OLTL Update Friday 8/27/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/27/04

By Lynette
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At the diner, Marcie, Jen and Riley watch Mark and Justin on their date at another table, Marcie tells them that she set them up, she and Jen think that it is cute. Riley reminds them the real reason that they are there. The “Love Center” budget. Nick walks in and over to the guys and makes a homophobic remark to them.

Antonio and Jessica are in bed, he apologies for coming in late last night, he was tailing Sonia. Jess is disgusted with him doing that on his first night back, she tells him that he’ll end his obsession with the Santis when he ends up dead. John comes over, and he wants to discuss something. They wait for Jessica to leave, she gets the message and goes into the bathroom.

Carlotta talks to Angelina on the phone, she tells her that Antonio has her guarded, Angelina will come over. Sonia tells Angelina to watch what she is doing, and she doesn’t know what can happen to her. Angelina tells the same to her.

At the Palace, Tico and Renee discuss the detail for the ball. Duke walks in and Renee excuses herself. Duke tells her that Kevin is back and that he will get the mansion back. Renee has her doubts. Duke assures her that Kevin knows how to handle Todd.

Kevin goes over to a guarded “Manning Manor,” he tells them to let him in, his grandfather owns the house. They say no, he tells them that will just have to shoot him because he is going in. Todd comes out and mocks him about the new editor of the “Banner Sun”. Kevin tells him that he is suing for possession of the house.

Kelly runs off with Baby Ace.

Evangeline, Dorian and David discuss Kelly’s session with the Psychiatrist. Adrianna bursts in and announces that “Kelly took Ace”.

Kevin tells Todd that he is glad that they had the sense not to redecorate the house. Todd tells him to wait for the house warming party. Kevin says that he will sue him and Blair for grand larceny, and that wouldn’t be good for Jack and Starr. Todd responds, “ You should be worried about his own son”. Kevin declares that he will get custody of Ace from Kelly. “No, I mean Duke.”Says Todd.

Duke and Renee talk about how Kevin has changed. Duke defends Kelly, but Renee tells him Kelly’s mental state. She goes on about how Kelly lied and how devastated Kevin was over it. Renee gets a phone call from Asa, and she excuses herself to take the call.

Tico approaches Duke, and he introduces himself to him as Adrianna’s brother. Duke tells him how great she is. Tico informs him that she told him about Duke. Duke wants to know what she said.

Adrianna is upset that she didn’t realize what Kelly was going to do. Dorian assures her that David left to find her. Vange is calling the court house to get the trial postponed. Dorian tells her that this isn’t the first time that she ran away. They find out that the Judge won’t postpone the date. Vange just hopes that Kelly gets back in time, if not, it is over for her before it began.

Jess is set to leave the apartment, but she tells John to talk some sense into Tonio. John asks him what was that about, Tonio tells him that Jess wants to leave the Santi situation alone. He explains to him he can’t because it is his family that he is dealing with, it has become personal to him. John asks him did he find any out about Sonia. Tonio didn’t find much, but he does know that Sonia is in the middle of it. John thinks that Sonia could be El Tiburon.

Sonia questions and accuses Angelina and Carlotta for being up to something, they go back and forth with each other. Angelina accuses her for being selfish especially when it comes to Antonio, but Sonia denies it.

Duke is shocked about what Tico tells him. Tico says that Adrianna is young and that she is under the influence of Dorian. Duke is nervous to talk to her. Tico tells him to ask her to the ball. Duke doesn’t think that she will accept. Tico says that he will put in a good word for him.

David finds Kelly, but she has her doubts about the trail. Dorian tries to reassure her that it will be fine. Kelly starts to panic and slips up about Ace. Vange wants to know the truth or she is off the case.

Nick makes some more snide remarks, Riley steps in and drags him off. Justin finds out that Mark was in the “Full Monty” strip show at Ultra Violet. At the “Love Crew” table, Nick tells Riley that what he did was so “gay”. Riley, Jen and Marcie tease him that he might be gay since he is so fixated on it. He denies their claims.

Jess walks in the diner to see Carlotta, she asks her about the kidnaping and why didn’t she go to the FBI when she found the note.

