OLTL Update Tuesday 8/31/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/31/04

By Lynette
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At the courthouse, Kevin is on the stand testifying that he is a good father to Ace. Mr. Emerson questions about him finding out about Ace's paternity. Kelly is worried. Dorian reassures her that David will find something on Kevin to discredit him.

At La Boule, David is waiting for someone. Someone is at the door, he answers it. They start to discuss a business arrangement.

Lindsay, RJ, and a moving, Gary, are at the Gallery talking about the paintings being in the movie that is being shot. John walks in on them.

Rex anxiously waits for Paul, with Natalie at the Diner. Paul arrives to tell them that he has been called to testify at Ace's custody hearing.

Kevin is explaining why he should get custody of Ace and that Kelly is unstable and unfit to raise him. Kelly interrupts the court. Todd is asked to approach the bench. Blair interjects that she doesn't believe that Todd is the father. Ace's paternity is brought into question.

Rex figures that the trial will be a good cover for Paul and Nat, in case they are suspect for the heist. Nat is worried, and she brings up the fact that John is suspicious.

John questions Lindsay, RJ and Gary about the paintings, but not without causing an air of suspicion.

More courtroom banter about the events leading up to the trial.

John leaves the Gallery, and Lindsay becomes suspicious of RJ and questions him.

Rex goes over the plan with Paul and Nat. Afterwards, they leave and John walks in and tells them, but directs it to Nat; that they do not have to do anything that they do not want to do.

David and the prostitute discuss price. She finds out that David has no money, he offers her his watch as payment, she declines. She sees Dorian's portrait and realizes that the lady of the house must have lots of jewelry and hints to that.

Court is in recess, Kelly and Dorian talk about Paul testifying for Kevin and the truth coming out. Dorian is more worried about the accusations about drug use. She then goes up to Blair and thanks her for coming to support her. Blair then guilt trips Dorian about getting Todd involved in this mess, tells her that Dorian is more worried about the truth coming out, Dorian questions her about it.

Duke tells Todd that he could have not come to Llanview at a better time.

John questions them about where they are going, and Paul tells him the courthouse. Nat follows from behind. John gets on the phone and has them followed.

Rex goes to see Lindsay, and kisses her passionately, and gaslights her in the process. She has to take care of something, and excuses herself. RJ asks Rex if everything is in place, Rex confirms. RJ also tells him not to name him in anything.

David gives one of Dorian's bracelets to the prostitute for payment, and she wants to get started. David tells her he has something else in mind for her to do.

Dorian follows Blair, and she wants an answer to her question. Blair says that she won't reveal the secret about Ace.

Kevin sees Duke talking to Todd, he pulls him away and tells him to stay away from Todd, that is using him to get to him. Duke accuses Kevin of wanting to do the same with him.

Court is called back into session. Paul is called to the stand.

Rex B.S's Lindsey some more, before leaving.

John is walking around Angel Square. Ravi approaches John again and gives him more details about the heist, he names Rex.

Paul is on the stand. Mr. Emerson questions him about Kelly's story about Ace's birth. Paul goes on to defend Kelly's fitness as a mother. Later, Kevin fires Paul. Paul tells him that he was thinking of quitting anyway.

The judge calls for another Recess.

Evangeline, Kelly and Dorian talk about how well Paul's testimony went. Dorian is surprised about Paul's loyalty to Kelly. Kelly becomes nervous about her testimony. Vange assures Kelly that everything is going in her favor. Kelly excuses herself. She needs to get a drink of water. Dorian offers to go with her, Kelly snaps at her telling her that she doesn't need a baby sitter.

Todd gets a phone call, he has to leave, Miss Bigelow has some new information about the house.

Duke asks Kevin to make a deal with Kelly for joint custody of Ace, but Kevin tells him that he doesn't really know what is going on with Kelly.

Kelly thanks Paul for helping her out on the stand, she then apologizes for any trouble it may have caused him with Kevin. Paul tells her that he didn't want to work for someone that is pushing his sister around, and he leaves.

Rex, Nat and an armed Paul meet on the side of the road. She asks about the gun and Paul reminds her that this is a robbery. She becomes more nervous.

Ravi tells John some more details about the robbery, and he wants to know where his payment is. John promises it tomorrow, if the tip checks out. He then leaves. RJ walks up and tells Ravi that when the police are capturing Rex and Paul that he will have professionals stealing the artwork.

Kelly is worried because David is still not there. Dorian tells her not to worry and to wait in the courtroom. She then calls David and leaves a message for him. He just then shows up and tells her that the plan is in place.

Duke tries to no avail, to convince Kevin to let Ace stay with Kelly. Kelly is called to the stand, Mr. Emerson asks about her the tranquilizers she has been taking and the constant refills.

Nat, Paul and Rex set up. Paul and Rex hide behind that bushes to wait for the truck. John sneaks up from behind and arrests them.

Kelly explains that she uses the tranquilizers to help her sleep.

Nat denies to John that anything was going on. He informs her that she can be arrested as an accessory.

Emerson also brings up her visit to a psychiatrist. He then starts to badger her on the stand.


John tells Natalie that he won't give up on her, even though she has.

David sets up Kevin.

Antonio demands the truth from Sonia.

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