OLTL Update Monday 8/23/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/23/04

By Lynette
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Dan, Nora John and Evangeline are at the Country Club. Daniel announces that there is an open tennis court ready. Vange wants to, but John declines. She jokes about getting him to play: “Hey, what if I got you a tennis outfit that is all black? Would you play with me then” Nora interjects, “Very Darth Vader, Very Aggasi, Very intimidating.”  “Would that come with a matching headband?” John Responds. Vange declines and says that she is happy where she is. Nora insists. She played a few sets with Daniel before. Vange and Dan go off and Nora and John stay behind. Nora mentions about how his idea of a good time is a few beers and a couple of rounds of pool.

At Rodi’s, Rex can’t believe that Paul told Natalie about the robbery. Paul insists that he did it because he wanted to be honest with Nat. Rex mentions about honor amongst thieves, and reminds him that Nat isn’t one. Paul insists that he wants love and honesty with Nat. Rex asks: “What does love and honesty have to do with one another?!?”

Also, the “Love Crew” Strip show at Ultra Violet continues. The crowd is enjoying the show. Roxy is dancing like a chicken [for some reason unbeknown to me]. Viki walks in the door, just in time to see the guys “reveal” the “Full Monty” or “Whole Nine Yards” (inject any movie title of your choice). She picks up a pair of the tear away shorts and is stunned by the sight.

Meanwhile, at “Manning Manor,” A.K.A. Asa’s Mansion. Todd, Blair, and Starr are enjoying a Steak Dinner, made from the steaks that Asa has flown in from Texas. Todd asks Starr how her steak is, while eating his in his hand. She mentions how Jack and Travis aren’t there to enjoy this. Todd tells her that Jack went right to sleep in his new “room” and not to worry about Travis. Starr goes on about how she loves her new suite and the size of the bathroom and the horses. Blair is excited about teaching Starr how to ride them. Todd asks her if she is happy about moving in when they did. She goes on about Asa’s gun collection and how they are loaded and his mental state. Then, Renee walks in with two police officers, telling them to escort them out.

At UV, Marcie selling T-shirts to raise more funds for the Love Center. Viki comes over, pleased with the turnout, and a few lame unintentional sexual innuendos are thrown about. Roxy and the rest of the female “Love Crew” join the conversation. Roxy goes on about how she knew that they would raise a lot of money for the center. Viki asks Jen about the video she was took of the show, because she felt responsible for the “image” of the guys to for the parents. Marcie went on to explain to Viki about how far the Crew has come to learn to get along and work together. Except, Shannon complained about how everyone in the house hated her and blames her for the vandalism done on the site; since she didn’t have an alibi. Marcie reassured her and went on to say that Shannon was the one that convinced Hudson not to drop out of the show. Shannon brings up the investigation on the sabotage of the “Love Center” Site to Viki.

John tells Nora about how he feels uncomfortable at the club. She notices how he has been so focused on his work lately. She asked about Antonio’s search for Carlotta, and John goes on to explain about his frustration with the Santi family/case. He then apologizes for Daniel & Nora’s defunct trip to Atlantic City. She goes on to say that they have their share of good times together. John asks her what would Bo have to say about it. She gets on the defensive and denies any feelings for Bo. Dan and Vange come back to say that they have to leave because they were called away on business. They tell them to stay behind, but John and Nora leave shortly afterwards.

Paul and Nat continue to try to convince Rex that they could to the job. Rex goes on about how Nat is so honest and law abiding to do it and that they don’t need a decoy, unless she has an ulterior motive. Paul is convinced that Nat can do it. She reminds Rex about when she first came to Llanview and lied and manipulated to get what she wanted.

Todd and Renee exchange a few words with each other. While Blair is claiming that Starr might be “traumatized” by the uproar and might have to sue. The police start to escort the Mannings out until Vange comes in and tells them to stop; because that they have a right to be there. Daniel walks in right after claiming that he disagrees with her.

Back at UV, the “Love Crew” still discussing about who could have wrecked the site. Since it is believed that it is an inside job, the crew is still under suspicion. Julie accuses Shannon again. Shannon storms off. Viki believes otherwise. Marcie has the theory that it could be the ghost of the woman whose remains that were found on the site. Viki asks about information on the woman, and Marcie tells her that it was a woman back in the 50's, that was set to marry a Lord. Viki has no recollection of this relative.

Awhile later, the guys come out and join the fun. Nick jokes by offering lap dances, and of course Roxy accepts. Riley asks if they looked as stupid as he felt up there. Jen says that she hardly noticed. Mark approached Viki about his coming out to the crew, he tells her it has been an experience and thanks her for the support. Marcie gets a phone call from her father. She gets into an argument with him over her brother Eric’s wedding. Her father wants to talk him out of it. She refuses.