Angelina accuses Sonia for wanting something more from Antonio, and she denies it again. Tonio shows up, and he wants to talk to Sonia. Angelina leaves. Tonio tells Sonia that he is worried about her, and she says the same of him.

Kevin goes to the Palace and runs into Tico & Duke, but Tico leaves to talk to Renee. Duke thinks that he wants to him to choose sides in the custody battle. He goes on to defend Kelly to him by reminding him about Leeann. Kevin tells him that Kelly is not as innocent as she seems.

Vange presses for the truth about Ace. Dorian wants to keep quiet. Kelly thinks that it would be harder for Vange to win this if she didn’t know. She tells her the whole story. Vange is shocked by the information, she is worried that Kevin will use this against her.

Carlotta explains why she didn’t go to the authorities, she was worried about Tonio’s safety. She tells Jessica that she didn’t want to talk about the ordeal anymore. Angelina shows up, and she is happy to see that Carlotta is safe. Carlotta leaves for a moment. Jessica talks to Angelina, and she was about to open up to her when Carlotta comes back and brushes Jess off. Jessica leaves.

Antonio warns Sonia about the Fed and continues to question her about El Tiburon. He tells her that he is there for her, and she says the same to him. Tonio leaves. Sonia makes a phone call, she asks the person if Antonio Vega is getting close to something.

John walks into the Palace bar, and starts a conversation with Tico about the kidnaping. He mentions about Antonio’s hand print and why would the bank need it or even have it instead of Tico’s to get to the money. Tico denies any knowledge about it.

Duke tells Kevin about his childhood and how he was kept away from him. He tells him that Kelly’s lawyer called him and asked to testify. He will.

Vange is furious about being kept in the dark about Ace, she tells them that Kevin could bring this up in court and use this against her. Kelly, Dorian and David figured that it would be better not to tell her. Kelly explains why she did it. Vange understands and will defend her. She still thinks that she can win, but after this is over she will search for the birth mother so that Ace can be legally adopted.

Marcie, Jen and Riley are still teasing Nick. Nick gives back what they give him, so they stop and the focus is back on the “Love Center” budget. Justin asks about the strip show and Mark plays it down. Justin says that he didn’t take Mark for being that open. He sees him in a new light.

Antonio comes home, Jessica is sitting if front of her laptop (with it off, staring at the screen, I guess she thinks it runs on brain power). She says that she is working on a feature on the Santis, and she keeps learning about how dangerous they are. He asks her if she wants to go see his mother, she informs him the she just came from there. Carlotta was last with Angelina, he realizes that is where Angelina went and tells Jess. She asked him how does he know and he tells her that he was at “Lion’s Heart”. She gets angry and tells Tonio that if he wants to investigate the Santis and get himself killed, that is fine with her, she is not going to stick around to watch.

Kevin gets a call, they are getting a new judge, she is known for giving custody to the mother. Tico talks to him and tells him that he is just going to have to show the judge that he is the better parent for Ace. Kevin is pleased.

Duke goes to La Boule, he runs into Adrianna, she gives back the picture, she doesn’t want it. He asks her out, she says no, she just broke up with her boyfriend and it is too soon for her. Kelly walks in and is happy to see Duke, he tells her that he will testify for her, she thanks him. Adrianna is impressed.

Dorian is worried that she can’t stop Kevin from getting custody. David reassures that he will take care of it, but he brings up the subject of marriage again. She says that she won’t marry if Kelly goes insane.

Todd and Kevin run into each other at the Palace. Kevin threatens to tell in court about his affair with Blair. Todd threatens to tell the truth about where Ace really came from.

Tonio storms into the diner and demands the truth from Carlotta and Angelina.

Sonia breaks into Antonio’s apartment. John catches her.

Kelly thanks Duke again for testifying for her. He leaves for court, as he slips out, she takes another pill. Dorian tells her it is time to go, but she asks for a moment alone. Kevin walks in from the back of the house. He wants her to sign papers to give sole custody of Ace.



Kevin tells Kelly that he will do whatever it takes to get Ace.
Sonia tells John that things are not what they seem, he says that is looks like unlawful entry.
Antonio wants the truth from Angelina, he asks her if she is in danger, while the kidnapper is lurking with a gun drawn.

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