OLTL Update Wednesday 8/25/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/25/04

By Lynette
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Back at La Boule, Duke is staring at a picture of Kelly and Ace. Adrianna walks in, she introduces herself to him, he says that they already met.

John is in Bo’s office at the Police Station, he is told that someone wants to speak to him, they have a tip about the robbery.

Rex fills Natalie in on the details about the heist at Rodi’s. She has doubts about the whole thing now, she cannot believe that she let them talk her into it. Marcie walks over and asks, “What Heist?”

Sonia is busted by RJ, she claims that she was checking out his CD collection and asks if they were any good. He doesn’t believe her, he goes on to explain that the CD that she had in her had was for Little Jamie’s nap time; but the bank statement that was next to it would probably be of more interest to her. She worms her way out of this one by saying that she has a right to know what kind of dowry he would have to offer her when he asks her to marry him.

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, Carlotta and Antonio are being held at gunpoint. The first kidnapper tells the other to kill Antonio. Carlotta begs him not to.

A gunshot is fired.

Jessica senses that something is wrong.

Some guy named Ravi snitches about the robbery to John. Ravi mentions Paul’s name and not much else. John wants more details. Ravi leaves. John tells the other officer that he thinks that something is going down, but Paul is not alone in it, someone else is pulling the strings.

RJ and Sonia talk about the paintings that are to be stolen. She doesn’t think that it will be pulled off. RJ tells her otherwise. She gets a call on her cell, and she tells them that she needs a location. She tells RJ that she has some business to tend to and leaves. RJ looks over at his bank statement.

A shootout breaks out in Puerto Rico, a group of unknown men raids and shoots at the kidnappers. One of the captors is hit, Antonio grabs his gun and goes into “Supercop Mode.” The other kidnapper gets away and Antonio runs after him. The unknown men disappear.

Adrianna doesn’t understand. She would have remembered him. Duke explains that he saw her at Angel Square by the Statue of the Angel and took her picture. (He was stuck in traffic and had his digital camera handy.) He tells her that he is new in town and would like to go out on a date with her. Dorian says “Absolutely Not!”

Marcie wants to know what is going on. Rex gives her some lip service and denies anything. She tells Natalie to not get involved in anything illegal, and walks away to the bar. John walks in and also goes to the bar. Marcie tells him that she thinks that there is something going on with Paul and Rex, and that Nat could be in trouble. She asks if he can do anything about it.

Dorian tells Duke that Adrianna has to concentrate on school and has no time for a social life. She escorts him out the door, but not before reminding him to consider testifying for Kelly at the custody trial. She tells Adrianna to stay away from him because he is Kevin’s son and that he would only cause misery.

Sonia and Tico meet at “Lion’s Heart” and she asks him if he has heard anything yet, he hasn’t. He says that if they haven’t heard anything that something hasn’t happened. Tico apologizes for prying about the two men at Rodi’s. She tells him that she is a big girl and can take care of herself. Tico gets a call and has to leave for a while. Jessica is at the door and asks Sonia if she knows where Antonio could be.
Carlotta is relieved after the gunfire has ended. Antonio comes back and says that the other man got away. He also realizes that the mysterious gunmen have left. He looks in the dead captor’s pockets for ID and finds nothing. He asks her how did she end up here. She tells him that someone left a note for her at the diner counter telling her if she wants Antonio to live to get on a plane and was captured when she landed. He wants to find out how did the man at the bank knows him, how did they get his hand print and most of all why would Manuel Santi would leave it in Antonio’s name. He keeps on pressing Carlotta for answers, he says that she is leaving something out. She denies anything. Emilio shows up and tells them that someone reported hearing gunshots. He tells them that he will get them on the next plane out of Puerto Rico. Antonio wants to stay behind, Emilio says no can do, they both have to leave, “FBI orders.”

A hysterical Jessica is begging Sonia for information about Antonio. Sonia claims to know nothing. Jess says that if anything happens to Antonio she will hold Sonia personally responsible. Sonia blows her off, she has somewhere to be, tells Jessica that she can find her own way out, and leaves. Angelina walks in and asks if Sonia left.

