OLTL Update Thursday 8/26/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/26/04

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David and Dorian are musing over the huge guest list for the charity ball. She wonders if she could get away with cutting Kevin out of the list. The extravagance of the gala is solidifying their belief that Tico has the Santi fortune. Kelly screams, the baby is missing, she thinks that Kevin stole him.

Todd tells Blair about all the research he has done on Duke.

Duke approached Jessica and Natalie (who are sitting at opposite sides of the table than they were yesterday) at Rodi’s, Jess is happy to see him. She introduces him to Nat. Jess asks him how long he will be staying for, he says that he is there for good, he is going to Wharton Business school.

Also at Rodi’s, John and Evangeline were going to a movie, but she can’t make the next show. She has to a neurotic client, he hopes it isn’t RJ. He asks her when will she give up trying to nail him. She says that she thinks suspects something is up because he has been spending a lot of time with Sonia. She doesn’t think RJ would do anything to her, but John is more worried that Sonia would.

Antonio’s still talking to Tico and Sonia about the pickup. They say that don’t understand why as much as he does. Tonio, wants to know how and why they knew him at the bank, and why Manuel would leave the money to him and not Tico.

A hysterical Kelly is sure that Kevin stole Ace from her. David and Dorian reassures her that the Au Pair Girl (that’s fancy french for nanny) took Ace for a nighttime walk. Kelly complains that no one asked her permission, she’s worried that he could be kidnaped again. The Au Pair comes back with Ace and Kelly is relieved, she takes him into the living room. Dorian tells the nanny to excuse the misunderstanding. She is worried about Kelly’s emotional state, and that she will not be able to handle herself on the stand. Dorian begs David to talk Kelly into getting some professional help. Kelly pops another pill, while telling Ace that no one will take him away from her. David says that they will, if she doesn’t get help. Kelly gets defensive, but David and Dorian explain why and convince her to get help.

Back at Rodi’s, Nat is watching John and Vange, while Jess and Duke take about Kevin. Duke is undecided about the situation. Jess thinks it is wrong for taking the baby away from Kelly, but speaks of Kevin’s rights. Nat reminds them that “everyone has rights”. Jess leaves the table to talk to John, Vange excuses herself and leaves. Jess asks John what his take on Antonio’s trip to Puerto Rico. He says that is not at liberty to discuss such a thing with her and that she should ask Antonio. She tells him that he has been so secretive about the situation, and that she is afraid that he could be killed.

Antonio angrily (really he’s huffing and puffing) continues to ask Tico and Sonia for answers about the money, kidnappers and why was he and not Tico given access to the account. They claim no knowledge of it. (Same old Santi Crap.)

Dorian calls for a shrink to come over (who knew made did house calls?!?), hoping she has done the right thing for Kelly, but she will be furious if Kevin pushed her over the edge. David reassures hr and she commends him for being “a rock” for the family. David teases her that he’s really in it for the money, and that she didn’t have as much as he expected. She says that she will have more when she gets her share of the Santi money. He tells her to stay away from those people because he doesn’t want anyone to bruise her beautiful body like last time, unless it’s hickeys given by him. They kiss.

Tico is still denying any knowledge about the money. He thinks that maybe Carlotta is hiding something. Antonio asks about Angelina and wants to question her. Sonia says that she is asleep and calls her a “glorified governess”. Tico doesn’t want Tonio to talk to her or them when he is acting as he is. Tonio tells him that he doesn’t appreciate being used as target practice. He tells them that if any one tries to contact them that they have to tell him. Sonia says she will talk to Angelina in the morning. Tonio says he will be there early in the morning, he leaves. Tico says that Tonio is fixated and will not give up until he finds the truth.

Jessica begs John to put Antonio on another case. He explains that it is a federal case, not a police case; what Tonio is doing is personal. John tells her that he can’t stop Tonio from going after the Santis. Jessica tells him that tonio is obsessed with the cause and reminds him about his obsession with the Music Box Killer. John leaves.

David walks in on Kelly picking up her dropped pills. He tells her to stop taking them.

Nat asks Duke about his knowledge about Kevin and Todd’s war. He says that he doesn’t know much except for that Asa was married to Blair, and Kevin had and affair with Blair. He wants to know what is up with Blair and her hold over the Buchanan men.

Blair tells Todd that she will NOT seduce Duke, because he is so young. Todd says that Duke has eyes for her, he wants to get him on their side. Blair doesn’t want to get involved in Todd’s desire to destroy Kevin. Vange comes in, Todd wanted to make sure that the mansion is theirs, Vange confirms their claim, except Asa can fight it in a long court battle. She suggest that they should make Asa an offer, he might be “reasonable”. “Asa, reasonable?!? Yeah, right!” They scoff. They finish their business and Vange leaves. Blair has doubts, she doesn’t want Jack and Starr to get settled only to end up having to leave. Todd tells her that all she has to do is seduce Duke. Todd calls Asa and makes him an offer, he declines. Asa tells him that Kevin is coming back to do to him what Asa would if he could. Todd hangs up. Duke shows up and tells them that Kevin is coming back and that they should start packing, as he starts to leave. Todd cues Blair to turn on the charm.