Rex reluctantly decides to let Nat in on the heist, figuring that it would not be such a bad idea to have a female decoy. He insists that she not screw this up for him, because he really needs the money.

Nora and John walk into Rodi’s and order their burgers and beers. He asks if she thinks Daniel will show up.  “If he knows what’s good for him, he will” she replied.

Anyway, back at the mansion, Todd and Blair are about to be carted off to the Llantano County Jail, when Vange and Dan walk in. They are on opposite sides of the of the situation and Dan wants to talk in conference. He tells Vange that they have to go through the proper channels to get rid of the Buchanan's. She says that the Manning’s are in the right because it is in Asa and Blair’s divorce papers. That the land that she received is hers. Renee is dredging up the past to T & B about Max and Asa, and Blair was none too pleased about it. Vange and Daniel come in and announce that due to the evidence that the Manning’s gets to stay. Renee is outraged, and she ends up moving to The Palace after Daniel informs her that she has no legal recourse at the moment. Daniel goes on to warn the Manning’s about Asa mental condition. Blair scoffs. Vange tells them to change the lock in the morning. She also tells them that they have a battle on their hands.

Rex is leaving Rodi’s when Shannon calls. She wants to hook up at the “Love” site. Rex questions her about it and tells her to bring the beer.

Back at UV, Viki is pleased with the crew and Roxy brings over the profits from the show. They go on to talk about how great the kids are. Roxy asks Viki why won’t she give Paul a chance.

At Rodi’s Paul calls for a waitress (Natalie) and asks when is her shift over. She asks why, he wants to celebrate. He now feels like that he already won now that the plan is a go. He leaves, she wants him to stay, he says that he is going to put up that bookshelf. She is pleased.

John and Nora are playing pool. She wins, and she is felling great. She goes off to see what is taking Daniel. Nat walks over to John and asks him a hypothetical question, “Can you unofficial arrest someone without cause?”

Blair tells Todd that she only Asa’s money, he says that there is nothing wrong with wanting money. Starr hollers that she wants to go riding.

Viki is shocked at Roxy for asking such a thing. She tells her that she would give Paul a chance unless he is doing something illegal. Roxy says that Viki is being too hard on him. Viki explains that it was Nat’s choice to pull away from the family, and that she and Jessica miss her. She asks if they are all right. Roxy says they are happy together. Viki thinks that Roxy is more excited about Paul than Nat is.

Marcie tells the crew that she is proud of what they have accomplished and will miss them when it is over. Viki overhears and tells them that they competed the fund-raising part of the project. Unfortunately, due to the setbacks the building will not be finished in time for the Fall Semester.

Daniel joins Nora at Rodi’s for some onion rings, and share a moment together. But, not without mentioning Bo. They share a kiss.

John tells Nat that he can’t do that, but presses her for more, she refrains from telling him.  Vange interrupts, and Nat takes that as a cue to leave, she says that her shift is over. Vange apologizes to John for interrupting, and she tells him to go after her. He says that she will tell when she is good and ready. Vange asks about the cooler, it’s fish that Daniel caught.

Rex and Shannon meet at the site. She wants to surprise whoever is sabotaging the project. She goes on about his work on the center is really showing. It doesn’t seem to faze him. He is more concerned about getting his club back. They start to make love when someone is lurking in the background.

Vange and John are making out on the roof of the Angel Square Hotel, Nat unbeknownst to her, walks in on them, she smelt something burning. It was the Fish. Nat excuses herself and starts to leave, but John stops her to give her a chance to tell him what is going on. She claims nothing is wrong.

Viki apologizes for the news and tells them how proud of them she is. The “Love Crew” want to finish the project. She tells them that she will get back to them about their grade. She goes to leave, but stops to make a phone call, to Arthur Love’s assistant; she wants to make an appointment to see if he will extend the project.

Riley and Jen talk about how they are disappointed that the end of the project. Riley is more upset that they won’t be sleeping together anymore, but Jen quickly corrects him. She was sleepwalking, but they will miss their in the dark talks. They kiss.

Rex gets a call, he has to go, he leaves Shannon all by herself.

Blair and Todd celebrate over Asa’s wine about their latest victory. They make love and fall asleep in the living room. Someone walks in on them. It’s Drew*.

Next on One Life to Live . . .

Duke says that Kevin told him to stay away from Todd.
Tico asks Sonia if she is in trouble.
Antonio’s captures threaten him and Carlotta.

* Duke is the son of Kevin and Leeann Demarest. Who were briefly wed to each other. After a bitter custody battle Leeann moved to Texas with Baby Duke in tow, and raised him there.

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