Back at La Boule, David walks in and Dorian is happy to see him. She fills him in on what happened with Addie and their failed attempt to bring the Cramer Women together again. She reveals that Duke is in town and that he was sniffing around Adrianna, David wants to find Duke to set him straight on keeping away on Adrianna, but not before asking, “is he big, is he scary?”. Dorian advice him not to because he might testify for Kelly. Tico is at the door, he says he knows about Adrianna.

John tries to get Nat to open up about the robbery and reassures her that he values their friendship. He tells her that if Rex and Paul have something planned that she should do something. Rex interrupts and asks, “Why don’t you say it to my face?”.

Ravi shows up at RJ’s office. He tells him that no one followed him there. RJ is pleased, but he doesn’t want Ravi traced back to him.
(He’s setting up Rex and Paul.)

John and Rex tell each other off. John tells him that if he was any kind of a brother to Nat that he would tell her that Paul was a loser. Nat defends Paul to John by saying that he got a second job, since Kevin is out of town.

Mark shows up at Rodi’s and sits next to Marcie. A flirtation occurs between Mark and the bartender, Justin. Marcie encourages him to ask Justin out.

Jessica questions Angelina about Antonio and Carlotta’s whereabouts. She tells her that she thinks that Antonio is in danger.

John receives a call from Antonio, and he fills in John about what happened in Puerto Rico.

Tico knows about Adrianna’s pregnancy scare. He wants to hire a chaperone for her. Dorian wants to know how did he find out. She’ll have the person fired who did. She goes onto reminding him that she is Adrianna’s mother and will take of her, as needed. The conversation turns to Duke, when Adrianna comes in. She tells them about the picture. Dorian turns the subject to the Charity Ball. Tico tells them that he couldn’t choose between a swing band and an orchestra, so he hired both. Tico gets a phone call and excuses himself. Adrianna does the same. David and Dorian wonder why is he spending money so extravagantly, they figure out that he has the Santi fortune.

At Rodi’s, Marcie continues to encourage Mark to ask Justin out. Mark goes onto explaining that he has never been out on a date with a guy before. She tells them that she used to be afraid of men, too, because she felt that she wasn’t pretty enough or that she would say something stupid. Justin comes back and Mark asks him out. He accepts.

Angelina tells Jessica about how much peaceful things were when they were in Madrid, and how everything and everyone are so intense here. Tico walks in on them and Jess asks him if he has heard anything from or about Antonio. He says no. Antonio walks in soon after.

David and Dorian are pondering over the Santi money. They feel that because Dorian is the late wife of Manuel Santi that she deserves a cut of the fortune. David says that he will look into “Gus’” financial background.

Antonio and Jessica embrace, Tico indignantly tells him that Jess was worried sick about him. Antonio tells them that he and Carlotta were kidnapped. Angelina asks about Carlotta, Antonio reports that she is safe. Angelina excuses herself. Antonio asks Jessica to leave. He has to talk privately to Sonia and Tico and that he will explain everything about Puerto Rico later.

Duke shows up at the door of La Boule, picture in hand. He knocks and slides it under the door. Adrianna, sees it and is impressed by his talent, she turns it over to read the message on the back, “A beautiful woman in the sunlight, A work of art. Duke.” She is taken by it.

RJ reminds Ravi to not to get caught. He doesn’t want anyone tracing the information back to him. Ravi leaves and RJ is so pleased with himself, he laughs out loud.

Rex reassures Nat about the heist. John walks by them onto the pool table. Rex leaves.

Marcie tells Mark that they have to go back to the “Love House,” she’s gonna help him get ready for his date tonight.

An upset Jessica walks into Rodi’s and sits down with Natalie. She tells her that Antonio is back, and the first thing he tells her to do is to leave, because he wanted to talk to Sonia and Tico alone.

Antonio tells Sonia and Tico about what happened in Puerto Rico, he asks them if they know anything, they deny everything. Tico doesn’t understand why would Antonio would have access to it. Antonio presses them on for answers.

Next time on One Life To Live . . .

Baby Ace is missing, Kelly thinks it is Kevin.
Todd tells Blair to seduce Duke.
Duke wants to know what is up with Blair and the Buchanan Men.
Antonio demands Tico and Sonia to tell them how to track down the killers.

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