David tells Kelly that she is taking too many pills. She claims otherwise, she takes them to help her relax. Times have been stressful because of the custody trail. David reminds her that she has to be sober and strong so she can face the judge for the trial. David says he will keep the pills for now and reassures her. She thanks him and he encourages her. Someone rings the doorbell.

Jess comes home to the apartment, Tonio was waiting for her. She asks if her got his answers from Tico and Sonia. She goes onto tell him about how she has been sick with worry about him since he didn’t contact her. She gives him and ultimatum to tell her what happened in Puerto Rico or it is over.

Tico and Sonia talk about how the plan is starting to fall apart. She asks if Carlotta might have said something, but Tico says that she knows the consequences. Someone is lurking outside, it looks like the kidnapper that got away.

John is having a beer on the roof of the Angel Square Hotel. He is pondering over what Jessica said to him. Vange shows up, he expected her to call. She wanted to surprise him, she has a movie that she says every man should see.

Kelly talks to Ace as if he is her own child. David reminds her he isn’t. “I’m not crazy!” she spouts. “I didn’t call you crazy.” he replies. The shrink is here, Dorian introduces her as Dr. Marie Quintana. Dorian wants to take the baby upstairs, Kelly resists. Marie says it is okay, Dorian leaves. Doc says that she just wants to talk, starting with why didn’t she want to let Dorian take the baby. Kelly says that it is natural for a mother to want her child close by.

Antonio tells Jessica that she and Jamie are the best things that ever happened to him. He goes on to remind her about Mitch and how she wanted to know him when everyone told her to stay away. He explains that he just wants to find out the truth about his family, and that he is trying to protect her by shutting her out. She tells him that she is mature enough to understand and that they have to face this together. He start to reveal what happened in Puerto Rico.

Sonia has a lot of questions for Angelina, she gets a call, and she leaves. The kidnapper sneaks into the house.

John and Vange watch the movie together.

David and Dorian discuss a game plan for the custody trial of what the doctor has to say about Kelly condition. If she doesn’t they never speak another word of it, if she does then they will get her the help she needs and have Vange to postpone the date.

Kelly tells Marie about the affair in Texas and about how she loves Kevin. Marie asks about the medication, Kelly says she is only taking mild tranquilizers. (Yeah, maybe for an elephant.)

Blair show Duke the divorce papers about the land. Todd gets a call, he has a meeting and leaves. Blair tells Duke about what Kevin has been up to. She tells him that the affair she had with Kevin was a mistake, and plays on his sympathy about Kelly. Duke is very disappointed in Kevin, Blair turns on the charm.

Antonio tells Jessica that he suspects Carlotta and Angelina are keeping something from him. He gets a call. Nat is at the door, she tells Jess that she was worried about her since she rushed out of Rodi’s. She tells Tonio that she is glad that is safe and that Jessica was so worried about him. Nat starts to excuses herself, when Tonio tells her that he has to go to the police station for a few hours. Jess is none to happy about it. He leaves and Nat comes in. She asks Jess if she and Tonio made up. She goes on about what Tonio told her.

The kidnapper has a gun drawn on Tico, he is unaware of it. Tico sits on the couch and reads the paper. The kidnapper approaches him, Tico turns around. He asks the kidnapper, “What took you so long?”

Kelly tells Marie that if she loses Ace, she loses everything. Marie tells her not to project on the trial and to focus on things that make her happy. Ace makes her happy. They finish their session and she walks out to Dorian and David. She tells them that Kelly’s sense of reality is slipping. She desperately needs help. (Gee, I could have told ya that one.)

Duke recalls a childhood memory about horses with Blair. She goes on to tell him about the time she went horseback riding at the Country Club and Kevin followed her. Todd walks in and asks, “Duke, your still here?”. Duke excuses himself and leaves. Todd asks whether or not she got any information out of him. “No, but I will” she responds.

John and Vange finish watching the movie. She was moved by it, she thinks that he thinks she is silly. He disagrees, but he does agree that every man should see that movie.

Jess and Nat’s conversation turns to Tico Nat thinks that there is something between them; Jessica denies it. Nat doesn’t buy it, she goes on to remind her that Tonio would never cheat on her and that she should watch herself with Tico. Jess is more worried about Sonia might do.

Sonia is at the club with the two men from before. She talks to them about how they had come so close to the money and mentions to them that Antonio is the key to the fortune. Tonio is eavesdropping not far away.

Tico tells the kidnapper that he did a sloppy job. The kidnapper tells him that he shot a few bullets but he thought that the money was more important. He gives him the Bearer Bonds.


Evangeline wants the truth about Ace.
Antonio tells John that he thinks Sonia is El Tiberon.
Sonia threatens Angelina.

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