OLTL Update Tuesday 8/24/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/24/04

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At La Boule, Kelly is medicating herself even more.  Dorian asks if she is all right, Kelly says that she is just taking aspirin.  Dorian reassures her that they are going to beat Kevin even if it takes digging up every last dirt against him.  Addie arrives from St. Ann’s with an all-day pass and says that she isn’t leaving until Kelly, Blair and Dorian kiss and make-up.

Todd and Blair, fully dressed, (unlike when we last left them yesterday) are surprised about Duke’s arrival.  Todd starts to pal around with him.  He tells Drew not to believe what Kevin says about him.

Sonia is at “Lion’s Heart” (or whatever Tico calls the place now) on the phone talking to someone about Antonio’s whereabouts.  She demands that they find him.  Tico walks in and asks Sonia about the two men he has seen her with, he asks her if she is in trouble.  She denies anything, and he warns her not to screw up the plan.

Antonio’s captures tell him to cooperate or that they will harm Carlotta.  He wants to see her, he goes on to tell them that he knows that they know that he won’t do anything until he sees her.

Sonia gets defensive about her situation, Viki arrives and interrupts them, she introduces herself to them.  They exchange pleasantries and Sonia excuses herself.  Viki wants to talk to Tico about the charity ball being held in her honor.

Addie calls Blair, she asks her to come over so they can mend fences.  Blair says that she doesn’t want to. Addie begs her to and Blair obliges.

Viki and Tico continue their conversation about the ball, she says that she wants to know what his motives are.

Meanwhile, at Rodi’s, Jessica approaches  Natalie.  They start to talk to each other, and Nat starts to open up about what is going on with her and Paul.

Addie marvels over Baby Ace, she mentions that he is the most beautiful baby she has ever seen; with the exception of Blair, Starr and Jack.  Kelly, miffed at the comment, gives a forced thanks.  Blair arrives at Dorian’s, and they start to fight with each other about Kelly.  Kelly is angry that they are talking about her like she is not in the room.  Addie tries to play peacemaker among the three of them.  Blair wants to leave, but Dorian begs her to stay.  Adriana walks in on the squabbling.  Not knowing who she is, Addie asks her to leave.  Dorian explains that Adriana is her daughter to her.  Addie tells Adrianna that she can see the resemblance between her and Dorian.

Duke confides in Todd about his relationship with Kevin, he has learned that if you don’t fit into his plans or meet his expectations that he will cut you out of his life.  He tells him about Leeann and his lack of visits to him as a child.  Duke also tells him that he feels sorry for Kelly.  He realizes and tells Todd that he knows his motives toward him.  Drew goes on to remind him about Asa, (whose in Texas, with a bad leg) and that he will be none too pleased when he gets back.

Addie and Adriana are bonding over how they have both lived with nuns.  Blair tries to get along with Kelly, by bringing up the custody trial.  Then, Dorian, Blair and Kelly start to fight again.  Kelly accuses them of talking about them behind her back and tells them that she doesn’t need their support, and storms off.

Sonia breaks into RJ’s office.

Tico admits to Viki his motive; he says that he wants to separate himself from the Santi image.  Viki does not believe him and tells him that she doesn’t want any part of it. She really thinks it is to get closer with Jessica.  She goes on to say that Jessica is in love with his cousin, Antonio.

Nat is trying to get advice from Jess, but she won’t promise to keep quiet it she thinks that something illegal is going on.

Antonio’s captures threaten Carlotta, they tell Antonio to go to the Bank and let them scan his hand and pick up the Bearer Bonds.  If he succeeds, Carlotta will not be harmed.

Duke tells Todd that he will not be a pawn in his war with Kevin.  He tells him that when they go in front of a judge that they won’t be staying there much longer.  Blair returns.  Duke then leaves.

Nat shuts down on Jess.  Jess begs her to open up to her.  She tells Nat that she is smart enough to do the right thing and not to let Paul “drag her down with him.”  Jess leaves and walks to Kelly, who looks like she is going to pass out.  Jess tells her to call her sometime and they will have lunch one day soon.  She leaves her and Kelly takes another pill.

Sonia searches RJ’s office, she finds a box with some discs in them.  She hacks into his computer to see what was on them.  She finds a disc with her father name in it, she wonders what is RJ’s connection to him.  She hears someone at the door, she hides, not realizing that there is a surveillance camera in the room.

Antonio is at the bank to pick up the bonds.  The man at the bank tells him that they have been expecting him for a long time, and then scans his hand.  He gives him a suitcase filled with the more than 200 Bearer bonds which are worth $500,000 apiece.  Antonio realizes that it is the Santi fortune.

Sonia hides while RJ’s enters his office.  She distracts him by calling him on her cell and slipping out when he wasn’t looking.

Addie asks Dorian if Adrianna will be “sick like the rest of them” (with mental problems) and if there is a “curse” on their family (she read a story about it).  Dorian tells her that it is just a story.

Duke walks into Rodi’s.  He approaches Kelly; she is surprised and happy to see him.  Paranoid, she asks if Kevin is around and if he is following her.  He denies it.

Todd and Blair discuss their plan.  He wants Blair to use Duke to get back at Kevin.  Viki shows up at the door, and wants them to stop this insane plan of theirs to steal Asa’s mansion.

Antonio returns to see that Carlotta is safe for now, and he tells her that he had his hands on the Santi fortune.  He doesn’t understand why he had access to it.  Shocked, Carlotta asks “When will this nightmare ever end?”

Kelly questions Duke about why he is in Llanview.  He says that Kevin and Asa sent him ahead, and the only reason that ended up at Rodi’s is because he got lost.  He is also disappointed about his father’s actions.  She tells him that she still loves Kevin.

Viki is livid with Todd and Blair, she reminds them that although they claimed that they have changed, that it seems that they are back to their old tricks.  She proclaims that she is through with BOTH Him & Kevin and will not get caught up in their battles.

Duke brings Kelly back to La Boule, high on her medication.  She asks him to testify for her at the custody trial.  He is unsure if he can to that to his father.  Dorian walks in and is surprised to see Duke, she asks him why is he Llanview.  He says that he is going to start to go to school there in the Fall.  Adrianna walks in and Duke is smitten.

Sonia comes back to RJ’s office, she distracts him again to put the disc from the laptop into the box she found it in.

Jessica tries to call Antonio but has to leave another message.

Antonio and Carlotta are being held a gunpoint, the head capture is on the phone, telling someone that they have the bonds, he receives orders to kill them.


Rex tells Paul to shut Natalie up about the Robbery.
John gets a tip about the Robbery.
Antonio and Carlotta’s lives are in danger.

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