OLTL Update Monday 8/30/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/30/04

By Janice
Pictures by Boo

John accuses Sonja of unlawful entry when he finds her in Antonio’s apartment. Antonio is irate when he discovers Carlotta and Angelina together at the diner. He demands to know how he is connected to Manuel. Blair is hanging around outside the courtroom when Todd wanders in. At La Boulee Kelly is upset that Kevin has brought custody papers for her to sign. Kevin tells her he will do whatever he needs to in order to keep Ace away from her.

Sonja tells John that she was just coming to speak with Antonio and found his door open. She told John that when he found her going through the desk it was just to find a piece of paper to leave Antonio a note. She and John play word games with each other. She asks about the Padilla murder investigation. John offers to buy her a cup of coffee to let her know what’s going on. At Lion’s Den, Tico questions Jessica about her wedding date. Jess gets upset as she talks about the wedding arrangements that will need to be made when they set the date. She is tearful as she tells Tico that Antonio has been so busy with work. Tico is sympathetic. At the diner, Carlota continues to tell Antonio that they know nothing. Antonio again begs his mother to tell him what she knows. She still denies any information that could help in his investigation. He is especially upset that his palm print was the key to the Santi fortune. Angelina breaks down and runs out of the diner and Antonio chases her down. He apologizes for being so angry, and asks for her help in finding the truth about the Santi family. Blair and Todd discuss their reasons for being at the custody hearing. Todd wants to see Kevin lose everything. Blair wants to support Kelly because she is on the edge and needs her family. He badgers her and she finally calls for Dorian. Dorian and Evangeline come running and tell him to get out. Duke then enters the room and asks his father to reconsider the custody battle and tells Kevin to leave. Evangeline again tells him to leave and that she will inform the judge of his attempt to intimidate Kelly. Kelly is uncommunicative as Kevin finally leaves the room through the open patio door.

Evangeline and Dorian try to console Kelly and bolster her spirits. Duke paces the living room. He just can’t believe that his father could be as selfish as he has become. Kelly is distressed, gets up from the couch, and takes another of her tranquilizers without being seen. At the courthouse lobby, Blair tells Kevin that if he drops the custody battle, she and Todd will move out of Buchanan Enterprises. Todd baits Kevin by asking why he would want to raise “his” child. Blair is exasperated with Todd, and tries to talk Kevin into giving up the battle. Blair is upset that Todd and Kevin can’t see beyond their feud. At the diner, John and Sonja sit down for coffee. John tells her that he is bewildered that whenever her name comes up, he can’t get any further information. He tells her that she is good at “covering her tracks.” Sonja gets caught off-guard when John asks her the names of the 2 men he saw her with at the construction sight the night before. At Lion’s Den, Tico apologize for upsetting Jessica by asking about the wedding. Jessica paces the floor as she goes on and on about how distant Antonio has become. Tico tries to assure her that Antonio is a smart cop and he can take care of himself. Jessica is just frantic that Antonio is so obsessed with the destruction of the Santi organization. She can’t understand why Antonio kept her in the dark. Tico tries to convince Jessica that she isn’t just mad at him, but that she’s also afraid that something bad will happen to him. In Angel Square, Angelina is facing the angel statue and Antonio continues to try to make her understand that she needs to level with him about what is going on. She is wringing her hands and crying as Antonio continues. He tells her that he knows she has something to tell him. He promises to keep her safe. In the background, behind the gate, a gunman approaches.

Kelly, Dorian, Duke, and Evangeline enter the courtroom. Evangeline reassures her that she is ready. Blair sees Kelly in the lobby and tells her that she is there to support her. “They are family.” Todd tells her that he’s there to insure that “Kevin loses it all!” Todd and Blair talk in the lobby in one corner, and Kevin and Duke are talking in another. Kevin tries to convince Duke that it’s not as simple as it appears. Kevin’s lawyer states that Kelly is unfit to raise her child as part of his opening statement. Sonja drinks her coffee as she tries to find out exactly what John knows about her rendezvous at the construction sight. She assures John that she and Tico can’t figure out why Antonio’s palm was the key to the money. Sonja finally tells John that the men at the construction sight were hired to find the Santi money. At Lion’s Den, Jessica tells Tico that she and Antonio are fighting more than they ever have. She states that she is frustrated and scared. Tico is sympathetic about Jessica’s feelings as the partner of a police officer. Jessica feels that this is more than the usual police business. Tico questions Jessica as to whether she wants a life with someone who can’t share his whole life with her. In Angel Square Angelina insists that she can’t help Antonio. As she turns around to face him, she spots a gunman aiming at them. She pushes Antonio out of the way and is shot.

The lawyer’s opening statement continues with comments about Kelly’s infidelities and her lies about Ace’s “true” paternity. He goes on to say that Kevin is the only source of stability in the child’s life. Kevin sits quietly at one table while Kelly sits at another looking stricken. Jessica tells Tico that she feels that Antonio is in trouble. At the diner, John and Sonja race from the diner as they hear gunshots outside. Antonio fires after the gunman, John gives chase, and Carlotta and Sonja tend to Angelina. Antonio demands to know why Angelina “took a bullet” for him.

In the courtroom, Evangeline opens with her statement about Kelly’s love for her little baby. She told the story of how precious Ace is to Kelly; especially given the fact that she didn’t think she’d ever have children. Evangeline tells the court that Kevin is only after the baby in order to get revenge on Kelly for sleeping with Todd. As the judge takes a recess, Kevin goes over to Kelly and tells her that things will only get worse in court and that she should give up custody now. Evangeline tells his lawyer to control his client. At Lion’s Den, Tico asks to read Jessica’s story about his father. Jessica is a little disturbed that the new editor is scrutinizing her story so closely. Tico tells her that he is willing to read her draft. Jessica agrees, as long as he won’t question her conclusions.

As the lights of the ambulance illuminate Angel Square, Carlotta goes to the hospital with Angelina. John returns to the Square with the gunman. Antonio starts to beat upon the man and demand answers about the Santi organization. In the background, Sonja sneaks away. John and Antonio look around, realizing that she has left the area.

In the courtroom, Blair and Todd thank Duke for standing beside Kelly. Dorian congratulates Evangeline on her opening statement. Dorian assures Kelly that the judge looked sympathetic. Todd offers to testify on Kelly’s behalf. Evangeline declines the offer. Todd snickers and says “I am the baby’s father.” Kelly whispers to Todd that she told Evangeline everything. Evangeline warns Kelly that Kevin will be the first witness to testify. After Kevin swears on the bible, his lawyer asks snidely “are you aware that your wife is a drug addict?” At Lion’s Den, Sonja bursts in to interrupt Tico and Jessica to tell him that Angelina has been shot. They leave quickly to go to the hospital. At the square, Antonio and John are trying to figure out where Sonja might have gone. Antonio doesn’t feel that Sonja is in on it because of her immediate reaction. John just wonders if maybe she was upset because the “wrong” person got shot. He then informs Antonio that he found Sonja in his apartment rifling through his desk. Antonio is adamant that he had locked his apartment. He wants to run off and question her. John refuses and puts Antonio on desk duty because he is too involved. “The hell I am” Antonio states in John’s direction.

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