courtroom cliffhanger.


The Judge renders a verdict.

Antonio accuses Sonia of being El Tiburon or being close to him.

Tico plots against Antonio.


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